Trump Launches Missile Strike on Syria

  • Опубликовано: 7 апр 2017
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    The U.S. launched a cruise missile attack against Syria two days after Bashar al-Assad’s regime used poison gas to kill scores of civilians, an act that drew international condemnation and that President Donald Trump called “an affront to humanity.”The strike Syria targeted hangars, planes and fuel tanks at one Syrian military airfield, according to a U.S. official. The U.S. attacked with about 60 Raytheon Co. Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from two Navy destroyers.
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Комментарии • 130

  • JOSE 74
    JOSE 74 2 месяца назад

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸U.S NAVY POWER!!💪💪💪💪

  • Marina
    Marina 2 месяца назад

    Welp I have a good reason to play the Hell Naw song now.

  • AboutMy FathersBusiness
    AboutMy FathersBusiness 2 месяца назад

    This is such BS. They gotta keep playing the "Gas" script. Like we are so gullible. We will not send our sons and daughters to die for a NWO pipeline. This puppet president and his phony cabinet make me physically sick!!

  • ali alkhawaji
    ali alkhawaji 2 месяца назад

    Old video from 2011

  • Coast to Coast videos
    Coast to Coast videos 2 месяца назад

    This is actually from 2017 the month of April April of 2018 will be different

  • TourdeFrance20131
    TourdeFrance20131 2 месяца назад

    Dont let Nostradamus be right about the destruction of our planet.
    Therefore back off and go home to Trump and to Putin and to Assad.
    We see the Syrian refugee casualties near our Dutch village.
    They are missing limbs, are in wheelchairs both legs lost.
    They have children.
    Come on at a certain point they need to go back to their homes in Syria hopefully again.

    The only question raised is who is going to pay for this war? Or is that fucking budget lost???
    Trump the business man he is wants his money back now.
    And he is coming to grab it back by forcing it with even more power.
    So he can make deals with a new puppet government in which Syria has to pay for US help
    But of course all countries want building contracts for the next 80 years to rebuilt the ruined Syria.
    But now who is that winner and who is going to get those contracts?
    Guess is Putin But damn they have to work together not in an aggressive way.
    This can be solved only with negotiations not by using extra force trying to overthrow Assad.
    Also Assad needs to cooperate.

    So to speak Russia, Putin is has to make this step now once and for all in peace negotiations and bussiness negotiations.
    What they need to do is sharing future contracts and sharing profits thats all.

    So Trump you old grabber come and get your share. perhaps you want a holiday house also right along the mediteranean sea with your wonderfull mega yaght also right there where it belongs.
    And Putin well I like to be invited for a nice meal of the best Russian Quisine with my superior idea. But of course I want a dacha also and I want to be your advisor.
    My ideas are good for everyone.

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus 2 месяца назад

    Hi, mercy and justice must be balanced. This is justice. God bless, Proverbs 31

  • Loser Loser Chicken Cruiser
    Loser Loser Chicken Cruiser 5 месяцев назад

    About 200 Thousand peoples died in Syria on my birthday.

  • Khalil Williams
    Khalil Williams 7 месяцев назад


  • JS TX
    JS TX 11 месяцев назад

    this video is from 2011 by "military notes"

  • Nick Yates
    Nick Yates Год назад

    music to my ears

  • Kirby
    Kirby Год назад

    And now we're fucked. The base was allied with Russia.

  • Ness Gemios
    Ness Gemios Год назад

    ....Well... Yeah, Trump is doing something and in some ways is great! But... WWIII Remember?

    • Patriot of Justice
      Patriot of Justice 8 месяцев назад

      Ness Gemios Still waiting for that WWIII. Technically, we should have had it already with NK, with how many missiles they've fired at us and Japan, the war propaganda of hitting a US Navy vessel, a video of America in a nuclear fallout, threats to wipe out Guam, not to mention it was voted unanimously twice by the UN for tougher sanctions on NK.
      Despite what celebrities and Fake News try to portray him to be, Trump is actually doing a good job as president. After the first missile launch, that would give us reason to go to war. Instead, Trump is shooting down missiles while spending months trying to resolve this diplomatically to avoid needless death.

  • Nader
    Nader Год назад +8

    Are you watching Obama? This is how it's done.

  • kevin martinez
    kevin martinez Год назад

    50 tomahawk cruise missles those are rookie numbers you gotta pump those numbers up.

  • Sam Fragrance
    Sam Fragrance Год назад +2

    ww3.....oh hell naw

  • mohammed harshak
    mohammed harshak Год назад

    us launches missile on nethanyahus ass..

  • Brandi Boone
    Brandi Boone Год назад

    keep it up Trump good job

  • ya znayu
    ya znayu Год назад

    Fuck russians!

  • Yellow Submarine
    Yellow Submarine Год назад

    its sad that even a few tomahawk can cause a world war 3 lol

  • Miguel Molina
    Miguel Molina Год назад +1

    Trump Trump Trump, your an idiot.

  • СКВ
    СКВ Год назад

    United States of America whose history began with the genocide of the local population (Indians). Americans like to kill other nations? But why?

    • СКВ
      СКВ Год назад

      Do not like the truth?
      Do not be afraid, your hamburger will still be in your throat. And your ass will still get fat, while the Syrian children will die from the explosions of American tamagawks, launched in the name of "American democracy." Eat more, fuck your female and die fat. Unhappy Americans with a brain in a fat ass.

    • Scott Mayfield
      Scott Mayfield Год назад

      calm down little communist

  • al bundy
    al bundy Год назад

    people forget that when vlad the impaler entered Syria his navy launched cruise missiles that wiped out about a few hundred to a few thousand Syrian civilians ,dependind who you trust , ass had or the freedom fighters as issis is a small faction there

  • Nightmare To Dawn
    Nightmare To Dawn Год назад

    The end

  • Charlie Janto
    Charlie Janto Год назад


  • Левша Правша
    Левша Правша Год назад +1

    +18 кацапам водят членом по губам ))

  • Shamsi Shishvan
    Shamsi Shishvan Год назад

    The salient dilemma is, why Assad used chemicals at the time that his army is very close to re-control Syrian territories!! Is it not in thefavor of rebel or its supporters? The most important factor that it differiniate us from. animal, it is the power of rational thinking.

  • Novak Novikov
    Novak Novikov Год назад

    Why is it Sunset here? It was supposed to be 3:46 a.m. local time. The CNN shows black starless night launches.

  • I dont know Anymore
    I dont know Anymore Год назад

    What the actual fuck. Is he starting a world war 3 now? What is fucking happening.

    • I dont know Anymore
      I dont know Anymore Год назад

      Im just really confused about what is happening? Im kinda hiding from american politics n shit

  • john osborn
    john osborn Год назад

    Cosmetic combat, Syrians, tipped by Russians after being warned by Trump to avoid any casualties moved equipment, men. No casualties, no serious destruction, no chemical weapons evaporated, even runways--by Trump's own admission--not even damaged, air base back in operation barely 36 hours.

  • Padip Deb
    Padip Deb Год назад

    good us

  • Michael Tamil
    Michael Tamil Год назад

    what happened to s-400 missile system ? it not work against tomahawk ?

  • Kobz
    Kobz Год назад +2

    All the comments be saying that Assad used chemicals and attacked his own people. Now why would he do that? That is just the media brainwashing you fools.

  • Balkan mapping
    Balkan mapping Год назад

    with this ship Bill Clinton attacked Srbia in1999

  • Basarga Loran
    Basarga Loran Год назад

    It turns out that ISIS has its own fleet with cruise missiles.

  • Jonas Edwards
    Jonas Edwards Год назад +1

    oh yea baby ,we aint playing USA

    • AboutMy FathersBusiness
      AboutMy FathersBusiness 2 месяца назад

      Jonas Edwards; Yes "The evil Empire". Until your son or daughter dies over there for a pipeline project. Idiot.

  • gamer
    gamer Год назад

    they isis Terrorists are cowards who hide among innocent people and dare not show themselves when the missile will to kill isis terrorists so it's isis terrorists wrong to innocent people die ISIS terrorists hiding among innocent people

  • MrReallionaire100
    MrReallionaire100 Год назад

    Art of the deal, Trump hits 2 birds with one stone, by ordering the attack on Syria while the Chinese President was visiting, kinda risky, but sends a message that not only Trump will tolerate Russia's and Syria's bullshit , but he won't tolerate China's and North Korea's bullshit!!!

  • odiberzbn
    odiberzbn Год назад

    Enough terrorist are killing and destroying Syria , chimo is pretext to attack Syria , mercenaries Terrorist from more than eighty four country fighting in Syria against the regime, they paid from Saudi Arabia and cater

  • Tom Rukos
    Tom Rukos Год назад

    Regardless how you feel about Syria, our technology is superior to ALL.

  • Zachary Donnelly
    Zachary Donnelly Год назад

    What is the black flag?

  • Exo dist
    Exo dist Год назад

    if theres war. let there be. Were never gonna get peace

  • Chad Chadman
    Chad Chadman Год назад

    Hope I don't get to use the sun factor 5000 skin cream I bought !

  • bannon1000
    bannon1000 Год назад +2

    Well done USA

  • Gaz Ed
    Gaz Ed Год назад +1

    Trump just making a few sand bunkers for his new golf course

  • Fun And Lit FUN AND VLOGS
    Fun And Lit FUN AND VLOGS Год назад

    So we can kill you too!!!!!fuck you guy the people from Syria 🇸🇾 don't have the falt the you fucken ass holes were born man go hang your self!!!!!!🖕🏼🖕🏽🖕🏽

  • Fun And Lit FUN AND VLOGS
    Fun And Lit FUN AND VLOGS Год назад

    Thxs for being with Donal Trump

  • leaderless society
    leaderless society Год назад

    The question is, how sure the US government that Syria is using chemical weapon to attack people?

    • can nack
      can nack Год назад +1

      sure enought to launch 60 missiles

  • Scorching Hot News
    Scorching Hot News  Год назад +7

    I'm shock that Trump has done this, I find it hard to understand that Al-Assad's would launch a Chemical attack whilst he is winning the war against the Terrorists and the US said they would not remove him. Sorry this does not make sense to me and I know there is way much more to this story. I also find Hillary Clinton supporting Trump on his Actions alarming. I hope Trump hasnt sold his Soul to the Globalist because that would be sad for Mankind.
    I urge President Trump please meet with Mr Putin and work together for Peace on this Earth. God be with you.

    • buddacafe
      buddacafe 6 дней назад

      Oh man you fucking ant-trump assholes. I'm Mexican, did my home work and know it was necessary.

    • Sarina Freeman
      Sarina Freeman 13 дней назад

      winning the war against the Terrorists ..that is civil war.. why u speak the same words of china and assad?why u pro putin?

    • Dimas F. Yanuarico
      Dimas F. Yanuarico Год назад +2

      Scorching Hot News i read article that putin want to bomb isis but the bomb land on rebel

  • FuckYourFeelings
    FuckYourFeelings Год назад +11

    That American flag looks more glorious than ever! Sending a message Obama is OUT and Trump is in, were leading from the Front now, not from the back. #TRUMP2020

    • utcada
      utcada 2 месяца назад

      This video is from 2011 during the Obama administration lmao dumb ass

    • Rebecca
      Rebecca 9 месяцев назад +1


    • David W.
      David W. Год назад +4

      FuckYourFeelings hypocrisy in American politics is very funny. Obama refused to get involved in the middle East without Congressional approval yet conservatives called him a globalist and a pussy. Trump intervenes directly in a country that has nothing to do with the us and risks war with Russia all without

  • BW fishing
    BW fishing Год назад +2

    Talk about them having terrorism with the chemical attack. Trump just put us in a bad position. It wasn't his place to do that

  • Kingdaddy Ciappetta
    Kingdaddy Ciappetta Год назад +10

    Trump acted out of conscience and I'm all for it! What a stark difference between Obama and Trump. Reminds me of Carter and Reagan. Obama apologizes, Russia walks all over him. Trump takes decisive action over the same issue, Now Russia takes a seat at the children's table. North Korea shakes a fist while they wet their draws, I suppose Iran burned an extra flag today, screw'em!

  • Defence Line
    Defence Line Год назад


  • Chancellor Merkelisms
    Chancellor Merkelisms Год назад +4

    Smoke em if you got em boys. It's showtime. AGAIN. HAHAH
    Were back bitch.

  • Mario Hermoso
    Mario Hermoso Год назад +8

    ISIS must be very happy watching this videos. IT IS OFFIAL FOLKS: Donald Trump supports TERRORIST.Just like Hillary and Obama.

    • Tino A.
      Tino A. Год назад

      Purged Reapers *you're

    • Mario Hermoso
      Mario Hermoso Год назад

      You comprende no ? Pendejo ? your President is a terrorista y puto.

    • Purged Reapers
      Purged Reapers Год назад

      Hey Mario do me a favor ( I'm neutral on subjects. Idk what happen entirely) if your going to cry or something spell the simple words right. Official*

    • Dennis Vance
      Dennis Vance Год назад +1

      Mario Hermoso references? No, I didn't think so.

  • MattSynyster
    MattSynyster Год назад +9

    God bless the United States of America

  • Sada Yukinaga
    Sada Yukinaga Год назад +1

    battlefield 4 is now real life

  • Oscar Valdez
    Oscar Valdez Год назад +3

    That chemical attack was most likely orchestrated by the United States, and probably in accordance with Russia. The United States did the same thing with Libya, Africa and Afghanistan

    • AboutMy FathersBusiness
      AboutMy FathersBusiness 2 месяца назад

      American Not American't- You and your president just did you Nazi troll.

    • American Not American't
      American Not American't 7 месяцев назад

      Oscar Valdez we don’t use chemicals on civilians you pathetic Russians troll.

    • David GN
      David GN Год назад +3

      Oscar Valdez You don't know shit.

  • Damien81ful
    Damien81ful Год назад +20

    Patriotism is back

  • Karris Dabney
    Karris Dabney Год назад

    okay. I understand

  • fEkuaR
    fEkuaR Год назад +1

    Get some!

  • pedro arbelo
    pedro arbelo Год назад +4


  • volodymyr motyka
    volodymyr motyka Год назад +4

    Шкода, що не по росії.

  • william curry
    william curry Год назад +5

    mr. president you LIED ..PERIOD - so very saddened

    • angry try hard
      angry try hard Год назад

      MrReallionaire100 Every president says "we don't like war" **JFK funnelled troops in to that DISASTER that was the Vietnam war** yaaaaaaaa he's tooooootaly honest.

    • MrReallionaire100
      MrReallionaire100 Год назад +1

      angry try hard JFK easy

    • angry try hard
      angry try hard Год назад +1

      william curry name one politician that hasn't lied

  • Knife Nut
    Knife Nut Год назад +8

    I support you TRUMP. We won't tolerate anyone hurting and killing innocent children. Bitch Obama should take lessons on what men do.

  • JohnNash82
    JohnNash82 Год назад

    Надеюсь у нашего президента хватит мозгов не обострять отношения с Америкой.

  • Karris Dabney
    Karris Dabney Год назад +2

    Make America stronger again!

  • Karris Dabney
    Karris Dabney Год назад +1

    Putin your turn

    • F% liars
      F% liars Год назад

      The fears toward Russian nuclear arsenal made all those mess
      It's time to act against Russia by making a total boycott toward that crappy country, but western europeans are too cowards to act against "their" master

    • Beastt559
      Beastt559 Год назад +1

      Karris Dabney but we dont want to go to war with Russia, we want to be closer allies with them. I was we could do the same with North Korea but China is holding us back but thankfully we have Trump and he will do anything for the United States

    • F% liars
      F% liars Год назад +2

      The next (I hope) is Kim Jong-un
      About Russia, a more than serious preparation is needed! :)

  • Karris Dabney
    Karris Dabney Год назад

    Where's snoop?

  • Mike  Mcorky
    Mike Mcorky Год назад +3

    Keep playing Assad and your ass is next!!!!

  • Derrick Frost
    Derrick Frost Год назад +3

    Give em some freedom boys enough of Syria

  • TeqzEnt
    TeqzEnt Год назад +31

    Murica Fuck yea

    • guano man
      guano man Год назад +6

      TeqzEnt fuckin this

  • Randomly Casual
    Randomly Casual Год назад +2


  • Kobe Jordan
    Kobe Jordan Год назад +1

    Like this link

  • daboys1215
    daboys1215 Год назад +18

    About time we have someone who actually does something instead of talking about it.

  • Anonymous Never Forgets
    Anonymous Never Forgets Год назад +10

    America, fuck yea.. Comin to save the mothafuckin day yea

    BORN TO DIE Год назад +8


  • It's every day bro Wiffleball
    It's every day bro Wiffleball Год назад +25

    God bless America no war please

    • Eliya Ashkar
      Eliya Ashkar 2 месяца назад

      Knife Nut Nice joke bro, they're supported by russia

    • Zach E
      Zach E 6 месяцев назад

      No war please? I have had stupid ISIS fucks sending me beheadings and trying to feed me Shitty Sand Propaganda. They have built the Hell they are living in for eternity through the sins they have committed.

    • Knife Nut
      Knife Nut Год назад

      LéaDaWulf You're so fucking stupid bitch liberal. Syria can't bomb us, they don't have a Air Force that could even begin to bombing us. Let me know when your fake news channels tell you world war 3 starts.

    • LéaDaWulf
      LéaDaWulf Год назад

      U.S is ready to shoot missiles at North Korea anytime now. We just gotta wait until Trump's word.

  • chaosXpert
    chaosXpert Год назад +6

    Rip Syrian soldiers

  • The Broken Legacy
    The Broken Legacy Год назад