Sam Smith - Lay Me Down - Flume Remix

  • Published on Apr 8, 2015
  • Sam Smith - Lay Me Down (Flume Remix)
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Comments • 1 284

  • Timotius HSOME
    Timotius HSOME Month ago

    Bro is a sad song dont make a remix

  • Jessner Nuñez
    Jessner Nuñez Month ago

    2:52 this part makes me melancholic and nostalgic at the same time, love this song!

  • fivetime TH
    fivetime TH 2 months ago


  • Jorge XXL
    Jorge XXL 2 months ago

    The minute 3:24 is so HIGH and perfect

  • 오동훈
    오동훈 3 months ago

    anyone here 2019?

  • Pableke Carrillo
    Pableke Carrillo 3 months ago

    despues de 3 años y aun sigue causando el mismo efecto en mi....

  • Ben
    Ben 3 months ago +1

    I was about to comment this gives me flume vibes, didn't realize it WAS a flume remix :')

  • thecircle. j
    thecircle. j 3 months ago

    Wow. Why am I just now finding this

  • Timothy A Cowin
    Timothy A Cowin 4 months ago

    This song would be perfect if didn't have Sam smith

  • AFK tomorrow
    AFK tomorrow 4 months ago

    Does anybody know where I can find the hoonigan version

  • christian Laur
    christian Laur 4 months ago

    Ty to this that makes me see the things inside that make me me that only others can see but i struggle to believe so i strive to change constantly flume takes me away from me! Blessed!

  • Captain_The_Puggy
    Captain_The_Puggy 4 months ago

    This great track is ruined by Sam Smith

  • kokoshi
    kokoshi 4 months ago

    One of my favorite of all time. The drop surges a hit of chemical cocktails (chills) through my brain.

  • Kronomikal
    Kronomikal 4 months ago

    this song scared me tf out when i first heard it LMAO

  • Michelle estou mandando um vídeo para você

    I love you show

  • Rhym Guissé
    Rhym Guissé 5 months ago

    3:30 SeXy!

  • Isaias Paredea
    Isaias Paredea 6 months ago

  • Brandi Bossick
    Brandi Bossick 7 months ago


  • TurnUpTheAC63
    TurnUpTheAC63 7 months ago

    This feeling is indescribable...

  • Kenneth Cochran
    Kenneth Cochran 7 months ago

    C O M P L E T E B A N G E R .

  • Logan Thornton
    Logan Thornton 7 months ago

    Friend said she wanted to fuck to this song so imma have to make it happen :/

  • Logan Thornton
    Logan Thornton 7 months ago +2


  • DamienSquad
    DamienSquad 8 months ago

    I Hear This Song About 3 Years Now Great Memories I Have 100% ⛰⛈🌧🌦🌩🌨💨🌬🌎

  • Samuel Dickinson
    Samuel Dickinson 8 months ago

    Close your eyes when you listen to this, you’re floating!

  • The random Channel
    The random Channel 8 months ago

    Omg pls remix madcon beggin

  • Masego Sheila Bojosi
    Masego Sheila Bojosi 9 months ago

    Those who disliked. Go back to Pluto, this shit is too sophisticated for y'all.

  • Emi Lee
    Emi Lee 9 months ago

    I liked this even before the music starts

  • Dorlhy Santiago Servin
    Dorlhy Santiago Servin 10 months ago

    love this

  • Aimee Jade
    Aimee Jade 10 months ago

    Oh. My. God.

  • Lightwing 2506
    Lightwing 2506 10 months ago

    i quite like the noise at the start

  • Tanishtha Dhankar
    Tanishtha Dhankar 10 months ago


  • Amber Cooley
    Amber Cooley 10 months ago

    After 2:52 is when everything just comes together so aesthetically ughhhhh it's too great

  • AleVeed
    AleVeed 10 months ago

    Who in *2*0*1*8?

  • ChildishAlbino
    ChildishAlbino 10 months ago


  • EarthlingChild
    EarthlingChild 11 months ago

    who else came here from corey sanders vine

  • TransformYourMind
    TransformYourMind 11 months ago

    Forever one of my favorite songs. So sensual, makes me want to make love.

  • Francisco Urrutia
    Francisco Urrutia 11 months ago

    Love the remix it's 2018

    THOMSON SANTIAGO 11 months ago

    2018 anybody?

  • christopher bolivar suarez chiriboga .

    Como puede ver gente estupida que le deslike si es una belleza esto

  • huopek
    huopek Year ago

    Anyone watching in 2020?

  • Yaquelin Diaz
    Yaquelin Diaz Year ago


  • Ash'a Thompson
    Ash'a Thompson Year ago

    Love this❤️

  • PLtoFL
    PLtoFL Year ago

    Im reaching out to you!

  • rabfb
    rabfb Year ago


  • Gopal Reddy Pannala

    Dumbest sond ever

  • Ruan Carlos
    Ruan Carlos Year ago

    I lap danced it to a girl, it was so hot! thax flume!

  • Jú Barbosa
    Jú Barbosa Year ago

    One of the flawless remixes I've ever heard, I'm glad im his fan , this boy is amazing

  • Eda Adar
    Eda Adar Year ago +1

    Honestly I've been obsessed with this song for a solid 2 years.. soo good

  • Christopher Gongora

    Epique remix all over this

  • Dorlhy Santiago Servin

    Love you Flume

  • Oscar Alho, the Great

    150ml raíz...
    quem é, sabe.

  • Lucky Raspberry
    Lucky Raspberry Year ago


  • DamienSquad
    DamienSquad Year ago +1

    Anyone Here in 2018

  • Sunny Bizzle
    Sunny Bizzle Year ago


  • Bubble Hustle
    Bubble Hustle Year ago

    I havent heard this in years lol...

  • c d e
    c d e Year ago

    Danm good beats 😍💜😘

  • c d e
    c d e Year ago

    Danm flume you're on top of your game. I love all your mix's so far😍💜😍💜

  • Blue indigo
    Blue indigo Year ago +1

    Wowwww 😍😍🖒🖒🖒🖒

  • Tank
    Tank Year ago

    Reminds me of AWE - crystals

  • Robert kirkrobk2602

    what is this

  • Mo Swalih
    Mo Swalih Year ago

    This needs a video version , stat !!!!

  • GameShowALG
    GameShowALG Year ago +1

    So dope!

  • Raizo Gaming
    Raizo Gaming Year ago

    when u drunk and hear this, so sick..

  • Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales Year ago

    Your touch, your skin, Where do I begin? No words can explain the way Im missing you Deny this emptiness, this hole that I'm inside These tears, they tell their own story You told me not to cry when you were gone But the feelings overwhelming, it's much too strong
    Can I lay by your side, next to you, you And make sure you're alright I'll take care of you, youu Can I lay by your side, next to you, you And make sure you're alright I'll take care of you, youu
    Im reaching out to you Einde

  • Katherine Eliza
    Katherine Eliza Year ago

    Melhor remix ❤🎼

  • David Moore
    David Moore Year ago

    Bringing back so many memories, might cry 😭

  • Tbag253films
    Tbag253films Year ago

    Ummm this song was ok I expected like more of his singing but it’s all like beats going for a min or so lmao

  • Samantha Shayler
    Samantha Shayler Year ago

    Im overly obsessed with sam smith and i fkn love flume soooooo this will be good

  • Tye
    Tye Year ago

    the outro is on fire with this

  • Vissva Alan
    Vissva Alan Year ago +1

    10th November 2017 anyone?

  • William Griffith
    William Griffith Year ago

    half of the stuff in your store is sold out.

  • Patrick
    Patrick Year ago +1

    those synths are godlike

  • innerbloom
    innerbloom Year ago


  • Cristian 250
    Cristian 250 Year ago