How Architects Can Tell Where Famous Movie Settings Are Really Located | Architectural Digest

  • Architects like Liz Jahn can tell where houses and buildings in 12 famous movie settings are really located based on their architecture. Jahn looks at the hotel from Some Like It Hot, the Dirty Dancing resort, the Beetlejuice house, The Proposal house, The Overlook Hotel from The Shining, the Scarface mansion, the Get Out house, The Amityville Horror house, the house in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Island cityscape, the Tara Plantation from Gone With The Wind, and the Mean Girls mansion.
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    How Architects Can Tell Where Famous Movie Settings Are Really Located | Architectural Digest

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  • Matt77
    Matt77 25 days ago

    As an Oregonian I thought that the movie took place in Oregon so I got confused and thought she said it wasn't in Oregon and was sad for a bit lol

  • Thestralsxxx
    Thestralsxxx 2 months ago

    For some reason i felt like the hotel in some like it hot had a new england vibe. I dont know it looked so cool and a little mysterious.

  • Tamara Jaii
    Tamara Jaii 3 months ago

    You guys should do this with tv shows

  • Ryanne Welan
    Ryanne Welan 3 months ago

    Only the exterior shots of the Shining were filmed at Timberline. The interior was filmed in Colorado. The interior of Timberline resembles the typical mountain cabin and offers much less open room that would have been useful for filming.

  • Cali
    Cali 4 months ago

    aren't the columns in the georgia style house corinthian?

  • Kalle Saarinen
    Kalle Saarinen 4 months ago

    there are gutters used in northern climates they are just placed different....

  • speed6ump
    speed6ump 5 months ago

    Ummm the UP is not part of Wisconsin. I know we jokingly annexed them after the Badgers and Packers dominated them in football but it wasn't real.

  • Shawn G
    Shawn G 5 months ago

    Lol UP a part of Wisconsin?

  • Ennio444
    Ennio444 5 months ago

    I'd also like someone to tell me why the mansion in the CASPER movie was kinda rural Gothic, but then the inside was inspired by Antoni Gaudí's Casa Batlló in Barcelona. I find it baffling, especially because back then Barcelona was still not the touristy powerhouse it is today.

  • Ennio444
    Ennio444 5 months ago

    It is possible that the house in Get Out was Southern in style on purpose. That's, like, the entire plot of the movie. The people in the house may seem hip and woke, but the house and the village they live in has racism engrained into the bone; just like the parents are overtly woke but inadvertedly they behave in a racist manner.

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 5 months ago

    The Belleview-Biltmore Hotel in Belleair, Florida opened in 1897 and is the wood clapboard, open porches hotel you describe as not being in Florida in the 1920s because they would have blown away and it is just one of many hotels built this way from the 1880s to the 1930s. The Breakers in Palm Beach (as it stood in the 1920s) is another.

  • Jesse Leeward
    Jesse Leeward 5 months ago

    This whole idea is ridiculous. Especially when the setting is in the same country. Of course a midwestern setting can supplement another midwestern setting! It's really the same architecture!

  • SektundSchnee
    SektundSchnee 5 months ago

    Sooo many advertisements! Really, far too many ad‘s!

  • ragusajr100
    ragusajr100 5 months ago

    Really cool vid....

  • juniatapark54
    juniatapark54 5 months ago +1

    The maps take Michigan's Upper Peninsula and give it to Wisconsin.

  • Ethan Colburn
    Ethan Colburn 5 months ago

    Ok, but to be fair to Beetlejuice, it's trying to look ridiculous

  • Insect Chart
    Insect Chart 5 months ago

    Wow how good looking Alec Baldwin in beetlejuice

  • C
    C 5 months ago

    This lady is an idiot... Especially observations like Vermont vs Connecticut and the mean girls McMansion is just stupid. She is just listing off architectural details.

  • Sean McDonald
    Sean McDonald 5 months ago

    Architect Girlfriend " Pffffft, no way is that 13th Century England . . . . . The row to the left is OBVIOUSLY late Georgian"
    Me *thinks* "Every. Damn. Time"
    Me: " OH COME ON !! Thats a Vorgian LIGHT cruiser with forward mounted Rail guns. Commander Trivanti served in a HEAVY frigate during the Skarni War!!"
    Architect Girlfriend " Every. Dam. Time"
    Me " Buts its important honey"

  • Sarah Langlois-Luna
    Sarah Langlois-Luna 5 months ago

    Never been to Alaska, but I'm from Canada... Log houses?!? It's like saying we live in igloos! We have shingles, we have gutters, we have flat roofs. We have as many big windows as possible because we see the sun less often. So yeah... not sure about the arguments she has.

  • Nana Texido
    Nana Texido 5 months ago

    You showed a picture of the Hotel Nacional of Habana Cuba and relocated it in Florida!!!!!! Check your architectural

  • surferdjnj
    surferdjnj 5 months ago

    Good video but her comments about the Amityville Horror house exteriors is incorrect. I'm a NJ native and remember my Dad taking me to the movie set in Toms River, NJ during the filming of the first Amityville movie. where they filmed the exteriors. The kitchen scenes were also filmed there. Also, there is a scene where the Father drives over a bridge really fast in his van, that the "Lovelandtown Bridge" AKA the Bridge Ave Bridge in Point Pleasant, NJ. 2 towns away from Toms River.

  • Rick M
    Rick M 5 months ago

    This video has the most commercials. AD really stands for advertisement overload

  • Nancy O'Malley
    Nancy O'Malley 5 months ago

    The map spot for Amityville, NY was too far west-Should have been sitting on Long Island past the Suffolk Co. line

  • scronx
    scronx 5 months ago

    Very interesting. But how do architects pronounce 'Italianate", "turret" and "hip(ped)" ;-)

  • Andres Maldonado
    Andres Maldonado 5 months ago

    Not to say that she doesn’t know her stuff because she’s been right 99% of the time, however, Vizcaya which is the big mansion in Florida *does* in fact have a very steep change in elevation on the East entrance leading to the Façade... loved the video tho!

  • pup girl
    pup girl 5 months ago

    the beetlejuice house is SUPPOSED to be super weird. was she just sent a photo and never watched the movie?

  • Jakob Peter Raahauge
    Jakob Peter Raahauge 5 months ago

    The chair is amazing!! 😍

  • Jamie Pinto
    Jamie Pinto 6 months ago +2

    Once you live somewhere you can usually spot it instantly. I can tell when something Is filmed in New Orleans in 5 seconds. The Hollywood of the south lol

  • Brad DeBardelaben
    Brad DeBardelaben 6 months ago

    No wooden hotel structures in Florida? What about the Belleview Biltmore?

  • Elissa Ebersold
    Elissa Ebersold 6 months ago

    Upstate NYer here...where did you get your information of brick houses in Upstate? We have TONs of single story brick homes with full-length porches...?

  • LevDotCom
    LevDotCom 6 months ago

    Architectural Digest, but definitely not Geography Digest. The most blatant mistake for me (and people have pointed out many) is the UP of Michigan as part of Wisconsin. Then I got to the Detroit one. Like really??? And why is all of Canada not even attached to the U.S. near Toronto?

  • Matthew Warmuth
    Matthew Warmuth 6 months ago

    Oh, is that what Wisconsin looks like...

  • Laura Jacobs
    Laura Jacobs 6 months ago

    I love your videos, but it might be better if the experts watch the movies before? The Beetlejuice house was designed to align with Burton’s esthetic for the film. It was never meant to be truly realistic as the film itself is never meant to be realistic. It’s literally a fantasy mix genre.

  • EMILIE GUILLON - Equitation

    Very enjoyable 😄 thanks for posting 👍

  • CurtisBooksMusic
    CurtisBooksMusic 6 months ago

    This didn't explain why the building couldn't be from where they said (for the most part) and simply showed the difference between two buildings

  • lea the lesbo
    lea the lesbo 6 months ago +3

    I wish she would talk about architecture in Texas, because we got a lot of weird homes here lol

  • Breay Paty
    Breay Paty 6 months ago +1

    I don’t understand what difference the location makes to the type of house used in Mean Girls. I’m sure the style was based on the director’s concept, not the location. You can find examples of subtle architecture and ostentatious architecture almost anywhere.

  • pebbleman54
    pebbleman54 6 months ago

    Great video but one VERY BIG MISTAKE! Look at the icon you used for Wisconsin! You included it with the Upper Penisula! The UP is Michigan! Not Wisconsin!

  • Nick Luciani
    Nick Luciani 6 months ago +1

    okay, I know that when she is talking about The Island, she is most likely referring to the A-role content of the movie, but the panning wide shot shown at 9:35 is 100% Los Angeles, why make a statement like that and then use that one wide shot that is clearly LA......
    1 - There are at least 15 building that I Can see that are from L.A......I would guess the didn't CG in all of those
    2 - Chicago does not have the San Gabriel Mountains in the has lake superior, and again why would you try and do that in CG

  • Ryan Frederick
    Ryan Frederick 6 months ago

    Love your videos!

  • SamNettles
    SamNettles 6 months ago

    “Coral gables Florida” puts the dot on the west coast of Florida

  • Alex Tyler
    Alex Tyler 6 months ago

    I like how y'all can distinguish the difference between the houses but can't tell the difference between Michigan and Wisconsin. The UP is part of Michigan.

  • lueefour
    lueefour 6 months ago +7

    Having grown up in Alaska, I burst into laughter. There are plenty of large houses like that. Shes simply generalizing the state. Check out google maps' street view in Anchorage.

  • Rose Hepworth
    Rose Hepworth 6 months ago

    Knowledge may be powerful but also can be crushing one’s imagination. Just saying.

  • Malcolm Sturdevant
    Malcolm Sturdevant 6 months ago

    They included the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in their map of Wisconsin

  • Dayvit78
    Dayvit78 6 months ago

    People have been complaining about the Wisconsin error, and yes that's big. But it's really annoying that none of the map markers actually land on the city that she says - they place them randomly in the state, but it's not the actual location she's talking about (at a city level).
    Edit: And what happened to the St. Lawrence River at 11:11!?!

  • NessoftheLoch
    NessoftheLoch 6 months ago

    This video is all about getting details right about the location, but the producers couldn't even get the geographic locations pinned properly on the map.

  • timewave02012
    timewave02012 6 months ago

    Why is the pin for Detroit in Marquette, in the UP?

  • Michael Brennan
    Michael Brennan 6 months ago +1

    My aunt and uncle lived in Estes Park. According to them The Shining wasn’t filmed at the Stanley due to several years of low snowfall. Don’t know if that’s the reason, but that’s what I was told.

  • Professr Frank
    Professr Frank 6 months ago

    Greetings from Montreal, which has been the hidden setting from all kinds of movies and shows! ☮️❤️🇨🇦
    11:10 It could be just poetic license or whimsy, or a graphic artist who is bad at geography, but... why in the map are Eastern Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick floating up north? Talk about tectonic drift! 😜 (Though it would have been interesting historically if such a huge inlet from the Atlantic to Detroit had existed...) But besides my pedantry, it’s a very interesting, fun video! ⭐️ Thanks!

  • MikeCharlieAlpha
    MikeCharlieAlpha 6 months ago +2

    I always thought The Hotel Coronado was out of place in San Diego.

  • theProdigalSon
    theProdigalSon 6 months ago

    too many fuck'n commercial !!!!!! dafuq!!!!

  • Lg4242
    Lg4242 6 months ago

    My dad lived in Richmond Va and they used to use the capitol building there to double for the White House...he drove a cab and picked many movie stars like Bruce Willis, Linda Hamilton, and Sandra Bullock

  • sutanto ramli
    sutanto ramli 6 months ago

    Learn alot of architectural terms here...

  • Nicholas Pozza
    Nicholas Pozza 6 months ago

    Apparently Wisconsin now owns the Upper Penninsula.

  • Jameson Joyce
    Jameson Joyce 6 months ago +28

    9:44 The arrow is pointing to the Upper Peninsula but claims to be Detroit...which is actually located in southeast Michigan. Lol

  • hosank
    hosank 6 months ago +1

    In the case of the Shining, - Putting aside the fact that the Architect was already made aware of the real resort which inspired the story, are there any concrete reasons why the stand-in for the film COULDN'T fit in with the vernacular architecture of rural Colorado? IF she didn't already know that the film was shot in Oregon, would she have noticed that the Hotel doesn't fit well with the setting?

  • moestavernprankcall
    moestavernprankcall 6 months ago

    A ski lodge used by skiers?! HOLY HELL!

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B 6 months ago

    Surprisingly, she’s made a factual error.
    Wooden hotels did exist in Florida long before the 1920s. The Belleview Biltmore Hotel in Clearwater was built in the 1800s and operated for over a century. It was a massive and impressive building that saw dignitaries from US Presidents to celebrities.

  • Ethan Watson
    Ethan Watson 6 months ago

    Oh I really love these videos. Please keep ‘em coming.

  • Nasir James
    Nasir James 6 months ago +63

    “It might not be right, but, it’s not wrong”
    I like that.

  • chromefinch
    chromefinch 6 months ago

    YAS! this is what I'm talking about AD!!

  • reicirith
    reicirith 6 months ago +1

    Seems like that tower in the Beetlejuice house was picked specifically just to make it a bit more Victorian and creepy.

  • Frozen518
    Frozen518 6 months ago

    As someone from Colorado and who visits Estes Park often, including the Stanley Hotel... I have never heard it pronounced Es-TEES. We say Es-tess. Like Tessa. Tess. Estes. lol was actually kinda cool to hear it said like that

  • Mary LBB
    Mary LBB 6 months ago +1

    Interesting video. But whoever did the maps for this video needs a US geography lesson. If the point is to show the true location of the homes then pin the true location. For example, Evanston,IL is not in the southern tip but rather just north of Chicago along Lake Michigan. Ya, also Wisconsin is the wrong shape- sorry Michigan.

  • ljm792
    ljm792 6 months ago

    Ha! That house from the proposal always bugged me. I live in Northern Canada and that house was BS.

  • Rix tunz
    Rix tunz 6 months ago

    Most of these houses all have one thing in common, they are filled with rich people, that show up at the architect's and/or builder's office with a picture clipped from anywhere in the world and say: "build me this".

  • David Flory
    David Flory 6 months ago


  • Rhea Nathan
    Rhea Nathan 6 months ago

    I really enjoyed the sound effect when parts of the house were highlighted

  • Miguel Trujillo
    Miguel Trujillo 6 months ago

    Wow all my mylife I'm been searching for something, something comes a long and it leads to nothing until this gosh I Love this and I love her knowledge she really did full me up with it this is all I wanted. Like all her works and the proper words for the architecture and specific things in the architecture where just freaking Great they where new but I got and understood everything she was getting at and everything she was saying please more videos like this PLEASE PLEASE PLEAS EYES FOR SURE I LOVED IT YES WOOP WOOP !.

  • Sara Bonetto
    Sara Bonetto 7 months ago

    She's an architect and can't pronounce turret. Oh dear. And clapboard, calling it clabbord, seriously!

  • Sean McCaughan
    Sean McCaughan 7 months ago

    She’s so wrong about the first example. There were plenty of wooden hotels in Florida, like the Royal Palm in downtown Miami, and the Royal Poinciana in Palm Beach. Disney’s Grand Floridian, which evokes turn of the century Florida hotels is actually modeled after the Coronado, of all places.

  • edgy teen
    edgy teen 9 months ago

    8:23 Why is Michigan's upper peninsula included in Wisconsin?

  • Louise Matlock
    Louise Matlock 9 months ago

    Fascinating to watch a real expert in her field.

  • Q Prince2020
    Q Prince2020 10 months ago +1

    For some reason I enjoy all the house pictures of California🙂 It’s looks so advanced☝🏼👍🏼

  • YOLO
    YOLO 10 months ago

    She is cute

  • Catherine Smith
    Catherine Smith 10 months ago +4

    Also nailed that landscaping and elevation change in Scarface's Coral Gables would never match Montecito California, and I spy Vizcaya in your example. Outstanding. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Catherine Smith
    Catherine Smith 10 months ago

    Loved the example of the Biltmore in Coral Gables! 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Bill Olsen
    Bill Olsen Year ago +1

    4:20 We lived in Oregon when I was a child and picked up on Timberline Lodge when I saw The Shining. A great hotel but definitely not that big inside.