I Killed 36 People

  • Published on Aug 4, 2018
  • Cartel hitman Jose Martinez tells us how he grew up to become one of the most prolific killers in U.S. history.
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  • Joseph Morales
    Joseph Morales 3 hours ago

    More videos like this please true crime is awesome

  • Asia Alcala
    Asia Alcala 3 hours ago

    the “ok” comments are sendingggg me 💀💀💀💀

  • Safri Ramle
    Safri Ramle 7 hours ago

    Is this interview a new series? If it's not it should be.

  • Jacky Star
    Jacky Star 10 hours ago

    I feel like the interview could have been better. Not sure how much time they were allowed to be woth him but I still feel that there could have been more substance to it.

  • Abel Delgado
    Abel Delgado 11 hours ago

    This is one of the most half-assed videos I've seen. You just edited someone elses work and threw in a few words.

  • Mariel Galvan
    Mariel Galvan 12 hours ago

    I know he is a horrid person for killing, but you can’t help liking his big in some type of way childish heart

  • Lance Bernier
    Lance Bernier 16 hours ago

    No sympathy.

  • itznot_Sara
    itznot_Sara 17 hours ago

    This dude really killed someone for parking in his driveway.

  • Rai Rai
    Rai Rai 17 hours ago

    He’s like thanos

  • Jen
    Jen 20 hours ago

    The teeth clacking is like asmr to me lmao

  • Trigged ***
    Trigged *** 21 hour ago

    He’s a good person don’t hate him and

  • Ur Mummy
    Ur Mummy Day ago +2

    I might sound evil or crazy but I enjoy this man

  • alice marquez
    alice marquez Day ago

    6:31 ..😭🤦🏻‍♀️

  • alice marquez
    alice marquez Day ago

    the comments are the only interesting thing about this video

  • alice marquez
    alice marquez Day ago

    okay but y’all ready for shane dawson video this week

  • Mixi Pixie
    Mixi Pixie Day ago +4

    sure. post a hispanic, its not like everyone thinks we're bad people already . yikes ;/

    • ηia
      ηia 15 hours ago

      Are you just def and blind or... What? He specifically killed people, it doesn't matter if he's Hispanic or not, a person that killed 36 people with his mindset would've probably been posted. Stop reaching.

  • Giovi Londos
    Giovi Londos Day ago +1

    sad,just sad they should make a movie about him tho because he wasn't just a psycho he's sister got killed he got revenge and it just went on

  • tuan Vladimir
    tuan Vladimir Day ago

    Isnt it crazy how most of these cold blooded murderers have a soft spot for their families but fail to put themselves in that situation and realise that the people they kill also had a family 🤔

    Not saying what he did was ok but did anyone catch that part in the end were he said when he is disrespected he felt like he was being made fun of? Earlier he said he went home crying because kids at his school made fun of him. I think his child hood scarred him so that when he later became a killer if he was disrespected it was easier

    What's surprising is how this guy has some semi decent aspects about him such as how he cares for his family and how he felt empathy for the mother of the guy he killed. It is so unfortunate that he was a contract killer cause otherwise he could've been a good guy.

  • Kei Chan senpai
    Kei Chan senpai Day ago


    RUclip and buzzfeed : I killed 36 people

  • joel .s
    joel .s Day ago

    I respect this man idk why

  • chicken nugget sauce

    Video about a person who has murdered 36 people:
    *casually shows up close picture of guacamole*

  • Jennifer Jimenez

    cigarette butt ... i laughed

  • Jennifer Jimenez

    cigarette butt ... i laughed

  • Jeff Killer
    Jeff Killer Day ago

    This guy is funny

  • Tamar Caspi
    Tamar Caspi Day ago

    this when you realize life is crazy man death is everywhere

  • secretly depressed

    welcome back to another episode of “what the hell is in my recommended and why am i watching it?”

  • platinum mexican

    Asmr at 1:45

  • SweetPanda Sucks At Art

    *tooth clicks* Okay?

  • Ashley Rivera
    Ashley Rivera Day ago

    The way he said “you lying” 💀

  • Emma Beinlich
    Emma Beinlich Day ago

    When my teacher asks me to explain my response 10:23

  • Samar Mahboub
    Samar Mahboub Day ago

    2:14 that’s Chuck E. Cheese bro

  • gertrude edwards

    no one:
    his teeth: 🦷⏬🦷

  • Janelle Gonzalez

    He need some MILK for those teeth , “ok”

  • rasha mohammed
    rasha mohammed Day ago

    It's strange that he became a killer because someone murdered his sister, yet he murders people for money not thinking that a relative or a loved one of the victim might get stuck in the murder loop like he was. Then everyone becomes a murderer. This is why kids should be taught how to be nice to foreigners and everyone. You never know what will happen.

  • Frankie K
    Frankie K Day ago

    The sound of him constantly knocking his teeth together freaks me out

  • Alexandra Magirescu

    Periodontitis has entered the chat

  • Bobby
    Bobby Day ago +2

    I mean, at least he made people happy

  • Theory Mafia
    Theory Mafia 2 days ago +1

    Any of y'all who feel bad for this murderer, your insane. I don't care if he is taken away from his family, he took a lot of other people away from their family. Who are y'all to think differently

  • Kate Jane
    Kate Jane 2 days ago

    Why was he moving so much

  • Lillieauna Allen
    Lillieauna Allen 2 days ago

    Wtf “I threw his body in the oranges 🍊” he laughs 🤣 that’s fucked

  • FBI
    FBI 2 days ago

    My role model, OK!

  • Landon Hall
    Landon Hall 2 days ago +2

    It sounds like he’s chewing on ice the whole interview

  • Yeeimy Velasquez
    Yeeimy Velasquez 2 days ago

    No mames, como mastica este guey

  • warped muse
    warped muse 2 days ago +5

    "I don't listen to anybody except my mother." Dude, look where it's gotten you to.

  • Life with Ami
    Life with Ami 2 days ago

    A killer with a feeling 😮 it’s like a damn movie 🎥

  • Bethany Prahst
    Bethany Prahst 2 days ago

    The detective looks like Lin Manuel Miranda

  • Vanessa Sanchez
    Vanessa Sanchez 2 days ago

    I’m waiting for another cool documentary like this

  • Snndnj dnndnd
    Snndnj dnndnd 2 days ago

    he’s funny

  • chisauki
    chisauki 2 days ago

    this guy seems like he would have turned out like a good person if he wasn’t introduced to drugs and violence at such a young age. it’s a shame.

  • Hannah Hlavacek
    Hannah Hlavacek 2 days ago

    The Mexican Dexter

  • Jonah Smith
    Jonah Smith 2 days ago

    His stature is so comforting yet unsettling at the same time

  • You're fired!
    You're fired! 2 days ago

    It sounds like they put his tooth clicking sound in the background cause it doesn't much his mouth at all.

  • Ruisu-214
    Ruisu-214 3 days ago +2

    I like that he speaks the truth.

  • Sneaker Head
    Sneaker Head 3 days ago

    Take a shot every time he says OK?

  • Nani Kore
    Nani Kore 3 days ago +31

    Hm, he is surprisingly the most honest killer I've ever seen in an interview.

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 3 days ago +1


  • Artsy Charles
    Artsy Charles 3 days ago

    “Nnkee” he is terrifying but this is funny

  • kassidy adamson
    kassidy adamson 3 days ago

    Does he have dentures ??? No hate just wondering :/

  • Sam Shane
    Sam Shane 3 days ago

    had to mute and go off subtitles. the teeth clicking had me almost tearing my skin off.

  • nhi_ nhi
    nhi_ nhi 3 days ago +1

    I like this guy

  • Julia Nasato
    Julia Nasato 3 days ago

    the teeth clicking thing ruined this vid. I can't even finish the video!

  • nba bigboy
    nba bigboy 3 days ago

    Ever heard of Ted Bundy's? Yea he killed more then 50 people kiddo

  • Ellie Maclean
    Ellie Maclean 3 days ago +5

    I can’t focus on what he Is saying cause his teeth keep click clacking

  • kellen menkveld
    kellen menkveld 3 days ago +1

    honestly, I don't blame the guy for the murders

  • dianne jayme
    dianne jayme 4 days ago

    Man, the tooth clicking is creepy. But a sweet grandpa

  • weelee 29
    weelee 29 4 days ago

    What a title

  • peach.creme
    peach.creme 4 days ago

    *shane to annabelle*

  • Georgiana Gamali
    Georgiana Gamali 4 days ago

    i wonder what has become of his family, OK?

  • Brian Estrada
    Brian Estrada 4 days ago


  • TheMilkshakeMan
    TheMilkshakeMan 4 days ago +1

    I feel a bit bad for him, then I remember he killed 36 people. Still feel a bit of pity i guess?