Worst uber driver ever


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  • Joseph Castillo
    Joseph Castillo 3 days ago

    Move arounds

  • The Independent Mind

    Hahahahaha he got out his own shit staring into the back lmfao

    DEEZYTOLDYA 5 days ago

    Nigga to damn funny

  • Jesus Died For You
    Jesus Died For You 5 days ago

    They need a lesson of respect, all that cussing, all that disrespect, pulling the knife on people. They need to be taught a lesson on how they can actually contribute to society. They think bring a gangster type person like that is cool, it's not. It's dumb. They need some Jesus, they need the holy spirit to abide in their heart. They need to accept Jesus Christ as their savior. If I came across someone like that, I'd give them I piece of my mind. I wouldn't be mean, but I'd tell them how it is. It makes me madder than a hornet to see people act like that. And the uber driver, what ever happened to good customer service? They need some serous help.

  • Lambsosa
    Lambsosa 13 days ago

    Nigga did the tadoe😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • The Farmer has Return With his Shotgun hkn

    Ight ugly ass dude in the back

  • The Farmer has Return With his Shotgun hkn

    This fat pleasure p
    Fat Paul Mooney with hair

  • Wize One
    Wize One 15 days ago +1

    I bet scenarios like this happen FOR real everyday in some city in the country.

  • Nate Saunders
    Nate Saunders 15 days ago

    Fat Pleasure P😂

  • Shearman TheWeeb
    Shearman TheWeeb 16 days ago


  • JpAir 205
    JpAir 205 18 days ago

    Move around 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tony B
    Tony B 19 days ago

    Uber Driver Looking Like a crackhead tiger woods!

  • Terminology!
    Terminology! 22 days ago

    "I was bout to tear your ass to molecules..." 😂😂😂

  • Cashy2k
    Cashy2k 22 days ago

    I really be just be rewatching

  • Moe Cutz
    Moe Cutz 24 days ago

    Move. Around move around lol 😂

  • El De Michoacan California

    If only the hood looked like this in southern cali... where is this?

  • armstrongdarius1
    armstrongdarius1 26 days ago

    He said , let me give em to ya!!!!

  • armstrongdarius1
    armstrongdarius1 26 days ago

    Aye man ... these fools HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! .... real tears ... needed that laugh GEEEES

  • Cult Music
    Cult Music 26 days ago +3

    Ion mess w/people wit jerry curl pony tails i know they serious 😭

  • Tyreque Patton
    Tyreque Patton 26 days ago


  • Vig Vong
    Vig Vong 29 days ago

    Should a had you in Friday instead of dae dae

  • P A V L E
    P A V L E 29 days ago

    This is how many times driver has turned around

  • jay liggs
    jay liggs Month ago


  • T C
    T C Month ago +1

    😆 yo dis dude is funny...he said put them chips dwn 😆 yo he look funny when he flip like dat

  • Aus10
    Aus10 Month ago

    Lmao when you hop out n get in front the van😂🤣😂

    MBB VEGA Month ago +2

    Put them mothafuckin chips down! let me give em to you 😭😭😂

  • oj thejuiceman
    oj thejuiceman Month ago

    Fat pleasure p ass nigga

  • faysal fefe
    faysal fefe Month ago +1

    2:30 "you ain't my guy i just dropped off" 😂😭😭

  • peter p
    peter p Month ago

    I thought drew Nicholas made good money playing pro basketball didn’t know he had to drive for uber after retiring.

  • LVSkinny
    LVSkinny Month ago

    Let me give em to you 😭😭

  • Autumn Wilson
    Autumn Wilson Month ago

    Jeri curl ponytail 😂😂😂😂

  • Autumn Wilson
    Autumn Wilson Month ago +1

    "creflo dollar looking n*gga" 😂😂

  • Sandbchilln fortwnty

    When you ain't the main protagonist in San Andreas

  • pete mugo
    pete mugo Month ago

    Credo dollar looking ass😂😂😂😂

  • YoungCity7616
    YoungCity7616 Month ago

    Shut up you the last customer 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mr. Wells
    Mr. Wells Month ago +1

    Jerry curl poney tails😂😂

  • Joshua Parker
    Joshua Parker Month ago

    Lol to funny

  • Jose Guardado
    Jose Guardado Month ago

    Big ass Nike boots 😂

  • Qu33zy Vision
    Qu33zy Vision Month ago


  • michael dean
    michael dean Month ago

    Anyone every wonder what these neighbors think as they doing these vids

  • michael dean
    michael dean Month ago

    "Bish" 😒

  • Petey B
    Petey B Month ago

    " Alright ugly ass Dude in the back!"

  • William Bowdridge
    William Bowdridge Month ago +1

    I’ve been binge watching these videos all night into this morning. You’re absolutely hilarious. I hope you’re making progress toward your dreams of making it big. I didn’t look at how many subscribers you had until just now because I just assumed you had close to a million based on the quality of your content alone. Every video I’ve watched has made me laugh out loud and rewind numerous times. You definitely made my day, especially when it’s difficult to find quality comedy content on RUclip these days. And you have plenty of videos I’m looking forward to viewing, but until then I have to go into work. Keep up the good work bro! Subscribed.

  • Alsn Haskins
    Alsn Haskins Month ago

    Fake... stupid... dumb...and a waste of my time

  • DreamDriver
    DreamDriver Month ago +1

    guys is this faked or real cuz i wanna come to america BOIS

    • DreamDriver
      DreamDriver Month ago

      Max Koster ON MY WAY

    • Max Koster
      Max Koster Month ago

      @DreamDriver yeah you know wtsup im already high man

    • DreamDriver
      DreamDriver Month ago +1

      @Max Koster give me 3 days brother i will be there

    • Max Koster
      Max Koster Month ago +1

      @DreamDriver Davis, California 95616 , Usa come brother i ve already rolled your joint👌

    • DreamDriver
      DreamDriver Month ago +1

      @Max Koster wow for real bro whats ur adress I COME BROTHER

  • Luis Saldarriaga
    Luis Saldarriaga Month ago

    I’m deadddddkiddd

  • Dan Ran
    Dan Ran Month ago

    Nigga I seen yo job on the internet... and yo I told u we gotta hit that lick on that acc then rob the nigga fo it

  • tookover11
    tookover11 Month ago

    Move around ofn

  • Jake Gutteridge
    Jake Gutteridge Month ago

    It's definitely acting

  • TT 4
    TT 4 Month ago

    “You want some of these Lul snacks they come with the Uber driver”
    “O yeaaa what uu got”
    *takes the chips*
    “Nigga put dem Gotdamn chips back lemme give em to yaa”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Purpose Purpose
    Purpose Purpose Month ago

    Man this guy is so underrated

  • Marcus Brown
    Marcus Brown Month ago

    That's how we rockin!!!

  • Christian Bass
    Christian Bass Month ago

    Set up much

  • they live
    they live Month ago

    "why u taking this gerbil-looking ass" LOL hahahaha

  • Dodge Check'em
    Dodge Check'em Month ago

    "Move around."

  • 42luke roblox
    42luke roblox Month ago +1

    Best minivan ever

  • Mershad Se
    Mershad Se Month ago +1

    I love how he barely looks out the front window when he's driving

  • Angela Jones
    Angela Jones Month ago

    The best video yet move around

  • Timothy Mack
    Timothy Mack Month ago

    Bro got the Baltimore bullets hat on 😂 I haven’t seen one of those in years