Shahrukh Khan Deepika Arjun & Kareena LIVE 2007

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  • huma maqsood
    huma maqsood 11 месяцев назад

    watching it again only for saif and kareena :)

  • ندي خالد
    ندي خالد 2 года назад +2


  • Bebo Khan
    Bebo Khan 2 года назад +1

    Bebo has natural beauty! Just love her <3

  • Hicham Hicham
    Hicham Hicham 2 года назад

    Shahrukh Khan Deepika Arjun & Kareena ko ko ko go

  • bunga andunk
    bunga andunk 2 года назад +1

    This is the original deepika face. she plasticity opaque and ancient. actually he is very ugly and not appealing. I am talking reality not because they do not like it

  • Jihad Jihaditaa
    Jihad Jihaditaa 3 года назад +2

    stop at 5:33 ,, loool

  • Bilal Ibragim
    Bilal Ibragim 3 года назад

    Мне нравяться

  • gogoagone
    gogoagone 3 года назад +5

    Omg deepika so ugly , kareena natural beautiful

  • kkk999595
    kkk999595 3 года назад +2

    What a performance but she should dance this at Filmfare u kareena.

  • nazi shah
    nazi shah 3 года назад +1

    lol @ saif ali khan and his son he is so hot on kareena the way he looks is just crazy lolllllllllllll damn

  • Suryane Zaine
    Suryane Zaine 5 лет назад

    wth. firstly, I like Kareena but seriously? Outfit fail, song bad and somemore the dang fires that suddenly appeared and... THERE WAS A CHILD WATCHING. PG PG!!!!

  • hazarag
    hazarag 5 лет назад +1

    love kareena , all her haters go to hell.

  • Huddy0003
    Huddy0003 6 лет назад +1


    SAM KING 6 лет назад

    big bich...kareena...fuck experience

  • alexandra12345ism
    alexandra12345ism 6 лет назад

    i love OSO.My fav movie

  • Obayd Muskin
    Obayd Muskin 6 лет назад

    why was there also a black eyed peas song, i thought this was bollywood

  • Maria Chaudhry
    Maria Chaudhry 6 лет назад

    it's not only kareena kapoor who is doing those steps your guys are calling stupid, but also those other girls who are dancing behind Kareena. So why don't you people say "those girls and kareena look like some weirdos"? Why just say "kareena looks wierd. She can't even dance."

  • Ameiaru
    Ameiaru 6 лет назад

    they replayed saif looking kinda like 'wtf' face like a bajillion times. T_T; and i disliked how they mixed the black eyed peas song with the yeh mera dil song. XD;; Mera Dil's so much better.. :D Once Kareena started smiling, awesome performance. ^_^

  • topaz09rk
    topaz09rk 6 лет назад

    @sssteveo: I totally agree with you...i'm pretty sure when anyone has a prob with how another person looks or acts it's just because they're jealous or insecure about themselves.....people should focus more about improving themselves instead of being picky about other ppl :) and yes kareena is fabulous always & forever (for me anyway & her other many don't have to feel the same way but at least don't be mean about it)

  • topaz09rk
    topaz09rk 6 лет назад

    @vmp98765 he's her boyfriend :)

  • vmp98765
    vmp98765 6 лет назад

    is saif related to kareena? the camera keeps going back to him.....

  • ankit
    ankit 6 лет назад

    nice video

  • Leela Davis
    Leela Davis 7 лет назад

    im confused with this song

  • chateaunck
    chateaunck 7 лет назад

    i love this movie om shanti om

  • samiramida1
    samiramida1 7 лет назад

    @karatajaan movie- "Don-The Chase Begins", song- "Yeh Mera Dil"

  • Za Qa
    Za Qa 7 лет назад

    @TheRb16 lol that's her BF Saif. Maybe he got ticked off because of the 'young' comment SK made. Idk.

  • TheRb16
    TheRb16 7 лет назад

    the guy at 4:57 looks ticked off! LOL

  • Kareena Khan
    Kareena Khan 7 лет назад +1

    HATE DEEPIKA, Never Liked Her....... Kareena's The Best......

  • Anoucha Vellien
    Anoucha Vellien 7 лет назад +1

    kareena is rocking!!wow saif'son is sooo cute!!

  • alexandra12345ism
    alexandra12345ism 7 лет назад

    Deepika is so beautiful

  • Kheksha B.
    Kheksha B. 7 лет назад

    @sssteveo no she s a badhmaash did u see her song chailya her bikini u didgustig ppl think shes bubbly

  • Ennniii
    Ennniii 7 лет назад

    and hate kareena... '-.-

  • Ennniii
    Ennniii 7 лет назад

    love srk's ponytail! :D <3

  • Melanie.K
    Melanie.K 7 лет назад

    i no lol

  • Fairouz KH.
    Fairouz KH. 7 лет назад

    Yes !

  • ameenastarz678
    ameenastarz678 7 лет назад

    5:50 hilarious

  • Melanie.K
    Melanie.K 7 лет назад

    is thats saif's son??

  • magicyte
    magicyte 7 лет назад

    I'd stick my deep in her ka.

  • Sandy Sutraban
    Sandy Sutraban 7 лет назад

    hmph... this one is a disappointment, so not kareena! she's my fav. but the same moves were used too many times and got boring after a while. Other than that the remix was not so great =[

  • Shahidsteddy
    Shahidsteddy 7 лет назад

    2:09 sonam looks like juhi chawla, doesn´t she?

  • ff fff
    ff fff 7 лет назад

    LOL at saif sharukh and arjun's faces.

  • Janeth Quispe
    Janeth Quispe 7 лет назад

    la pelicual om shanti om es bien linda y mucho mas aun cuando baila algo de la musica que dice an de disco algo asi
    - chevre bailaron la musica del 3:15
    -jajaja miren la cara preciosa de Shahrukh Khan en el minuto 4:24

  • 12-Mojo
    12-Mojo 7 лет назад

    hmm...good looker but terrible dancer maybe?

  • IleonaGhost
    IleonaGhost 7 лет назад

    i like kareena very much this isnßt her best^^
    why does she look so angry and bored?
    i know that she can do it better! ;)

  • yerytwa
    yerytwa 7 лет назад

    its like she dnt give a shyt no smile on hr face

  • Shahidsteddy
    Shahidsteddy 7 лет назад

    It´s true her hands are flying around...
    And what look is that...04:25...?!!!???
    Seems little weird

  • chatnoir60609
    chatnoir60609 7 лет назад

    she doesn't know what to do with her arms and missed the choreography steps many times. She is not a good dancer anyway, now i'm convinced, at the beginning I thougth it was a matter of time. She has to thanks God she is beautiful and an average talented actress.

  • 22lovebird
    22lovebird 7 лет назад fake..waste my time.

  • sweetrose80s
    sweetrose80s 7 лет назад

    she is not the best looking, but she is fine enough to be a actress. at least she is better than her older sister, and i think she did a good peformance.

  • kiflichka
    kiflichka 7 лет назад

    this girl cannot dance sorry...i don't know is it d choreography but..somthing is..just too..stiff ...shes been dancing for long now...was she shy tht her bf was watchin :P....hmmm anyway...who cares ..she doesn't for sure! :)))..she is famous and beautiful :)))..

  • nitendra061
    nitendra061 7 лет назад

    so dont watch her video then why are you watching her.. idiot

  • fizzyhello381
    fizzyhello381 8 лет назад

    i think saif looks a bit confused...its cute though

  • aishuly naya
    aishuly naya 8 лет назад

    i love arjun rampal !

  • sultan bulut
    sultan bulut 8 лет назад

    her face is ugly...that is what i meaning

  • Ray Jarmiah
    Ray Jarmiah 8 лет назад

    i didn't like when she came out looking all serious @ the start, then when yeh mera dil came out, she started to get playful. like wtf? lol

  • sultan bulut
    sultan bulut 8 лет назад

    karren is soo ugly...omg
    deepika 4-evaaa

  • sultan bulut
    sultan bulut 8 лет назад

    deepika is so beautiful

  • Ameeksha Dilchand
    Ameeksha Dilchand 8 лет назад

    arjun rampal is soo funny!m he doesnt dance isnt it? x

  • krisfoil
    krisfoil 8 лет назад

    Uhmm, she has no hips whats up.... dance is really not good...

  • nitendra061
    nitendra061 8 лет назад

    i think she did well i dont agree with that deepika is looking good than her..

  • Sheila S
    Sheila S 8 лет назад

    Kareena didn't dance well on this performance

  • Mia Conl
    Mia Conl 8 лет назад

    AM I THE ONLY 1 WHO NOTICED THE SHOES. whats up with those :P

    BARBARA MARAGANA 8 лет назад +1

    Kareena Kapoor, is so beautiful!!

  • Hamzah Wahid
    Hamzah Wahid 8 лет назад

    whats the song caled on 3:15

  • smartmnn
    smartmnn 8 лет назад

    Saif looked like he was going to blow up at times and he only smiled at the start and end

  • mbiling
    mbiling 8 лет назад

    lol saif mad at her??? probably thinking damn shes doing so oooo badly. more like.

  • Erica hizbu
    Erica hizbu 8 лет назад

    someone need to get saif an inhaler seems he always has a hard time breathing when watching Kareena performing

  • roshhh430
    roshhh430 8 лет назад

    saif sorta looks like he doesnt like it...

  • cutegal2402
    cutegal2402 8 лет назад

    Kareena looks angry .. she's not smiling as much and apart from her dress there is not one sex appeal to her dance .. she is just swaying around ... nothing about her moves are nice or sexy at all .... wow you would expect something better from Kareena Kapoor. Deepika with no dancing looked better than her.

  • kanoush1985
    kanoush1985 8 лет назад

    look at saifs face in the end!! theres no way his angry!

  • kanoush1985
    kanoush1985 8 лет назад

    i really dont think saif looks angry.. i mean i think theres something else, his son is with him, so why would he be angry! alot people always intrepret these things sooo differently..well kareena looks good in this and so does saif!

  • TigerRW86
    TigerRW86 8 лет назад

    You are so right it's uncanny!

  • amouli ai
    amouli ai 9 лет назад

    was anyone else cringing??

  • gutlessghoul
    gutlessghoul 9 лет назад

    "Yeh Mera Dil" has so much more sex appeal than Stacy Ferguson. no matter what is said about Kareena, she still remains the most powerful female personality in Bollywood.

  • Esellajessica
    Esellajessica 9 лет назад

    That was such an awkward performance. Did you notice she never really got into it? She seemed stiff. I don't know if her pants were to tight or what. Whoever costumed her did a poor job. Her top half looks very elegant(earringsNblouse)minus her hair, which looks crazy and frizzy. Her Bottom half looks like she's trying to go hip hop. They did not blend this well.Not to mention her face and stares at the floor. Weird...

  • Worldpatriot
    Worldpatriot 9 лет назад

    Deepika and Kareena are hot.

  • S Jacob
    S Jacob 9 лет назад

    saif's face looks so serious when watching... lol wierdd .. he has to be more happy cuz it's his girl

  • RonandHerm
    RonandHerm 9 лет назад

    i thought as much

  • RonandHerm
    RonandHerm 9 лет назад

    why does the camera go back and forth from her to saif

  • hedi21au
    hedi21au 9 лет назад

    arjun is so sweet love his attitude

    EILEEN 9 лет назад

    OK!! Yeah sure! That was pretty ridiculous I'm sorry.

    EILEEN 9 лет назад

    Deepika is so stunning. And Kareena looks really nice in the performance too.

  • libellu25
    libellu25 9 лет назад

    anyway he would look much better if he start smiling a bit

  • libellu25
    libellu25 9 лет назад

    or is he just so much into it and focusing his attention on the performance?

  • libellu25
    libellu25 9 лет назад

    Saif look very serious here, he rather look worried than like he's having a good time

  • Reshma Maria
    Reshma Maria 9 лет назад

    om shanti om is one of da best movies eva !!!

  • Isha Dahal
    Isha Dahal 9 лет назад

    kareena is glamorous.!!
    <3 her.!

  • Dove_93
    Dove_93 9 лет назад

    <3 srk, shreyas, and arjun...esp srk and shreyas....they r sooooooooo cutee:)

  • lydie18
    lydie18 9 лет назад

    shah rukh u r the king of all hearts u r the king of bollywood u r deeee king of deeeee worldddd