Can ageing be delayed, stopped or even reversed? BBC News

  • Published on Feb 11, 2018
  • Is ageing a disease? One that can be 'cured'? BBC's Gabriela Torres meets the self-experimenters and scientists who are trying to dramatically extend our lives.
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  • Камиль Хабибуллов

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    Справедливому. БОГ один, не ровняйте
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    и жизнь. Вы ли способны что либо сотворить,
    или владеете ключами от богатств БОГА.
    Бойтесь БОГА, и Ада. День расплаты
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    не верили свергнет горы.

    БОГ Велик. Наступит
    день, и заплачут как Тереза Мэй все
    кровососущие вельможи. Беззаконные
    правительства Земли падут. Но будете
    терпеть или будете лить слезы, вам уже
    никто не поможет. Тереза Мэй не взяла
    ответственность за грехи народа, так
    уйдут и остальные, лишив всех счастья.
    Бойтесь БОГА и повинуйтесь Мне Пророку.
    Быть может и вы добьетесь прощения.
    Пророк Камил.

    RED MOBILE uk Day ago

    I believe in lucks so bad ide come back as myself

  • Malky Headbutt
    Malky Headbutt Day ago

    I refuse to work until 150!

  • David Hargreaves
    David Hargreaves 2 days ago

    more bbc garbage

  • Momentum Stocks
    Momentum Stocks 3 days ago

    Most people around here look about 20+ years than they are!

  • soothes your soul
    soothes your soul 3 days ago

    You can slow aging by fasting day and eat regular next day and by reduce meat

    • Momentum Stocks
      Momentum Stocks 3 days ago

      Calorie intake and not being obese are HUGE!. Obviously smoking, drinking, stress, etc play a big role.

  • Baz Robb
    Baz Robb 3 days ago


    • Dream
      Dream 2 days ago

      Baz Robb Lmao u in the wrong place bro , this isn’t a political video

  • Gábor Borsos
    Gábor Borsos 4 days ago

    Idiotism IS a disease! Aging and Death is Natural.

    • Dream
      Dream 2 days ago

      Lol , there exist an immortal jellyfish . It is not as biological immortality isn’t in nature . It’s just not present in humans

  • Irena Fields
    Irena Fields 4 days ago

    Doctors hate this idea. It will kill their business. Doctors need sick people.

  • John C
    John C 4 days ago


  • Michelle Davis
    Michelle Davis 4 days ago

    it'l only be available to the rich.

  • John Brighton
    John Brighton 4 days ago +2

    try cannabis. or cbd oil. keeps you healthy inside, and so you age less.

  • Kids Future
    Kids Future 4 days ago +2

    Iron fortification of the food supply, big problem. Rust.

    TAIPIZZALORD 4 days ago

    The wall is undefeated.

  • doctorikon
    doctorikon 4 days ago

    hmm what about overpopulation? Get Mars ready i suppose

  • Keen Leannu Anonas
    Keen Leannu Anonas 5 days ago

    Aging viewed as a pathology, welcome longevity

  • smc uk
    smc uk 5 days ago


  • Tami O
    Tami O 5 days ago +1

    Aging is caused by inflammation which damages our DNA so go vegan, gluten-free & low table sugar no artificial sweeteners! Lots of water fresh veggies & fruit, nuts beans etc 💗💗💗

    • Tami O
      Tami O 2 days ago

      Gábor Borsos try it for a week vegan gluten free low sugar diet you’ll be amazed

    • Gábor Borsos
      Gábor Borsos 4 days ago

      Veganism does not heal death! Vegan bodies are the finest biofood for the worms.

  • Akke Forrest
    Akke Forrest 5 days ago

    Ageing is part of life. Accept it!

  • cycoklr
    cycoklr 5 days ago

    I would not want to live far beyond my contemporaries - friends & relatives. At 66, I sometimes find myself with memories of events where ALL of those present then are now gone. There's no one to talk to who can relate if I want to rehash something funny that happened.

  • Pray Suguitan
    Pray Suguitan 6 days ago

    White flour white sugar is scourge to human health
    Living a thousand years will turn your skull into Neanderthal skulls---they are the biblical people that lived thousand years

  • CR7-Rvp cls92
    CR7-Rvp cls92 6 days ago

    Eat healthy and exercise try not to take too many artificial products. Aging is a process of life to try and deny it is just aiming for something else.

  • Gayle Elizabeth
    Gayle Elizabeth 6 days ago

    .....Such a sad group of aged-out hippies in that “Rad Fest,” group of old farts....

  • Gayle Elizabeth
    Gayle Elizabeth 6 days ago +3

    ....Just what an increasingly over-crowded world needs-people living hundreds of years....

    • Dream
      Dream 2 days ago

      Gayle Elizabeth it’d be motivation to colonize Mars

  • Mel B
    Mel B 6 days ago

    Climate change is a result of over population, why stop driving my car if we are going live longer and increase climate change anyway?

  • Scott Keeler
    Scott Keeler 6 days ago +1


  • Yuan Tronz
    Yuan Tronz 6 days ago

    *** “Aging.” Shocking, specially from the BBC, ehem.

  • Alex Obery
    Alex Obery 7 days ago

    if death stops so will the earth. The planet cannot support an ever-expanding population.

    • Dream
      Dream 2 days ago

      Motivation to colonize Mars or terraform the planet

  • Mr Sir
    Mr Sir 7 days ago +3

    Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.
    Revelation 9:6 And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

  • Damo
    Damo 8 days ago +4

    god imagine being stuck on this planet forever

    • Courz Secure
      Courz Secure Day ago

      when u know u r not going anywhere after death will make u think its better choice staying alive here

  • rayva1
    rayva1 8 days ago +1

    We can’t have an Earth of people who will live forever. What is this? An Agnostic forum?

  • Azzam Jaber
    Azzam Jaber 9 days ago +1

    My priority is to live healthy, not to live longer. Everyone is going to die one day.

  • James Tan
    James Tan 10 days ago +1

    Cynthia is 63, I am 67, I look younger than her. My skin all over my body has no fold.

  • Farzin I
    Farzin I 10 days ago

    Pagal people

  • Teng Pong Yu
    Teng Pong Yu 10 days ago

    It is the fear of death and uncertainty after death that worries everyone about aging.
    However, what if climate change cannot be reversed? What if we are going to face more natural catastrophe and wars? Will we consider longevity a blessing or a challenge which everyone fights for the resources for the many? Will we enjoy the fact that tyrants or monarch to dictate and rule our lives forever if aging is not a concern?
    I think these issues can be a concern.

  • Petros Vouloukos
    Petros Vouloukos 12 days ago +4

    Limit your calorie intake by no more than 1/3, eat whole natural not overcooked food, exercise moderately and regularly, sleep 8-10 hours per night and be a good Christian. These are the only things proven to improve health and longevity.

    • Dream
      Dream 2 days ago

      “Be a good Christian”

    • Gayle Elizabeth
      Gayle Elizabeth 6 days ago

      Petros Vouloukos ....Agree with everything....But. EIGHT TO TEN HOURS OF SLEEP?!? (Holy smokes, what a WASTE of your life)!! If I sleep more than six hours, I feel like a lazy bum...

    • Azzam Jaber
      Azzam Jaber 9 days ago


  • Petros Vouloukos
    Petros Vouloukos 12 days ago +2

    Some of these people are chasing fool's gold. Stay as healthy and live as naturally as possible. But death, like taxes, is inevitable.

  • Milena Sanchez
    Milena Sanchez 13 days ago

    nature is wise, not getting boring of looking at the same people......

  • William Tan
    William Tan 13 days ago +1

    All our days are numbered. Don't waste it counting but count how much good you can contribute living your days. Live wisely; live productively; live meaningfully and live diseased free.

  • jason dixon
    jason dixon 14 days ago

    UVC UVA UVB sun ☀️ rays are ground level time is almost up

  • Victoria Semenenko Real Life Victory

    Completely stupid and ridiculous idea as for me promoted by BBC here. I AM SO disappointed!

  • Jagriti Pandey
    Jagriti Pandey 15 days ago

    I wish these people who want to live for 100 years or longer help the earth reduce the pace of consumerism and degradation of the earth's resources.

  • Thomas H.
    Thomas H. 15 days ago

    Wisdom comes with age as the hemispheres of the brain combine to be one.
    I am ready to go home anytime I'm called.

  • Thomas H.
    Thomas H. 15 days ago +1

    Will you all go to the Satanic lengths of injecting the blood of children, you will fail unless you have suited DNA. My gran lived to 101 only retired because she was made to at 79 then she ran a shop, always compos mentis. The egg I come from was one of hers. So I have some good DNA.
    Have always looked young am 53 look 37 so I'm told

  • Eagle Zapper
    Eagle Zapper 15 days ago

    Every last one of them look their age!

  • Philip Turner
    Philip Turner 15 days ago +1

    Eventually entropy will win. Thats why death is natural state of affair for all life in the universe just as with the stars whom like us will eventually die and decay into nothing although on a larger astronomical scale, and immortality is comes at heavy price let alone trying to pursue it.

  • Southern Bella Donna
    Southern Bella Donna 15 days ago

    Hmmmm coming from a "business woman"......interesting.

  • saravanan gilli
    saravanan gilli 17 days ago

    This is will be people of more than sad

  • fred grove
    fred grove 18 days ago +1

    Even if they do find a way of arresting the aging process, it will only be the very wealthy and priveledged that will be able to afford it.

  • Lastof Mykind
    Lastof Mykind 18 days ago

    Forget that! You want to be a slave to the beast system longer? I'm outta here, when the time comes.

  • litestreamer
    litestreamer 18 days ago

    All these vendors don't look that healthy themselves.

  • Sir Bang-a-Lot
    Sir Bang-a-Lot 19 days ago

    I can delay her ageing by busting my nut inside her!

  • Mix up
    Mix up 20 days ago

    Can be really reverse the law of mother nature????

    • Dream
      Dream 2 days ago

      Mix up well there exist immortal jellyfish , so it isn’t as if it hasn’t been observed before

  • Ali Tahir
    Ali Tahir 21 day ago +1

    Everyone of these people act like typical con men. They have nothing to show for the funds they have collected.

  • Lie Huayoung
    Lie Huayoung 21 day ago +1

    As long as u r breathing ,u r aging all the time.

  • Dave P
    Dave P 22 days ago +1

    It is given to everyone to die once and everyone will.

  • Ray Indra
    Ray Indra 23 days ago

    Some little results can already be achieved , see Blue zones. Living eternally on Earthmovers ? No, thank you but 150 years of youthful living seems fun to me

  • jim
    jim 23 days ago

    What a crock of horseshit. it amazes me how the debt slaves (That's us by the way) get oh so excited about the possible scientific and medical breakthroughs as though if it were ever developed we would benefit from it. the political class already want most of us off this planet and they see the population as a disease does anyone seriously think they would ever be able to afford longevity? it will be for the rich just as private medical and dental treatment is today. The scientists and governments use the public to test this shit on and then when its deemed safe they get all the benefits and we get the NHS death care system and the most miserable dental care system currently on the planet in my view. the scientific and material advances in dnetal care have leaped so far over the last 30 years but i dont know anyone who can afford it. Stop dreaming sheep this shit isnt for you. you are just the test subjects and they leach your money into universities from your tax money. you pay for the research and the wealthy enjoy the longer life. if they wanted you to live a long healthy life they would ban gmo across the planet 5G would be banned (incidentally it is in israel and brussels) .

    • Dream
      Dream 2 days ago

      jim get rich then , best of luck

  • Mathew Hunter
    Mathew Hunter 23 days ago

    Every man on Earth knows the secret to staying youthful is a younger woman

    • Dream
      Dream 2 days ago

      Mathew Hunter lmao pussy is the fountain of youth

  • Rakel Escueta
    Rakel Escueta 23 days ago +1

    We will live eternally , i believe , but it is in the hands of God., and it is FREE.

  • Heather Mefford
    Heather Mefford 25 days ago

    Aging isn’t really beautiful but it’s certainly inevitable.

  • Thelma Rafferty
    Thelma Rafferty 25 days ago

    This i doubt is taken in good stead as many beliefs are on the portent that sexual activity, to do with gnosis, in a spiritual sense saps the energy and youth of another .... there is a video or several on this point ..another one in science using extracts from the body of youthful people to give to the elderly to make them younger...

  • Everything Zombie, By Teresa Young

    I have seen a lot of people age with beauty, unfortunately I am not one of them 😁

  • Geo T
    Geo T 27 days ago

    On this finite, depleted planet, we'd have to balance extreme longevity with stricter birth control (we're in overshoot already). Overpopulation would be far worse if everyone lived too long, but quality of life toward the end could be better.

    • Dream
      Dream 2 days ago

      Geo T overpopulation would be ridiculous. We would like have to terraform the planet

  • Leksi Kush
    Leksi Kush 27 days ago

    Business ppl are so dumb. The only thing worse than a business person who knows nothing about science, is a business person who knows 1-2 science words and uses them all the time to mislead ppl.

    • Dream
      Dream 2 days ago

      Leksi Kush lmao

  • Trumps Wall
    Trumps Wall 27 days ago

    Honestly stopping aging is a good idea we wont need schools or history books to learn from the past any more and wont repeat mistakes either after how many of you want to be in war for 300 years. On the bright side pension wont exist and you will all work like slaves for 10,000 years or more. Doesn't this sound great.
    Immortality is only bad if you have no one to share It with

    • Dream
      Dream 2 days ago

      Trumps Wall pretty much , it’d also be motivation to colonize Mars

  • Gerard Schultz
    Gerard Schultz 28 days ago

    I am a man and my age is almost 59 years old.
    I hardly don't age. People who don't know me think I am 30 to 35 years old.
    Rich people spend millions on cosmetic surgery and other treatments.
    But they only buy an illusion.
    My youth I got for free.
    I wrote to scientist but they did not response.
    I am not only looking young but my shape is also as a young man.
    People think that I am lucky . But for me it is more a curse than a blessing.

    • Diana Balsama
      Diana Balsama 14 days ago

      I see that you must not like the curse of youth, I take it? I assume that you did not make a deal with the Devil, either, right? haha...and the name of that most famous story eludes me now. It's late..and I've been up for a over a day and half; I am very swamped with work, and a deadline is a deadline. However, I'll still be a bit late, but most of it will be done. It's those stressful deadlines that could make me start to look older, I tell you that. What business do I have, returning to school--an accelerated Digital Media Program at that! I struggle with the technical things, but if I want to continue enjoying my working years, then I must learn to adapt! So, the irony is that I started the school year, and my new young friends were amazed at my age, and I didn't feel much older than they are; however these last few weeks, even my 19 year old buddy and th 25 year olds look "beat." Although, I know they can't do the double all nighters getting work done. Oh no..I'm sorry to say that my young friends are definitely lazy and have not idea how to hunker down to get a job done well no matter how long it takes. (One classmate, actually, is very wise for his years...he gets it.)
      I have a friend/more like a former colleague, and she, too, never changes. She really doesn't like that either. I never really thought about it until only about 6 months ago when people started making so many comments about my age. I actually felt like I was getting really old-looking due to a rough few years in life. Stress is the thing! You know, I would not want to live long like these people on this documentary say; the idea to outlive those we love---to be alone in life as those around you pass...that would not be fun either. the story I cannot remember tonight, for my brain is beyond exhausted!
      Anyway, I think the next place after here is going to be incredible. However, I also believe that "perception is reality." So, whatever we believe is what we will experience ---so, I like to spend my time working on my beliefs; because deep down, even though I love life and people and music and all of the passion of the human condtion, I also feel that this world is reacting to the many "perceptions" of those I cannot control; their perceptions are so awful, really--as a mass group. This place, while I have a wonderful experience and love my friends, family, daughter --all of that, yes, but moreover, I'd like to experience what it would be like to have a community of elevated thinkers around me...not a utopea..just exactly a perception; what is wrong with living things caring for themselves and then others to the point that every day is a wonderful interaction of energies and intention. haha..I told you, I'm very tired! I'm so tired that I'm feeling sane again! hah
      Have a wonderful day!

    • Diana Balsama
      Diana Balsama 27 days ago +1

      I am taking a break from a tremendous amount of work I am doing, and I tend to go through youtube to find documentaries or real news clips, etc. This documentary caught my eye, and so did your comment, Gerard Schultz. That's because I'm a bit younger than you, I am 48 soon to be 49, and I do not look my age at all, and no one ever guesses that I am the age I am; my father, who is only 20 years older than me, also has been young looking his entire life, and on his side of the family, many of my relatives have much more vitality and younger looking skin, attitudes, mobility, etc. My mother and father were both born in Italy, but my dad grew up in Sicily and went to school there as well. He moved here to the States in 1966; my mother lived here since she was 3 years old--much more "Americanized," and my mom never really followed any real guidlines to staying fit or things like that, but she has a mental discipline like no one I've ever seen, and her mother, my grandmother was a farmer in Italy since the age of 13; my grandmother was as strong as an ox until about 2 years before she died in 2008, at the age of 88. I don't think it's a mystery, personally. For instance, my father played soccer (very, very well) since he was a young boy in Sicily, and when he moved to Detroit, he continued to play, and when I was born in 1970, he had a bad soccer injury and blew out his knee. That was his first operation, and he kept on playing soccer and tennis until most recently. Of course, he has had to have several more surgeries on that one kneee, and now-a-days, it's just not a good idea to encourage him to keep playing. But here's the funny thing about my dad (very different than my mom) he kept up his dietary habits that he had in Italy (which is the way most of the country eats in that part of the world); he never ate "junk" as he calls it--you won't barely see my dad drink a can of coke or snack on chips; he will never ever eat a hot dog! And when it comes to eating meals, he eats the way they do in the mediterranean---he eats his salad AFTER the meal; he eats bread with mostly all of this meals, and he doesn't have cookies, ice-cream, sugary snacks--very rarely. My dad reads like crazy--I mean reads---everything; he never took aspirin or pills for any kind of pain or headache--and he always employed "silent" times, meaning no TV or Radio or anything that can create "noise in your head." I hated that though as a kid! haha.My dad never gained a single pound from the time I was born until only about 6 years ago. We find out that my dad has taken a liking to a couple bottles of dark beer when he's out and about. Now, he never did that before...and since he's not running, playing soccer and tennis, he's gained a little pot-belly. He's not used to that, I can tell you. Here's my long-winded point: I think from my own experience--I can say this--how we eat in America and what times we eat during the day---and how we operate with our work schedules and daily, constant running around--we are totally going to look like crap after 20 years of that! You don't even have to be 50 anymore to be looking broken down and decrepit. I meet many people who are my age, and I have to take a double take--I mean, I really can't believe that they are my age! I don't do a bunch of beautifying things either! America has the largest population of obese children, and with the technology and the cell phones and social media hysteria, these kids are barely out on their bikes, or walking or playing in the streets--it's really sickening, if you ask me. I was a teacher for almost 20 years in Michigan's 2nd largest district, next to Detroit; we were in a suburan district with a mix of lower-middle class families and very wealthy families; our school district was well funded and the kids had many opportunities, no matter what the economic situation was; I watched from 1994 through 2014 how my secondary students (I taught several grades from 8th grade to 11th grade) slowly began to change from year to year---not only with the physical appearances, but also their socializing abilities fell dramatically too. We have so much stress in this society where we live to work instead of work to live; and we place our values in all the wrong places--I think. As an educator, I'm totally enraged over privatization of public education in Michigan, and I see how we sell out our own mothers and fathers for the prize of money---we can't teach individuals to be happy, confident, fulfilled adults if we cannot even take care of ourselves and do the very basics like eat right, sleep well, be involved with family and friends and get out and walk around! I have a deep passion about these topics of human condition, and Gerard, I bet you have a very happy life--or you have a great group of friends and family--or you spend your days doing what you love to do--better yet, you make your money doing what you love to do! Moreover, and finally, I think it all boils down to our deep down thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves, our lives, our self worth, etc. Our thoughts are energy and they send signals to our cells billions of times a day. I think our cells react to our thoughts long before any sickness is involved; I believe we get our thoughts and our beliefs from the world we live in, and if that world is always telling you to "check your facebook," or "the more money you make, the more cool you are," or "I don't care what happens to that person, as long as I'm ok," and on and on....the daily American lifestyle, I think is killing us! (Sorry so long!! )You hit a spark in me! Age is just a number, and I like my age, and I'm looking forward--always--to more things to do, more projects to complete, more classes to take, and so on. I was raised that way, in this country, right at the time when I could still smell the flavor of the real "American Dream" of the 50s--but I could also see the problems that were starting to grow--like TV and commercialism and Reaganomics and the cold war---I saw the difference in my state and still do between 8 mile and the mile roads above it---in Michigan poverty is definitely a planned designation---and once you hit that mark it really is hard to come back from --especially without any real form of public transportation in the Motor City. I was also raised European before I was ever "American," so the cultural differences could have played a lot in my life and my outcomes; regardless, and no matter where we are from, I believe that in a society, it comes down to the PEOPLE.; the PEOPLE are the ones who have to somehow figure out that they have the power to change EVERYTHING...but...we have social media now to keep them busy...and tweeting. So, I'm glad I was born in 1970--just before the technology boomed, and not so early that I didn't get to enjoy color cartoons as a kid; I did, however, know what it was like to have only channels 2, 4, 7, and 9...50 and 20...and 56! I did fall asleep and wake up to the startling sound of "snow" on the screen--or the anthem being played, which told us, "time to go to bed!" and I still remember the long, twisted cord on the phone in my kitchen that I used to pull and stretch halfway across the house to get a little privacy when I was talking to my friends! I know you have those memories too! Is that we are moving so fast that people are running themselves "old" trying to keep up? I don't know, but I really can't believe how fast we all move today....well, I try not to....but....sometimes, it has to be busy. So, so sorry for this long response and if you read it all, you are a real gem! Happy Monday! Thank you for the mental food this morning.

  • The Bat Woman
    The Bat Woman 29 days ago


  • Paul Jean Vella
    Paul Jean Vella 29 days ago

    I cannot help observing that whenever women get involved distinguishing between fantasy and reality, and between genuine science and science for gain become an ordeal. And so I find it hard not to discount this 'documentary' as another fraud. Personally I believe that human beings should have perished as soon as the polarity between the two sexes started to come under attack by people whose sole intention is not to make us live longer but rather to make more profit. This race will sooner rather than later terminate. That would be the best for everyone. I'm sorry. But facts are harsh and reality harsher.

  • michelle wang
    michelle wang 29 days ago

    These people are living in delusion, what if you can live a few hundred years but it's a self centred and meaningless one?

    • Dream
      Dream 2 days ago

      michelle wang yes , that is an “if” . It is very possible a person could love such a long life

  • Jake Baba
    Jake Baba Month ago


  • I Renka
    I Renka Month ago

    hahahaaaaaaaaa so funny! birth, sickness, old age, death- period.

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki Month ago

    This is going against the laws of nature. I don't understand why anyone would support this. Increasing lifespan is not a big problem. However, increasing lifespan together with increasing population at a rapid rate WILL lead to devastating problems in the long run. If this succeeds, we will be living longer lives at the expense of our future generations' standard of living because we will be consuming the natural resources of Earth at an unsustainable rate. Have we not learnt anything from global warming and rising sea levels? I want to live longer too, but is it really okay to defy the laws of nature? Where will this pursuit of longevity lead us to? Are we truly ready to embrace all the consequences of this pursuit? I don't think so.

  • Tesco Primark
    Tesco Primark Month ago

    BBC, any update of this ?

  • Ethan Clarke
    Ethan Clarke Month ago

    Yes ... become a vampire.

  • John Elmer Pechuela

    yeah right, don't be surprised if incest begins to happen first in your family if everybody stays young..why don't you just let nature be?

  • Bruce Perry
    Bruce Perry Month ago

    It's already happened, we have pills you can take that actually takes you back years but the cabal doesn't share their toys. One day we should all see technology come out, like the energy devices, the desalination machines to create fresh drinking water for the world , and start using the 3D printers to make homes for the unfortunates on this planet . Which is so many of us, suffering was designed for the 99% Maybe one day we will do better in the future.

  • Ant Man
    Ant Man Month ago

    If they want this shit to be taken seriously then they should not let exploitative quacks sell their bullshit there.

  • Ant Man
    Ant Man Month ago

    If everyday was like like one of those cringey conferences then I’d be happy to die.

  • Robert	 Blake
    Robert Blake Month ago

    there are already about 8 billion of us on the planet. we can't live for this long. some have to go to make room for new humans. it's all really selfish of these people. learn to go with some dignity not kicking and screaming into the night

  • An extremely picky person with username ideas :/

    I'd want to/rather die early instead of living forever in this foresaken damaged and corrupted world my own species made worse.

    • Pendragon Expeditions
      Pendragon Expeditions 26 days ago +2

      Ask somebody with a terminal disease if they have your point of view.

  • Eve Davis
    Eve Davis Month ago

    It's only my opinion, but, ageing is somewhat ugly, I'm 70 yrs I look mid 50's I feel it your thoughts... you look as you feel and see things,.. adopt a different mind set and keep active and eat healthy...
    That's all it takes !

  • Curious Earth
    Curious Earth Month ago +1

    I love aging. I feel more secure and wiser and realize a deeper understanding of humans.

  • azizam nunna
    azizam nunna Month ago +1

    Eternal youth is an attribute of life after death in paradise only and this earthly youthness is just a minor glimpse of that life.

  • Jeremiah M
    Jeremiah M Month ago

    Everyone here is wrong! You die because you SIN, if you did not sin you would not die. Class dismissed

  • Jeremiah M
    Jeremiah M Month ago

    Had to stop in real quick, no, aging unfortunately cannot be stopped halted or altered and NO there is absolutely nothing you can do.
    If people could love forever this would make God a liar and his word void. From the time you are. For a person to not die they first must not sin and since we know none of you are without sin 1 John we know you are going to die Romans 6:23. But good news!! Ephesians 2 8-9 God loves you and wants you to live forever but " YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN" all who believe in Christ for eternal life will be in heaven after the short flare of a life. God bless!! Trust JESUS NOW because your next moment isn't granted. You don't have to do anything ( works) all you have to do is believe that when Christ died on the cross he did it to save you from a hell that wasn't made for you and when you believe in Jesus you're " SEALED" by the holy Spirit and you cannot die!! God bless

  • Mia C
    Mia C Month ago

    You know it is interesting what she said about smaller horses living longer I read that smaller dogs tend to live longer too. Then all of a sudden I read an article that claim very tall people don't live as long. I wonder if this is true

  • MrZoeman1980
    MrZoeman1980 Month ago

    Tom Brady should join this club

  • Rob Halprin
    Rob Halprin Month ago

  • Ed Nichol
    Ed Nichol Month ago

    Silly people. There is an affordable OTC supplement already. Instead of expensive science, why not go back and do a little study on the basic cellular systems. Most ageing is simply an understood deficiency. An item to help you on your way is to understand that many nutrients are fat soluble and fat is a primary fuel. It explains why our non-muscle body, except for the indomitable liver, 'age' while we can still play a decent game of tennis.

  • roger white
    roger white Month ago

    this is very offensive to agenda 21

  • mihaifrancu
    mihaifrancu Month ago

    4:01 the window cleaners must really hate that woman

  • Kaktyc_Channel
    Kaktyc_Channel Month ago

    There were reseurches about old aged people. Scientists visited longlivers from many countries. Find out commons and differents. All of these old people said that there are some simple rools to be healthy and huppy: don`t nerves too much; to have a hobby; not to sit at home, but moove, walk; use your brane every day, learn languages, play music etc. Also they say that no matter the numbers of years you live but matters quality of your life. how you feel

  • Ferid Hesenov
    Ferid Hesenov Month ago

    All the living creatures.will taste the death and then another eternal life will start according to what kind of deeds you did in your previous life.if you are a believer and a good person why are you afraid of death. There's a heaven waiting for you

  • Albin George
    Albin George Month ago

    What is her age?

  • Bolivian prince
    Bolivian prince Month ago


  • Tewthpaste
    Tewthpaste Month ago

    *You gotta be Asian to look like your 20s when you are actually 50s. Asian got genes that can delay aging. I seen many White people that look like they are in their 30s to 40s but they are only in their 20s.*

  • 麻生川祥文
    麻生川祥文 Month ago +1


  • Zeena Abdura
    Zeena Abdura Month ago +1

    The congressional democrats and Hollywood crowd found the fountain of youth. They drink blood and eat babies.

  • Nettie Watkins
    Nettie Watkins Month ago +13

    The ones who want to live forever are the ones who are absolutely nuts. We have a whole lifetime to get used to the idea that we are not immortal. I can't think of anything worse than having to live a longer life. I would rather spend my immortality on the Other Side than spend a longer amount of time on this side of life. It is the Other Side where the peace is and it is immortal.

    • Beaullah Lothbrok
      Beaullah Lothbrok 3 days ago

      Jehovah God put eternity into our minds to live forever but not in this system ....In paradise on earth with eternal youth......His original plan was interrupted by Satan but soon Jehovah will fulfill his promise .....JW.ORG

    • Vladimir Stanescu
      Vladimir Stanescu 4 days ago

      +Mark Cross Not sure of what you are implying. The "God particle", better known as the Higgs boson, has been physically isolated at CERN. And the existence of the dark matter has been proved beyond a doubt. And you just implicitly answered my question, thank you.

    • Mark Cross
      Mark Cross 4 days ago

      +Vladimir Stanescu
      Dude, go back to your "Dark Matter" and "God particles" and try figuring out what the law of attraction is that causes molecules to form. Every time science runs out of equations they leave the rest of the figure out like when I built houses and the architects couldn't fill in the exact numbers they wanted for specs to be built in 3 dimensions when they couldn't even complete in 2 dimensions but expected I was responsible for. Go look at some Escher Drawings.Like where did the 3rd dimension come from?

    • Vladimir Stanescu
      Vladimir Stanescu 4 days ago

      +Mark Cross My only foundation is science, yes. Your only foundation ? Religion ?

    • Mark Cross
      Mark Cross 4 days ago

      +Vladimir Stanescu Don't tell me I cannot do what I have already done.
      Had a NDE 62 years ago. I have had numerous blackouts and anesthesia, not at all the same. Numerous astral projections, past life. The universe is made up of consciousness, then solid matter.

      You must be shooting blanks. Especially true if you only foundation is science.
      You can take my life, but I am not taking yours