James Blake - My Willing Heart (Official Video)

Directed by Anna Rose Holmer. Starring Natalie Portman.

Taken from ‘The Colour In Anything’ - out now:
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Music video by James Blake performing My Willing Heart. (C) 2017 Polydor Ltd. (UK)


Просмотров: 2024775
Длительность: 4:5
Комментарии: 553

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Автор Mr.OneNineFiveSix ( назад)

Автор pika txu ( назад)

Автор alex something ( назад)
just amazing.

Автор nwcmsu ( назад)
Even when she's about to pop out a kid, Natalie Portman is still incredibly sexy, beautiful, and perfect.

Автор Jane G Seda ( назад)
I hope my belly looks like that in the 3rd trimester. she looks great! Beautiful video too, a rarity these days.

Автор alexaxela ( назад)
Oh my god this is beautiful

Автор David Valentin Graepler ( назад)
he should collaborate with Sevdaliza

Автор connectedAnna ( назад)
this is so deep and touching when you're pregnant yourself.... :')

Автор Lily Arndt ( назад)
James Blake = Perfect
Natalie Portman = Perfect + Perfect
Natalie Portman Pregnant with bare belly bump = Perfect x Perfect x oo

Автор Loretta Grace ( назад)

Автор pedro henrique ( назад)
muito toda bem progressiva!!!

Автор Emily Ustick ( назад)
2:09 Is that her 5 year old son?

Автор Lailia Green ( назад)
fav song from the colour in anything <3

Автор Fefeto Show ( назад)

Автор UK Music Plus ( назад)
Taken from ‘The Colour In Anything’ - out now

Автор Flore Gabriel ( назад)
ouai bof, la chanson méritait mieux.....

Автор Dirty Plumbus ( назад)
pro choice....

Автор Daan Shakaib ( назад)
That was so beautiful, Thank you.

Автор The Chauven ( назад)
Natalie #Beautiful and very intelligent ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😍😍😍😍😋😚😚😙😙🤤 #Otherwise Beautiful song with a beautiful woman

Автор Shantina Ferguson ( назад)
I love this dude!

Автор loreta honey honey ( назад)

Автор Geyce ( назад)
Em êxtase com essa colaboração. Lindo, muito bom.

Автор Mike Ruvalcaba ( назад)
james need to colaborate with some rap artist like he did with chance, making some of their post-dubstep beats, that would be pretty amazing

Автор Vlad Alex ( назад)
James will be on the new Kendrick Lamar album lol

Автор Sway ( назад)
he's on Kendrick Lamar's new album. Had to peep him out.. I like his vibe

Автор dolorenka ( назад)
I'm here for Godness Portman.

Автор Loretta Di Zio ( назад)
I was introduced to James Blake by a really interesting guy. He was taken but, man.. after listening to James Blake, his lyrics and, in this case, this video just makes me wish I'd met the interesting guy in a parallel universe.. where we were both single 💭

Автор Line75015 ( назад)
Merci, cela me rappelle tant de bons souvenirs!

Автор Kunto Aji ( назад)
Favorite song!

Автор Vijeet Raj ( назад)
Like who really give a fuck about a nigga named DonThrilla

Автор jo4ka ( назад)

Автор Kevin C ( назад)
this might be one of the most unique blends of director, musician, actress. the only other video i can think of that comes close is "Weapon of Choice" with FatBoySlim, Spike Jonze, and Christopher Walken.

That final shot with her hand on her belly looks like some kind of planetary body on the verge of sunrise.

Автор Shondip Patel ( назад)
Like who really give a fuck about a nigga named DonThrilla

Автор Zubnid ( назад)
Why would someone dislike this? : /

Автор brahim brahim ( назад)

Автор Lynch 2001 ( назад)
anna rose holmers love you.

Автор Destiny Rodriguez ( назад)
1:35 always gets to me

Автор José Antonio Miranda ( назад)
Que fea canción, que buen video, lástima

Автор Princesaaymara ( назад)
What an exquisite video ....the lights ...the dark ... the black and white ...the water ... the music ... hmm and Nataly ...beautiful film ...

Автор Наталья Конашевская ( назад)
потрясающий клип. Хорошо что сняли черно-белым. краски сжечь лишние. Музыка замечательная.

Автор Zamaan Malik ( назад)
Can't believe Anakin choked her

Автор sofia mamulashvili ( назад)
in love <3

Автор Alain Bruno ( назад)
Wonderful song!!

Автор Sixty Beatmaker ( назад)
this is the song i was searchin for

Автор Light * ( назад)
This musical video reminds me of myself when I overeat and take a bath

Автор angela tovar ( назад)
very beatiful I can definitely tell he worked very hard on this, he did a fantastic job capturing audiences by giving a eye capturing video along with great music most of all, I love it, and sorry but half of the views are mine lmao😂😂😂😂

Автор eb man ( назад)
James Blake is just fantastic

Автор Aurelie Nana ( назад)

Автор Revoked Chant ( назад)
Fantastic - thxx :)

Автор the0rangekind ( назад)
does anyone else feel dirty watching this

Автор CT - 7983 ( назад)
Hopefully this time when she gives birth she doesn't die.

Автор Goon Soul ( назад)
she bout to pop

Автор Javerit DeFain ( назад)
Natalie Portman is the best

Автор Наталья Конашевская ( назад)
потрясающий клип.. красиво.

Автор Muresan Nicu Andrei ( назад)
Luke and Leia coming

Автор mrvillTV ( назад)

Автор Miracle City ( назад)
absolutely one of the most beautifully important videos I've seen in my entire life. blessings to all who played a role in making it. much love to James Blake. thank you.

Автор josé miguel rojas ( назад)
Bello video. GRACIAS

Автор danyal wajid ( назад)

Автор Cris Fdez ( назад)
Beyoncé you need a vídeo like this...

Автор A7md Alghmdi ( назад)
My brain hurts

Автор Tracie Behmlander ( назад)
deep connection

Автор أدمغة تقنية ( назад)
This song is always stuck in my head. Like if it's always stuck in yours.

Автор primadayna ( назад)
Baby James Brown

Автор Andrea Gibbes ( назад)
my fourth heartbeat July, 4yh 2015

Автор James Lyons ( назад)

Автор Ryan Edmond ( назад)
Not even pregnant, just eatin good

Автор Anonymous God ( назад)
I searched for natalie portman on youtube and this video showed up, i'm so glad i did..

Автор JustLove Music ( назад)
At first I Came here for Natalie and I didn't like the song, now it's growing in me

Автор Ogre Doug ( назад)
This is a no for me

Автор Donnybrook10 ( назад)
1.2 million views...why? Seriously, the music is marginal at best...so she is very pregnant and swimming in a pool. Nothing remotely original about this. What is so fantastic and earth-shaking about this? She is a middle-aged somewhat good looking actress. I saw it and it was boring and uninspired.

Автор DawnMarie Wells ( назад)
that is definitely a beautiful video with the woman pregnant..

Автор Adhitya Wisadha ( назад)
honestly, after retrograde,this song is just amazed me in many ways. I literally feel like I'm drowning into my deepest will, rolling in the hole in my heart that has been there for so long ...

when I see my willing heart?it sounds like your just a newborn who can't wait to hear the strange spell whispering to your ears someday, It's called "love"
this song has magical indirect meaning of being born, lived, and loved.

Автор Miss Rivers ( назад)
Never seen a video like this! I shall applause this

Автор ramoncita ( назад)
this should be Starring Natalie Portman AND her unborn but alive baby

Автор Knifymoloko ( назад)
So proud of James and how bright he shines these days. Long live Mr. Blake. Check him out live if you get the chance.

Автор Wendy Torres Sandoval ( назад)
2:15 beautiful ♡

Автор M Reverberation ( назад)
yuck why did YouTube alert me about this steaming pile of horse crap

Автор suckitworlds ( назад)
James Blake is one of gods many gifts.

Автор ThePhobiaCrew ( назад)
natalie must of desperately wanted to be in this vid cuz she is pregnant while filming.

Автор Naomi Eliza ( назад)
This is such a beautiful song about love at first sight and how you might not know how to react to loving something for the first time. I this isn't Natalie's first child, but when a mother see her new born baby for the first time they get this feeling of compassion and love forever more. Very aesthetically beautiful!! Bravo James Blake.

Автор Gerry ( назад)
James Blake is so good, it's unreal

Автор kari lou ( назад)
nathalie portman is so beautiful 😍😍😍

Автор Aziae Lion ( назад)
Subbed at 14k

Автор Bollog Nyessy ( назад)
Generic tosh

Автор Mahlatse Mashala ( назад)
Only now? Finally though!

Автор Mighty Ninja ( назад)
Everyone is saying Natalie Portman, but I'm just here because I am a James Blake's fan...

Автор The Jay Cell ( назад)
chill out baby

Автор Michael Greene ( назад)
Wait a sec is Natalie pregnant again? How many kids has she got? Not up to date with Hollywood gossip.

Автор Copyright Free Trap ( назад)
So fresh! Trap music on my channel ;)

Автор Just Sasha ( назад)
Миллион просмотров и 7 тысяч лайков хммм

Автор wolfie games ( назад)

  \\ _
   \( •_•) F
    < ⌒ヽ A
   /   へ\ B
   /  / \\ U
   レ ノ   ヽ_つ L
  / / O
  / /| U
 ( (ヽ S
 | |、\.
 | 丿 \ ⌒)
 | |  ) /
ノ )  Lノ__

Автор ronnie140333 ( назад)
This on earphones when ur high is something words can't describe🙌🏻

Автор wickedfirefly13 ( назад)
"my willing​ heart" :-)

Автор Nerozumim ( назад)
The video doesn't catch the song mood for me. It should have been me (a very average older guy, could be a woman too), waking up at night sick and in anxiety, walking around in drapes and talking to myself and basically looking and feeling miserable. The song just feels like a mood of exhaustion and resignation. When you still have some hope but you know it's also fading away. Nothing to do with the joy of childbirth for me.

Автор Pricilla Estrada ( назад)
I played this song for my 2 little cousins who have Autism. They love it!! The slow beat and rhythm calms them after a long and hard day from HS. Thank you!

Автор Glen Hancock ( назад)
every one who paid for their wife's abortion should say out loud " satan take my immortal soul. I give it to you ."to prove that the bible is wrong and that abortions should be legal. if nothing happens you will win  the argument that the bible is a lie !doctor Frankenstein's monster was really there and vampire bats too !

Автор shresthamallika ( назад)
James is the daughters name, Blake is the mother's 😂

Автор Gysele van Santen ( назад)
Natalie! <3

Автор Lydia L Pineault ( назад)

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