Hollow Knight: Silksong Reveal Trailer

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • Explore a vast, haunted kingdom in Hollow Knight: Silksong, the sequel to the award winning action-adventure! Discover enchanting secrets and face foes in lethal, acrobatic combat as you ascend to the peak of a land ruled by silk and song.
    Hollow Knight: Silksong is the epic sequel to Hollow Knight, the epic action-adventure of bugs and heroes. As the lethal hunter Hornet, journey to all-new lands, discover new powers, battle vast hordes of bugs and beasts and uncover ancient secrets tied to your nature and your past.
    Hollow Knight: Silksong will be launching on Windows, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch.
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  • Simon Albornoz
    Simon Albornoz Hour ago

    New game of the year confirmed

  • Wolf Flip
    Wolf Flip 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this is kinda hard then Hollow knight?

  • Matheus França
    Matheus França 10 hours ago

    Why no have for PS4?? Wtf

  • GonzaloN
    GonzaloN 13 hours ago

    Hollow Knight -SilkSong-

  • Hunter Wolf
    Hunter Wolf Day ago +1

    Hey there insignificant comment no. 9403 here, I just started playing hollow knight again And holy shit the amount of surprises and cool shit I have found and discovered on my own even after watching hours worth of gameplay. The only reason I stoppedp laying the first time was because I knew about Hornets fight and was could not figure out how to get to it... and I couldn't even figure it out with proper maps and such on the internet, so I gave up for a while. I came back and figured it out on my own within the first half hour of just figuring out the game again, and from there I have progressed so far and fought so many bosses, found so many secrets and stuff and the whole time I have been astounded and astonished by this world you have created, you have made me feel really good about things I did in game, and really really bad... like take a minute to just reflect on my actions bad about things I have done, so fair my favourite fight moment in the game has been fighting grimm the first time because of the little thing were he bows to you since this is a "dance" and I pretty much always "bow" back by looking down... something meaningless and stupid but still so cool to me, and once I was just rushing absently and started wailing on him as soon as I was given freedom and he went batshit on me and I died within seconds... and it took me a minute to realise what the actual fuck just happened... and then when I came back and realised I hit him while he was bowing I was just hit with another wow they thought of that moment. So far my favourite charm is the Grimm Child... since I just adore pets... I want to pat it... please let me. I am currently aiming to make it as good as I can before I really try and move forwards with the rest of the game because I like it that much.
    More props to you goes to the movement as well, every new movement ability I get feels natural and I quickly have a natural feel on it as if I always had this ability... the fact you made it feel that good to move in the first game is mind blowing, and this new game based on Hornet looks like it is going to be so much better in terms of movement, and I cannot wait for the release. Every little detail in this game even if I miss a lot of them are so beautiful, the fact you actually hold a map when you are looking at the map, your light retreating under your coat, Grimm Child sleeping when you rest on a bench, you waking up on the bench if you die, so on so on, it is a beautiful game and I am growing to treasure it more and more, besides all that I think you gave us like 4 free major DLC's and that alone puts you so high on my Dev list... I am not being hyperbolic when I say you are my favourite Developers at the moment
    I guess I just want to say, thank you for the amazing experience you have given me with this game, and the amazing things I have yet to uncover within it, and I so look forward to this next release and hope that it does everything just as well as this game if not better, enjoy your day.
    P.S. My favourite area is the city of tears because I enjoy the rain on the glass.

    • Carlos Raventós Prieto
      Carlos Raventós Prieto 9 hours ago

      hey! just one thing: the second time i played hollow knight i didnt use the charms that give you more scope (google translator...) and the third time i didnt use any charm. thats a way of doing it harder but not as hard as the steel soul mode.
      cheers from spain

    • JJ546 The Great x2
      JJ546 The Great x2 21 hour ago

      Do you guys that like the city of tears just like being sad or something 😂 (lol, just joking but like the city of tears just gives off a lot of sad vibes)

    • Hunter Wolf
      Hunter Wolf Day ago

      Just watching the trailer over and over I am noticing how lively the game looks, a massive contrast from the dead ruins of Hollow Knight, Silksong looks like it is going to have an entirely unique atmosphere, which scares me as much as it excites me, I am kind of subconsciously comparing it to Halo three.... no no wait hear me out. So you have Halo 3 Badass fast paced chaos right, and then you have ODST which is the solemn experience of being a lone soldier wandering through the ruins of a massive city and fighting whatever is left behind... You feeling my dumbass thought process here? It will be two completely different experiences, and I don't doubt that Silksong and the original are going to be very similar I just think the mood is going to be so different that it will cause such vastly different emotions from just existing in the world... and I hope they nail Silksong just as well as they nailed Hollow Knight... and I cannot, repeat, cannot wait to immerse myself completely blind into Silksong... you have my trust TC, this is one of few games I have set for day one purchase.

  • evilpellu
    evilpellu Day ago

    Plot prediction :After having shouted GIT GUD one too many times, Hornet found herself bound in threads and cast someplace/sometimes(?) else by the universe itself.

  • boo
    boo 2 days ago

    git gud.

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man 2 days ago

    I'll gladly pay 60 bucks for this.

  • Lunar_Eclipse 809
    Lunar_Eclipse 809 2 days ago +1


  • 460p2
    460p2 2 days ago

    Owww man, I am crying...

  • 460p2
    460p2 2 days ago

    I can`t wait...

  • Yona
    Yona 2 days ago

    Instant buy on the switch

  • Lance The Android KittenTM

    are the games free? the world made me interested

    • GianTacc
      GianTacc 2 days ago

      Hollow Knight is not free but 15€ is absolutely worth it considering how amazing the game is.
      The sequel showed in this trailer will be paid as well

  • Volan Cyber
    Volan Cyber 3 days ago +1

    Hey... are y’all gonna be at E3?

  • Sophia
    Sophia 3 days ago

    It look about time for game theory to overanalyze a new thing

  • Олень Из Будущего

    That's cool that's cool that's cool That's cool that's cool that's cool That's cool that's cool that's coolThat's cool that's cool that's cool That's cool that's cool that's cool That's cool that's cool that's cool

  • JJ546 The Great x2
    JJ546 The Great x2 3 days ago +1

    I like how there's always been someone commenting on this video everyday for the past 3 months since this trailer came out. The hype is real.

    • JJ546 The Great x2
      JJ546 The Great x2 21 hour ago

      +ASquared lol, yeah. I've seen you a lot

    • ASquared
      ASquared 23 hours ago +1

      I swear, I've made about 10 different comments on this video since it came out

  • Ely
    Ely 3 days ago +1

    0:32 "O-nee-san"

  • B. Aziz
    B. Aziz 3 days ago

    The awesomeness of this trailor will kill me

  • yuvalheadshot gabay
    yuvalheadshot gabay 3 days ago +1

    They should make the main character as the hollow knight him self in hollow knight 3

  • Fahrettin Uğur Altun

    It is coming boisss. Pogchamp!

  • Terra Misteriosa
    Terra Misteriosa 4 days ago +1

    Aguardando ansiosamente!!

  • Nix Lancon
    Nix Lancon 4 days ago

    Verifie the game plz in 2019

  • Draconocor
    Draconocor 4 days ago


  • Jel Nanakase
    Jel Nanakase 5 days ago

  • Gregory Sawyer
    Gregory Sawyer 5 days ago +1

    Will there be an option to shut her up?

  • Amurma Wraith
    Amurma Wraith 5 days ago

    I've owned Hollow knight for.. three days now? (Thank you Nintendo sales!!)
    I love it, and hate it at the same time!
    Brilliant game that's brought out a form of enjoyment I haven't had in a long time with games.
    So freaking hyped for Silksong already!
    (I may have been stuck on hornet 1 a lot longer than most other bosses so far.. Soul Tyrant scary man!)
    Regardless of if they see it or not..
    Great job Team Cherry! Loving your work so far!
    -A newly faithful scrub-knight.

    • ASquared
      ASquared 23 hours ago

      It's helpful to have Dashmaster and Sprintmaster equipped for Soul Tyrant, allows you to move quickly during the fight and make it easier to avoid most attacks.

    • Jacob M.
      Jacob M. 4 days ago

      Just wait till you get to absrad.

    • JJ546 The Great x2
      JJ546 The Great x2 5 days ago

      +Amurma Wraith lol, I can admit that the pain was my own fault though, I fought him, under prepared until I beat him, which was like 3-5 hours of me losing

    • Amurma Wraith
      Amurma Wraith 5 days ago

      +JJ546 The Great x2 Oh man, cant wait for whenever I eventually go give him a proper go lol

  • SF430
    SF430 5 days ago

    Giving me so much Specter Knight vibes for some reason.

  • Marcoss GD
    Marcoss GD 5 days ago

    Soooo where is it?, don't make us wait for so long pls

  • Pokemon Master Of The Year

    Shut up and take my geo

  • Sleepy Birb
    Sleepy Birb 6 days ago +1

    Team cherry: we gonna make a DLC
    Also team cherry: HA HA We lied. It's a full game.

  • mustangtech331
    mustangtech331 6 days ago

    So excited

  • zajver sk
    zajver sk 6 days ago

    Its Like official sequel or not

    • Jacob M.
      Jacob M. 4 days ago

      I think it's a sequel but I might be wrong.

    • JJ546 The Great x2
      JJ546 The Great x2 6 days ago

      People are still speculating if it's a sequel or prequel, but team cherry says it's a sequel

  • Joel Orellana
    Joel Orellana 6 days ago


  • Airua
    Airua 7 days ago +1

    getting a switch next week, this will definitely be a game I buy when it comes out

  • Archdruid Bookwalter
    Archdruid Bookwalter 7 days ago +2

    0:47 what's awesome is that he's actually saying his name. "Trobbio!"

  • Arwen Hasanian
    Arwen Hasanian 7 days ago

    i can't do that either :(

  • Squeker on drugs
    Squeker on drugs 7 days ago

    NO epic store plz

  • SimpleSimplton
    SimpleSimplton 8 days ago +1

    My body is ready.

  • MaTTheWW
    MaTTheWW 8 days ago


  • David Yoon
    David Yoon 8 days ago

    Take my money and give that to me

  • Max
    Max 8 days ago +8

    Fans: "You guys are making this just a DLC, right?"
    Team Cherry: "Well yes but actually no"

  • Bahnsbh
    Bahnsbh 8 days ago +1

    damn the platforming for this game is going to be f**king I N T E N S E

    • Jacob M.
      Jacob M. 4 days ago

      The White Palace/Path of Pain 2

  • Ktfinns t
    Ktfinns t 9 days ago

    Child of light vibes

  • Fluffy's shitposts
    Fluffy's shitposts 9 days ago

    0:33 *yeet*

  • ASquared
    ASquared 9 days ago +2

    I just want to point out how good the voices are in this game, and how they all seems super in character and diverse... and then I want to remind you that all the voices were done by 4 guys and some of their friends and family who most likely have zero voice acting experience, with a few hired voice actors here and there.

    • JJ546 The Great x2
      JJ546 The Great x2 7 days ago

      I mean it ain't hard to make a few goofy sounding noises, which I whole heartedly appreciate still

  • Oliver Jones
    Oliver Jones 9 days ago

    this looks AMAZING

  • Zwuey
    Zwuey 9 days ago


  • Dante Samora
    Dante Samora 9 days ago

    i will buy this even if its 1000 dollars

  • ASquared
    ASquared 9 days ago +5

    I cannot stop watching this trailer. E3 cannot come soon enough.

    • Jacob M.
      Jacob M. 4 days ago

      Honestly though, this blew my mind a hundred times over.

  • Jack Person
    Jack Person 9 days ago


  • Leonard Wong
    Leonard Wong 10 days ago

    i got 100% achievement and i also pre order the physical game

  • Leonard Wong
    Leonard Wong 10 days ago +6

    guys we're playing as Hornet

  • Adrian
    Adrian 10 days ago +1

    Please release on ps4

  • Ashton Lurk
    Ashton Lurk 10 days ago

    Iam so hyped please give us an update

  • Renarty
    Renarty 10 days ago

    Is there any way to buy this soundtrack? I fall in love with it, like, in 100%. Re-watching trailer again and again just to hear it once more.

  • Davide P.
    Davide P. 10 days ago

    Amazing! I hope that the Dung Defender appears in this game too. He is such an awesome character!!! PLEASE TEAM CHERRY!!! We want Ogrim! DOMA DOMA!!

  • This Gen Last Gen
    This Gen Last Gen 10 days ago

    I really hope this launches with a physical version for the Switch. I'm sure it's going to be excellent, but I really don't want to end up buying it three times like Hollow Knight lol

    • Jacob M.
      Jacob M. 4 days ago

      +This Gen Last Gen True lol

    • This Gen Last Gen
      This Gen Last Gen 4 days ago

      +Jacob M. That's true but it's just weird to buy it on cart when there'd be no reason to even put it in my Switch because it's already on there digitally. At least buying it on PS4 got me trophies lol

    • Jacob M.
      Jacob M. 4 days ago

      I'd buy it 5 times if it costs the same as hollow knight. It honestly felt illegal to have hollow knight be $15.

    • JJ546 The Great x2
      JJ546 The Great x2 9 days ago


  • Davide Calò
    Davide Calò 10 days ago +1

    No PS4?

  • kiwi boyd
    kiwi boyd 10 days ago +1

    Guys make this more than 15 dollars please

  • Hollow Blade
    Hollow Blade 10 days ago

    Voy a llorar

  • Miaka Studio
    Miaka Studio 11 days ago

    oh yeah😍

  • 롤이나 해라닥치고

    Btw is there going to be something like pRiMaL aSpIdS?

    • Jacob M.
      Jacob M. 4 days ago

      +롤이나 해라닥치고 I can agree with that lol

    • 롤이나 해라닥치고
      롤이나 해라닥치고 4 days ago

      Jacob M. O sry I spelled it wrong, i ment pRiMaL aSspIsS

    • Jacob M.
      Jacob M. 4 days ago

      Oh God no.(has flashbacks)

  • Art IS Magic
    Art IS Magic 11 days ago

    Sounds like the vordt theme from dark souls

  • stefano Recensioni
    stefano Recensioni 11 days ago

    I love this team

  • Watagree
    Watagree 11 days ago +3

    I Cannot wait any longer for this game. But i want them to ALSO take Their time to make it as perfect as possible. Im so exited for Hollow knight :Silksong. And Ori and the Will of the whisps

  • آو جي
    آو جي 11 days ago +1

    So are we gonna get it on ps4 or not 💔

    • Adrian
      Adrian 10 days ago

      No for the moment

  • ASquared
    ASquared 11 days ago +7

    You know, it looks like the enemies are divided into different types in this game. You have the Greener enemies, which consist of plant creatures and snail/slug like citizens, the Forest of Bones creatures, which consist of ants and creatures with giant exoskeletons, the more mechanical creatures, which live in those giant metal clocktower/workshop places, who have metallic armor of some sort, like bells on their heads or metal plating, then you have the cultists, who always have those sack things over their heads.




    looks great tho im hella looking forward to playing this

  • Rainbow z
    Rainbow z 12 days ago


  • michael beltran
    michael beltran 12 days ago

    Is this a dlc???

  • AzeWestron
    AzeWestron 12 days ago

    Lütfen türkçe dil desteği gelsin LÜTFEN

  • Tan Jerric
    Tan Jerric 12 days ago

    Miss U so MUCH!!!

  • King Invizeron
    King Invizeron 12 days ago +1

    Wait why is it not launching on PS4

    • King Invizeron
      King Invizeron 11 days ago

      +Robert Nekita Yeah I know it'll probably be at a later date. But I don't get how switch gets it right away but not Xbox or PS4

    • Robert Nekita
      Robert Nekita 11 days ago

      King Invizeron probably going to launch at a later date

  • Olger Garcia
    Olger Garcia 13 days ago +1

    Is it going to be release for Nintendo Switch??

  • Sussidiario Magico
    Sussidiario Magico 13 days ago

  • maxime therrien
    maxime therrien 13 days ago

    plot twist: the vessel will be the final boss

  • SainFX
    SainFX 13 days ago +1


  • CraftMyDream
    CraftMyDream 13 days ago +1


  • Frost Bite
    Frost Bite 13 days ago +2

    Am I allowed to pay more than this game costs because it's totally worth every penny.

  • KRATOS Sas
    KRATOS Sas 14 days ago +1

    Oh yeeeeeesh i am so not ready for path of pain 2

  • Adam Seneca
    Adam Seneca 14 days ago +1


    • ASquared
      ASquared 11 days ago

      Fiscal year of 2019. That's all we know.

  • Adam Seneca
    Adam Seneca 14 days ago +1

    Okay, Hollow Knight is the hardest game I've played but then still haven't given up on. Hard af. I'm still flabbergasted. That being said, I'm definitely buying this. Holy smokes. I'd pay $60

    • Adam Seneca
      Adam Seneca 11 days ago

      +ASquared are you a dev?

    • ASquared
      ASquared 11 days ago

      Sorry to disappoint you, but you'll have to pay less than $60

    NANO HUNTER Ff 14 days ago

    Hype. I gotta go finish the 1st Hollow Knight real quick

  • lUiGiFRmRb
    lUiGiFRmRb 15 days ago

    Played hollow knight recently and absolutely fucking loved it!!! And yes patiently waiting for this game to come out!!!! Keep up the great work Team cherry!!!

  • 로아
    로아 15 days ago +2

    Please no more primal aspids

  • Limbo Gene
    Limbo Gene 16 days ago +2

    0:32 Hornet speaks Chinese? ("Er, Yi, San!" is 2-1-3 in English respectively)

  • Guilherme Itala
    Guilherme Itala 16 days ago +1

    Tem nenhum br nessa porra?

  • Fornax
    Fornax 16 days ago

    Wait... First Hollow knight was like dark souls... And now we have a hollow knight sequel with more dynamic gameplay with a protagonist that has a personality... Hmmm, and HK sequel has a ":" in it's name... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, HK was like DS and HKSL is like Sekiro: Shadows die twice???

  • ?
    ? 16 days ago +2

    PC and Nintendo switch

    Where's my nigwards Xbox one and ps4?.

  • Vinh Phan
    Vinh Phan 16 days ago

    Can't wait !!!

  • katie georgou-ely
    katie georgou-ely 17 days ago

    Someones hollow knight SilkSong Fanfiction better say that Zote and Hornet have babies because otherwise this game is worthlesa

  • katie georgou-ely
    katie georgou-ely 17 days ago

    *Not today old friend*

  • SSBM4life
    SSBM4life 17 days ago +1

    When damn you...WHEN?

    • ASquared
      ASquared 11 days ago

      Fiscal year of 2019, that's all we know

  • Accelerator
    Accelerator 17 days ago

    i just hope you guys never join epic, i need this on steam i can buy it a couple of times for me and me friends

  • heisenberg1088
    heisenberg1088 17 days ago

    will the knight be returning in this game?

  • Ness
    Ness 17 days ago +3

    Lemme in...

  • Hamsterifically Ivan
    Hamsterifically Ivan 17 days ago +1

    1:32 hey that tool looks familiar... *flashbacks the second Hornet fight which happened on the same day*

  • Nícolas Francisqueto
    Nícolas Francisqueto 17 days ago +1

    What about the PS4? Never?

    • ASquared
      ASquared 11 days ago

      Eventually, but not at launch

  • Jesse S
    Jesse S 17 days ago

    This AND Ori and the will of the wisps, i don't know what i'm more excited for!