Wish.com Random Item Reviews 3 | Ashens

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • It's wish.com! The website of your dreams! If you have very strange dreams about odd items.
    Time for another dip into the random item bin of Lucky 9. Hope you like rings, tools and weird coins!
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  • Chris Chan
    Chris Chan Day ago

    I've seen the angle even used for exact cutting and copying cuts on drywall.for pipes or other protrusions that you need access. Although the one I seen was made from aluminum.

  • Adam Bridges
    Adam Bridges Day ago

    I love sequence.

  • RadiationHazard
    RadiationHazard 3 days ago

    The NSA coin. The answer to your questions of whether they spy on foreigners or citizens.
    The answer is Yes.

  • Christopher Schneider

    When the word was Sequence I said "I hope he gets the game Sequence" and then you did! Such a great game.

  • Minor League Gaming
    Minor League Gaming 3 days ago

    those are C Clip pliers. they spring out to hold the C clip open so it can be inserted on whatever.

  • Darryl Tott
    Darryl Tott 4 days ago

    Please don’t give up the mystery boxes. These are actually my favourite of your videos

  • Soul Blade13
    Soul Blade13 4 days ago

    Beam me up Scotty.

  • Richard Norman
    Richard Norman 4 days ago

    now what is a c clip you may ask ? quest time to find the secrets will lead you to a dingy garage and an oil coved man claiming to be an expert ( don't believe him for a second). often referred to a mechanic. they are a law unto themselves attracted to rust and ill gotten gains much like trolls in there caves. "maybe I changed your oil filter may be I did not but still took your coin let the fates deride if you vehicle lives another day". this is usually said retreating behind a lockable door where the have made a nest form over due tax return paperwork. beware as the quest for the answer of the c clip is a perilous one.

  • Richard Norman
    Richard Norman 4 days ago

    C clip pliers l

  • Moody Blues
    Moody Blues 5 days ago

    Oh dear.... ohhhh dear... I have no idea what I would use that for..


    Angle: My thats very useful.

  • Samoa Monroe
    Samoa Monroe 6 days ago

    Snap ring pliersyay

  • Scooty Scoot
    Scooty Scoot 6 days ago

    13:51 so that’s where Wavves got that album cover from

  • Thea aaa
    Thea aaa 7 days ago

    Should make a tarot version of the sequence game

  • Alexander Valentine
    Alexander Valentine 7 days ago +1

    It has been a while. But I guess Polybius stuff didn't give you enough time to do more videos.

  • James Graham
    James Graham 7 days ago

    I am sexually offended

  • Kieran Campire
    Kieran Campire 7 days ago

    "Away you go! You foul top!" ah yes, a common saying in the gay community

  • DmD
    DmD 7 days ago

    "Has RUclip been acting up and not notifying me of new ashen videos?" No, Ashens is just busy and didn't have the foresight to prepare videos in advance.

  • ckerazor
    ckerazor 8 days ago +1

    Hope Ash is well

    • ckerazor
      ckerazor 8 days ago +2

      +ANEX I don't follow him on other media platforms, so thanks for letting me know.

    • ANEX
      ANEX 8 days ago +2

      Yeah he is, he just finished filming Game child 2

  • Leewise
    Leewise 9 days ago

    No video in 2 weeks

  • ArchangelExile
    ArchangelExile 9 days ago

    Where you at bro?

    • ANEX
      ANEX 8 days ago +1

      He's been filming the Game child sequel check his Twitter

  • Finn Reynolds
    Finn Reynolds 9 days ago

    I miss you

  • Martine Dingivan
    Martine Dingivan 10 days ago

    Hey wants that😍😍the ring i meanits cool😍😘

  • Mexie Mex
    Mexie Mex 11 days ago +1

    Suprised by Ashens depth of knowledge of tarot, followed by (considering the tarot knowledge) the lack of knowledge of standard playing cards ;^/ (BTW Diamonds and Clubs have two eyed Jacks, and Hearts and Spades have the single-eyed ones)

  • Jaxmaximus
    Jaxmaximus 11 days ago

    Did anyone see those crack pipes on Wish ? Ashens be a madlad and order one

  • Uresan 「ウレサン」

    I remember when I was quite young and happened across one of your videos. . . I believe it was 5 years ago I just remembered you because I saw something you reviewed, happy to see your still going strong

  • Polite Cat
    Polite Cat 13 days ago

    i love it when ashens uses the UK narrator voice like "an exciting game of strategy" or other misc things he reads on the boxes in that similar voice

  • Jesse E1ford
    Jesse E1ford 13 days ago

    @13:27 DIO!!!!!

  • Dragon Beast
    Dragon Beast 13 days ago

    every time he says the word twice, i felt like i was being brainwashed

  • Rufus Hawkins
    Rufus Hawkins 14 days ago

    We are the naught point three percent!

  • 17ll3 x214
    17ll3 x214 14 days ago +1

    Ashens and Lindybeige really have to do a series together..

  • A. Schaaf
    A. Schaaf 14 days ago

    I love sequence!

  • IDontKnow WhoIAm
    IDontKnow WhoIAm 14 days ago

    At 3:48 your laugh sounds EXACTLY like Muttley's.

  • Bill T Szewski
    Bill T Szewski 14 days ago

    Milton Bradley made Sequence so you will find instructions, china just ripped it off, but nothing new there haha.

  • mjc0961
    mjc0961 14 days ago

    Yes please, do these instead of crappy Loot Crates with crappy Pop Vinyls and crappy pins and crappy shoelaces.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 14 days ago

    That coin is a challenge coin. They are usually collected by people associated with whatever organization or agency. I have a coin for each branch of the military until I gave my marines coin to a friend of mine before his deployment.

  • Finlay Chapman
    Finlay Chapman 14 days ago

    You have the greasiest sausage fingers in the world

  • Charlie C
    Charlie C 14 days ago

    Used to play Sequence with my Auntie, it actually is kinda fun. Satisfaction of connect 4 with the feeling of a texas holdem.

  • ScarabD
    ScarabD 15 days ago

    What I expected: banter about really weird wish products
    What I got: surprisingly informed information about tarot card symbolism... and banter about really weird wish products

  • Cort Foss
    Cort Foss 16 days ago


  • LadyBernkastel92
    LadyBernkastel92 16 days ago

    Yay being in the ~0.3%!
    Any one else in that group make their own miniature war gaming buildings?

  • The Life Detectives
    The Life Detectives 16 days ago

    Why did “And he’s a creepy fucker” make me laugh so much?

  • St0PmoAning PleS
    St0PmoAning PleS 16 days ago

    Love the Beatles reference

  • Gamesta100
    Gamesta100 16 days ago

    All are decks belong to us

  • Carol k
    Carol k 16 days ago

    The pliars are used for removing rings from stuff and similar stuff. theyre useful but a little niche

  • Hetaliaforever 1919
    Hetaliaforever 1919 17 days ago

    *SHIIIT SON that’s a lot of players!*

  • Kym G
    Kym G 17 days ago +1

    Don’t stop sub boxes 😭😭
    Play the board game with Barry 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • Dan Whitmore
    Dan Whitmore 17 days ago

    9:25 Ashens Card Of Judgement! 12:42 Its Skeletor's Medieval ancestor.

  • kearn3y
    kearn3y 17 days ago

    Watched on 1.75x speed. Never looking back 🔥

  • Buzzjugs
    Buzzjugs 18 days ago

    Stewart can you please give a shout out to Gaming Mill.

  • michael andrews
    michael andrews 18 days ago

    Enjoying the videos.. Wouldn't mess with tarot cards though.. Opening the door to a realm for which you have no control

  • Google User
    Google User 19 days ago

    "ahens is confused by everyday tools I use"

  • draggonhedd
    draggonhedd 19 days ago

    The pliers are snap-ring pliers. for removing and installing snap rings.

  • hex plays minecraft
    hex plays minecraft 19 days ago

    I’ve been playing sequence with my dad since I was little

  • Alexis Nightshade
    Alexis Nightshade 19 days ago

    I have the black version of that ring

  • UnStoppAble
    UnStoppAble 19 days ago

    Not seen you in like 2 years

  • Arthur Amazons
    Arthur Amazons 19 days ago

    I likeb Freddy mercury

  • Arthur Amazons
    Arthur Amazons 19 days ago +1

    I collect coins

  • Tom Leach
    Tom Leach 19 days ago

    Hang on. What happens to all the random shit he buys again?

  • gb24741
    gb24741 19 days ago

    Did you know that if you say that a wish package never arrived you get auto refunded with no checking? Everything is therefore technically freeeee

  • Acie O'Kelley
    Acie O'Kelley 19 days ago

    Sequence is a hell of a lot of fun.

  • Jackson Fitzhugh
    Jackson Fitzhugh 20 days ago

    that coin is a challenge coin lots of soldiers ,Marines and sailors carry them. the game is who ever does not have it on there person has to buy a drink .


    The devil is a Vulcan apparently.

  • Xercio
    Xercio 20 days ago

    Mate, wouldn’t it be cool to have a saw to cut the crap in half?

  • Dudley
    Dudley 20 days ago

    Sequence is awesome, and you've basically figured out the rules already but in very short. 2 players to a team but you're not allowed to communicate. Have 5 cards. Play 1. Put chip on board on that card (there are 2 of each on board). Get 5 in a row twice to win. 1 eyed jacks let you remove someone elses cards, 2 eyed jacks can be any card. Other than the number of cards and sequences being a little different with different numbers of players, that's it.

  • Chantelle Critchley
    Chantelle Critchley 20 days ago

    Those pliers are used for c clips just FYI 😂

  • Rachel Velander
    Rachel Velander 20 days ago

    I watched this channel obsessively for a good year in my adolescence, i leave for a few years, i come back at 17 years old and the channel hasn't changed a bit.
    Im taking this as further evidence that life is a simulation and you're a glitch in the system.

  • Andrew Palla
    Andrew Palla 20 days ago

    My aunt brought us sequence from Singapore and it’s a pretty okay game the first 15 times you play it...

  • Raddycal
    Raddycal 21 day ago +2


    Ashens: You can connect the lamp on to your electronics or on your *_cAT's FaCE._*

  • Jobe Elms
    Jobe Elms 21 day ago

    oh come i know i'm not the only one that thought of JoJo when he whipped out the tarot cards.

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 21 day ago

    I have one of the rings i got for £50 it was gold plated but the plating came of and now it is silver

  • Shaneoid
    Shaneoid 21 day ago

    I've only just found your channel and I'm now wondering how I've lived without it for so long!

  • technosasquatchfilms

    Snap ring pliers

  • Jeremy Brown
    Jeremy Brown 21 day ago

    The throat pliers are actually for setting traps with rubber bands that choke small animals (rodents) Or also castrating animals with rubber bands.

  • shawn williams
    shawn williams 22 days ago

    The whole random word search thing..... You Suppose to pick words that are nouns. It will work alot better.

  • yogibear2k10
    yogibear2k10 22 days ago

    I skipped through the tarot cards because they bore me to death, but not a bad video. Strange how whenever I try and get anything from wish it never arrives. Oh well. It's probably because I am not a super megastar like Stuart.

  • tatt oo sticker
    tatt oo sticker 22 days ago

    I have a Sequence game. It is actually very fun.

  • Aman4672
    Aman4672 22 days ago

    I am the 0.3%.

  • Hardlydan
    Hardlydan 22 days ago

    I thought that the horse was called Binky.

  • Rhyseyo
    Rhyseyo 22 days ago

    Do you have ANY tech to review?

  • isolated poptart
    isolated poptart 22 days ago

    I did think that's useful, now going to buy one as my squares are fucked

  • Monty Python the Flying Circus

    2 years later.........
    Ashens:- “Bloody Hell are we still doing these”......

  • Steve Sharp
    Steve Sharp 23 days ago

    I'm just amazed it actually turns up..

  • Greg Fuller
    Greg Fuller 23 days ago

    sorry, i gave up when you didn't know what snap ring pliers were.

  • Exo Dus
    Exo Dus 23 days ago +1

    That sites solo fucking sketch, top selling items include balaclavas, fake money, realistic bb guns, knuckle dusters,tasers and so much more. I ducking love it.

  • Ajax Lewis
    Ajax Lewis 23 days ago

    Why would you need angles to measure your willy

  • fagg
    fagg 23 days ago

    the box for sequence looks like it's straight out of the late 1970's

  • DragonNexus
    DragonNexus 23 days ago

    Well I have those LorT rings and I gotta say it cost me a damn sight more than £5 for all of them.

  • addy s
    addy s 23 days ago

    sequence is a very good tactical game, worth learning!

  • Mattheus Ranger
    Mattheus Ranger 23 days ago

    The pliers are for removing/installing surclips.

  • R.M.R
    R.M.R 23 days ago

    Fully support making this more frequent, it's some great content mate!! 👏👏

  • 32 22
    32 22 23 days ago

    These are always great

  • NeonDutchie
    NeonDutchie 23 days ago

    Yooo sequence is actually one of my favorite board games for some casual group fun. It's really enjoyable for what it is ;P

  • Oscar Thorpe
    Oscar Thorpe 23 days ago

    7:17 those are actually circlip pliers.

  • Pixie Pianoplayer
    Pixie Pianoplayer 23 days ago

    I wanted to say something cutting edge and clever. I can't. I just have envy for the Freddy pins.

  • panggop jio
    panggop jio 23 days ago

    I actually don't like watching the subscription boxes at all. Would love if you replaced that with these wish videos

  • Opaque Visions
    Opaque Visions 23 days ago

    I have a Sequence game. It is actually very fun.

  • Heathen Wolf
    Heathen Wolf 23 days ago

    "Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
    Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
    Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
    One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
    In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
    In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie...."
    I really need to get out more.

  • Deborah du Parc
    Deborah du Parc 23 days ago

    I need those Freddie Mercury badges 😝🙊

  • To The GAMES
    To The GAMES 23 days ago +1

    Stuart, that board game would make a perfect episode of Barshens.