How Dogs Are Trained For TV And Movies | Movies Insider

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • Teresa Ann Miller is a Hollywood animal trainer and coordinator whose resume includes movies like "A Dog's Way Home," "White God," and "Lethal Weapon." She most recently worked on “The Art of Racing in the Rain,” starring Kevin Costner, Milo Ventimiglia, Amanda Seyfried, and an army of golden retrievers. Miller explained how she gets dogs ready for big scenes, how an actor can best earn a dog’s trust, and why dogs are uniquely fit for the silver screen. “The Art of Racing in the Rain” is now in theaters.
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    How Dogs Are Trained For TV And Movies | Movies Insider
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  • Claire Lucky
    Claire Lucky 5 days ago

    I want that job.

  • Kellen Reese
    Kellen Reese 7 days ago

    ahhhhh i’m currently reading the art of racing in the rain and i’m really excited to watch the movie after💗

  • Anukriti Jariwala
    Anukriti Jariwala 9 days ago +1

    They should go to the met gala 💓💓💓💓 hey they worked hard to

  • Denis Shamray
    Denis Shamray 20 days ago +1

    I'd watch how they train Brandy from Onece Upon a Time in... Hollywood.

  • Flips N’ Twists
    Flips N’ Twists 20 days ago +1

    Cuteness level

  • Emma Kate
    Emma Kate 22 days ago

    I wish my dog could be in a movie like that

  • Tim Materni
    Tim Materni 24 days ago

    Those are some fat doggos

  • K J
    K J 26 days ago

    I'm very similar to a dog. Food can get me to do almost anything

  • shubham agnihotri
    shubham agnihotri 27 days ago +1

    Representative from animal control was present to ensure safety of the dog with 3 dog loving trainers, but animal control is not present in hell holes, where company conducts vicious scary experiments.

  • ggomool tv
    ggomool tv 27 days ago

    what kind of dog is it ??

    DEKSTORD 29 days ago +3

    What I want to see next:
    •How the hall of mirrors scene was shot for It Chapter Two
    •How Joaquin Phoenix got into character for 'Joker'

  • siddharth pareek
    siddharth pareek Month ago

    dream job maybe??

  • Nickel M
    Nickel M Month ago +2

    So apparently there are two types of things that go on.
    1. They audition trained dogs
    2. They train dogs that look good
    I though it was always the first one but guess not

  • Waltz
    Waltz Month ago +1

    Not all dogs are good boys.

    *Some are good girls.*

  • forever grateful
    forever grateful Month ago

    All the while I thought they're just natural actors. Lol

  • Big MoOse
    Big MoOse Month ago

    Eddie from Frasier

  • Em Blenn
    Em Blenn Month ago +1

    did you forget the best cinematic creation homeward bound: the incredible journey?

  • Danielle Andrade
    Danielle Andrade Month ago

    I’m glad the trainer trains the dogs the right way and to keep things fun for them

  • small pupper
    small pupper Month ago

    What a good boyo!

  • Natalie owen
    Natalie owen Month ago +2

    Dang! I don’t need to teach my dog how to tear paper, it does it anyway

  • Anonymous Girl
    Anonymous Girl Month ago

    I had an ad for dog food 🤣

  • Lauren Poland
    Lauren Poland Month ago

    I just cried throughout this whole video. But *I'm fine*


    Doing any kind of work with dogs all day would not be a job, IT WOULD BE A JOY!

  • ܔܛܔܔ ܔܛܔ
    ܔܛܔܔ ܔܛܔ Month ago

    Im here before 1M views

  • Seojun Han
    Seojun Han Month ago

    Now lets talk about the dogs and puppies in the John wick movie

    NANA SHIN Month ago


  • William Van Cauwenbergh

    I swear, some dogs can act better than some actors.

  • Sandy Holmes
    Sandy Holmes Month ago

    1:29 Awh. DoG wItH tInY hEaD

  • cookiesncream789
    cookiesncream789 Month ago +1

    I came for the dogs. I stayed for the dogs. 🐕🐕🐕🐕

  • Morgan Steward
    Morgan Steward Month ago

    Heckin good dog 💕

  • Jenn Glow
    Jenn Glow Month ago


  • IDK studios
    IDK studios Month ago +1

    Looks like my puppy!

  • Meme Face
    Meme Face Month ago

    My dog is weird he doesn’t Ike to fetch

  • Paulina Casas
    Paulina Casas Month ago

    That dog named orbit says, Stan Loona

  • Preston Hubers
    Preston Hubers Month ago

    I saw the movie

  • Hai Hai
    Hai Hai Month ago +1

    Just Good BOiS

  • Izy Ramille Fancubit
    Izy Ramille Fancubit Month ago +2

    What about...


  • Denzmo
    Denzmo Month ago +1

    Please make a video on how the bees were trained in the bee movie

  • Gabrielle Pearson
    Gabrielle Pearson Month ago +1

    Omg A Dog’s Way Home made me cry and was so adorable

  • Félicie Hoffmann
    Félicie Hoffmann Month ago +2

    I can imagine the dogs at their real homes shredding up important papers when the owners say: "Don't shred it!!!"

    JUSTANOTHERGUY Month ago +2

    They're so innocent omg 😭😭💙 💙

  • Sarah Mathey
    Sarah Mathey Month ago

    Teresa Ann Miller: *The most difficult thing for an animal to do is nothing*
    Dogs:**lying down doing nothing**

    Edit:This is a joke i’m not trying to offend anyone👍🏻😂

  • TheHappyCake
    TheHappyCake Month ago

    Good doggy

  • Anushree Mantri
    Anushree Mantri Month ago +1

    Glad there's no use of cgi or anything

  • fireaza
    fireaza Month ago

    If they didn't add a "good boy" credit for the dog underneath the "best boy" credit, they're not doing it right!

  • Nilima Bibavnekar
    Nilima Bibavnekar Month ago

    Pigs can be trained?????

    • Prince Doggy
      Prince Doggy Month ago

      They’re actually smarter than preschoolers!

  • Yuvraj Sharma
    Yuvraj Sharma Month ago

    Vu California Ad

  • Tya Sasongko
    Tya Sasongko Month ago +5

    These good boys' futures are brighter than mine.

  • Omkar
    Omkar Month ago +3

    Get ready for peta to claim they're being abused

  • Alison FN
    Alison FN Month ago +3

    When a dog is more talented than you

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki Month ago

    How many treats did they get?

  • Helen Ivanic
    Helen Ivanic Month ago +51

    I didn’t really pay attention to what they said cause those breed of dogs are so cute. 🥰

  • PUPPIES STORY - killingtime

    What a smart puppy.

  • gabe
    gabe Month ago +1

    bruh I asked this to myself IN MY HEAD a couple of hours ago and youtube still somehow managed to reccomend this to me

    • himangshu sarma
      himangshu sarma Month ago

      RUclip belongs to Google and Google can read minds..

  • The Enthusiasm Project

    I would like her to train our dogs please.

  • Shinigami reaper
    Shinigami reaper Month ago

    Better than Brooke bitchy ass..hate that her.

  • Noha Gamal
    Noha Gamal Month ago

    How horses are trained for TV and movies

  • Janna the Rebel
    Janna the Rebel Month ago +2

    What I wanna know is who trained the animals for Homeward Bound, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and Cats and Dogs

  • It's Kiana
    It's Kiana Month ago


  • Alfen Janst
    Alfen Janst Month ago +13

    It's 1:11 AM, and I'm watching dog being better creature than I am.