• Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • #Bitcoin “FOMO Trigger” $10k? Russia to legalize digital assets, but not $LIBRA? Facebook coin backlash, Bancor restricts USA, $LTC debit cards, Kucoin lists $BNB, why we need DEXs, crypto news, and more!
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    Intro Credit:
    1:20 Bitcoin FOMO Trigger:
    10:10 Bancor restricts USA:
    11:33 DEXs 101:
    13:05 Binance Research: Libra:
    14:47 Maxine Waters calls for Libra halt:
    16:16 Russia to legalize crypto, but not Libra:
    18:48 Litecoin (LTC) debit card:
    19:17 ICON x Infinity Stones:
    19:39 Fusion (FSN) update:
    20:17 Kucoin (KCS) lists BNB: KuCoinUpdates/status/1141235918281613312
    20:35 Charles Hoskinson AMA;
    22:10 More evidence against CSW:
    22:29 The original tweet: jimmy007forsure/status/1140572061342945285
    22:36 GUBER tokens:
    23:53 Ban crypto? Never! APompliano/status/1140674516835872768
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    Why BITCOIN Price WILL Continue to RISE! The REAL THREAT of Facebook’s $LIBRA
    Watch this video again because it's awesome:
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    • Hyper Hektor
      Hyper Hektor 7 months ago

      Facebookcoin is technically e-money and not a cryptocoin. They are more like Ripple.

    • Aleš Klíma
      Aleš Klíma 7 months ago

      Please allow eng. subtitles! Thanks!

    • Grey Walz
      Grey Walz 7 months ago

      Altcoin daily are awesome!

    • Chad Bennington
      Chad Bennington 7 months ago +2

      @Hatchet UK The "Facebook imposter" trying to drain money out of the crypto market is Altcoin Daily😂😂😂

    • Hatchet UK
      Hatchet UK 7 months ago

      Are you concerned at all with the possibility of the Facebook imposter draining money out of the crypto market? even if its short term

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    Wicked channel.. Ledger you say? Yes please!!!!

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    Great job Crypto Zombie... Would love a Nano

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    Jon Doe 7 months ago

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  • Fernando Ferreira
    Fernando Ferreira 7 months ago

    Could Lolbrah become THE de facto electronic currency (since it'll be necessarily quite easy to use)?
    I'm very afraid of it monopolizing all crypto in under an year.
    Lolbrah may be the first real e-money for its widespread USE (adoption) and reliability (as FB is potentially going to get millions of users to start transacting it RIGHT AWAY, with an insane potential 1 BILLION plus market users to follow sooner than later.
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    Sucheta K 7 months ago

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  • Sucheta K
    Sucheta K 7 months ago

    Winklevoss and Graystone bet all on bitcoin from billionaire to the fund that lost the most $. Sums up the space

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    Pat Durkin 7 months ago

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