Jimmy Butler Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

Jimmy Butler goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Saint Alfred in Chicago and talks wearing Jordans to the White House, walking away from his Adidas deal, and playing basketball with Michael Jordan.

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Автор Regina George ( назад)
Jimmy one cool ass dude!

Автор Funkay ( назад)
Shopping with ski mask the slump god

Автор The4Skin4Nicator ( назад)
brooo jimmy went IN on him KEK

Автор Sprite ( назад)
He already has all these shoes

Автор fake john ( назад)
this guy is so cool on and off the court

Автор Lachlan Jetta ( назад)
So jimmys favourite colour is green...Boston celtics trade anyone?

Автор Tudor Pamfil ( назад)
Who else can't stop staring at his hair??

Автор JWTOONZ Live ( назад)
for a guy who was literally homeless growing up this is surprising how he got here

Автор Jack Wilkinson on the cam ( назад)
Anyone just hate the look of 13's, they look awful and cringey

Автор Romefeller ( назад)
two size 13's and one 12? the 12s really that far from true to size?

Автор sup2239 ( назад)
nutler kinda looks like 21 savage anyone else see it?

Автор Stink Bait ( назад)
Jimmy is T A L L

Автор Poppa Lil ( назад)
2 thousand grand.. this nigga a foo😂😂

Автор ivan ivanov ( назад)
Yeah, sure he can fit in size 12 :D (top box in the vid)

Автор HaSTe_CM ( назад)
Much respect to JB, he's a great athlete and i wish him the and much more. I hope he stays with the bulls.

Автор Impossible 01 ( назад)
jimmy you the best

Автор mario ( назад)
jimmy a savage lmaoooo

Автор BULFROZE12k ( назад)
2 thousand grand lmao

Автор Leandra Wagner ( назад)
Jimmy is my favorite player

Автор NJBeast 3 ( назад)
he is blessed but he is the hardworking type and he is thankful about it he knows how to use he's money because he came from a bad child hood

Автор Jake Wells ( назад)
Sad when nba players feel the urge to flex

Автор EpicNev 2517 ( назад)
From Homeless to Nba Allstar

Автор Liridon Pacolli ( назад)

Автор mitchell ferguson ( назад)
what are the shoes at 3:26? I know they are Moccasins, but where could I find that exact pair, they lope dope IMO, and I would like to buy them if I can find them

Автор Josepi Vino ( назад)
So damn humble. RESPECT

Автор EMtrey5 Gaming ( назад)
Do Rudy gay

Автор TheYeezy750Pizza ( назад)
2,000 grand is 2 million lol

Автор The Skull 647 ( назад)
Green is my favorite color. The color doesn't have to be your favorite team's color

Автор Jaheim Mitchell ( назад)
2,000 grand, really jimmy lmao

Автор che10461 ( назад)
Nigga needs to grow up. sneakers with suits??? Moron.

Автор iCrossBoss V ( назад)
two...thousand grand

Автор Amie Trinque ( назад)
God loves that kids

Автор Rasputia Latimore ( назад)
his math teacher mad at him right now

Автор Anthony Arista ( назад)
i hope jimmy wins a championship soon

Автор Bubbed ( назад)
"two thousand grand"... Nice.

Автор ClubRobloxElite69 ( назад)
get a uk grime mc (rapper) on this like skepta or jme would like to see their opinions

Автор Bryant _ Flipper ( назад)

Автор Bryant _ Flipper ( назад)
Jimmy your awesome

Автор Johnny Sierra ( назад)
"2 thousand grand" - Jimmy Butler

Автор Tay-so-goofy ( назад)
he acting like he broke

Автор Jaime Jr Carvajal ( назад)
He's only size 13😨

Автор PhiveWalls ( назад)
I don't believe one bit that JB needs to buy those shoes.

Автор Jason Reiser ( назад)

Автор soldier ( назад)
what kicks they both wearing?

Автор jonah howell ( назад)
Jimmy low key don't like him

Автор Mr Logical ( назад)

Автор Carlos Bailey ( назад)
Kimmy out here looking like Guile.

Автор Dajuan Williams ( назад)
Lol dis nigga a square.

Автор Yall Dont Know Me Jmd Jmd ( назад)
the fuck

Автор Ervin Acosta ( назад)
"I don't really care how much sneakers cost," It's easy for Jimmy to say that since he's earning millions every year lol

Автор Pauly ! ( назад)
Cheap fuck lmaoo

Автор skywlkr ( назад)
I like how he said he's not there yet to get his own shoe which is 100% true. A lot of times brands just give anyone a shoe nowadays and it sucks cause there's no flair there's no excitement. That's why jordans n kobes n ai's are the best signature shoes ever.

Автор iYoutube Tæ ( назад)
yo he wear a size 13 and they only cost like 190 wow

Автор ErickParnell Jr. 01 ( назад)
hes better than klay Thompson

Автор Edward Butterbritches ( назад)
jimmy look like offset from migos

Автор Pretty Classy Lady ( назад)
Don't care about these shoes,Just wanted to see Jimmy

Автор Aedan Lawlor ( назад)
OMG WTF, close your eyes and listen to him and tell me this nigga don't sound like Tyler the Creator

Автор thejewbirdsuperior ( назад)
I don't know much about basketball or air Jordan shoes so I wanted to know: are air Jordan's made to play basketball in? Like are they technically sound to wear in a pro NBA game?

Автор Drew.Games ( назад)
jimmy's a dick bro

Автор alex varela ( назад)
2,000 grand

Автор Omar Soqrat ( назад)
Love this guy so much. So humble and such a likeable personality.

Автор Young Boy Deezy ( назад)
what's the address of that place

Автор CRUST DALO ( назад)
"two thousand grand" im dead 💀💀💀

Автор Cobralisticgaming ( назад)
You should do sneaker shopping with Kodak black

Автор drew opp ( назад)
Size 12,13??? Dude is six foot seven

Автор littlelosito ( назад)
U no he coulda just went to a normal store & picked these up lol

Автор Nomthedonsince 01 ( назад)
I can't wait 2 do 1 of these 1 day.

Автор Brady Taylor ( назад)
I'm wearing the Jordan 2 bleach in NBA 2k17

Автор J Bizzness ( назад)

Автор Robert Sulton ( назад)
Did this nigga just say $2000 grand😂

Автор Elijah Payne ( назад)
Or sneaker shopping with Jayden Smith

Автор Elijah Payne ( назад)
Sneaker shopping with Lebron James

Автор Nicolas Horn ( назад)
Isn't MJ Jimmy Butler's dad?

Автор Dre Brown ( назад)
When You Sign A Contract With Jordan You Get Every Jordan Free 💯😂 He Didn't Buy Much Cause He's Eventually Gonna Get Them For Free Anyways 😂

Автор Ishan6 ( назад)
Please do a sneaker shopping with Russell Westbrook or Kevin durant

Автор Thomas Jurkunas ( назад)
Twooooo thousand grand 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор FUCK ME ( назад)

Автор FUCK ME ( назад)

Автор FUCK ME ( назад)

Автор Adimaral ButtChin ( назад)
jimmy my nigga I like you on the court but 2000 grand oh wait I forgot you were poor

Автор Eric Lomax ( назад)
Jordan shopping with Complex...

Автор Dalton Hunt ( назад)
I should most likely add this to my watch later so i can actually listen to what they are saying because i sure cant understand this inaudible bs 10/10

Автор Dalton Hunt ( назад)
i love how great closed captions work when i dont have headphones 10/10

Автор Dalton Hunt ( назад)
Great video can understand 10/10

Автор Samuel Ansah ( назад)
this is the second sneaker shopping with 21 savage

Автор Mike Evans ( назад)
Man's is getting checks from Nike... so of course he's gonna say the new nikes are the best for the court.. but the statement probably is true.. such a cool dude though, he wasn't trying to extra flex and do to much.

Автор Texas Hitman ( назад)
where is this store??????

Автор SpankstoN TM ( назад)

Автор Keagamingstyle !!! ( назад)
Tell me Y I thought I seen drake and Kevin Hart in that White House picture

Автор Ollie's Kicks ( назад)
Last nights game pj tucker was rocking them raptors vs bulls

Автор BallerAlbums ( назад)
sneaker shopping with homeless man

Автор Bruvitskon ( назад)
rich tha kid or famous dex or jay critch or lil yachty

Автор Fayde YT ( назад)
wack ass shop

Автор David Santiago ( назад)

Автор Julio Moctezuma ( назад)
bruh, he sound like tyler the creator

Автор Famous Og ( назад)
Favorite player

Автор Noah Cox ( назад)
Jimmy is my fav basketball player

Автор rontre dunn ( назад)
sneaker shopping with Drake

Автор Hello from the Other side ( назад)
Sneaker shopping with Russell westbrook

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