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Автор VVAVY ( назад)
Your newer videos are a nice change of pace. Video game videos get boring, but the new videos are more genuine.

Автор Salvaged87 ( назад)
Pewds: i love you
Me: ok, that actually made my day. although he doesn't know who i am, it's nice to be told something like that.

Автор Salvaged87 ( назад)
to be honest i like people being honest more than them faking everything. to the haters CALM DOWN sheesh, he can do what he wants, it's his channel. i know i only subscribe to him a while ago, but i have been watching him for years

Автор Derak Day ( назад)
Awwww.... poodiepie Your got overs 50,000,000 bosses asking you to play more games, but me i am not your bosses i am just a Subscriber here to asking you to play more toys LOL show me more goodest stuffs

Автор JACKSEPTICYE _67 ( назад)
I want likes like VVAVY can I get some plz I just SUBED

Автор Greth Emsky ( назад)
Pewds I respect you a lot for this decision and I have watched your vids a lot more since

Автор Charlie Turner ( назад)
love your new vids bro

Автор Christian Krakhofer ( назад)
ppl treat youtubers like their personal lets play slaves instead of playing themselves

Автор Malurek ( назад)
you want to experience life my friend, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Автор Amanil Joana ( назад)
..too badly aware of self and mostly ,of others

Автор Amanil Joana ( назад)
Pewdiepie you will be crazy...;d because of this all.. shit..whatever called ;

Автор mathew hill ( назад)
Don't worry PewDiePie I called the guy Dillon a ditch a fucker a mother fucker u funny

Автор Canaan TheWingedOne ( назад)

Автор Unga Health ( назад)
I like how people act as though someone else changing their content somehow has an ever lasting effect on them and their lives Lol.
I chalk it up to people being afraid of Change in general.

Автор Roman Kenney ( назад)
I totally agree with the cringe factor of watching your old videos not feeling real. I like your honesty now with how you cover games in a comical way. I recently started watching your videos and find them much more entertaining now. And I agree you used to beat the jump scare gag to death. That being said I would like to see you do some dancing video games as cringy as that might be I think it would be funny too. Yes please play OW too.

Автор Darksider ( назад)
If you read a book read the hobbit or Percy Jackson hope u like them

Автор Darksider ( назад)
Pewds you should be able to make whatever videos you want and we brows should support you and that you should play games that you want to and I think you could play shadow of the colossus and the last guardian again because of the fact that you can't make the same moves on or make the same memories. I will always be subscribed wether if it's on this account or another.

Автор Luke Skywalker ( назад)
I actually hated your old videos and only recently started watching you because now your content is actually good.

Автор Agata Aguiar ( назад)
this thing on his hair is making me cringe everytime.. ( 11:29 ) you said all. I realized that too and it sucks.

Автор oseayen Shine ( назад)
may i tell you one tips how to cure video game go gym and larn parkour or martial art it's good for health

Автор oseayen Shine ( назад)
why u play video game ! don't play it will kill you like cancer video game adiction bad game is horror things is't it

Автор Wize Apex ( назад)
Morrrrre Games lol

Автор BloodBrawler143 ( назад)
Pewds, this might be a late response to this video. But, I know many of your games made you cry, some make you feel you with nightmares, and you deserve more breaks for yourself. Most of your fans from before are grown up, but still watch you to this day. Your new ones are, let's just say, a fan-dumb, filled with kids who just want to prove they've known you since the beginning (even though they don't), and this is from someone who only watched a few of your videos, and made me laugh. So, in all, just make videos that let you express yourself, don't let your decisions fall on your fandom.

Автор hadeel fadel ( назад)
he just grew up ^^ and i am sporting him 😍

Автор Cholo Matas ( назад)
If half life 3 will came out will you play it?

Автор Andreas Burklan ( назад)
I remember about a year ago I saw my sis watchin pewdie - some happy wheels nonsense and his random screaming... i tought wtf. But then about a month ago I stumbled onto this high quality material, you have legit stuff here coming out you. Keep it up man!!
Dont wory bout the haters, i noticed most of those twitter accounts look like 14y/o.
Time to change your public to more relevant one. This is the right path and dont change what you are doing. I really enjoy this! :)

Автор BangtanAbbie 방탄 소녀 정찰 ( назад)
Lmao @pewdiepie didn't add an end screen annotation :3

Автор 克魯魯采佩斯 ( назад)
But PewDie you always the best youtube

Автор ShAwn Degler ( назад)
Stop sucking his dick we all know you all want more games

Автор SepticSam LovesTØP ( назад)
Why are the comments full of recaps of what Felix already said let's all just click back to 6:07 and laugh and talk about the monkey bit!

Автор SpeHammond ( назад)

Автор Toni escolano palacios ( назад)
where did he get that jumper???

Автор KammiePlayz ( назад)
I might unsubscribe because your content is boring now. I was happy when you made this because I thought more skits, more 5 weird things online, more weird shit, but so far it is just boring stuff saying that you've out of ideas. Your content is no longer funny, and if this goes on too long, I will unsubscribe. I feel ashamed to say this, as a long time pewdiepie fan, and having lots of memories with your videos. But, however scare pewdiepie I will still watch.

Автор revyx3 ( назад)
You know, I still think you shouldn't worry about what kind of game people would klick on. Apparently, there are many people who are looking forward to a letsplay from you so they would give what ever game you choose a chance. If there is something you feel like playing, just do it and experience it without any pressure, if you are into it you could make it a series and if not just say so and peole will understand. Like, if you try a game you don't know much about and then you are like "I don't know, I think it was not that good" or "it was a little boring", people will understand and maybe even feel the same way. But we checked the game out together, that's also something. It's like trying a game with a friend and maybe both found it boring, but it was still an enjoyable experience on the sozialising part ^^

Автор Emmanuel Kofy Agyapong ( назад)
Faking in front of the camera was destroy him from inside. Won't you guys see it?

Автор White Wolf ( назад)
play what the fuck you want you are LEGENDARY

Автор BlueLapiz ( назад)
Play amnesia again

Автор Hannah Petheram ( назад)
New subscriber here PewDiePie. You know why? I'm 28 and for me you just became real. I'm a gamer but I'm selective and I also have other hobbies like reading, swimming and walking my dogs. I think your recent brutal honesty is refreshing and I think it's an important message for your younger viewers. Keep it up and stay true to the real you.

Автор SONIA OLMOS ( назад)
I say do whatever the hell you want. but that's just me. I'd watch the videos regardless.

Автор Twitch Red ( назад)
You wanna play the Witcher but in the end would rather read a book? Man, I've got great news for you!
The Witcher is actually based off a book series, and the books are amazingly written, in my opinion, and the games stay rather true to the books. The series is also called The Witcher and it's by Andrej Sapowski if anyone is interested

Автор David Whitfield ( назад)
PewDiePie is going for unrated.

Автор H Wadsworth Longfellow ( назад)
Never subscribed in the years of you playing videogames, actually I kind of hated you because yeah, I got the feeling you said about "pretending to enjoy games for the views" yeah, I really got that. But I just watched some videos today and I HIT THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY.

Автор mister failure ( назад)
I subscribed today!

Автор mister failure ( назад)
Law la law la laa.

Автор Gavin Bennett ( назад)
I always thought your older videos were childish and annoying and that you were being stupid just to appeal to younger people so I never watched your videos. Your newer content is much more entertaining and fun to watch.

Автор Chelsee T ( назад)
I know this video is a few months old, but you'd LOVE witcher 3. Hopefully you get a chance to play it soon!

Автор Susanna Zou ( назад)
man pewds I've been watching u for years and I gotta say that this is almost parallel to my journey into adulthood. This video and your forced positivity video sure has been enlightening

Автор Shade The Half-Demon ( назад)
Well I hope you play the last of us part 2 because it's gonna come out and I wanna see you play it because I loved watching your last of us series

Автор Crimson Fang ( назад)
Pewdiepie is hitting the point where he just wants to have fun doing what he does. Don't fucking bash on him he does what he does. Yeah I don't watch him because i think his content doesnt appeal to me but i do support him.

Автор Jared Uy ( назад)
pewdipie is a coming of age tale

Автор Hannah Bourgeois ( назад)
Only been following since the wsj incident but I find your new videos genuine and great compared to the 2014 ones. Do whatever makes you content I think most of us prefer that. People grow and change and I think it's unfair of your subscribers to expect you to stay stagnant.

Автор Michael Shum ( назад)
Hey Pewdiepie,
(I know you most likely read this but) Yes I was a huge fan of yours of the past, and I gotta say I actually respect the hell out of you for standing your ground on this/Forced Responsibility. You're a Youtuber just keep making videos its your job after all, gaming or not doesn't fucking matter. I mean we all hit Subscribe for the guy talking into the mic rather than the games anyways.

Автор Chill Panda ( назад)
I really appriciate you're honesty in you're new videos and you opening up on a personal level ;P Do whatever you want pewds. #Brosforever

Автор kadju ( назад)
I know what you feel man. I'm also 27 and spent my whole life playing games too, but it came to a point which I don't feel the same feeling anymore. I don't feel like playing anything more. Even games like league of legends or MMOs that I played for more than 5 years, they just don't attract me anymore. I think that this perception comes to a lot of people as we grow up.

Автор Josh Anderson ( назад)
pranks please

Автор rachel watson ( назад)
I love you Pew Die Pie! I recently started watching you after Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita did a podcast about you and I love you and your videos!

Автор Kaiden Marulanda ( назад)
what happened to the kind funny less greedy you dude

Автор Kaiden Marulanda ( назад)
ur channel grew from playing games dude I don't like how you changed ur amnesia was awesome happy wheels was awesome like come on man

Автор Andrés Loaiza Ramírez ( назад)
maybe the video games get crappier everyday?
the NEW stuff is cool, every change is good whether you know how to control it good or not.
so keep up the good work :)

Автор Walther Penne ( назад)
Fewer good games = fewer playing-times guys! Very simple math!

Автор TRA CODE ( назад)
Pewdiepie please play video games again.

Автор jackie lopez ( назад)
i would watch him play overwatch !!!!! pleasee play overwatch!!!

Автор Anonymous Shadow ( назад)
I agree with you. people are too whiny these days and be happy he's even putting videos up! he could've stopped before he even started but he didn't! he chose to keep putting up videos to make the people who still FUCKING CARE HAPPY!!! you wanna watch someone play games? go find another channel or be patient for him to find a game he's wants to play. otherwise fuck off!! you're not wanted here bitching about him not being the person he started as. it's annoying. he's not going back to that. be happy he's here still.

Автор Miqa Trauna ( назад)
Hitler not the first one who want to jewing the jews...

Автор Wan Nurliyana ( назад)
Almost all of his fucking problems are caused by stupid fucking comments that point out what he's 'doing wrong'. If ppl just shut tf up and let him do whatever he wants on his own damn channel then he wouldn't have to struggle so much about posting the kind of videos he wants

Автор NAIZ ( назад)

Автор Likes Fruits ( назад)
I love the new content. Your not just a gamer, your an entertainer. Yes we do want you to be honest. Keep being you Pewds.

Автор Robert Sykes ( назад)
"I won't fucking dance!" hahaha

Автор veronica perry ( назад)
pweds, your true fans don't care if you play video games or not. do whatever you wanna do and we will still be happy with it.

Автор Berci__ F ( назад)
Continue Dark Souls :(

Автор Franz Pretor ( назад)
People loves honesty untill you're honest to them

Автор James Peterson ( назад)
Bruh if you have never touched Overwatch you have not had the experience stfu

Автор German Salazar ( назад)
Someone's been watching Filthy Frank...

Автор Artsy me ( назад)
everyone in my school is like Pewdiepie more like pewdiebait everyone is saying your clickbait

Автор Nadia Maciam ( назад)
i understand, i use to be a anime addict, i watched soooo many i felt i wasted so much time but at the same time i loved it so now experiencing life is just exciting
congrats! recovering video game addict!
there will always be an audience, just do what you like, and the people you like will be attracted to your content and you will like the comments more lol

Автор Oaklee Entertainment Production Company ( назад)
Personally I enjoy your new content a lot. I find it hilarious and enjoy it much more than I would a normal gaming video.

Автор Nightss10 ( назад)
Friggen Hilarious watching you grow like "wth.... video games.... aren't the only way to be entertained??? MY PARENTS WERE RIGHT!? DAFUQ!?"

Автор Jacob Shaw ( назад)
if you are just gonna post hate comments then why the fuck are you here this channel is for fans of pewds not haters if you don't wanna watch his shit then go watch those fags markiliar or that Jack bitch cuz fans get tired of seeing your hateful comments that rarely make sense anyway!

Автор SR21990 ( назад)
Hoping you'll do a Last of Us Part 2 walkthrough when it's out. Yeeeees

Автор KaiASaur ( назад)
just clone yourself man, keep the other one as a slave and force him to play video games, easy as pie!

Автор Yutoru ( назад)
So... Why don't you try yourself in extreme vocals?
You have some makings xDDD

Автор ExMachina ( назад)
I actually started watching and enjoying this channel a lot more lately, even thought i originally got here for the amnesia and playthrough as well, i actually like this new kind of content more ~

Автор Juan Pablo Quirarte ( назад)
I would totally click on a game called "this war of mine"

Автор Derek Lamers ( назад)
''I want to experience other things in my life that i should have done as a kid, reading books, outside.''

*Sounds like a midlife-crisis*

Автор SudiptoPL ( назад)
Random stupid people mailing...doesn't watch all pewd vids and complains.


S T U P I D F U C K I N G P E O P L E .

it's not like single best games coming out in every single day in every fucking single year.

he's still a human being...common' :/

he needs break ,he wants to explore new shits!

Pewd ,bro you're abb right about ONE THING.... FAKE PERSONALITY ABOUT YOUTUBERS!
you damn right!
everyone have to be like themselves ,not copying other shit. :)

Автор MsRandomAwesomeness ( назад)
It's total BS to say that pewds hasn't changed but he has every right to change and do as he pleases. Most of us can say that we are not the same people we were 6 years ago. Along with his personal changes, pewds has changed the style of his youtube videos and his youtube persona. And many people really like it but there are many that prefer the type of content he used to put out a few years ago. I myself like the older content more than the new content. I felt like us viewers had more of a genuine connection with pewds. But pewds also had more of a connection to the video games and he really enjoyed it. As he says in this video, he just got bored and burnt out of video games so I totally get why his content is different. I don't want him to fake it. Basically I respect pewds for being honest and doing what makes him happy but to be honest I miss his old content and I feel like I've lost that sense of connection to him and his videos. I hardly watch him anymore. Honestly it's fine if you feel like this, but just accept that he's doing different stuff now and unsubscribe from him and move on. asking him to go back to doing the content how he used to even though he doesn't want to is just selfish. It was fun while it lasted. thanks pewds.

Автор alex black ( назад)
#pewdiepie show you whats you hashtag #Why dont you play games anymore 😧

Автор Mikayla Stewart ( назад)
Even I don't play video games as much as I used to. I totally get it fam. I get bored so easy and nothing keeps my attention long enough, and games IDK, I just haven't played much. I also have a list that matches yours pretty well (except fallout, played it loved it, play it). go find yourself Pewds!! ❤

Автор Ángeeel : 'D ( назад)
Demonstrating false emotions is the same as being the opposite of the purpose that once youtube was thought, been different from the all kind of tv shows and shiit. (Sorry for bad english, from chile)

Автор Amber Carroll ( назад)
I understand you Felix. (New found respect- unlocked.) btw you may have thought of this or someone may have suggested it. Twitter. Tweet out asking "hey here's this game I think is interesting, would you guys like to watch me play it?" That would at least give you an idea on the dilemma of the game situation.

Автор Emma Kirkpatrick ( назад)
It was so fun to be a bro back in the days of barrels and screaming over every game, but it grew kind of old and I took a break for a long time. The "new" Pewds pretty much keeps it real. I love how there are videos like this now, that put out actual thoughts and opinions that Pewds has. I appreciate that reality as a viewer, so it's nice to really be back. It feels kinda like we both grew up some, yknow?

Автор Amber Molina ( назад)
Keep being honest! Loving it. I'm new,, my kids watch you, but now it's me watching you.....they are getting worried...cause I imitate you by calling them BROS in a gravelly voice....they say I'm addicted to your Chanel......they may have something......I do watch everyday.....I love the videos of you just getting things off your chest.

Автор 日寅 ( назад)
"This war of mine" is a good game. Actually , I wanna see you play that for a long time.

Автор Tapped In ( назад)
Yaaasss. Pewdiepie plays drums!

Автор DaMaProD ( назад)
I think you should keep doing videos like this and stop playing games completely.

Автор Ben Gove ( назад)
I had a fuckin epiphany after i stopped playing video games. The real world is actually pretty fucking great and I'm less depressed if I don't waist waist away in my room. So I replaced gaming with lifting, best decision I ever made. I also do some graphic design on the side to make up for the withdrawal from video games.

Автор Vitalectric ( назад)
I know exactly how poods feels. Ever since I moved, games just don't have the same feeling. I wrote down a list too of games that I need to play or that was coming out but I just feel like I don't want to waste that precious time.

Автор Duda Fonseca ( назад)
cadê a placa de rubi????

Автор HentaiSweetie ( назад)
Play Yandere Simulator again!!
You'll also be helping Yandere-Dev.

Автор Marko ( назад)
Where can i find the background music? 0:12

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