Bachelorette Finale

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019
  • "The Bachelorette" finale was on last night and Hannah chose country singer, Jed over hot Tyler.
    A few days after the engagement, Hannah found out that Jed had a girlfriend back home. Hannah ended the relationship and let the runner up know she was interested.
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Comments • 268

  • Majid X
    Majid X Month ago

    Honestly do people watch these stupid shows ?!!!!!!!!!! Like it’s fake AF

  • Phaethon Prime
    Phaethon Prime Month ago

    Tyler out here looking like Marlon Brando. How did she go with that square head over him?

  • Lhisa Fans
    Lhisa Fans Month ago +1

    You Hanna too much credit Wendy, you haven't been watching the whole Franchise consistently, you praised Hanna too much on an earlier show saying she's in the beauty pageant world but she isn't dumb, well watching her actions on these shows should have been obvious that she has had some issues & look how it ended.

  • Jus Lindley
    Jus Lindley Month ago

    Is she high?? Acting veryyyyyy strange

  • Alexis Gainey
    Alexis Gainey Month ago

    thank u for the full eposides!

  • Angel Bambino
    Angel Bambino Month ago

    Love yOu Miss. Wendy!!! U go gurl!

  • kasey liang
    kasey liang Month ago

    Why did Wendy look a little cray cray in the car with medina? Lol...

  • Anika Joy
    Anika Joy Month ago

    What in the he'll is Wendy even talking about? .... Bye

  • michelle sosa
    michelle sosa Month ago

    Gigi snatched him yikesss

  • Vivian Espinoza
    Vivian Espinoza Month ago

    Stop separating it my god!!

  • Jasmine Gonzalez
    Jasmine Gonzalez Month ago

    Damn I thought that was Trisha patays in the beginning

  • Sammy Ytube
    Sammy Ytube Month ago

    Wendy and her rachid friends yet she has the nerve to shade people so hard and put them down. Good that she did not go there with Hannah though.

  • Ginger Dog
    Ginger Dog Month ago +1

    It seems like she is always getting phone calls

  • Cynthia R
    Cynthia R Month ago

    :) "Living my best life I think?"
    Go Wendy!💜

  • BWR Rock
    BWR Rock Month ago

    It’s good to have fun friends and to get you through anything.

  • BWR Rock
    BWR Rock Month ago

    @ Wendy Williams I love the wig on you. It looks really nice 👍🏾.

  • Maggie S
    Maggie S Month ago

    Seconde choice 🤔......

  • Stefanie with an F
    Stefanie with an F Month ago +1

    TMZ caught Tyler leaving Hannah‘s apartment Friday morning. They did the nasty

  • greenpastures
    greenpastures Month ago

    She has the right to make an informed decision. Tyler should be thankful that he wasn't chosen and run like the wind - no drinks, no nothing with her. He should be the next bachelor.

  • Baraka Edwards
    Baraka Edwards Month ago

    I want a Madina.....move to Live to best life.

  • YONCE 8701
    YONCE 8701 Month ago

    "Every1 comes with baggage" true; BUT NOT A WHOLE SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP!...+ ALL THE WAY TO THE PROPOSAL M...COME ON! 😄 I think Hannah is 1of the fiercest Bachelorette I'm not worried...she'll be just fine😏😘

  • Jonny T
    Jonny T Month ago

    Is it just me or does that wig not look that good on her???

  • TheVanyaAK
    TheVanyaAK Month ago

    Don't like the dress Wendy...

  • Ewa Wu
    Ewa Wu Month ago

    Thank you to whoever came up with this split-clip idea. I was addicted to TWWS. Now I'm forced into detox and I like it. Only Ask Wendy and occasional 5 min clip for this gal 😋

  • Amma Boamah-Appiah
    Amma Boamah-Appiah Month ago

    Karen was so confused 1:59

  • Patrick3183
    Patrick3183 Month ago +1

    Hannah got what is coming to her. She is a dirty whore

  • B J
    B J Month ago

    Omg I LOVE THE SHADY CAMERA MAN!! 😂 1:55-1:59

  • Fluffy Talguw
    Fluffy Talguw Month ago

    Hahahah I thought damn, that is a dedicated Wendy fan with that Wendy tattoo across her chest at 2:51! 😂

  • Turquoise 100
    Turquoise 100 Month ago

    Wendy y r u outside lookn like Latoya Jackson. N da car fun or high is cool but brush ur hair b fore u take a pic or get out that car.

  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith Month ago

    I love Wendy and the show. Missed her episodes, got to catch up. This Bachelorette thing is everywhere.

  • Miranda Summerset
    Miranda Summerset Month ago +2

    Do any of these couples actually work out?! Like its just entertainment, not real

  • Mike Lesesne
    Mike Lesesne Month ago

    They keep trying to push this white people bullshit on us. 🤔

    • Patrick3183
      Patrick3183 Month ago

      Mike Lesesne the show is mostly about z-list negro entertainers Idk what ur complaining about

  • Renina Smith
    Renina Smith Month ago

    Why are they chopping up these hot topics like this?? This is so annoying 😣😔

  • DarkleMotion
    DarkleMotion Month ago

    I'm kind of over Wendy bragging every day about how cool she is now. And really sick of these chopped up vids. Unsub.

  • Mercedes Gonzalez
    Mercedes Gonzalez Month ago

    @0.49 Her Face😂😂😂

  • July Rain
    July Rain Month ago

    Wendy now u look like Kylie Jenner with that wig . Girl are u for real ? Omgosh.

  • C vb
    C vb Month ago +6

    The second guy looks better anyway 😝

  • Alvaro Valdovinos
    Alvaro Valdovinos Month ago +5

    The Bachelorette was too staged for me. I smell fakeness.

  • Salma Khalid
    Salma Khalid Month ago

    Wendy is a bird let free. She should enjoy every bit of her freedom.

  • Maria Bjerke
    Maria Bjerke Month ago


  • MAL Cc
    MAL Cc Month ago

    Hot girl summer for miss Wendy okurrr 🍾🍾💅💅

  • a Keith
    a Keith Month ago +4

    Its mainly women speaking on a man not being happy as a 2nd choice. I was a 2nd choice before and felt no way about it. If you allow your ego to get in the way, you can miss/mess up a good thing.
    Since this is more public, I'm assuming some people are weighing their opinions on possible public embarrassment. Which is created in your head, who cares. And if you do, you shouldn't.. It doesn't affect you.

  • Patricia Waring
    Patricia Waring Month ago

    Most disappointing Bachelorette ever! Hated Everyone on the show, especially Hannah Brown. She was a terrible example for young girls, was Just freaking goofy & Tyler should run! Glad it's over. From the Great State of OKLAHOMA.

    • mycoshe
      mycoshe Month ago

      I never watched an episode but through reviews I thought her whole season was staged and fake.

  • ahcene ziane
    ahcene ziane Month ago +1

    tyler shouldn't take her back at all

  • astrid A
    astrid A Month ago +6

    I don’t know who I’ve become....but I like her : Wendy Williams Life As A Divorcé!
    Wendy’s future Memoir

  • Jazleen Podraza
    Jazleen Podraza Month ago

    love her long hair suits her

  • Bruna Caron
    Bruna Caron Month ago

    Im happy that you are happy wendy, but it is starting to get anoying all of this " i went out with bla bla bla, tonight was black china..." stop it

  • Haley Murphy
    Haley Murphy Month ago

    Put hot topics back together

  • All things Pedrolin
    All things Pedrolin Month ago +4

    Yessss, Wendy is throwing some good shade at her ex-husband.

  • Russel Mohan
    Russel Mohan Month ago

    You all have to be the DUMBEST human beings alive on this Planet to actually believe that she didn't know He had a girlfriend back home. That was the most rehearsed scene with some pretty BAD acting. She got of scot free and so did he, the show got its ratings and Ya'll got a nice, fake reality show. Unless you're really that stupid to think it wasn't set up.

  • AmberRose T
    AmberRose T Month ago +2

    The bachelorette is so stupid haha its fake af, its a scripted "reality" show. 🙄

  • deelot1
    deelot1 Month ago +1

    I love James’ facial expressions every time Wendy mentions him lol

  • angelica
    angelica Month ago +2

    The Bachelorette is clearly a scripted show.

  • dance4life1208
    dance4life1208 Month ago +11

    The second guy should have said no, why be a rebound

  • douglas yamaguchi
    douglas yamaguchi Month ago

    Wendy kadarshian is in da hous

  • Miss highter
    Miss highter Month ago

    Hannah is just amazing. I wish her to find real love. 🍒

  • Hannah H
    Hannah H Month ago +2

    Women leave the man when he first hurts/disrespects you, if you dont... prepare for a journey like of anixety and great pain, WAKE UP, stop taking and tolerating CRAP and realised that you could of do soo much better.
    Please lets stop wasting our years on cheating unfaithful loser whom are unworthy of US, you could leave him the first time and find yourself a lovely respectful man!
    If you are in a toxic, unhealthy, abusive relationship then its neverr too late to leave! NEVER! Better that you leave and heal yourself then to die while you are in a realtionship where you are NOT Valued and Respected the way you should be! ITS NEVER TOO LATE!
    And KNOW that there is better out here... my husband(whom is a counselor)constantly meets good men who say that they cannot find a woman to settle down with!

  • S Thunda
    S Thunda Month ago

    White irrelevancy that I don't care to participate in.

  • Billie Edwards
    Billie Edwards Month ago +5

    This guy is too good for her, he's still young, got great exposure, I could definitely see him as a model, I mean, well, he is already a model....... Gigi Hadid was eyeing him, their now following one another on instragram. Hey, you never know. I would like to live a good life before settling down myself. We'll see....

  • J Smith
    J Smith Month ago +1

    Wendy the dress is smokin!!!! Is that your creation????