$1 Street Food Around The World

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
  • From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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Comments • 54 071

  • Baby Max Gacha
    Baby Max Gacha 34 minutes ago +1

    Its Philippines
    Like if you agree

  • Edogawa Conan of AOV
    Edogawa Conan of AOV 41 minute ago +1

    In Vietnam you can have double hotdog only 1$ and yum

  • Mari- lishious
    Mari- lishious 42 minutes ago

    In venezuela with one Bolívar you can buy anything lol

  • Tabares
    Tabares 53 minutes ago +1

    3:28 *P O R R O*
    Estos ingleses...

  • Dyaln gatcha master
    Dyaln gatcha master 58 minutes ago

    Even thogh I handed thw hot dog bender 2 bucks

  • Kaden Tai
    Kaden Tai 58 minutes ago

    Isn't the porra just a plain churro kinda?

  • AvMaGDraKHeC666
    AvMaGDraKHeC666 Hour ago

    is porra, in femenine form, porro means joint

  • Puffyheart
    Puffyheart Hour ago

    1:17 Looks like turkish money hella much oh my gosh...ım from turkey

  • Faze-ikonik Yt
    Faze-ikonik Yt Hour ago

    Which is better?
    Like:Mexican food
    Comment:American food

  • KPOP Lover
    KPOP Lover 2 hours ago


  • Zinah AlhajAli
    Zinah AlhajAli 2 hours ago

    Go to Netherlands

  • jinia shaon
    jinia shaon 2 hours ago

    Try a $1 food in riyadh

  • FIFA oligist
    FIFA oligist 2 hours ago +1

    A lollipop in Australia isn’t even a dollar tho

  • No More Vids Dead channel

    Everyone else: “yummy!”

    Indian dood: *sO buTteRy*

  • Enjoydust
    Enjoydust 4 hours ago

    Hai sir, your video so amazing, i hope you come to Indonesian, in here , with 1$ you can buy so many delicious food 👍👍👍

  • Rafael Farelo
    Rafael Farelo 4 hours ago

    For real, when I saw China it just came to my mind the person walking away with a fried dog leg in a stick

  • kevie.
    kevie. 4 hours ago

    Cane you buy a stroopwafel in the Netherlands amsterdam

  • MC Gamer
    MC Gamer 4 hours ago

    For 1 euro in my greece you can buy 2 waters yummy water 💦

  • Baggelhs koutrou
    Baggelhs koutrou 4 hours ago +1


  • Yuan Zheng
    Yuan Zheng 4 hours ago

    2:14 I’m surprised that the food is not 20 yuan

  • Kiko
    Kiko 4 hours ago


  • Yandere Kumahado
    Yandere Kumahado 4 hours ago

    Indonesia u can buy some "Mie Ayam"

  • Hooreyah Gacha
    Hooreyah Gacha 5 hours ago

    Arabic food please

  • Mihaela Morari
    Mihaela Morari 5 hours ago

    Hot dog

  • Jun Biswas
    Jun Biswas 5 hours ago

    Philippine streetfood next

  • Oğuzhan Türk
    Oğuzhan Türk 5 hours ago

    3:28 deki halka tatlı aq kimi sikiyonuz

  • Kaja Kajaa
    Kaja Kajaa 5 hours ago

    Poland? :-(

  • dilaver Kala
    dilaver Kala 5 hours ago

    Wheŕe is Pakistan?

  • Baby Finaa
    Baby Finaa 5 hours ago

    im waiting for malaysian 😞

  • Umair 278
    Umair 278 6 hours ago

    Pakistan please

  • black anonymous
    black anonymous 6 hours ago

    y los chori >:v?????

  • Muhammad Ihsan Ul Haq
    Muhammad Ihsan Ul Haq 6 hours ago


  • AeroCurious
    AeroCurious 6 hours ago

    For one euro breakfast in Europe ?? This is a joke right

  • abats 426
    abats 426 7 hours ago

    Mexico also peso?
    Huh just like here in ph
    But not the same coin

  • xXDarkSlasherXx _Yt
    xXDarkSlasherXx _Yt 7 hours ago

    in canada, we sell corn dogs

  • Ahmed raza Abbasi
    Ahmed raza Abbasi 7 hours ago +1

    When foreigners see girl wow so hot
    Indians soo butteryy lmao

  • N O V A L
    N O V A L 7 hours ago

    1 dollar in indonesia can get you a meal of rice and chicken with cold drink😂

  • Ioanna Dimitroulaki
    Ioanna Dimitroulaki 7 hours ago

    From Greece

  • PdF BIG R
    PdF BIG R 7 hours ago


  • gaming with sounak
    gaming with sounak 7 hours ago +1

    Being an indian
    I love pork buns of Shanghai

  • Dead Spider Gaming
    Dead Spider Gaming 7 hours ago +2

    damn the indian food was the only thing made fresh *cough every other country had ready made food*cough

  • Dr jawad khan
    Dr jawad khan 7 hours ago

    Do food of pakistan

    ULTRA 8 hours ago +1

    In London you for £1 you can get a packet of harribows

  • Vosh Lendley Tolentino


  • Milda Urbutytė
    Milda Urbutytė 8 hours ago

    Lithuania 🇱🇹

  • Emcoo
    Emcoo 8 hours ago +1

    Omg in the Mumbai one that guy put his hand all over the buns

  • asd fgh
    asd fgh 8 hours ago

    In the russia you can buy halal at 1 dollars

  • Bhanuka Isuru
    Bhanuka Isuru 8 hours ago

    You make me hungry

  • Void
    Void 9 hours ago

    That aint the world

  • Metic_ll
    Metic_ll 9 hours ago

    In italy with 1 Euro you can buy an ice-cream

  • How to Make
    How to Make 9 hours ago

    Pakistan plzzz

  • Mohana-Ivana Raymond
    Mohana-Ivana Raymond 9 hours ago

    This sounds like Inga in the first one. Am I right.

  • peachy PIayzz
    peachy PIayzz 9 hours ago


  • Fitri handayani
    Fitri handayani 9 hours ago

    in Indonesia you can buy anything "mie ayam, bakso, nasi padang, nasi goreng" you should come to indonesia..

  • yunus ünlüefe
    yunus ünlüefe 9 hours ago

    Her ulkeyi goosterdiler bi turkiyeyi gostermediler sikikler

  • salsabil fel
    salsabil fel 10 hours ago

    In algeria plis plis

  • Mattia Sciollintano
    Mattia Sciollintano 10 hours ago +1


  • sandwiches oreo
    sandwiches oreo 10 hours ago

    Indonesia dapat 5 bungkus mie instan hehehe

  • T • •
    T • • 10 hours ago +1

    : Vinegar or Chilli sauce?
    : Yes.

  • Μαρκελλα Ρωμανα


  • Chico Manalo
    Chico Manalo 11 hours ago

    Street food in The Philippines

  • The Black Cat
    The Black Cat 11 hours ago


  • anonymous159
    anonymous159 11 hours ago

    2:58 can i have one porra please?
    E eu aqui wtf mermão '-'

  • Jheryl Marban The Master Of Sannin

    We Have Fishball and kikiam in Philippines

  • Teri LPS
    Teri LPS 11 hours ago +1

    In Myanmar,You don’t pay the prices,
    *The prices pay YOU.*

  • Gacha Donut
    Gacha Donut 11 hours ago

    Thai norway and japan

  • ULTima
    ULTima 12 hours ago


  • zobkey
    zobkey 12 hours ago

    In morocco there is chips like lays at 0,1€ i swear and the big one with 1€

  • Kang Ha Ri
    Kang Ha Ri 12 hours ago

    In Sudan 1 dollar is about 45 pounds I can get an entire kfc family bucket

  • Mr. Adi2007
    Mr. Adi2007 12 hours ago

    Now I'm hungry

  • Maciej Pilos
    Maciej Pilos 13 hours ago

    we need pierogas

  • Saavithe great
    Saavithe great 13 hours ago

    Indian food only love forever 😋😋😋

  • LorenzPlayz
    LorenzPlayz 13 hours ago +1

    Everyone: Waits for there country
    Video: Nope

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 13 hours ago

    The Mexican pesos is just like ours in the Philippines.

  • Fine Banana
    Fine Banana 13 hours ago +1

    *Surprise Democracy in a Nutshell*

  • Fine Banana
    Fine Banana 13 hours ago +1

    *Freedom from America starts playing*

  • Fine Banana
    Fine Banana 13 hours ago +1

    "Can I b-"

  • Mr Exp
    Mr Exp 13 hours ago

    in Indonesia 🇮🇩 1 dollar you can get fried rice with eggs and crackers and certainly full

  • Ixlox Gaming
    Ixlox Gaming 14 hours ago

    In sweden you get a a twix for 10kr (1 dollar)

  • Blue Cat
    Blue Cat 14 hours ago

    America street food is still exotic but also poor people can have it 😍

    ALEX KAYLIE 14 hours ago

    Fishball, Kwek Kwek, Turon, Banana Cue, Samalamig from the Philippines !!

  • maulana azhari
    maulana azhari 15 hours ago

    Indonesia nasi goreng

  • NelisLadyHoneyofMiracle

    South korea please next ❤

  • chaeng chaeng
    chaeng chaeng 15 hours ago +1

    Wait--- is that guy literally washed his hand in the same water? 😟

  • Day Cg
    Day Cg 15 hours ago

    Ah yes the classic New York hotdog held in that weird water

  • azra luleci
    azra luleci 15 hours ago

    Japan and spain

  • Mahboob Ahmed Usama
    Mahboob Ahmed Usama 15 hours ago


  • erlinda lao
    erlinda lao 16 hours ago

    -they look like black people and stuff
    -there Mcdonalds name is weird
    -Pav bhaji, a vegeterian food :)

    KENJIN VLOGS 16 hours ago

    The worst is Mumbai,I don’t like it

  • Mackenzie Pantoja
    Mackenzie Pantoja 16 hours ago

    It's seems like street foods taste better then other food

  • Mackenzie Pantoja
    Mackenzie Pantoja 16 hours ago

    Dam that hotdog looks good

  • Andika Ganteng
    Andika Ganteng 17 hours ago +1

    belum tau street food nya indonesia nihh😂

  • la la
    la la 18 hours ago

    In vietnam,you can get a full bowl of beef noodle or rice which under 1$ in some region.

  • Topside Basher04
    Topside Basher04 18 hours ago

    Que weno

  • Liesa Awal
    Liesa Awal 19 hours ago

    Malaysia pleasa

  • Jeniezel Sasota
    Jeniezel Sasota 19 hours ago

    Street foods here in the philippines please try it it's so nice and yummy.

  • 【Sa ns】
    【Sa ns】 20 hours ago

    *Im a simple man.*
    *I see churros and I click.*

  • Faisal Dida-agun
    Faisal Dida-agun 20 hours ago


  • Tecc Infinite
    Tecc Infinite 20 hours ago


  • santa
    santa 20 hours ago

    Todos hablando su idioma original menos el mexicano que se cree gringo :v