The MMA Beat: Episode 141

On this week's episode, the panel will discuss Kelvin Gastelum's rise, Vitor Belfort's last fight, Yair Rodriguez vs. Frankie Edgar and more.

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Длительность: 1:5:24
Комментарии: 206

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Автор Jaime Loyola ( назад)
Vitor V Punk..that should be pretty competitive!!

Автор Jaime Loyola ( назад)
Shame on gastelum nd ufc..this is quite possibly the fight that ends Andersons career..wont end well..

Автор Michael Tha God ( назад)
Jeff buys his and his wife's clothes at walmart

Автор Bradley Gale ( назад)
hows it sad that hughs got paid a qt mil a yr for nothing for a decade. Lives sad when your Uncle isn't some high up in espn or whatever please

Автор Scott Caldwell ( назад)
Dude trim the beard!!! A line up wouldnt hurt as well!

Автор Johnny McMillan ( назад)
Ariel "wavy wavy hands" Helwani

Автор Jimmy Marlin ( назад)
Star power? People want to see an exciting fight should've been Romero vs silva

Автор juxter ( назад)
Love the show but have to say this is my least favorite lineup. Need Dave Doyle and Chuck on here. Luke and Jeff always the same act. Luke goes on and on, Jeff talks meritocracy. Let's get some fresh blood on here. Ariel always does a great job.

Автор MrScream305 ( назад)
Need to fix the long intro

Автор Trying not be Negative & Sour ( назад)
WAGENhomerun! Jeff! 21:45 real talk

Автор TheNokiaLumia ( назад)
Matt Hughes made over a million dollars during his career. Just because he mismanaged his money potentially, doesn't mean combat sports should be blamed, Ariel. Most people hardly make close to a million in their entite lifetime, so this isn't sad.

Автор FightWaffle ( назад)
If you don't put Vitor in the HOF, don't put Hendo.

Автор J. Bingo ( назад)
I love the music in the intro! best intro themesong in all of MMA podcasts

Автор Psycho Unicorn ( назад)
mr liberal cuck luke saying gringo? i guess long as its bashing white people its ok huh?

Автор Hohum ( назад)
wheres robin black?

Автор Beiguang ( назад)
picture quality is exceptionally good

Автор TheNokiaLumia ( назад)
When Luke claims something is 'complicated' it just means he is too stupid to be able to articulate the issue Ariel is asking him about.

Автор JMC RSA ( назад)
Even though im subbed and notifications on I have not been receiving email notifications of new episodes for months, Weird!

Автор Engr Rafeeq ( назад)

Автор advocatefish d ( назад)
Good to hear some progress being made on weight cutting problems. I still think we need 165/175/195lbs divisions.

Автор joetavish ( назад)
This has been an awesome show for years now. Great quality and free on the internet. Better than any the vast majority of extended sports commentary you see on the TV

Автор marythemoose155 ( назад)
Jeff comes even in his sick bed...

Автор The Leaping Frog ( назад)
lol hughes is gonna demolish royce...

Автор CyberSub ( назад)
Wish there wasn't a time limit to the show...let them play, let them play, let them play!

Автор Tj k ( назад)

Автор Ben Burnside ( назад)
Ariel Helwani wishes the UFC just gives money to everybody.

Автор A A ( назад)
Everyone, dislike til they get rid of the stupid I tried thing

Автор Bhupender Parihar ( назад)
Negatively charged Ariel🙂

Автор thedoz ( назад)
Hey Luke, Kelvin is 25. He'll be 26 in October.

Автор davor615biz ( назад)
UFC could make it better if they made Bissping vs. Romero, and GSP vs. Silva, and everybody are happy!? :)
Belfort could fight Rashad in that case.

Автор boogiecat55 ( назад)
its alright saying maia & romero should sit and wait but they have to earn a living. dont these guys realise that?

Автор George Puscasu ( назад)
not one word about the fight network and robin black? why?

Автор Conor McNigger ( назад)
Found!!! Previously lost first minutes of 'The MMA Beat' will shock and surprise!

Please continue social media clickbait story one sentence each. Try to work off each other for continuity, lets see where this goes.

Автор Uolew 666 ( назад)
Where my boy Mindenhall??

Автор sasquatch bigfoot ( назад)
Vitoria couldn't even knock out my grandma lol😅😅😅😅😅

Автор Valdemar Daneskjold ( назад)
Why is it i have to wait 1 minute for the video to start allways???

Автор Hrnan SAL ( назад)
Dana White has his reasons behind saying that May-McG is happening. It has to be some kind of strategic move. I´m not sure what it means ultimately... But I´m pretty convinced that he´s playing for something...

Автор Absolute Muppet ( назад)
could perhaps the June date have been a compromise by the UFC so that they get Conor back in the octagon before the end of the year.

Автор boobsmalloy ( назад)
Jeff watches bum fights

Автор Tasos Podcast ( назад)
Are the putting on make-up? WTF?

Автор Evan Wallman- ( назад)

Автор Michael Gidwaney ( назад)
F.Edgar vs D.Cruz does big money.

Автор Adam Kelly ( назад)
the delayed start is so annoying

Автор 9xxxxxxxxx ( назад)
Anybody who thinks Conor will last 12 rounds with Mayweather in a boxing ring is insane. Seriously.

Автор Steven Mucciaciaro ( назад)
I agree the health consequences might be bad for two older men are fighting, a la, matt hughs vs Gracie but isn't there just of a chance of health consequences between two 0-0 amateur fights? The skill level could be must more lopsided on at least these veterans have trained most their life to avoid bad situations. (obviously harsh KO's not included)

Автор Steven Mucciaciaro ( назад)
I come here to learn Luke Thomas' "Word of the week".


move with a smooth wavelike motion."her body undulated to the thumping rhythm of the music"synonyms:rise and fall, surge, swell, heave, ripple

Автор canadian aussie ( назад)
miss weight its a loss you get nothing the guy who showed up wins easy

Автор Cloudlop ( назад)
can we plz get rid of Jeff

Автор PurpleWeasel1323 ( назад)
god dammit Luke you better make it for next eps show, it's not the same without donk donkerson

Автор Justin Harrison ( назад)
Luke is the type of guy to speak a point for 5 mins and then say "in other words" and then speak the same point for 5 more mins...... u motherf@cker!...lol

Автор Dave Coughlan ( назад)
Does anyone else think this show isent the same since we cant see that girl in the back eating her food anymore..?!

Автор MrHugoadame ( назад)
I think if you guys(media) had any legitimate understanding of range and timing, you'd think twice before saying Conor has no chance at beating Floyd. You have to know there is no validity in what you say since you've never competed in a combat sport. Yes, Floyd will most likely win as far as conventional wisdom goes. But in combat sports, anything can happen. Conor will not be easy for Floyd to figure out as he is awkward and has excellent understanding of range and timing. Conor also is a national youth boxing champion, which means he has boxing fundamentals and will be able to reapply them in a boxing match. You can see it when he fights in the octagon, glimpses of it at least.

Автор Jon Mattingly ( назад)
Is this the luke thomas show? He takes up 3/4 of the show it seems.

Автор John Beahm ( назад)
You fooking clowns think people boo because of grappling and do not understand it...lol...You righteous libtards..

Автор opkill6 ( назад)

Автор Chris Chater ( назад)
any talk of UFC london?

Автор Rishi Raval ( назад)
omg shut up luke PLEASE! my ears are bleeding

Автор wei shen ( назад)
afternoon weighins?

Автор knowledgeisthepower1 ( назад)
Vitor Belfort withoUt TRT is simply Vio Belfo

Автор John Holmes ( назад)
do they talk about mcgregor mayweather

Автор nilanniruthan ( назад)
So the commission has to "explain" to these guys why they would sanction the McGregor-Mayweather fight? This is why MMA was kept down for so long; because of pompous, entitled "purists" who don't get that the vast majority of fight fans are in it for the entertainment value. Just shut up and let the fight happen, don't watch it if you don't like it.

Автор Motherfu ckerjones ( назад)
haha kail muscle! love your references Luke

Автор EASTSIDERIDER707 ( назад)
CM Punk would take the Vitor Fight. He's that delusional and would draw an audience for Vitor in Rio.

Автор TheJasonaut ( назад)
I was cranky with the show last week and said so, I figure I owe a 'Nice Show' this week since I enjoyed it Props guys, much appreciated :)

Автор Curtis Turner ( назад)
why is Luke so contrarian?

Автор Andrew Lowrie ( назад)
In the description it says they discuss Dilon Danis but I didn't hear it, can anyone link a time stamp?

Автор Neil Jackson ( назад)
The dude in the orange shirt is such a deluded man for one so knowledgeable about the sport

Автор zabir ali ( назад)
'Vitor vs Anderson 2'.......'masvidal vs gastelum'......'Maia vs Woodley'......'wonderboy vs magney'......whoever wins in the masvidal/gastelum fight gets the title shot, whoever loses in the masvidal/gastelum fight gets the winner of wonderboy vs magney....and for the BIG fight 'ROBBIE VS CONDIT 2' ...that's how I would have set everything up for the next couple of months

Автор Vulcan ( назад)
conor is gong to knock mayweather out

Автор er4se1 ( назад)
hahaha ariel "you will be there..."

Автор Larry Fisher ( назад)
Who has Rodriguez beat? BJ Penn doesn't even count.- - Dana White has been planing McGregor vs Mayweather for months. That is why he made the interim title match. He knew that Conor would be out for a while pursuing the boxing match against Mayweather and the UFC would make BIG money off of that. I just find it hard to believe that a boxing commission will sanction this fight. The best boxer alive today against a man that has NEVER even stepped inside a boxing ring.

Автор Larry Fisher ( назад)
It's a lot easier to find the exit door when you have a steady income. That is one reason fighters come back. The other is the rush. The rush of standing in the octagon and having 16,000 people cheering your name.

Автор Archie Speake ( назад)
They have a masters tennis circuit which is quite entertaining they've still got all the skill they used to have it's just a slower game. I'm sure it'd work similarly with mma. Although I agree with Vitor on the longer rest between rounds unless you want to see dada vs kimbo 2

Автор Hugh Jass ( назад)
that was a really good episode

Автор bol317 ( назад)
Kali muscle LOL

Автор coecovideo ( назад)
START is at 1:11

Автор joe vdenne ( назад)
Show is better with three vs four guys. Like all four though. Maybe they can rotate them.

Автор capcomfan82 ( назад)
Lol the TrT era. All generations of all sports had and has their Peds.

Автор TfJedisuper ( назад)
vitor debuted in ufc 12, seems quite fitting to have him retire at 212

Автор BoycottARIELtheZiONIST ( назад)
More than an hour, is a bit to long
But Ariel is the best in what he is doing

Автор Danny ( назад)
Vitor is absolutely a HOF

Автор surrealstyler88 ( назад)
If you look closely, Luke's face looks like the Wu-Tang logo

Автор yesnomaybeso jones ( назад)
@01:28 debatable it is...

Автор Erricckk Romero ( назад)
if there is going to be a LEGENDS league everybody has to use trt or just straight juiced up

Автор c anon ( назад)
Jeff--- i erm i i think that er kelvin erm i think that that kelvin gastalum he err he does fight in in in mma.

Автор Mike C ( назад)
Please get rid of those coffee cups that no one drinks from.

Автор paladro ( назад)
fake bookshelf... lulz

Автор Sniper 11 N.D. ( назад)
Luke Thomas is funny.

Автор Oly Girl ( назад)

Автор Jack Holmes ( назад)
43:28 a secret moment of bromance.

Автор Don't be mad because I game on a 55 inch 4K ( назад)
I like watching this while taking a nice big fat poo

Автор Ren·ais·sance man ( назад)
Luke Thomas vs Cash me Outside Girl would be a more competitive fight than Floyd Vs Conner fight.

Автор nick sev1 ( назад)
well this is the way floyd can beat marcianos record without really beating it floyd is smart he dont want the mobb on his back

Автор rahowhero X ( назад)
why are Americans (and/or folk who live in usa) so into hall of fames?
this phenomenon seems limited to the usa , I cannot think of anywhere else - any sport or endeavour - that has one.

Автор MyTubeIsBetter20 ( назад)
Ariel is the most negative person in the world. This man can find a flaw in anything.

Автор im feelinggood ( назад)
mr reliable?? more like mr stutter or mr I'm struggling to put sentences together. this is a great show but get rid of this jeff, chuck is way better.

Автор Craig O'Donovan ( назад)
Romero vs jacare 2 only way to figure 85 out👌

Автор Duncan Baines ( назад)
I much prefer when there is a 1080p60 option

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