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In this video we teach you the basics of getting started on your skateboard. We start with the basic of basics which is how to get your foot correctly placed on your skateboard for riding around. After that we go over the basics of how you should switch your feet around when you're pushing. Then we go into a tutorial of a simple skateboard trick that you can go outside right now and learn right away. Finally we get into the tricks you're going to learn and the correct order to learn them in once you start really progressing on your skateboard.

Check out our Learn To Skateboard playlist for all of our tutorials including ollie, kickflip and much more: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL34F060CE1BA3E968

Check out our website for more on learning how to skateboard including the Skateboarding Made Simple series which are the most detailed tutorials on skateboarding EVER made: http://www.brailleskateboarding.com/shop/

Skateboarding Made Simple Volume covers the basics!

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Автор Megos Hong ( назад)
how can I ried like Bart?

Автор Mac Doodles ( назад)
So should me dominant foot be the one always on the board or the one pushing me forward?

Автор Danielp101010 Channel ( назад)
I am still a beginner and I tried what he said and broke my left elbow and villa bone

Автор Martian Editor ( назад)
which is the best beginner skateboard ??

Автор sixstringprison1 ( назад)
two words. shin splints.

Автор BTS A.R.M.Y ( назад)
Can somebody tell me? Cause Everytime I jump on the board it slide forward and I fall

Автор BTS A.R.M.Y ( назад)
Can somebody tell me? Everytime I jump on the board it slide forward and I fall

Автор Yesenia M ( назад)
I'm scared to fall because I don't have my full gear But I think that once I fall I will be even more confident.

Автор Krazey_ ( назад)
You make it look so easy

Автор Poppy Parnham ( назад)
can put your feet forward instead of side ways

Автор Silver Playz ( назад)
nice tutorial

Автор KingGummy Worm ( назад)
I ride scooters but I'm trying out skateboards now and their fun even tho I fall on my ass 😂

Автор Elaine Forever ( назад)
hi thanks for it

Автор Changsang Chingmak ( назад)
Also try to make a video to ride a segway

Автор BasicRenzo // Chrono Legend ( назад)
I had a skateboard ad on this video lol

Автор oLUNAo ( назад)
Ive never had that and I just started

Автор Blood Eagle Gamer ( назад)
got my first skate board from SIMS it works pretty good and this helped me a lot in my skate boarding skills thanks for this video :)

Автор Gabe sonntag ( назад)
just stop with your foot

Автор The Vainglorious ( назад)
Thank now I can ride it

Автор Not a waifu ( назад)
I keep using my front foot to push... it's so hard to for me to feel comfortable with having my right foot to the front and left one to the back because I keep using my left to push

Автор abn still ( назад)
cool vid thanks man and i love your narration...very Mr. Rogers vibe going on haha i dig it

Автор Loui chen ( назад)
Thank you so much! I realised that I've been pushing and just skating wrong general.
Finally figured out what I've done wrong!

Автор Ann Marie James ( назад)
Thanks for teaching me

Автор Ann Marie James ( назад)
I need to Ollie

Автор Bl4zC Gaming ( назад)
i dont know what to do i can only skate with my left foot forward. but i can only do tricks with my right foot forwards

Автор Dalibor Stojkovski ( назад)
tnx for tip dude

Автор YOLO119_YT ( назад)
wow thanks this is very helpful

Автор Luca The skater ( назад)
Thanks so mutch I know how to skate

Автор Dark & Bright ( назад)
Plaese subscribe to my channel andmy goal is to hit 1000 subscriberPlaese help me with it!

Автор Seppo Taalasmaa ( назад)
i just bought a cruiser today and just learning pushing and the basics is fun to me! shame i dont live in a place with lots of sidewalks or parking lots to just push around at

Автор ChickenNugg ( назад)
I've pennyboarded for a while now, and I was thinking the basics would be the same. Would they be?

Автор Ryan Luong ( назад)
I'm going to start skateboarding, so any tips and/or tricks?

Автор Jose Bibera ( назад)
guys what a about a waveboard im sure youve heard it

Автор Yero ( назад)
Hey, I started skateboarding week ago and I really need help what should I do.. Just ride only? Till i will start feel "natural" with riding? Its kinda boring just ride, ride, ride.. I want to learn some tricks too :/ So what should I? Continue just riding and then start learning tricks? And which order? Ride - Ollie - Pop Shove it - and next?

Автор art-kid ( назад)
i've been riding my brothers longboard till couple days ago because the jackass hid it from me, but thankfully i got my own yesterday. and just now am i getting comfortable with mines since its different from my brothers.

anyways, as i got to the part where you said its better pushing with your back feet i got curious. why is it better to do that than pushing with your front? i find it way comfortable & easy pushing with my front foot.

Автор Koolgaming//pokemonmasters Thekoolgamer ( назад)
I'm 80 and I still skate

Автор Brandon R. ( назад)
I've been skateboarding for some six weeks now and I've already sprained my ankle, twice. What does it take to break a bone? How soon does that happen? And do experienced skaters on here have any tips on how to avoid that?

Автор jeremy's gameplay Studio ( назад)
WOW! i only know how to move and push though i do find in easier to put my non push foot on the back instead though i still put my non push foot on the front i Have LIKED AND SUBSCRIBED #Thanks

Автор Mari Khvichia ( назад)
well done. i love skateboards. i'm going to buy it very soon and i;m happy. you guys are best

Автор Jemma Zae ( назад)
Hey there!!I have a question.My skateboard is bent only on one side.So,which side should I put in front of me?The smooth side or the bent side?Thanks in advance!!

Автор iamtriggeredandimnotapeopeoplepersonok bye._. ( назад)
Thank you so much!!! This helped a lot. I'm almost 11, and I got the skate board when I was 9. I didn't use it until now. I have a goal for myself, which is to learn 3 tricks by the end of the month. Because of your video, I can now skate properly!

Автор KHALM ( назад)

Автор Random Central ( назад)
How do people disLike this guy. How can you not love him??!!?!?

Автор Zach Taylor ( назад)
Whoops, I barely can do an ollie, I need to work on getting them higher so I can do backside and frontside 180s. But I learned how to ollie first. Then today I just learned how to pop shove-it and I landed a couple.

Автор lla uoy llik lliw i ! ( назад)
what if i ride mongo? xD

Автор crazydude947 ( назад)
Am I the only one who got a skater trainer ad before the video?

Автор Novi Slime ( назад)
i can do it but in my area theres to many cracks can you do a video about how to skate on cracky roads

Автор BG 007 ( назад)
you should use your non dominant foot first

Автор Subaquatic Succ ( назад)
So I would kick a ball with my right foot... I place my right foot on the board and push with my left then, right??

Автор GlitchingRebel - Motion and graphics designer ( назад)
I was actually wanting to do a kick flip since i thought all u did is just kick the board

Автор Antonio aka Toni Flipper Ironstaff ( назад)
How do you turn

Автор Andrew SSGSS ( назад)
I can Ollie now

Автор Andrew SSGSS ( назад)
I push mongo

Автор SkullGamer ( назад)
The only problem I have is that I lose balance easily when I go fast

Автор stupidboyrofl ( назад)
winter season is almost over :( cannot snowboard until the end of the year thats why i came to this channel haha

Автор Professor Penguin ( назад)
When you realize Aaron Kyro has the same skate shoes as you.

Автор P. Sivalingam ( назад)
On my street, there is a very slight incline so when I skate down one direction I actually go quite fast but when I try going the other direction I can't seem to gain much distance on a push or two even when the rise is only slight. Is there a solution to this problem?

Автор Sheri R ( назад)
how do u steer

Автор Cody Ellis ( назад)
thank u

Автор Correy Beasley ( назад)
what size wheels are those?

Автор GloRia FaCchiNetTi ( назад)
put like if you're watching in 2017

Автор KingJa ( назад)
This is the best beginners tutorial I can't wait to go on my skateboard

Автор Og Faista ( назад)
bruh I can't even go forward I don't wanna risk falling lmqo

Автор The Shadow Guy ( назад)
@ 2:29 I see someone painted metal wich I love love because I'm a metalhead

Автор The Shadow Guy ( назад)
thank you so much

Автор eLL0 easten ( назад)
For some reason I can't Ollie alone but I can do other tricks (180s,kick flips, and heel flips) just fine.

Автор Abyssal Rayz ( назад)
I'm 5'3 and I have a 7.5 deck, is that way too large? bc his skateboard looks small for him,

Автор Emma Cook ( назад)
I got an add for skateboarding before this 🤣😂

Автор MagicianFlip69 ( назад)
thank you for this bro. just bought my first board this weekend. I'm no kid. I'm 36. but needed something portable and stylish commuting to work. having bike takes too much space. not that i dislike riding a bike. but just something I wouldn't bring around the city. could be inconvenient sometimes. as opposed to having a board which is smaller and can be attached to specialized Oakley backpacks

Автор Impulse ( назад)
The main thing to effectively go from using your foot to accelerate and just gliding off that is rotating your ankles. Practice rotating your ankles so it is easier. This is coming from a beginner so don't trust me 😂

Автор I Have No Name ( назад)
I started skating today for the first time. I can do both sides but turning or stopping is a problem any tips?

Автор TWrecks ( назад)
Here is my options i can go to skatepark on weekends but my parents have to drive me bcuz its nowhere close and i have a porch that is not that spacey and my driveway which isnt big and the road and people drive on it to much i dont really live in a neighborhoodiah area and the sidewalk which is straight no turning possible okay big booooi

Автор Shy Strange Manic ( назад)
I'm almost 30 and it suddenly dawned on my that I've always loved watching people skate but never done it because i always told myself I can't, and I suddenly realised i'm gonna regret it. Got myself a board from a charity shop today so I'm gonna just go for it!

Автор 28 Savage ( назад)
lmao my bro just told me to get the hell on the board and do a kickflip

Автор godwin brilata ( назад)
Woah! thx man now all i need is to keep practicing so that i can join my friends skating crew called "The Skaters"

Автор Skater 600 ( назад)
Guys I been skating for 2 weeks and I know how to ollie,180 and Manual off curbs but lm having trouble trying to shuv-it any tips guys?😤😩😩

Автор eNovagi ( назад)
i bought a skateboard at a garage sail for $5 and it was in really good shape

Автор LP Tube ( назад)
0:18 your ass man 😔

Автор Brandon Rhodes ( назад)
I'm 17 and have always wanted to learn how to skate, but I just can't.

every time I try to ride it, it just goes in to the grass or i fall, so I just gave it up.

It's to hard.

Автор Pushkar Bhosle ( назад)
thats amazing

Автор James Coble ( назад)
veryveryveryveryveryveryveryvery very very very very very very good

Автор Michael 14 ( назад)
jumping on my skateboatd was a death sentence for me

Автор Damian Wayne ( назад)
I always wanted to learn how to ride and like do tricks on a skateboard. But I'm like afraid. Cause I see al these other good skaters. And I might embarrass myself 😔😑

Автор Damian Wayne ( назад)
Define skate shoes?

Автор Socan ( назад)
I'm just here since I ride mango and I should stop

Автор 501st Headstrong ( назад)
just got my board today. hyped

Автор trii ( назад)
uhhhhh what about balance I CANT

Автор Alvin Tan ( назад)
Whenever I try to skate, the board just comes to a halt after like 3 feet. Any tips?

Автор Connor Williams ( назад)
How did you guys learn what foot to put forward?

Автор Zineb Majaoudou ( назад)
show me how to skatebord

Автор Spicy Memes ( назад)
I try pushing normally but it feels more comfortable doing mango I'm trying to ride normally but when I do i start turning left any advice how to put backfoot when riding normally

Автор AnarantiumZadeeRBLX ( назад)
my board just wont turn. i'm probably getting a new one soon

Автор Dan Bohen ( назад)
thank you for teaching us

Автор Silver ( назад)
Time to impress my crush

Автор Meeeeeeeeep101 ( назад)
I want a skateboard on my birthday! Because my school's history class is so far away! Using a skateboard will let me travel faster! So I decided, why don't I watch a video? This video helped me alot!

Автор SiNister Wolf ( назад)
Thanks i really some info on how to skate for beginners, also which skateboard should i buy for my first time skating?

Автор Amber Hernandez ( назад)
I feel like people are going to judge me 🙄😂

Автор Tala The wolf ( назад)
I'm 22 and I haven't skated since I was 8-10 I remember My first board had Rocket power on the bottom (All 90's kids better know that show)

Автор hamousa hamdsoy ( назад)

Автор Mar_МаНДаРиНЧиК) ( назад)
Hello from 2k17!

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