Everything Wrong With Spider-Man: Homecoming

  • Опубликовано: 5 дек 2017
  • Spider-Man Homecoming was a nice surprise, capturing the spirit of the character as well or better than any previous film. We loved it. And so, of course, we were compelled to sin it.
    Thursday: Get your pitchforks ready as we go after a classic.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Комментарии • 16 555

  • Kissa Dunham
    Kissa Dunham Час назад

    7:07 "fakest backround" looll then you haven't seen very many films

  • Amelie Needle
    Amelie Needle 17 часов назад

    They didn’t have Ben in it or how he got bit because the story has been told twice before and what’s the point in just doing it again?

  • Brutally Honest
    Brutally Honest 18 часов назад

    “He should basically be ash at this point”
    Ouch 😑😂

  • ChikiPaw
    ChikiPaw День назад

    9:03 haha who doesn't

  • Exotic Blaster
    Exotic Blaster День назад

    *ill kill everyone you love*
    But I love your daughter..
    *smart ass*

  • Devin Kordsmeier
    Devin Kordsmeier День назад +1

    How can you not sin the scene where shocker dies and gets replaced by a random black guy i mean that should be 200 sins right there

  • Skylar Flame
    Skylar Flame День назад

    The movie is perfect
    You’re ass is jealous of all of the shit you talk

    • shane aguilar
      shane aguilar День назад

      The movie is not perfect obviously

  • Melissa Acosta
    Melissa Acosta День назад


  • Melissa Acosta
    Melissa Acosta День назад


    YOUR THE FATHER! День назад

    This is so stupid

  • Andrew Pitts
    Andrew Pitts 2 дня назад

    10:02 Ouch

  • Blaze Brannock
    Blaze Brannock 2 дня назад

    Didn't have insant kill mode in any suit when thanos came around

  • Jadesector !
    Jadesector ! 2 дня назад

    Pause at 7:16 LOL HER FACE

  • Jadesector !
    Jadesector ! 2 дня назад

    Spider-Man, Spider-Man,
    Does whatever a spider can,
    Everything is going dark,
    I don't feel so good Mr.Stark,
    Oh no,
    There goes the Spider-Man

  • Vera Geraghty
    Vera Geraghty 2 дня назад

    Hate this RUclipr you suck

  • Straight Jacket
    Straight Jacket 3 дня назад

    I think when the suit said “Kiss her”, it was a joke on Tobey Maguire.

    Pretty sure I spelled the WHOLE name wrong!!! 😂

  • Trish B
    Trish B 3 дня назад

    i clicked on this video because i'm mad

  • DubQc2 Production Inc
    DubQc2 Production Inc 3 дня назад

    Im a big marvel fan since my childhood but the new spiderman sucks nothing will change my mind I hate it .There is nothing like the original spider man , the story and everything.The stupid actor they choose is a lil 7 years old faggot wtf

  • CoconutSeagul 63
    CoconutSeagul 63 4 дня назад

    I have something which is ‘wrong’ about this movie, where the hell is Harry

  • Dude Genius
    Dude Genius 4 дня назад

    “Gotta admit. I’m not a big fan of the stark-spider suit. Spider-Man is cool because he’s smart enough to build his own”
    EXACTLY!! At least someone understands.

  • Rylan Reese
    Rylan Reese 4 дня назад

    Dates can change

  • kubrik5
    kubrik5 4 дня назад

    You suck. This movie is awesome.

  • Mister Justice
    Mister Justice 4 дня назад

    I hate fat people.

  • Nashi Pear
    Nashi Pear 4 дня назад

    Bias against the movie

  • that curly girl
    that curly girl 4 дня назад

    Honestly I would’ve taken off like five sins for the scene where Peter lifted himself out of the rubble, that was amazing.

  • Ella Adyson
    Ella Adyson 4 дня назад

    this video shouldn’t exist

  • Kevin Maguire
    Kevin Maguire 5 дней назад

    10:14 Peter's phone is cracked to look like webs because, get it? He's spiderman... No?

  • Max J
    Max J 5 дней назад

    Don't tell Harry. LOL that was awesome

  • Meow Dosenotcare
    Meow Dosenotcare 5 дней назад

    Your ducking telling me spider us 1 4. Na hes like at least 18 with that actor

  • Clubbedspoon 129
    Clubbedspoon 129 5 дней назад

    He said he should be complete ash by now I was like no that’s the next movie

    HOT STREAK 5 дней назад

    10:03 well

  • Gregory Gannon
    Gregory Gannon 6 дней назад

    I think everyone mentioned the Batman Begins quote when they heard Michael Keaton was going to play The Vulture.

  • Nick’s #1 Hater
    Nick’s #1 Hater 7 дней назад

    I f**king love the memes at the end.

  • Rittesh Rehnu
    Rittesh Rehnu 7 дней назад

    10:03 well you're not wrong

  • DaRealCheo
    DaRealCheo 7 дней назад

    this movie was dummy trash

  • Kemal Abi
    Kemal Abi 7 дней назад

    10:02 Thx now i have Flashbacks from the most statisfying scene i ever saw

  • Titan Soldier
    Titan Soldier 7 дней назад

    im watching the movie rn and when aunt may comes in after the disaster of the Turkey meatloaf how come she doesn't see the spiderman suit on the floor SIN

  • Ernie Vc
    Ernie Vc 8 дней назад

    Yeah, I feel the same about the MJ part ... By the way, what's up with Hollywood trying to force Zandaya on us? I can't stand it. -_-

  • Callum Taylor
    Callum Taylor 8 дней назад

    As anyone even noticed this: Shockers Black
    MJs Black
    Peters friend is black
    Flash is black and the girl he fancies is black like half of them shouldn’t even be black like is the director a black fetish?

  • SpookyZ Plays
    SpookyZ Plays 8 дней назад

    the new actor who plays peter looks so damn nice

  • D K
    D K 8 дней назад

    To all the comics nerds complaining in the comments: Please read the description of this video

  • Jake SkyParker
    Jake SkyParker 8 дней назад

    I'm not fond of the stark suit as well. My favourite is the homemade suit

  • Francisco Camacho
    Francisco Camacho 8 дней назад

    I feel like a lot of people don’t understand that spider sense warns him of immediate danger not if anyone else is in the room lol

  • M I S T E R G R A Y
    M I S T E R G R A Y 9 дней назад +8

    This is a fantastic Spider-Man movie. I agree with the sins for this movie, but holy hell... I appreciate this movie a lot. We really need Tom Holland and Tom Hardy in a crazy movie with Woody Harrelson.

  • Lily O
    Lily O 9 дней назад

    I love how at 7:57 you sin Peter for not calling Happy, when earlier in the film, you criticize Tony’s advice to call Happy if Peter sees weapons like that because Happy never answers his phone. If you’re gonna tack bullshit scenes onto a movie, be consistent with your damn sin criteria.

  • Alex Taylor
    Alex Taylor 9 дней назад


  • tagteam25
    tagteam25 10 дней назад +1

    You should of gave the car scene with the gun another sin because spider man has super strength and Peter loves Liz. So vulture would kill his own daughter?

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones 10 дней назад


  • Disabled_Doggo
    Disabled_Doggo 10 дней назад

    2:39 About 55 backpacks

  • Elmo President of Fiction
    Elmo President of Fiction 10 дней назад

    This movie is trash

  • Maniacal Mint
    Maniacal Mint 10 дней назад

    10:02 forshadowing

  • henry cai
    henry cai 10 дней назад

    you forgot a sin. "i'll kill you and everyone you love"

  • Jedison Ullon
    Jedison Ullon 10 дней назад

    3:03 he tried webbing nothing to see if he can swing around...spider man games cameo failed

  • SSJ Six Paths
    SSJ Six Paths 11 дней назад

    12 minutes

  • The Murray Six
    The Murray Six 11 дней назад

    We have since learnt, thanks to the Spider Man game, that the answer is 56 backpacks and counting.

  • Connor Smyth
    Connor Smyth 11 дней назад

    You’re gonna be s**t at the end of the movie on sin 82 that’s the arms by your side how are you doing your s**t

  • Peece Casual editor
    Peece Casual editor 12 дней назад

    Don't tell Harry

  • Vandana Kirve
    Vandana Kirve 12 дней назад

    Vulture: "I'll kill you, and everyone you love..."
    Peter: "I love your daughter. Good luck killing her."
    Vulture: "Oh Cr@p"

  • E Sinclair
    E Sinclair 12 дней назад

    CinemaSins knows there's an Iron-Spider suit outside of the MCU, right?
    And Spider-Trackers.
    No Jarvis though.
    Just reached 5:20 Sorry CimemaSins

  • Ryan Lesner
    Ryan Lesner 12 дней назад


  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez 12 дней назад +1

    At the end well maybe at end he said 15 year old kid but tony said 14 year old kid??huh

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez 12 дней назад +1

    6:50 tposs

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez 12 дней назад +1

    Its 2018 and its spider man ps4 with spider cop but the mcu did spider cop??n

  • Place original name here
    Place original name here 12 дней назад

    I couldn't tell you how hard everyone at the cinema laughed when Ned said he was watching porn

  • Donal O'Shea
    Donal O'Shea 13 дней назад

    Spider sense is for danger doesn't just allow you detect people in general

  • Alberto Zavala
    Alberto Zavala 13 дней назад

    11:00 I’m Batman! lol

  • Tyler Mcflyer
    Tyler Mcflyer 14 дней назад

    It would be awesome if Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man could be in the MCU

  • The Silver Scream
    The Silver Scream 14 дней назад

    Dude your'e so dumb

  • Annelisse Mendez
    Annelisse Mendez 14 дней назад

    There is nothing wrong with this movie because Tom Holland is in it. He is freakin majestic

  • BEATgaming FTW
    BEATgaming FTW 14 дней назад

    I love cinema sins but I could debunk\ tell him why those shouldn't be sins, sorry I'm a comic book nerd. It's just really annoying as of why he sinned those

  • The Lazy Editor 101
    The Lazy Editor 101 14 дней назад

    "Peter, don't tell Harry" the best meme ever

  • Wiseytt
    Wiseytt 15 дней назад

    Did they take off the 63rd and 70th sins? I heard the sound but didn’t see the number change

  • Draydin Bardon
    Draydin Bardon 15 дней назад

    How about noone said shit when the brown kids backpack had a bomb in it, that exppoded, inside the washington monument.

  • PizzaTime
    PizzaTime 15 дней назад

    7:45 its actually dumb. If he kills everyone who Peter loves, he'd kill his own daughter

  • Hesaam Sadeghi
    Hesaam Sadeghi 15 дней назад

    3:40 extra sin cus the moon has a face

  • Just Emma
    Just Emma 15 дней назад

    I love this movie :(

  • Adam AlHassam
    Adam AlHassam 15 дней назад

    Literally everything is wrong with this movie

  • Orion Wilson
    Orion Wilson 15 дней назад

    This is great

  • smol bean
    smol bean 15 дней назад

    WAIT WERE SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE 15 WTF I thought he was supposed a senior in highschool and even that was pushing it

  • WWE Universe
    WWE Universe 15 дней назад

    They made May look so young. In fact, she looks young enough to be his mom

  • jz35
    jz35 15 дней назад

    spidey sense is for sensing danger not best friends so take that sin back off please

  • Alston Harris
    Alston Harris 16 дней назад

    7:52 you didn't actually take a sin off so I'm sinning your sin video

  • Sushi_IsLife
    Sushi_IsLife 16 дней назад

    A reboot of a reboot of a reboot

  • Jiří Hladík
    Jiří Hladík 16 дней назад

    Just finished watching the film and there was Vaas from Far Cry 3 who was talking with vulture.

  • Lucas Holley
    Lucas Holley 16 дней назад

    tiny thruster bots.

  • justunnam3d
    justunnam3d 16 дней назад

    One sin you may have missed is when peter takes his suit off infront of ned, but aunt may does not see it or the hood on the floor when she comes in, but maybe thats just me

  • edygg2004
    edygg2004 16 дней назад +1

    Don't tell Harry!

  • McSpy 35
    McSpy 35 16 дней назад

    4 sins off

  • Hufflepuff Animation
    Hufflepuff Animation 16 дней назад

    So my dad hates super hero movies with the passion and somehow we got him to laugh at the fact of spidey being funny and the villain being Batman years ago lmao

  • Althric
    Althric 16 дней назад

    "he should just be ash at this point"

  • Michael Seidenzahl
    Michael Seidenzahl 16 дней назад

    "Spider-Man is fighting The Avengers"
    Yup that gave J J Jamison all the more reason to call this Web Crawler a Menace! *Slams Fist on table* GET HIM PICTURES!!!

  • whovirablock
    whovirablock 16 дней назад


  • Lucas
    Lucas 16 дней назад

    10:03 Well he is ash right now

  • M.L.G Minecrafter
    M.L.G Minecrafter 16 дней назад

    the spider sense is triggerred when peter is in danger or if the people around him are of any danger to him but since ned and may wouldnt hurt peter or spider man he wasnt in danger

  • Penny Chisholm
    Penny Chisholm 16 дней назад

    Fuck you all you do is ruin movies

  • David Spencer
    David Spencer 17 дней назад

    +1 for the fact that a dude with super strength and a high iq doesn't just hold toomes' arm against the carseat and call out for help

  • Jason Hayes
    Jason Hayes 17 дней назад

    I might be on my own here...but i really liked MJ's character in this, honestly! She was great, as were most of the characters.

  • Bacon Lover
    Bacon Lover 17 дней назад

    Every thing wrong with your channel

  • Blade Hunter
    Blade Hunter 17 дней назад

    Spiderman with no JJJ... SIN

  • Tom Griffiths
    Tom Griffiths 17 дней назад

    It’s a film mate