Newegg Black Friday Live Stream & $1000 in Giveaways! (2019)

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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X:
    ASRock RX 5700 XT Challenger:
    32GB G.Skill Ripjaws V Series DDR4:
    Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming:
    MSI RTX 2070 Super Armor:
    AMD Ryzen 7 2700:
    16GB G.Skill Aegis DDR4:
    Team Group GX2 512GB SSD:
    Team Group MS30 512GB M.2:
    PowerColor Red Dragon RX 5700 XT:
    AMD Ryzen 7 3800X:
    Intel Cor- [just kidding]
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Comments • 30

  • The Otherside
    The Otherside 3 months ago

    Trying to figure out if I won or not... 🤔

  • Martyn Day
    Martyn Day 3 months ago

    way to long =-/

  • Mr. IO
    Mr. IO 3 months ago

    Bru I want it , it's awesome😍😅😅

  • MD Hunter
    MD Hunter 3 months ago +1

    Hello dud , I am big fan from India ..
    You make a my dream PC I need this I have a gaming channel please give me a PC

  • Joshua Dastugue
    Joshua Dastugue 3 months ago


  • Jeffery Dahmer
    Jeffery Dahmer 4 months ago

    Wow, this channel became a lot more click bait oriented and cringe since I last watched when you released that mean comments video a few years ago.

  • The Yellow Cursor
    The Yellow Cursor 4 months ago

    Hey Greg, you resemble the guy who reviews cars... TheTopher also works behind WindingRoads.

  • Hemantha Datta
    Hemantha Datta 4 months ago


  • Lt Darkstar
    Lt Darkstar 4 months ago

    Giving away AMDs? I'll pass, thanks.

  • Hi have a nice day
    Hi have a nice day 4 months ago

    Lol the Intel joke in the description

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 months ago

    The 2600x for $120 wasn't bad.

  • That Guy Watches
    That Guy Watches 4 months ago

  • Hallison Michel
    Hallison Michel 4 months ago

    AMD 5700 for 299€? Is that good?

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 4 months ago


  • DarkPhoenix
    DarkPhoenix 4 months ago

    oof, just bought a 1600 on Ebay for $100.

  • J J
    J J 4 months ago

    Yeah buddy Australia down under👽

  • Ajr Alves
    Ajr Alves 4 months ago

    Wait, wasn't you channel called "Science Studio"? (Somethin' like that)

  • Harvey Hanaya
    Harvey Hanaya 4 months ago

    i Love the Build Greg Salazar! AWESOME job! and More Power to your channel, and i join hope i can win goodluck and advance congratulations to the winner 3hrs left.

  • Matthew Wolfe
    Matthew Wolfe 4 months ago

    Hate I missed this! I've been making a list of things to buy to put in the new case. :)

  • Explore Travel TV
    Explore Travel TV 4 months ago

    dang, I missed this as well. Just bought a gpu on Newegg too. I have lots more on my list.

  • Heaven
    Heaven 4 months ago

    Pls don't join the giveaway if you don't need it I really need it

  • Terrance Addison
    Terrance Addison 4 months ago

    Thanks for not using gleam for the giveaway and I appreciate these deals.

  • Wayner2ll
    Wayner2ll 4 months ago

    Just got a notification.

  • Dz NA5G
    Dz NA5G 4 months ago

    RIP intel

  • Tony O
    Tony O 4 months ago

    I missed this :(

  • D F
    D F 4 months ago

    I woke up like 20 minutes too late and the stream was over. I clicked the link and it says there's still like 9 hours left. I'm confused 😞

  • KingKracker
    KingKracker 4 months ago +1

    my 9700k rocks! but i bought it a yr ago. but still dose anything and every thing i need it 4

    • billy bob bob
      billy bob bob 3 months ago

      @KingKracker amd chips run super cool, alot cooler than intel because they;re chiplets spread out and lower manufacturing process intel are the hot/power hungry cpu's these days. my ryzen 2600 never gets over 60c with the stock air cooler unless im ramping up the voltage like hell trying to overclock it.

    • KingKracker
      KingKracker 3 months ago

      @billy bob bob oh i always asume OC lol u prolly right im sure. another reason i like intel, at 5g all 8 cores never goes over 70c. hottest i see it hit is 67c.on water ofcourse. hopefully AMD can catch up on the clock speed, and they will really give intel a run for their money. but till then intel will charge what ever they want, turn of HT an sell cpus cheaper. thats what pisses me off, same cpu, one just has HT off and is cheaper.just means they could sell the 9900k cheaper. anyways, i try to treat pcs like politics, dont take sides i just call it how i see it.

    • billy bob bob
      billy bob bob 4 months ago

      @KingKracker umm yes it would handle the 3950x fine i promise u, overclocking might worry but stock? nah run fine hell this dude ran 3900x on a super cheap lowest of the low a320 check it out on this channel.

    • KingKracker
      KingKracker 4 months ago

      @billy bob bob that board wouldnt hardly power 16 cores tho, get super hot. if i remember corectly the vrms arnt the best. but i havnt looked into the b450s so i could be wrong. most of the boards for 10 gen were shiter too. i made sure to get a board with really good vrms just incase i ever want to upgrade. lets just say i didnt like asrock, they are on the low end. i coulda got an asrock for cheap too.gigabyte had the best vrms, and vrms are the same on the cheaper boards as the master. i think thats what it was called, anyways over a yr u can hate all u want, but when i bought this, it out preformed ryzen alot, thats what i cared about, perfomance. i wasnt going for bang for buck. why get something lesser just to save 100$? my freind has a ryzen 2700x its kinda shit compared to my set up.if i had an extra 100$ id a got the time, NOTHING beat it! cant help what comes out a yr later! amd still dont have the per core clock speed. i like amd just fine, if i could get a thread ripper i would! lol almost strectch led to try an get one, but im glad i PC is pretty amazing. didnt cost to much, and i do have upgrade paths. weither u like it or not! and my board will power a 9900k NP. this pc will last me plenty of yrs, ill upgrade my gpu b4 i do anything. sry to say it would smash a 2600 lol probly smash a 3950x in most activities too. some rendering maybe not, but adobe uses intel differently than amd, and i use adobe

    • billy bob bob
      billy bob bob 4 months ago

      ​@KingKrackerim running a ryzen 2600 atm but my asrock b450m steel legend support ends with the successor to the 16 core 32 thread 3950x in 2020 man and my boards only 80 bucks think about that for a minute.That's the very reason i went ryzen far superior forward compatiblity.

  • dell1111111111
    dell1111111111 4 months ago

    thanks greg

    THE_DEAD_FURY ANGLE 4 months ago

    MSI gaming x 5700 is $345 and the same in XT version is $404. Woop Woop!

  • Wardan P
    Wardan P 4 months ago +1

    Amazing Greg Thank You it will fit great in my New Build! ;) great channel I been watching almost all your science , benchmarks and reviews of new hardware! Awwwsome!