How to Date Japanese Girls | Secrets Revealed

  • Опубликовано: 30 дек 2015
  • How to date Japanese girls? The annoyingly frequent question. My friend Chiaki and I finally sat down to discuss the topic once and for all.
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  • LazyMelly / ConfirmCLM
    LazyMelly / ConfirmCLM 19 часов назад

    Don’t take them out to the suicide forest

  • Mark Handler
    Mark Handler День назад

    Jackie is so sweet! ❤️

  • BlackEpyon
    BlackEpyon День назад

    Her English is actually quite fluent. I'm impressed.

  • ダッフィー桜子ごま
    ダッフィー桜子ごま 2 дня назад


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  • no more
    no more 2 дня назад

    I think korean boy is the most popular in japanese girls.

  • Swedish Fisherman
    Swedish Fisherman 2 дня назад

    You need to become Johnny Bravo

  • Antónío Castellòn
    Antónío Castellòn 3 дня назад

    What city in Japan has tbe most interacial merriages and relationships?
    (Hispanics + Japanese)
    (Filipinos do not count)

  • Tony H
    Tony H 3 дня назад

    Big back, veiny arms....sounds like cross fit.

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi 3 дня назад

    Fix your fuck ugly teeth

  • boi story
    boi story 4 дня назад

    Don't be a LBH

  • DeadlySpartan086
    DeadlySpartan086 4 дня назад

    1:55 he's hoping she says British guys 😂😂😂

  • De Cookie
    De Cookie 5 дней назад

    Hey im new in japan may i have some directions

    To your heart. What if i say this in japanese.

  • Star Wars Fever
    Star Wars Fever 6 дней назад

    An English Japanese girl....that accent is sexy.

  • Chicoi's Life On Video
    Chicoi's Life On Video 7 дней назад

    Hahaha. Why do you want her to say british?

  • Cozmo223
    Cozmo223 8 дней назад

    She has a norweigen accent

  • BombSchit
    BombSchit 9 дней назад

    Hands down the most informative video about Japan.

  • TheTestingChannel
    TheTestingChannel 9 дней назад

    I like your haircut new haircut!

  • egina_ctt
    egina_ctt 10 дней назад

    This made me laugh so much XD

  • Maitreya Buddha
    Maitreya Buddha 11 дней назад

    I fucking died laughing at your facial expressions when you were trying to be a seductive Japanese dude hahaha. Is the secret for getting the accent down in the weird lip?

  • Albert Ortega
    Albert Ortega 12 дней назад

    Japanese girls are very picky and just want white guys with muscles. Japanese girls judge based on looks right away. I wouldn't ever date Japanese girl. I am not a professional comedian. Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols was correct what he said about Japan. I don't have any of the characteristic that this girl mentioned.

  • Its_Me_Again
    Its_Me_Again 12 дней назад

    Be my laifu

  • karasawa21797
    karasawa21797 13 дней назад

    I think us Westerners are unhealthily obsessed with Japanese girls because we think they will be adorable and perfect like anime characters. But no, we must never forget - 3DPD. Also flat is justice.

  • Wade W
    Wade W 14 дней назад is Christmas

  • umeshu-umeko
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  • Can Tanis
    Can Tanis 14 дней назад

    1:55 had me in tears

  • Zombreon
    Zombreon 14 дней назад

    Irish huh? Well I'm of Irish descent but I'm Scottish...meh Scottish/Irish, they're close enough so Japanese girls probs won't be able to tell the difference. Wish me luck.

  • R Lee
    R Lee 14 дней назад

    I had to break up with my Japanese girl because she just couldn’t take my dick

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  • serigraph73
    serigraph73 15 дней назад

    dang...she is really beautiful

  • theycallmebruceful
    theycallmebruceful 15 дней назад +1

    I guess you probably heard already, but YOUは何しに日本へ showed sections of this video (with no context of course) on national television. Maybe it's time for a personal appearance on their show? I'd love to see you hanging out with them at Narita airport, asking them for an interview, what they're doing in Japan, and whether you can follow them around while recording them.

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  • Dean Yokoyama
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    Dam shes so pretty. Wish i saw this earlier.

  • VtecTougeMonster33
    VtecTougeMonster33 15 дней назад

    basically white

  • #sara Hunter
    #sara Hunter 15 дней назад +1

    She sounds Australian

  • 1701spacecadet
    1701spacecadet 17 дней назад

    So heart failure is a good start?

  • Anthony Lucania
    Anthony Lucania 17 дней назад

    This guy has a cool channel. I enjoy his videos. I am American but enjoy the British humor.

  • King Imad
    King Imad 18 дней назад

    Any girl here wants to be my girlfriend ^_^

  • Anne Kemp
    Anne Kemp 18 дней назад

    Hilarious 😂 love your humor

    DICAPO LYPSE 19 дней назад

    this dudes hilarious

  • lalune
    lalune 19 дней назад

    Love the way he dressed up
    did his hair •ᵉᵗ.ͨ to meet her

  • David Tirado
    David Tirado 19 дней назад +1

    She's a cutie!!

  • Drax Tuskino
    Drax Tuskino 19 дней назад

    Its such a bullshit video when every woman wants something different @2:35 mins in, stopped and moved on. No point subscribing to this useless shit.

  • 94FADE
    94FADE 19 дней назад

    Big back, veins and sharp chin? 😂😂 Lol wtf..

  • eikonise
    eikonise 20 дней назад

    Hey girl, you relax me more effectively than dolphins.

  • Casual Bandit
    Casual Bandit 20 дней назад

    Step 1. Have the guts to go outside.

  • Wero Vargas
    Wero Vargas 20 дней назад

    Do you have some Japanese in you?

  • Husky Blupaw
    Husky Blupaw 21 день назад

    Poor guy. XD

  • cunty bollox
    cunty bollox 21 день назад

    Chat up. Are you any good with spanners? Because everytime I think of you, my nuts tighten.

  • Psyonik
    Psyonik 21 день назад

    "But... it is Christmas" made me chuckle

  • Anderson C
    Anderson C 22 дня назад +1

    This video topic is ridiculous. YOu're basing this on one Japanese girl with an English accent. Not a JP woman from Japan.

  • Torpedomtb
    Torpedomtb 22 дня назад

    Her English skills are too good to be learned in Japan. Also the accent. I am guessing she has spent significant amount of time out of Japan. And I will say just like in any country with anything, if you ask more than 1 person "what do you like in _____" you will get most assured two or more different answers. I spent SIGNIFICANT amount of time in Japan, (more than a decade). Some girls only prefer Japanese guys, some prefer white, some prefer black, some prefer other colors, some dont care on color just they idolize "country X" culture. You usually can tell by how they dress on what they like in guys wise. If you are basing the average Japanese Girl on "videos" you may have seen. That is ficticious and over dramatized, would be like saying all American Girls are like Kim Kardashion or "famious american talent name here". Culture and times have changed even population age density has changed since I was in Japan. in the 90's Japaese Girls did crave foreign (American) culture and as such foreigners were more sought out as if nothing else a fun thing to do. But in about 2000 or so the economy bubble burst and jobs were harder to find girls didnt have the income to spend on fun things as much. There was and maybe still is this "game" of "Teaching English" in Japan, ran by legit school/business but frequently devolved into girls thinking ok I can date this guy and learn some english for free. And the guys taking advantage of their occupation and hooking up with girls. It was ideal for the guy as there was a never ending supply of girls wanting to learn English, and when the current girl got tired of not learning what she thought she would a new one would be knocking on the door. I was just in Japan a year ago in areas I spent more than a decade of my life and the military draw down has sucked away many people that those areas are less Americanized than before, and due to bad behavior of some military now tighter curfews offbase and "visitors" on base durring certain hours is restricted. My wife of 24 years is Japanese, and I have seen, heard, it from both sides about girls and guys.. I have to say it is easy to get a hookup in Japan, just be honest about your feelings. So when you move on the girl is not left hating "nationality goes here".. But porno's are not a good judge of reality. They are paid actresses. Far from reality.

    • E H
      E H 21 день назад

      Torpedomtb she’s a flight attendant based in London

  • Jonathan Walmsley
    Jonathan Walmsley 22 дня назад

    This expression is gold - 2:56.

  • charlie white
    charlie white 22 дня назад

    pickuplines are shite

  • Owen Jones
    Owen Jones 23 дня назад

    Friend of mine repeatedly used the "boyfriend material" while at uni in the UK.
    Never worked, but he had the hairline of a 60 year old at age 20.

  • Ravi Rao
    Ravi Rao 23 дня назад

    The answer to the first question says it all. Americans, Aussies, Irish and French. No point in listening to the rest of the questions and preferences. Get out of Japan in case you are looking for true love. Period.

  • Darrell Flowers
    Darrell Flowers 23 дня назад

    I dont know what it is but the whole big back thing is very real ive lived in japan since 2011 (moved here when i was 20) and every girlfriend i had to include the one that is now my wife said the same thing about really liking guys with a strong back.

  • starcrafter13terran
    starcrafter13terran 23 дня назад

    I think he did best when he screwed up the lines and made her laugh.

  • z!rcon
    z!rcon 24 дня назад

    this dude english
    when the girl said "french"
    english dude was like "oh fuck"

  • David Ownage
    David Ownage 25 дней назад

    how to date a japanese girl? simple..invite her to eat, FOOD IS HEAVEN ! LOL

  • Antonieta De la Torre
    Antonieta De la Torre 25 дней назад

    The dolphin one was odd :S

  • Max
    Max 25 дней назад

    8:53 for fucks sake, dolphins are fucked up creatures. They bite the head off a fucking fish and use the remaining body to masturbate. They kill their own fucking babys because female dolphins with a child don't want to have sex that often and also they torture young porpoises for pure amusement. Male dolphins form alliances with other males to starve and then rape other dolphins.
    Saying "you relax me more effectively than a dolphin" is like saying "this chair makes for a better object to sit on than a pointy nail", *cause dolphins are scary as fuck*

  • Nopedontgiveadamn
    Nopedontgiveadamn 25 дней назад

    Where's the one on how to date Japanese boys?? Thanks in advance!

  • Andy E
    Andy E 25 дней назад

    Like asking a fish how do i catch you? You're asking a Japanese girl how do i date you, when you can be asking a Japanese dude who dates Japanese women this very question. Good day sir.

  • MrFatbard
    MrFatbard 25 дней назад

    wow all the nationalities that the brits screwed over lol XD

  • Sponge Cola
    Sponge Cola 25 дней назад

    dolphin=panty dropper

  • Bunny Queen Sippers
    Bunny Queen Sippers 26 дней назад

    "And that lulled her into a sense of security" Are you a sexual predator, Mr. Broad?

  • KaiserAndFriends
    KaiserAndFriends 26 дней назад

    You relax me more effectifly than a dolphin!

  • Spartacus547
    Spartacus547 28 дней назад

    If wont vines on the forarm work out like Super Saiyan or HbH 😂

  • Sky D
    Sky D 29 дней назад

    why do they want to look like a dolphin?

  • Jason Upson
    Jason Upson Месяц назад

    Sexy woman 😍

  • Crip McWilliams
    Crip McWilliams Месяц назад

    Well Japanese chicks like veins and big backs so I'm out, but I like big tits, so let's call the whole thing off , apart from Hitomi Tanaka

  • E C
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  • NoComment
    NoComment Месяц назад

    She was hairless like a dolphin.


    Here’s some advice don’t try to pick up women at all you will completely suck at it just go back to your dark basement and fap all day to hentai and stay in your home like a good boy and if you are starting don’t not unless you have a big dick cause all women don’t want a small one ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and just don’t at all

  • Emilftw EN
    Emilftw EN Месяц назад

    I'll be your pyjamas tonight!

  • Lesminster
    Lesminster Месяц назад

    Big back, veiny and sharp chin made this country even more exotic :P

  • Tim V110
    Tim V110 Месяц назад

    It's funny how many people are searching for help, maybe because they know decency and loyalty......try florida.....its almost pathetic how they behave...i need a How to/Find them video please lol
    btw lucky bastard except the video part hes exactly as i imagined my life would be if i had more japanese culture in my life.....instead im a pizza/guard in gonna need someone to do the head chopping part for me

  • Joyeuse Curtana
    Joyeuse Curtana Месяц назад

    Bigger question: what do Japanese traps like?

  • Matthew Fernandez
    Matthew Fernandez Месяц назад


  • Pavel Adamek
    Pavel Adamek Месяц назад

    "Your dad is gonna love me" worked for me twice, but that was not a pickup line used on a girl I just met... instead, once on a coworker and once on a really good friend when I finally asked her out...

  • blackheartwolf
    blackheartwolf Месяц назад

    How big is soca music in Japan from Trinidad and Tobago

  • Lasciel
    Lasciel Месяц назад +1

    Veins thing is true

  • Saahen Sharma
    Saahen Sharma Месяц назад

    You are such a nice guy. Girls would fall for you sense of humor and your personality

  • spencer knowles
    spencer knowles Месяц назад

    Hilarious and sad

  • mike 201314
    mike 201314 Месяц назад

    Good trolling there... and for the record, any Western worshiping Asian girl like the one in this video obsessed with the English language is very probably as difficult a bitch to near like any Western woman of today, boring.

  • Thanu. Mizù
    Thanu. Mizù Месяц назад +1

    Please brush your teeth brooo

  • Snowbrawler
    Snowbrawler Месяц назад


  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami Месяц назад +22

    Irish guys .....French guys
    I bet she was trolling Chris

    • Tiago Jesus
      Tiago Jesus 22 дня назад +4

      I broke down in laughter when she said "French guys" and he was like "For Fuck S----" xD

    • Andy Bliss
      Andy Bliss Месяц назад +4

      Doubt it, more like he wrote the script

  • Formidable Occultist
    Formidable Occultist Месяц назад

    *Hey you onnanoko, you look like a dorufinu.*

  • Austin Ash.
    Austin Ash. Месяц назад

    Dude love your videos! Funny and to the point 🤙🏼

  • zack wyatt
    zack wyatt Месяц назад

    Tell a stranger they look like a dolphin
    That's a new one

  • zack wyatt
    zack wyatt Месяц назад

    I like the Google pick up line

  • Frogman Waterblast
    Frogman Waterblast Месяц назад

    The more prominent your arm vanes are the more obvious ti's that you're not a low T wanker.

  • Mostafa Kabary
    Mostafa Kabary Месяц назад +3

    9:10 i think that works better with Japanese engineer girls

  • F MacIllFhinnein
    F MacIllFhinnein Месяц назад

    Was that wallpaper from the 1970s? Maybe the dolphin/dinosaur put it up.