motos tuning

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  • espectaculares moticletas tuning 2008
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  • Magalí Phantomhive
    Magalí Phantomhive Год назад +1


  • Magalí Phantomhive
    Magalí Phantomhive Год назад +1


  • sujal goud
    sujal goud Год назад


  • Aleixandre Montesinos
    Aleixandre Montesinos Год назад +1

    que mierda de música

  • Vinicius Rafael Lazzari
    Vinicius Rafael Lazzari 2 года назад


  • tubefish666
    tubefish666 2 года назад +4

    Ugliest bikes in the world collection ;) Only that GULF bike at 3:05 had class...

  • pete a
    pete a 2 года назад +3

    i just dont get it. so they are allowed to say nigga but if i say it its bad? im not from around here so not sure

  • sami sugeti pula
    sami sugeti pula 2 года назад

    that's the way the illuminati teach all to fuck each other so thei can leaves great life meanwhile we kill each other😎😎😎😄😄😄😄

  • Julio Cesar Ferreira
    Julio Cesar Ferreira 2 года назад


  • Samuel Disher
    Samuel Disher 2 года назад +3


  • Luis Rene Roque
    Luis Rene Roque 2 года назад


  • jose hergueta
    jose hergueta 2 года назад

    Que motos más finas

  • Lynn Kramer
    Lynn Kramer 2 года назад +5

    Why all the racism? Not necessary at all. Shame.

  • Roy Patterson
    Roy Patterson 2 года назад +3

    it's the same shit over and over again, same words over and over! Sounds just like the kind of song they would play in the ghetto! lmao

  • Suartes Reis
    Suartes Reis 2 года назад +1

    daora queiqueriaque o mundo foceasim

  • Daniel gamer78
    Daniel gamer78 2 года назад +3


  • prince juju
    prince juju 2 года назад +4

    now that is hot because hot bikes and hot rap

  • ibble kibble
    ibble kibble 2 года назад +6

    the bikes are nice. that down south bubble gum rap is trash...

  • Velhacos Sta Maria
    Velhacos Sta Maria 2 года назад +4

    #0:27 foi a melhor

  • shotiko iremadze
    shotiko iremadze 2 года назад +3


  • Michael James
    Michael James 2 года назад +1

    OMG! they said the "N" word in this song

  • offroad idiot
    offroad idiot 3 года назад +3


  • the crossbitume78
    the crossbitume78 3 года назад +3

    wat music

  • 茶ごし庵
    茶ごし庵 3 года назад +2


  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer 3 года назад +1

    Muito loco

  • Patrick Lian Esplana
    Patrick Lian Esplana 3 года назад +2


  • József Lászlo
    József Lászlo 3 года назад +1


  • حماد محمد
    حماد محمد 3 года назад +1

    بدنا حاجة احلى من هدي

  • Yeimi Rios
    Yeimi Rios 3 года назад


  • Firm Clock
    Firm Clock 3 года назад +1

    this is nigg candy

  • Juggalo4Life
    Juggalo4Life 3 года назад +2

    What is the name of this dope ass song anyone know

    • Btzovski 18
      Btzovski 18 2 года назад +1

      I think u wont like it cause its a black people song (because the flag at your profile)

    • Skopar Weaver
      Skopar Weaver 3 года назад +1

      +daniel miner
      Gangsta Rap - 4 The Homies

  • Tony Valdez
    Tony Valdez 3 года назад +2


  • Milagros Pereyra
    Milagros Pereyra 3 года назад +1

    20265b u 7ujmi n

  • Raymond Irvine
    Raymond Irvine 3 года назад +1 veeeeeery cool ... -.-

  • Skemba Polac
    Skemba Polac 3 года назад

    Like looking at a candy shop - americans never hade style...

  • tonik madise
    tonik madise 3 года назад

    bla hayabusa bla bla hayabusa blabla suzuki ????lol

  • bliephoofd
    bliephoofd 4 года назад

    lol more then 50% is photoshop


    1:57 best forzaa valentino

  • Juliane Araujo
    Juliane Araujo 4 года назад +2

    eu naõ gostei

  • tv live maroc
    tv live maroc 5 лет назад

    wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww motor

  • brandon mccully
    brandon mccully 5 лет назад

    sweet bikes

  • Juan de la Cruz Castillo
    Juan de la Cruz Castillo 5 лет назад

    me encanta la yamaha

  • Emith Enrique Camas Montejo
    Emith Enrique Camas Montejo 5 лет назад

    esas si son enkntan..

  • Miq TM
    Miq TM 5 лет назад


  • Buzz Knapp-Fisher
    Buzz Knapp-Fisher 5 лет назад

    like the music lovely bikes too

  • The Vibe
    The Vibe 5 лет назад

    i want to see you in the first corner 3:18

  • Andromeda
    Andromeda 5 лет назад

    this a SHIT!!!!!

  • Bigtroosh
    Bigtroosh 5 лет назад

    hayabusa looks like shit haha

  • Petr Slavík
    Petr Slavík 5 лет назад

    3:25 oooo :-D winner

  • edu v verdugo sanchez
    edu v verdugo sanchez 5 лет назад

    inkeible de moto si ospasais con el video k grabe de una moto vais a flipar cometar si quereis

  • chacaraman
    chacaraman 5 лет назад

    shitty song+shitty bikes= this vid

  • Adrielle Santana
    Adrielle Santana 5 лет назад

    Perfeitas essa motos

  • d.c. rhodes
    d.c. rhodes 5 лет назад

    Well, I know who builds these bikes. The same lame-ass fuckers who make the shit they call music. Just fugly all the way around...

  • Levi SSouza
    Levi SSouza 6 лет назад


  • tai nguyen
    tai nguyen 6 лет назад

    hot girl

  • pia marie
    pia marie 6 лет назад


  • gonzalo da rosa
    gonzalo da rosa 6 лет назад

    como se llama la musica esta d++

  • TheMotorgoat1
    TheMotorgoat1 6 лет назад

    Sweet bikes, worse rap ever!

  • sdremish
    sdremish 6 лет назад

    Good video. Terrible music.

  • Max Gutapfel
    Max Gutapfel 6 лет назад

    Drag racing ;o) but i doubt any of those is made for that ^^

  • vanderleia markes
    vanderleia markes 6 лет назад

    uau no natal vou pedir uma dessas para papai noel muito lindas

  • thepie8u
    thepie8u 6 лет назад

    1:16 ew... SHES A HE-SHE

  • Sir Teufel
    Sir Teufel 6 лет назад

    1:42 wtf wtf way to fuck up a bike

  • alex betancur
    alex betancur 6 лет назад


  • Leezus Christ
    Leezus Christ 6 лет назад

    i like the beat

  • Joalisson Queiroz
    Joalisson Queiroz 6 лет назад

    qual é o nome da Musica brown ?

  • CrazyCurtass
    CrazyCurtass 6 лет назад

    I don't give a fuck what any-body think's those are some sweet bike's,I have dirt bike's crotch rocket's and a custom chopper.And I like every one of those bike's.Alot of work and time went into these bikes.Cheer's Bud. I could do with out the Rap though.

  • leorrize
    leorrize 6 лет назад

    i like of that music whats is the name ?

  • Fernando Neves
    Fernando Neves 6 лет назад

    sou fan moto e minha vida

  • Daniel Kokal
    Daniel Kokal 6 лет назад

    crappy music.... this isnt even good rap .. and rap isnt even good music

  • Adirondack Adam
    Adirondack Adam 6 лет назад

    3:00 is a bad ass bike!

  • R4Z0R72
    R4Z0R72 6 лет назад

    all those hayabusas

  • Problem Child AKA The Truth
    Problem Child AKA The Truth 6 лет назад

    @NASIMNASIM you are a dumb DUMB ASS NIGGER lol for even saying something like that being you dont know who most of these bikes belong too im sure most of them are white but in your case some white people are niggers too huh shame on you lol you going to hell wit gasoline draws on tell lucky i said fuck you when you get there

  • Luis Contreras
    Luis Contreras 6 лет назад

    estan bien macisas

  • richard manuel flores caroca
    richard manuel flores caroca 7 лет назад

    buena excelente

  • richard manuel flores caroca
    richard manuel flores caroca 7 лет назад

    esto es hacer tunigng un buen pintado diseño, excelente

  • Krakatit
    Krakatit 7 лет назад

    shut the fuck up this stupid music.

  • Luiz Fernando Nicoletti Fernando
    Luiz Fernando Nicoletti Fernando 7 лет назад


  • msg3030
    msg3030 7 лет назад

    I agree, seein the bikes was badass, but the music to go with could have been better.

  • unamaxify
    unamaxify 7 лет назад

    yeah ok making a U-turn with that thing is going to a pain
    but for normal roads it shouldn't be to much of a difference.
    i like bikes for their ridicules acceleration and speed
    if you drive at 200+ mph and feel that the bike becomes
    increasingly more nervous, you appreciate every bit of stability
    you can get. Well if you're not into high speed but maneuverability the extended
    rear-wheel is not really helping..

  • unamaxify
    unamaxify 7 лет назад

    0:51 could actually be a useful design:
    the longer wheel-base should it make more stable a high speed
    also it should make it impossible to flip over when accelerating like a mad-man from a standstill

  • lenute
    lenute 7 лет назад

    @CBF125Maniac Moderfucker youtube is for videos and also presentations!! If you don´t like it don´t watch it instead of postind a stupid a comment. RUclip IS FOR EVERYTHING AND YOU RE FUCKING STUPID.

  • lenute
    lenute 7 лет назад

    @bonden1995 Moderfucker youtube is for videos and also presentations!! If you don´t like it don´t watch it instead of postind a stupid a comment. RUclip IS FOR EVERYTHING AND YOU RE FUCKING STUPID.

  • Moses Solis
    Moses Solis 7 лет назад

    Bikes: I like them, Music: No comment

  • FknDmn
    FknDmn 7 лет назад

    where is the "it's a fkn slideshow"-button?

  • what bro?
    what bro? 7 лет назад

    put on mute, waaayyy better!

  • candancej
    candancej 7 лет назад

    I think this pictures are with custom painted bikes not really tuned bike! So, I agree with @bonden1995 and @CBF125Maniac

  • Egor Glukhov
    Egor Glukhov 7 лет назад

    killers of the roads i had a bike and never wanted to pass from it to car but u can clearly understand that u can say by by to your life in 1 moment

  • Christiaan Imholz
    Christiaan Imholz 7 лет назад

    well guys you saw the text : motos tuning. so you can expect an slideshow. but anyway the music is horrible >

  • BlackMambaLady88
    BlackMambaLady88 7 лет назад

    i like the vid...but am a girl so...if that isnt made for girls..sorryyyy guys, but its really gay!

  • Mshaddix2
    Mshaddix2 7 лет назад

    what did they do with the bikes? such a pitty. made em all ugly

  • Soarer111
    Soarer111 7 лет назад

    What a load of shit

  • kawasakiis2fast4u
    kawasakiis2fast4u 7 лет назад

    @PS3skeetery LMFAO ya i didn't think so.

  • dakoda bishop
    dakoda bishop 7 лет назад

    @kawasakiis2fast4u i looked back at this and laughed my ass off rofl

  • kawasakiis2fast4u
    kawasakiis2fast4u 7 лет назад

    @PS3skeetery they are probably just pissed cause they are tired of seeing racist putting racist comments on videos all the time. Espacially when they don't even like these kinds of video. Like for instance, you put your comment that you know would piss people off. You only call black people niggers on youtube but not in real life. And if you have called someone a nigger, it most likely was while you where in a car driving away. See what im saying? Or is that a little to difficult to understand?

  • produKtNZ
    produKtNZ 7 лет назад

    Best watched on mute - or not watched at all

  • Peter24622
    Peter24622 7 лет назад

    0:13 just a drag bike

  • Wilesco 53
    Wilesco 53 7 лет назад


  • Nick Ching Wong
    Nick Ching Wong 7 лет назад

    Very very nice custom ride and paint job.

  • Sync™
    Sync™ 7 лет назад

    mas e muito bom :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!