Trump Fires John Bolton | The Daily Show

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • President Trump abruptly fires National Security Adviser John Bolton, but Bolton’s side of the story creates drama in the White House.
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Comments • 608

  • Taras Labiak
    Taras Labiak 25 days ago

    Трамп наш!

  • MJ Maccabee
    MJ Maccabee Month ago

    Wow, Trevor's really loosening up. Never thought I'd see the day when he would casually call t'Rump "a messy bitch who lives for drama." A welcome day it is.

  • Art Science Wonder
    Art Science Wonder Month ago

    Omg whoooo writes this material its sooooooooo good. X"D Trevor executes it so well too!!!!!! XD

  • Sane Fran
    Sane Fran Month ago

    Trevor u r becoming an unfunny f**k....
    Stop pandering to white people.....u are no jon steward....
    Be the early semi angry guy who is not afraid to speak truth thru satire

  • Rene Vigar
    Rene Vigar Month ago

    finally, this warmonger zionist ass licker idiot was fired!!! good riddance!

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow Month ago +1

    Reporter: Mr. President, how many persons in your cabinet are you going to fire?
    Trump: Yes

  • Alperen 0485
    Alperen 0485 Month ago +1

    trump: Iraq war was bad, also Trump: hired Bolton

  • SpringShowers 0106
    SpringShowers 0106 Month ago +2

    Did anyone else get a Bernie campaign ad before their video started?

    • MJ Maccabee
      MJ Maccabee Month ago

      Every clip of t'Rump IS a Bernie ad.

  • Kimberly Jones
    Kimberly Jones Month ago

    Toooo funny!!!

  • 08FayFay
    08FayFay Month ago

    Disgusting the whole swampy lot of crooks should be fired starting with trump and his family on down through the Supreme Court doj senate and house of reps

  • Nocturnal Emissions

    stop making Melania a victim, she chose that life, she agrees with her husband.

  • mar perez
    mar perez Month ago

    Running out of people hah!
    He should go to north corea or russia
    To hire people.

  • untitledundefined
    untitledundefined Month ago

    Dumbass: “Do you mind if I say that?”
    Moron: “Yes.”
    Dumbass proceeds to read the message out loud on TV.

  • littleluciferishere


  • littleluciferishere


  • littleluciferishere


  • Maria da Luz Moutinho

    Ala que já se faz muito tarde!! OS EUA e o mundo ficam melhor sem um homem deveras perigoso!! Há pois é!...o poder é afrodisíaco para alguns.Já teve o seu desempenho e agora cuide dos netos,com a bela reforma..Deixem o lugar para os novos começarem que bem precisam...Falta o Pompeo ?!! Enquanto Trump faz Pintar o 7 o outro fica a Dar com os Burros n'água não dando o braço a torcer e pronto dizem cobras e lagartos!! Estamos convictos que há alguma coisa errada que não está certa!? Fica a dúvida se o Bolton vai por o bigode de molho!??

  • polemius01
    polemius01 Month ago

    I expected this revolving-door of staff, going in-&-out of positions.
    What else did anyone expect? Trump's catch phrase (and the only complete sentence he can really say clearly, but not spell correctly), is, "You're fired."

  • boston mass
    boston mass Month ago

    How do you get texts from politicians that quick??? Are they in a circle jerk club? Lol

  • I told you not to look me up

    You're not paying attention trump is coping the TVS show house of cards and homeland season 7

  • Slouch
    Slouch Month ago

    Daily show exist
    Trevor noah- Trump

  • DinoJake
    DinoJake Month ago

    Considering that John Bolton was DESPERATELY trying to start World War 3? I'm willing to give Trump a pat on the back for firing him.
    Good on you, Donald. Good on you.

  • who0lee
    who0lee Month ago

    Fox News guy shouldn’t have read the text. Bolton said he minded if he shared the text. Bad form.

  • Sizzla Kalonji
    Sizzla Kalonji Month ago

    Trump was Correct on This One...

  • Anthony Mendenhall
    Anthony Mendenhall Month ago

    He's gonna replace Bolton with an equally crooked idiot.

  • Blaq shadow
    Blaq shadow Month ago

    I love that picture of trump 2:53

  • Byrds View
    Byrds View Month ago

    Firing Bolton is a huge contribution, a preemptive strive for world peace. No one can possibly be more deserving than Trump for a Nobel Peace prize award, and that should make good the blunder in awarding Obamas a prize he didn't deserve.

  • Indicator
    Indicator Month ago

    To be honest I'm happy because Jhon Bolton is fired or if he quit. When I was listening to what this man is saying I was like; End is near indeed.

  • Cedrick Haggard
    Cedrick Haggard Month ago

    What does Bolton get by attacking these countries?

  • T.j. Wright
    T.j. Wright Month ago

    Messy bitch... 😂

  • Armadillo
    Armadillo Month ago

    Is Mustache community sad now?
    Yeah very sad

  • Mariano Torrespico
    Mariano Torrespico Month ago

    Well, at the least, Master Bolton won't have opportunity to incinerate most of the "non-white" people of planet Earth.

  • Gooutandlongboard
    Gooutandlongboard Month ago

    There's a reason these people are getting fired

  • Gavrilo Sinaga
    Gavrilo Sinaga Month ago

    Send the tweets to all the States: John Bolton is fired, poisoned by his enemies...

  • Bezad S
    Bezad S Month ago

    With Bolton gone it is easier for GOP to start a war with Iran, and so we end up paying for this war too.

  • sealand000
    sealand000 Month ago +3

    "Do you mind if I say that?'
    Proceeds to say it.
    Apparently yes means no.

  • Shaun Train
    Shaun Train Month ago

    For Politically Incorrect Humor - See Dave Chapoelle - For Humor With the same opinions as the editorial pages of the establishment New York Times and Washington Post - See the Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Laughing with the bosses...

  • 2BuckChuck
    2BuckChuck Month ago

    shoutout to the poor intern who spent an hour photoshopping Boltons mustache lmao

  • ArlanKels
    ArlanKels Month ago

    The unemployment numbers are an actual joke.
    They figure out the unemployment rate of America by polling 60,000 people.
    The people picked to be polled are literally that, picked. It's not randomly chosen, someone out there has the job of choosing who to call. Repeated picks from previous polls are allowed.

  • Ahmed Hussein
    Ahmed Hussein Month ago

    2020 needs to fired trump

  • lawliet L
    lawliet L Month ago

    thx USA shows how funny a world leader can be.laugh from India😂

  • VortexSerenity
    VortexSerenity Month ago

    They need to do more Profiles in Tremendousness. Only a couple of them still apply...

  • vicki willett
    vicki willett Month ago

    "Major announcement on twitter" is as absurd as "Jumbo shrimp"

  • order of the nyt
    order of the nyt Month ago

    I'm feeling #MessyBitch

  • John D II
    John D II Month ago

    Do you mind if I tell the world? Yes. So he told the world any?

  • Ho Pw
    Ho Pw Month ago

    Trump most likely pick Jared Kushner as his next security adviser. Mike Pompeo too may have to give way to Donald Trump Jr or Ivanka Trump. This is Rothschild Zionist family motto - Wealth and Power remain within the families. There is such thing as democratic free and fair presidential elections in America. Most of the presidential elections were rigged so that the (S)elected candidate win. People like John Kennedy was killed in order to make way for the (S)elected person to take over.

  • Done Gone
    Done Gone Month ago

    E Pluribu WTF Next?

  • John B
    John B Month ago

    Wow, the eye of hurricane Dorian has got one heck of a mouth.

  • Crispin Rocha
    Crispin Rocha Month ago

    The only thing you can bet on is that his replacement will be a white man.

  • Tracy Hughes
    Tracy Hughes Month ago

    lmao.... so bolton totally said he did mind if the anchor shared that on air, so he did it anyway!!! hahaaha "do you mind if i tell everyone?" ..."yes" .....hey guys guess what i just heard!!

  • Jonathan Luoto
    Jonathan Luoto Month ago +1

    How many Scaramuccis did he last?

  • Shahid Ali
    Shahid Ali Month ago

    Excellent decision of Trump. He is getting rid of his staff who are mentally sick who wants wars. Wars can not solve problems.It will create serious problems and hate.

  • Marcus Mees
    Marcus Mees Month ago

    Don't you think Trump might deserve the Noble peace prize? Just saying ;-)

  • Geo Bo
    Geo Bo Month ago

    Trump fires only the best people.

  • F Hackman
    F Hackman Month ago

    I guess Bolton can finally get out that suit and return to his favorite pastime... Being Rich Uncle Pennybags

  • Tommie Benford
    Tommie Benford Month ago

    When will the Republican party let go?Men&Woman of this party has given up on morals and disencey.

  • Zina
    Zina Month ago +3

    Trump picked him but he only picks the BEST PEOPLE and then fires them...😂😂

  • Mohd malim esanudin Mohd

    Assad curse is still on rampage

  • Franco Ferreira
    Franco Ferreira Month ago

    Trevor , you are n puppet, grow a backbone.

  • Helgali
    Helgali Month ago +1

    Same in Brazil. Crazy shit happens at the gov but the guy has still supporters somehow.