Redmi K30 Pro - THIS IS AWESOME!

  • Redmi K30 Pro with Snapdragon 865 is coming soon! K30 Pro Geekbench score proves that Redmi K30 Pro will use SD865 and have 8GB RAM variant, plus release date should be shortly after the Xiaomi Mi 10 series
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Comments • 80

  • Sunmughan Swamy
    Sunmughan Swamy 2 months ago

    Bro i am also willing to show reviews of latest flagships on my secondary channel. How do i get the latest devices for reviews ?

  • ElectroSwingable
    ElectroSwingable 2 months ago

    Nice one

  • Owne Vlogs
    Owne Vlogs 2 months ago

    that's my bae! wang yibo

  • Devil Hunter
    Devil Hunter 2 months ago

    waiting for poco f2 with 865 and 300$ price

  • gelgeliciousify
    gelgeliciousify 2 months ago

    Next will be k30 pro premium edition 😁

  • soni jigar
    soni jigar 2 months ago

    Please suggest red mi note 8 pro or k 30 i have both options

  • The S
    The S 2 months ago

    So there will be global.
    Maybe mi 10t pro, and mi 10t

  • Faruk Sancar
    Faruk Sancar 2 months ago +2

    S10 plus+oneplus 7 pro+ mate 30 pro =K30

  • Лёха Пыня
    Лёха Пыня 2 months ago

    i hope k30pro will have 5g support and pop-up selfie camera not that ugly doble hole

  • Лёха Пыня
    Лёха Пыня 2 months ago

    wow you have king english

  • Barely
    Barely 2 months ago

    What’s the cheapest and best gaming device atm?

    • Kacper Seltenreich
      Kacper Seltenreich 2 months ago

      Wait for Pocophone F2 but for now it's Redmi K20 Pro or Realme X2 Pro

  • CJ
    CJ 2 months ago +1

    Sweet now I can pick up the K20 for the cheap

  • S w E n e K A f
    S w E n e K A f 2 months ago

    MSS vs NSA
    Oh boy , it's about to go down ! Nhawhatamean ?

  • rafik lmd
    rafik lmd 2 months ago

    I really hope it's not lcd...

  • Ahmed Benkiran
    Ahmed Benkiran 2 months ago +4

    We want
    5000 mah
    Oled display
    64 MP and 1 smal selfie cam
    Stereo speakers
    855 is fine if u keep price low

  • 2Drezik
    2Drezik 2 months ago

    why the fuck no pop-up camera like the K20 pro ?!! arrrrrghhghrghrghrghrgrhrghgrhrghrgrhggrghwtf.

  • Parsi Pax
    Parsi Pax 2 months ago +1

    Durable cheap IPS ftw

  • coin paradise
    coin paradise 2 months ago +2


  • SpawnX
    SpawnX 2 months ago +3

    The next phone that could make my heart sway would be a phone like the k20 pro with a 5G capable chipset!

  • Siddharth Sharma
    Siddharth Sharma 2 months ago +1

    I think that the chipsets have now outgrown Android itself. We need a new OS with ability to run programming IDEs on the phone itself.

    • Anon
      Anon 2 months ago +1

      You can do that already with Termux. Like run python and there's also IDEs on Play Store. Not to mention you can run a full fledged Linux distro on Android with AnLinux or UserLand, natively. They're only ARM versions of Linux but they run many desktop programs like desktop browsers, visual studio code, etc...

  • Heithem Arab
    Heithem Arab 2 months ago +2

    The price of the k 30 pro???

  • Bashar Al-Ahmad
    Bashar Al-Ahmad 2 months ago +1

    Does mi 10 pro come with lpddr5 ram ?

  • Sevenseven Oneseven
    Sevenseven Oneseven 2 months ago +1

    then poco f2 will be coming soon...

  • Raven Widow
    Raven Widow 2 months ago +1

    Lol I've been able to buy it for quite a while now.

  • TFMigue
    TFMigue 2 months ago

    I will probably wait for Poco F2 or Mi 10T Pro and then decide what's the upgrade for my RN 4.

    • Allan Scott
      Allan Scott 2 months ago

      You'll wait a while for Poco F2

  • Siam Mahmud
    Siam Mahmud 2 months ago +2

    is redmi k 30 pro in display fingerprint?

  • 2020 vision
    2020 vision 2 months ago

    Gorilla glass 7 anyone?

  • 2020 vision
    2020 vision 2 months ago +2

    Wonder when the IMX786 will come out 😂😂😂

    ROHIT CHAUDHARY 2 months ago +1

    He is the Fastest RUclipr in tech Field

  • Neykov Master
    Neykov Master 2 months ago +1

    Redmi Boss post photo with a guy using Macbook

  • Rocky Go
    Rocky Go 2 months ago

    Looking to get the k30 to try the 120hz but just installed pixel experience on my mi 9t and yep! Awesome! This one will stay for a while haha smoother scrolling and overall performance! Fingerprint tho is not good compared to miui11

  • Star Sailor
    Star Sailor 2 months ago

    xiaomi phones are totally junk

    • Eric
      Eric 2 months ago

      Your life's garbage

  • Roshan Subedi
    Roshan Subedi 2 months ago +1

    That's my dude with black hat 😎

  • Asri Loremsa
    Asri Loremsa 2 months ago +5

    Welcome back Eminem 😁 👍

  • RoiF
    RoiF 2 months ago +1

    (Edited) I just bought K30 5days ago and still impressed, the phone is beautiful and amazing how much more this pro version. this is exciting. ^^ K30 is making OLED overrated

  • J foR Tech
    J foR Tech 2 months ago

    Whatsapp dark mode

  • MrPariah
    MrPariah 2 months ago

    Hope they don't drop the amoled for a stupid 120Hz screen. Uses way too much battery and completely unnecessary, improve the camera and I might upgrade from my k20 pro to the k30 pro

  • Heithem Arab
    Heithem Arab 2 months ago +1

    The price ,???

  • Rohman
    Rohman 2 months ago +15

    Dude, your background make me thing that my phone has burn in, although it was IPS

  • Viyus Avery
    Viyus Avery 2 months ago

    Where the hell is the dimensity 1000 phones.. I know the k30 won't have it but I'm waiting for one

    • MrPariah
      MrPariah 2 months ago

      Dimensity 1000 is shit compared to 865

  • Dennis Manicani Jr.
    Dennis Manicani Jr. 2 months ago +4

    Still rocking my Redmi Note 4X.

  • Varnu Mnvn
    Varnu Mnvn 2 months ago +1

    I Hope IT will have an Amoled Screen🙏🏾

    LUZ DO MUNDO 2 months ago +13

    I just got the k30 now they come with the pro version? cmon respect my wallet. but joke on the side. the 120hz display is amazing, even being IPS, better than my mi 9t pro amoled display.

      LUZ DO MUNDO 2 months ago

      @Flenom e para te acabar, O Mi 9t PRO é super amoled, isso so mostra que vc nao sabe nada. e como eu disse, "you have to play with the colour scheme on the k30". vai dormir e sonhar um dia ter o dinheiro para comprar as coisas que eu tenho. tu dever ser um miudinho virgem e gordo. stupid Brazilian.

    • Flenom
      Flenom 2 months ago

      @LUZ DO MUNDO Primeiro que Mi 9T pro é Amoled não Super Amoled. Segundo que não tem como um display lcd apresentar cores melhores do que um amoled, são duas tecnologias totalmente diferentes m você que é baba ovo

      LUZ DO MUNDO 2 months ago

      @Flenom eu sou Angolano e vivo na Africa do Sul.

      LUZ DO MUNDO 2 months ago

      @Flenom bro like said, i have the mi 9t pro an samsung a50, both of them are super amoled display. but the k30 with the 120hz display is better. you have to play with the colours and the 120hz makes a huge difference. like i said if you dont try you'll never know. i hesitated and had a conflit to buy the k30 because of the ips and the Snap Dragon 730, but i bought it anyway and i dont regret it, if i didnt buy i would never know. sometimes you have to ignore what people say and try it yourself.

    • Flenom
      Flenom 2 months ago

      @LUZ DO MUNDO Kkkkkkkkkk vc é africano

  • Zim DeTango
    Zim DeTango 2 months ago +2

    No amoled? No thanks

  • peter kopejtka
    peter kopejtka 2 months ago

    I don't buy these Chinese phones most are crap I won't get excited about this phone either

  • Austin S
    Austin S 2 months ago +7

    Malayalikalkk like adikkam 💪

  • Zyper Sanchez
    Zyper Sanchez 2 months ago +2

    Damnit i will buy it even if i have to sell my kidney

  • LJ Cresencio
    LJ Cresencio 2 months ago +2

    Does redmi k30 5g has a micro sd card slot?

  • Rilum Osmanaj
    Rilum Osmanaj 2 months ago +1

    Good Bye! Peace

  • Anees Iqbal
    Anees Iqbal 2 months ago

    Any Price Leaks???

  • Edward Diesta
    Edward Diesta 2 months ago +5

    When will the redmi k30 4g release globally?

    • RoiF
      RoiF Month ago

      It is now in the lineage of Pocophone in India it's called Poco X2

    • nathan thebe
      nathan thebe 2 months ago


  • Cracker Jinks
    Cracker Jinks 2 months ago +3

    bro, are you safe from corona virus their in China?

  • kodaph
    kodaph 2 months ago +1

    Mi Series will always be the OG.

  • Suman shah
    Suman shah 2 months ago +1

    No amoled yet?

  • Brady Snelgrove
    Brady Snelgrove 2 months ago +27

    Love the content, ur my guy for Chinese phones now. Frankie Tech just isn't what he used to be. I'm sure it's not his fault but u keep the content coming, so I'm always up to date. I appreciate ur hard work 💙👊

    • HuntaKiller
      HuntaKiller 2 months ago

      Frankie tech is doing very good aswell since he still have his main job..impossible he can churn out content daily

  • popokatapetl
    popokatapetl 2 months ago +3

    We don't need 120 bloody hz, 90 is enough

    • popokatapetl
      popokatapetl Month ago +2

      @Eric yes it is delusional for most of the people and it is only for consumers idiots mass

    • Eric
      Eric Month ago

      120hz is the best gimmick on a smartphone 😎

    IRHAM 2 months ago +1

    wow redmi k30 pro using SD 865

  • Osman Osmanov
    Osman Osmanov 2 months ago +1

    Redmi k30❤️

  • kuriakose jim
    kuriakose jim 2 months ago +5

    Gimme in display fingerprint and AMOLED along with everything the regular k30 has and they have my money.

    • Fils aime Andrenise
      Fils aime Andrenise 2 months ago

      @LUZ DO MUNDO thanks. Tu habla español

      LUZ DO MUNDO 2 months ago +1

      @Fils aime Andrenise i understand your point

    • Fils aime Andrenise
      Fils aime Andrenise 2 months ago +1

      @LUZ DO MUNDO yan on RUclip always have bad discussion but if you're a brand fan say it everything will ok .no they don't want that any other brand win oh no I love Huawei and xiaomi , Samsung if they make a shit one day I'll not come on RUclip and say that the shit is best but many men like do this and I always respect their opinion

      LUZ DO MUNDO 2 months ago

      @Fils aime Andrenise sure. everybody has different preferences, we must respect it., same way i would like for someone to respect my preference/opinion.

    • Fils aime Andrenise
      Fils aime Andrenise 2 months ago

      @LUZ DO MUNDO thanks for your help

  • Fey iNdAhOusE
    Fey iNdAhOusE 2 months ago

    Which have a better camera?
    K30 pro or Mi 10 pro?

    • - David -
      - David - 2 months ago +1

      According to DXO-Mark the Mi 10 Pro will have a better camera.

  • Ezra Pardede
    Ezra Pardede 2 months ago +1

    They probably can switch to OLED display again, but at the expenses of losing that 120hz refresh rate not because the OLED for 120hz did not exist , but its too expensive for what it is, if you expect 120hz AMOLED display appear or Mi10, then its more likely

  • Nicolas Mpenzi Archie
    Nicolas Mpenzi Archie 2 months ago

    Wang Yi Bo

  • mani kantha reddy
    mani kantha reddy 2 months ago +2

    It should come with 2k Amoled display and also it should have the option of 90Hz also.
    Then only it can do something out of the box

    • mani kantha reddy
      mani kantha reddy 2 months ago

      @Xavier X one plus did it.... OnePlus has the option for 60hz..90hz..120hz.. end users should have the flexibility to choose everything

    • Xavier X
      Xavier X 2 months ago

      if Samsung can't do it how can xiao mi ?

  • Natiq Abo
    Natiq Abo 2 months ago +1

    You are also awesome .. with love from Iraq💐

  • Benjamin A
    Benjamin A 2 months ago +10

    Redmi K30 Pro will be great deal for me only if it come with SD 865 and AMOLED Screen

    • Styled
      Styled 2 months ago

      @Benjamin A Do you have black smear on your phone in lie brightness?

    • Benjamin A
      Benjamin A 2 months ago

      @Limasawa Street the reason is because I'm currently Using MI 9T and K30 pro will be better upgrade if it has AMOLED screen

    • MrPariah
      MrPariah 2 months ago +5

      @Limasawa Street It should have an AMOLED otherwise they'd be downgrading from the k20 Pro which is silly

    • Limasawa Street
      Limasawa Street 2 months ago +2

      There are tons of phone that have an AMOLED screen, why are you pushing this phone to have one?

  • JesusSavedJoshua
    JesusSavedJoshua 2 months ago

    I wish some of these phones would come to AT&T on the cheap in United States.

    GAYMER TECH 2 months ago +1

    No oled because only samsung can provide cut out oled display...mi 10 use samsung display..thats why it have cut out display

    • ahin das
      ahin das 2 months ago +1

      mi 10 use omnivision display

  • Naufal Haris
    Naufal Haris 2 months ago +1

    How about the front camera? Will they use the same punch hole like the k30 ?

  • Siam Rahman
    Siam Rahman 2 months ago

    using MacBook in xiaomi meeting 🤣

  • Rock Kharayat
    Rock Kharayat 2 months ago

    What is the difference between LPDDR4 ram and LPDDP4X ram??

    • Eric
      Eric 2 months ago

      Marketing stuff

    • Gaynatic Rakhi lund ki Topi
      Gaynatic Rakhi lund ki Topi 2 months ago

      LPDDR4X is bit faster makes 0 difference in normal use shows a bit difference while loading apps in task manager

  • Trùst Mé
    Trùst Mé 2 months ago +1

    It sucks xioami know there is huge fan in India but they lunch device after 1.5 or 2 month in India. It's disappointed now I really need device going to buy realmex2 pro

    • Not again
      Not again 2 months ago

      Buy phone with older SD856+ or wait for phones with SD865. If you can wait, better wait for the newer phones.

    • Manas
      Manas 2 months ago

      Dont bimuy x2 pro.. oneplus is better
      Or wait for k30

  • Mad scientist
    Mad scientist 2 months ago

    What is flagship? iPhone?

  • Relax just be more tea
    Relax just be more tea 2 months ago +4

    Not cheap no OLED , WTH would I buy it

    • Requiem
      Requiem 2 months ago +1

      Ips will make k30 cheaper than k20 and thats the main point of redmi series, if you want amoled you can go with Mi 10.

    • RhyzoPyz Nibba
      RhyzoPyz Nibba 2 months ago +1

      Well ips is long term usage(no burn in) and if the Fresh rate 120hz u can be better at fps game than before

      LUZ DO MUNDO 2 months ago +2

      i also thought like that before i bought it. but believe me, that ips screen is really God, its better than my two amoled screens phone i had (mi 9t pro and galaxy a50) and the 120hz just make it even better and smoother. sometimes we have to try things to know.

  • lord beerus
    lord beerus 2 months ago

    Not anymore flagship killer

  • Meet Pandya
    Meet Pandya 2 months ago +5

    What I want (Heavy user)
    ~4500 battery ~50W charger included in the box
    OLED Display 120hz
    64MP IMX 686
    Headphone Jack
    Price around 30k INR

    • MrTahref
      MrTahref 2 months ago +1

      i see a lot of haters. you can dream bro. but why price around 30k inr when 5k INR is better?

    • Not again
      Not again 2 months ago +1

      Dude, the Asus ROG 2 having all those except for SD855+ is selling way more than that. We can dream but still need to be realistic of costs.

    • popokatapetl
      popokatapetl 2 months ago +2

      And flat screen of course

    • vermillion prince
      vermillion prince 2 months ago +1

      For 30k it is impossible in 2020 😂😂
      Maybe Mi 10 pro or OP8 pro will be your ideal option

    • Niranjan C.S
      Niranjan C.S 2 months ago +2

      Don't you think 30k is too less for this phone

  • Eloy Palaboy
    Eloy Palaboy 2 months ago +1

    Hmmm... I guess i will wait for all of them to launch their phones. Then i could choose which one to buy or i will wait for poco f2
    Go TechZG

  • Sunesh
    Sunesh 2 months ago +31

    Redmi daa 💪🏻💪🏻 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • RGA
      RGA 2 months ago +1

      @Rony SK Malayalam, Kerala's native language.

    • guys hair lite version
      guys hair lite version 2 months ago +1


    • Rony SK
      Rony SK 2 months ago

      @RGA kya vok rha hai be

    • RGA
      RGA 2 months ago +2

      Malayali pwoli alle

  • Biighead at Culture Techie

    Definitely awesome!!!

  • joaquin valenzuela
    joaquin valenzuela 2 months ago


  • Arjun Singh
    Arjun Singh 2 months ago +4

    Is it has super amoled display and what's the price