Everything Wrong With Hereditary In 13 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
  • Hereditary is freaky, creepy, original, and features some great performances. But it still has sins!
    There was a slightly different version of this sins video that was apparently too gross or graphic or something, so we made some tweaks. But if you want to see that mostly-the-same original version, you can do so here: ruclip.com/video/CNtZ-EY9e2E/video.html
    Next week: punching sins and adventure/fantasy sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Comments • 4 843

  • Frans Kunmaryoso
    Frans Kunmaryoso 27 minutes ago

    They are not sins. You are wrong

  • Chelsea Kirk
    Chelsea Kirk 9 hours ago

    Legit I’m so happy you did this because I didn’t understand this movie at all lmfao. 🤣😅 I didn’t understand why everyone liked it so much. I hated it. Thank you for sinning it!

  • Matthew Volb
    Matthew Volb 11 hours ago

    This movie was great.

  • Matthew
    Matthew 20 hours ago

    This was a great movie, but the ending after Peter gets possessed is so anti-climatic and boring and I don't feel like it adds anything. If there is an alternate ending it could be an amazing move.

  • UnholyPetrova
    UnholyPetrova Day ago

    "ah aunt lydia" i choked lmao

  • aeonjoey
    aeonjoey Day ago

    AHH! Aunt Lydia! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • kayla casillas
    kayla casillas Day ago +1

    pretty sure the open cemetey spot is supposed to be ellen’s dug-up grave

  • holidajva
    holidajva 2 days ago +1

    Feels like you didnt get the movie entirely

  • Willard Herman
    Willard Herman 3 days ago

    thoughtless shit shitting on shit

  • Willard Herman
    Willard Herman 3 days ago

    this suck suck

  • Devin Depoy
    Devin Depoy 3 days ago +1

    0:55 You gave a sin because a scene in a horror movie was actually scary? Did you forget what you’re doing?

    • F ormula
      F ormula Day ago

      What the actual fuck??

  • Bobby Priyana
    Bobby Priyana 3 days ago

    You're making this video as an entertainment, I suppose. And I'm glad. I watched this right after I finished with the movie, and it kind of lifted some of the horrors I've been through. So, thank you.
    And your laugh is charming.

  • Eli Deutsch
    Eli Deutsch 5 days ago +1

    Do these idiots even understand what they watch

  • Preston Salomon
    Preston Salomon 6 days ago

    My favorite movie!

  • Billposter
    Billposter 6 days ago

    I laughed my ass of at ' of course, who can blame boner for getting a Peter in class and not paying attention?' 😳😂😂😂

  • Lekok
    Lekok 7 days ago

    I think the reason they knew about the party was because of the grandmother, I dont know how but since spirits and magic are a thing in this movie, it could be possible that they use the mothers body to tell or spy on them which gives the cult time to plan out how they'll do certain things. They have a king of hell on their side, I dont think most of the sins here were well deserved. This movie was perfect to me

  • Jamee Lynn
    Jamee Lynn 7 days ago

    Hereditary was so stupid!

  • Alejandro Jurado
    Alejandro Jurado 7 days ago

    ARGH...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS MOVIE SUCKS

  • Mckenna Estes
    Mckenna Estes 7 days ago


  • Bellatrix Black / Emma Frost

    Dude was mixing it up. Peter is the son and Charlie is the daughter

  • N R
    N R 9 days ago

    It was a good movie, but there are *_plenty_* of inconsistencies.
    And to all those people who say “He couldn't find any real sins”, well let's just say people's ability to just block out reality they don't like, always amazes me.
    There's dozens and dozens of legitimate sins right here in the video you just watched. It's just typical for people to say, “That one about crying wasn't a real sin, so none of them are.”
    And there's more sins you missed:
    1. Annie's arm catches on fire when she puts the book in. If it was her actual *_arm_* , she would be screaming in pain. That means it must have just been her clothes. If it was just her clothes, any rational person would have just taken them off first and kept going. Not just to save yourself, but also to smother the book.
    2. Peter jumps out the window of the attic. If he's dead, then he's no longer a “healthy male host”. If he's just unconscious, then Paimon should be able to to just possess anyone he wants when they're sleeping. There's no way around that.
    3. Paimon is able to physically grab and manipulate Peter. That simple fact alone means the film should have been an hour shorter.
    4. If Paimon can just possess Annie when she's upset at her husband catching on fire, he *_definitely_* could have possessed her when she found Charlie's headless body.
    I think we need to face it: This movie was well acted, well shot, but a bit of a mess.
    Almost every part of this film that wasn't predictable, didn't really make sense. It makes its own rules, then breaks them.
    And like it was said in the video: Getting Annie in the attic to cut off her own head, that was just lazy. They just gave up trying to make sense there.
    And they stressed *_three times_* that the pre-seance words are a different language, but never bothered to explain how Annie is able to read it.
    Also, an equally appropriate name for the film would have been, “Alex Wolff does things slowly”. It felt like 10% of the movie was watching Peter turn around.
    The film is above mediocre, and nothing more. The 7 it got on IMDb is appropriate.

  • Annabeth Chase
    Annabeth Chase 9 days ago

    I actually fell asleep during this movie and only woke up after credits

  • JoeSizzle
    JoeSizzle 9 days ago

    The one scene that bothered tf out of me was when Peter is hitting a bong and then answers a phone WITHOUT CLEARING IT. That smoke's gonna be nasty fam! Clear yo shit!!

  • aubrey archambault
    aubrey archambault 9 days ago +2

    How didn’t any of these actors get an Oscar?? Incredible acting!!! All of them.

  • Joseph Ross
    Joseph Ross 10 days ago

    8:10 Poppa was still asleep because he popped an extra perc-30 in a scene prior and is expanded on in the scene where Annie is in Peters room and he stays asleep

    Then again you did make the point that he could be dead. Either way.

  • Gogurt Thot
    Gogurt Thot 10 days ago

    You should have taken at least one sin off for the somewhat funny sudden transitions, as well as the moment Peter screams in a comedic way and immediately jumps out of the fucking window for NO REASON other than for comedic effect. Sure there were some naked people in the house but that's normal, right?

  • Shread
    Shread 10 days ago

    The reason why Annie was chasing Peter is cause paimon entered Annie’s body and Annie/paimon is chasing Peter to kill him and enter his body

  • Cesar Camba
    Cesar Camba 10 days ago

    The other day I read a news item about grandmothers lactating to feed their grandchildren, so that seems to be possible.

  • PDX LockPicker
    PDX LockPicker 11 days ago +3

    Steve combusted because Annie drenched the book in paint thinner.

  • Aiden Talavera
    Aiden Talavera 11 days ago

    You called peter charlie

  • Corey Walvatne
    Corey Walvatne 11 days ago

    I think im an idiot maybe but i didn't understand this movie at all therefore hated it

  • Limely -
    Limely - 11 days ago

    It just used more old naked folks than “The Sentinel”.
    Nothing new changed.....
    Similar plot to “The Sentinel “

  • Kyle McCaw
    Kyle McCaw 12 days ago

    Damn, I think that’s the lowest sin count yet.

  • stargirlsasch
    stargirlsasch 12 days ago

    this movie suxxx hardcore. midsommar was better

  • michael anthony hilario

    I won’t ever to subscribe your channel CinemaSins. Thank you 😡

  • Poptart Malone
    Poptart Malone 12 days ago

    Honestly just shut the fuck up and delete your channel lmao. You literally find nothing wrong with any movie so you come up with a bunch of bullshit that nobody cares about or notices because NOTHING IS WRONG 😂😂.

  • Joshua Messner
    Joshua Messner 13 days ago +1

    This movie terrifies me as someone who has lost a sister. RIP Allison.

  • Elizabeth Wagner
    Elizabeth Wagner 14 days ago

    6:09 if it's almost 2am, why does it look like 6am light through the windows?

  • Julie
    Julie 14 days ago

    What about the fact that the son was never questioned by the police about the accident??? I mean he got high at the party! He was speeding and driving under the influence. Yet he got in no kind of trouble for that?? Sin

  • todd weis
    todd weis 14 days ago

    After reading the comments I'm happy to see most people agree with me. You are nitpicking a masterpiece. Shame on you.

  • Jorthax
    Jorthax 14 days ago

    I don't get the hype over this movie.
    It was the shittest thing I've seen in years.

    • Akira King
      Akira King 14 days ago

      i just finished watching it and it was absolutely phenomenal. i feel genuinely scared. the cast was incredible and the writing and direction was executed very well. easily one of the best horror movies and definitely oscar worthy

  • Bryan Lagunas
    Bryan Lagunas 15 days ago +1

    I watch this movie in French class😂

  • SV 22
    SV 22 15 days ago

    Kaiser Soze

  • Tentons O'fun
    Tentons O'fun 15 days ago

    This whole 'run through every tiny detail of a plan and say it was impossible because every single detail had to be pulled off flawlessly' is pretty weaksauce. Just because what we witnessed is how the goals was accomplished doesnt mean the masterminds necessarily had to do things EXACTLY as they happened in fact flexibility and back up options are big parts of making a good plan.
    For example I dont think the girl really had to die by beheading it just helped in order to shock the whole family more than a quieter death. So the pot/peanut/car death was only an optional path of accomplishing that goal rather than exactly what was planned out down to the smallest detail.

  • Sojourner Muse
    Sojourner Muse 15 days ago

    This makes me think of Paranormal Activity

  • Antonio Castro
    Antonio Castro 15 days ago +2


  • this Kid
    this Kid 15 days ago +1

    Your videos are tasteless

  • Anita Dick
    Anita Dick 16 days ago

    Nothing wrong with this movie

  • Fluffyth3f0x
    Fluffyth3f0x 16 days ago +1

    What even is hereditary about

  • Camille Pendragon
    Camille Pendragon 17 days ago

    I made it to the second funeral before I noped out to this movie. I noped out hard.

  • Jessica Sweat
    Jessica Sweat 17 days ago

    HeAD ChOpEd of?! UsE FlEX SeAL

  • Dee Ransom
    Dee Ransom 17 days ago

    Man watching this made me wanna watch Hereditary again! Such a fanfuckingtastic movie, I really enjoyed it and how it kept me guessing and surprised. No Oscar, that's a real crime smh

  • No ah
    No ah 18 days ago +1

    Sin 19 is where I realized this man bouta stretch everything from this point on

  • Devon Rigsbee
    Devon Rigsbee 19 days ago

    This was the only horror movie to actually, genuinely horrify me. I had a full on panic attack at the part where the mom is slicing her neck. Terrifying movie, but watching video essays and such on it has helped me to fear it a bit less...

  • Tyler Hays
    Tyler Hays 19 days ago +2

    Lot of butthurt fans in here that both don't understand that CinemaSins is lighthearted and just for fun, and can't handle even the slightest criticisms of a movie that was full of flaws.

    • Sudip Bose
      Sudip Bose 17 days ago

      'But, but, but! You don't get it! They explain it perfectly! This/ that/ yo mama's performance deserved all sins off! Nothing's wrong with this movie! Your worst video ever I'm unsubscribing REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!'
      -So say the flocks of hurt asses.
      I sneer at them.

  • inferno0020
    inferno0020 19 days ago

    it is like saying: "hey, why can't the cult just kidnap Charlie and Peter and ask the doctor from Get Out to have a brian transplanting? That is much easier!"

  • Sam Howe
    Sam Howe 20 days ago +2

    Yikes, there was a lot about this movie that he didn't understand, huh?

    • Sudip Bose
      Sudip Bose 17 days ago

      Like you don't understand humour.

  • Anthony Palmer
    Anthony Palmer 20 days ago

    This movie sucked!

  • Izaiya
    Izaiya 20 days ago +1

    literally most of the sins were either lame nitpicks or misunderstandings :/

  • Mariano Pena
    Mariano Pena 21 day ago

    The fact that you guys didn’t remove 500 sins for one of the most flooring death scenes in modern cinema is worth 500 in itself.
    This movie is absolutely legendary!