Wish.com Random Item Reviews 3 | Ashens

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • It's wish.com! The website of your dreams! If you have very strange dreams about odd items.
    Time for another dip into the random item bin of Lucky 9. Hope you like rings, tools and weird coins!
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  • Notmah Cuppatea
    Notmah Cuppatea 5 days ago


  • John Kelbaugh
    John Kelbaugh 6 days ago

    Not bad Circlip pliers actually. Circlips are small springs to retain parts either on a shaft or down inside a shaft so you don't need heavy duty, just the proper fitting tips.

  • laurie childs
    laurie childs 9 days ago

    I don't know how you dress yourself in the morning, funny though

  • Floydthefuckbag
    Floydthefuckbag 11 days ago

    the NSA coin is probably bugged

  • FappleJackity
    FappleJackity 12 days ago

    Make a video with a bunch of tarot card decks!

  • NightWolfx03
    NightWolfx03 13 days ago

    Those pliers are for snap rings, they are quite useful

  • scales of justice 1979

    Send the led light to bigclive

  • Nathan B
    Nathan B 23 days ago

    I feel special, I'm one of the 0.3%! Funny, I literally said to myself "Man that is useful!" hahaha!

  • Matt Elder
    Matt Elder 23 days ago

    Those pliers are for installing or removing snap rings, not actually for picking things up.

  • Beez1717 Beez1717
    Beez1717 Beez1717 23 days ago

    I love sequence but somehow we lost the cards and chips and so we need a new game.

  • Weeble68
    Weeble68 23 days ago

    I used to have/play sequence. Decent game. A bit like scrabble, instead of tiles it's cards. Two rows of 5 to win. One jack allows you to place a piece anywhere, one jack allows you to remove an opponents piece. Once you make 5 in a row, those 5 discs are turned over and can't be removed. I think making 5 in a row also lets you remove an opponents piece. Each turn a player chooses to swap a card (discard one they're holding, put it face-up in a pile and take a new card from the top of the deck) or put a piece on the board.

  • Zachariah Hood
    Zachariah Hood 24 days ago

    Snap ring pliers

  • Paul
    Paul 24 days ago

    The one ring doesnt really make sense since they msde multiple rings for all the kings etc. Never got that.

  • Henry Rice
    Henry Rice 24 days ago

    ...and the Name of Death's Horse?


  • Patryk Rozborski
    Patryk Rozborski 28 days ago +2

    You've touched the temperance card. It has no weaknesses! Only thing you can do now is cut off your hand

    • eins2001
      eins2001 20 days ago

      Needs more holes in it

  • Pomme De Terre
    Pomme De Terre 28 days ago

    7:57 i actually collect shit like that

  • Osvaldo TV
    Osvaldo TV 29 days ago

    cool video, love the format.
    You sound exactly like youtuber Techmoan

  • Dominic Esquivel
    Dominic Esquivel 29 days ago

    Ha look at all those faggots!

  • thanos kermit
    thanos kermit 29 days ago

    the pliers arent identical two are at different angles

  • Bob brick
    Bob brick 29 days ago

    Those are circlip pliers, very useful for car mechanics.

  • eli grahm
    eli grahm Month ago

    Sequence is pretty fun

  • Joshua Joslin- knapp

    When you and the boys are trying to travel to Egypt, and some bros named after tarot cards cause you some trouble.

  • shovel20
    shovel20 Month ago

    Those pliers are for circlips.

  • tyson145
    tyson145 Month ago +1

    Why are your fingers SO DAMN SHINY?!

  • Eel Sigh I
    Eel Sigh I Month ago

    those pliers are for circlips mate.

  • Ailie Robertson
    Ailie Robertson Month ago

    I bought those pins! On purpose and everything!

  • tylisirn
    tylisirn Month ago +1

    You can actually see the other rings in the movies. Most prominent is Narya, one of the elven rings that Gandalf wears. But you can also, barely, see Nenya (on Galadriel) and Vilya (on Elrond). They are nothing like those.

  • Henry Playz
    Henry Playz Month ago +1

    his voice reminds me of the dog kipper from the old kids show

  • Riley's GoAnimations

    I love the sequence board game

  • autistic tech girl 1990

    What does he do with the items he doesn’t want does he resell or what

  • Brucifer
    Brucifer Month ago

    those are circlip pliers. very handy for removing springy circlips. if you dont want em, I'll have em.

  • Blackfox23 Melani
    Blackfox23 Melani Month ago

    I saw freddie in the thumbnail,I klicked😂

  • P Jwelman
    P Jwelman Month ago

    That angle thing is handy

  • edd gutierrez
    edd gutierrez Month ago

    Split ring pliers

  • Joshua Nicoll
    Joshua Nicoll Month ago +1

    Nobody cares, but those pliers are circlip pliers, and are quite specialised. Likely the term throat comes from the gulley that is machined into a round part that the circlip clips into, as it's called a throat, I imagine that is where the confusion arises from.

  • James Flynn
    James Flynn Month ago

    Freddie mercury from medal
    We are the champions > champions > medal

  • KoolBreeze420
    KoolBreeze420 Month ago

    c-clip plyers.

  • Glasses&Mouthplates

    There needs to be a full length video where Ashens just makes up and tells a story based on a shuffled deck of tarot cards.

  • Phil Nolan
    Phil Nolan Month ago

    I've actually bought a number of things from Wish that were all good quality. I've got a gym bag from Wish right next to me. It looks and feels just like it came from the local department store.

  • Angelus Nielson
    Angelus Nielson Month ago

    Pins are made of metal.

  • EDJ Development or Game Masters

    hi i whant junk

  • Blue Boop Creations

    *Nice Beatles reference*

  • Stefan Mar
    Stefan Mar Month ago

    That game is pretty nice

  • krackpack1
    krackpack1 Month ago

    I was singing along with you until the part were you said he’s a creepy fucker then I laughed so hard I wasn’t ready for it

  • Merijn Passchier
    Merijn Passchier Month ago

    Sequence with Guru Larry... when?

  • The Twitchy Brown Guy
    The Twitchy Brown Guy Month ago +4

    This guy... He knows ringwraiths, dwarf lords, but says "elfy people" lol

  • Shaun Lambert II
    Shaun Lambert II Month ago

    @6:08 Snap ring pliers. Not a bad pair, very useful. Chuck them in the tool drawer

  • otherme then
    otherme then Month ago

    Those are snap ring pliers.

  • cpuffins
    cpuffins Month ago

    I would love that angle ruler, useful af for illustration

  • BlackDolphin90
    BlackDolphin90 Month ago

    Your ring did nothing because it is a knock-off of the one ring.

  • PhantomSavage
    PhantomSavage Month ago

    The bit with the cup related tarrot cards legitimately felt like a Monty Python bit.

  • ShitFilledHand
    ShitFilledHand Month ago

    How the hell do you spell toot like he said in the beginning

  • RustyNails OC
    RustyNails OC Month ago

    Ashens - the NSA does both...

  • ghost Unix
    ghost Unix Month ago

    So you are just to get a usb cable and a knife and then you have a really awesome zero thousand watts of power or better get the charge cable from your Android computer or iPhone and then you have reason to get a new fake smartphone from wish .

  • Curtis Chiles
    Curtis Chiles Month ago

    They are snap ring pliers....

  • PBMS123
    PBMS123 Month ago

    They're circlip pliers. For taking off circlips.

  • Hannah Holz
    Hannah Holz Month ago

    I see Freddie Mercury, I click

  • Evan Conrod
    Evan Conrod Month ago

    Sequence is a childhood favourite. My grandmother would shit can my entire family. Insanely fun

  • ArmyOfThree1000
    ArmyOfThree1000 Month ago

    I felt so bad when he thought those were pliers
    Those are snap ring pliers

  • Pandoras Flame
    Pandoras Flame Month ago +1

    Those pliers are for special parts on cars and some other machinery. They're actually very helpful.

  • mothby
    mothby Month ago

    11:00 it's spock from the voyage home!

  • Chirag Bansal
    Chirag Bansal Month ago +1

    @13:27 Ashens activated ZA WARUDO and the cards appeared to move faster to us

  • The Internet
    The Internet Month ago

    I'm a simple guy: I see a thumbnail of ashens holding Freddy Mercury pins, I click on private browsing and start looking for completely unrelated porn.

  • that guy off the interwebs 0

    How dare they not be pin badges of pink Floyd

  • Corey Gillespie
    Corey Gillespie Month ago

    You do know tarot cards are bullshit right?

  • Dirk Steel
    Dirk Steel Month ago

    Those pliers are for separating retainer rings. They are pretty sweet if you're a mechanic.

  • Peter Zingler
    Peter Zingler Month ago

    If you're into 3d printing this multi shape ruper could be very usefull

  • Pepper
    Pepper Month ago

    I love that this temporarily became a comical critique of the rider-waite-smith tarot, never knew Stuart was such a fan of the Tarot! Cool stuff.

  • lukas wildau
    lukas wildau Month ago

    13:27 ZA WARUDO!


    i could listen to him read the phone book.