Do All Adoptees Think the Same?

  • Published on Sep 25, 2019
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  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  2 months ago +1219

    Thanks to Curiosity Stream for sponsoring this episode! Go to for unlimited access to the world’s top documentaries and non­fiction series, and for our fans, enter the promo code ‘jubilee’ when prompted during the sign­up process and your membership is completely free for the first 30 days.

    • Kayla Marie
      Kayla Marie Month ago

      Change the title.

    • Flat Bastard
      Flat Bastard Month ago

      Can you guys fix the audio so I can actually hear the question?

    • War Boss
      War Boss Month ago

      Jubilee should all Americans serve a minimum of two years National Guard/Army Reserves/Air Force Reserves/Navy Reserves/Coast Guard? Pick one civ!

    • 1 GOTHGAL
      1 GOTHGAL Month ago

      🖤Love all these Intelligent respectful responses.All true.They all turned out amazing.Beautiful video.

    • Allan Hill
      Allan Hill Month ago

      Do all homeschool kids think the same or homeschool kids versus regular school kids

  • Takearria Harris
    Takearria Harris Hour ago

    If you know nothing about the culture and racial history of an adopted child, you shouldn’t adopt them. Educate yourself, then adopt.

  • Meow Meow MLG
    Meow Meow MLG 4 hours ago

    I don't know if you guys did this already, but can you just do "Do all parents think the same?"

  • Rose Callahan
    Rose Callahan 10 hours ago

    can someone tell me what the original title was? sorry i didn’t watch this video until after they changed it...

  • oof McOof
    oof McOof 17 hours ago

    K now do 'do all adopters think the same'

  • NightHawk
    NightHawk Day ago

    For the chinese girl and anyone feeling the same thing. Genetics don't mean that much when it comes to the relationship you have with your family. Get that out of your head...think about your best friends, or the person you expect to marry one day. You won't be genetically related but that doesn't mean you won't get to see them as family one day.
    And just like you can be very close to them, you can be close to your adoptive family.
    I am not adopted, I am blood related to my family from all sides and I don't get along with them at all. We don't fight and we may have similar points of view sometimes. But our personalities are simply not compatible, I never know what to say to them, and they never know what to say to me. However, I do get along with so many people I meet at school and other places, complete strangers. It is not a blood related thing, trust me.

  • Emaline L.
    Emaline L. Day ago

    I REALLY love what you guys are doing here. Spectrum for what it stands for and really how you guys BUILD communities around certain topics or identities. It makes me smile every time I see a video on the spectrum series where people at the end are like "OH can I follow you on your socials?" Or when all swoop in for a group hug. It really gives me hope that there are people out there willing to have these conversations, willing to break barriers and willing to be there for each other. Thank you, Jubilee:)

  • Deborathequeen
    Deborathequeen Day ago


  • Lo Tlhalerwa
    Lo Tlhalerwa Day ago

    Julia seems really upset

  • Маша Паракина

    Russian adoptee here. I LOVE my Transbaikal Cossack heritage!

  • Donut
    Donut 2 days ago

    this is my favourite video on this channel ❤️

  • Jake Howell
    Jake Howell 2 days ago

    How about- As an adoptee who’s biological parents may have considered abortion, how do you feel about the issue? (This is what happened to my mom)

  • Beanie Baby
    Beanie Baby 2 days ago +3

    Please do “do all catholic parents think the same?”

  • Kristieee gh
    Kristieee gh 2 days ago

    Nancy's story made me cry! I wish her all the best!

  • Ishme Jay Jay
    Ishme Jay Jay 2 days ago

    why is everybody talking about the title
    the title I clicked on is "Do All Adoptees Think the Same"

  • Hope Fritton
    Hope Fritton 2 days ago

    Do this with parents who adopt.

  • Idk Hahaha
    Idk Hahaha 3 days ago

    I got adopted by my aunty because she was one of those one people who take care of foster kids and she took care of us and eventually adopted me and my sister

  • Fred B.L
    Fred B.L 3 days ago

    What was the old title?

  • Aubri Rambles
    Aubri Rambles 3 days ago

    I love nancy so much wow

  • Roger Redfield
    Roger Redfield 3 days ago

    Nancy sexy AF

  • Ivory Ventrice
    Ivory Ventrice 3 days ago

    What WAS the title?

  • Joao D
    Joao D 3 days ago

    Who else noticed the change in video title

  • Valeria Aguirre
    Valeria Aguirre 4 days ago

    I have always wanted to adopt when I get older, since I was a young kid. Just the idea of bringing more children into the world when there are millions of kids who need a home seems unnecessary for me personally. And I have genuinely thought about the topics discussed in this video. If I adopt a child who is a different race than me(I’m Mexican) how should I approach their culture and help them feel that connection, how do I embrace a culture that , no matter how much research I do on, I might not fully understand. I guess that before this video, I knew that doing that was the correct thing to do, but I didn’t know how to approach it in fear of making the kid feel separated or excluded from me and the home I provide for them. I would just worry that the kid might wonder why he/she are different and may reject that. Idk man, I guess I’ll figure it out as time goes on, I’m barely 18 lmao.

  • Dave Nero
    Dave Nero 4 days ago

    Imma need those earrings for my disk drive

  • Meg Fluffy
    Meg Fluffy 4 days ago

    this one is really good, thanks. Rebekah is amazing.

  • Amanda Lee
    Amanda Lee 5 days ago

    I was adopted as a baby and I always knew. One thing I hate is stories and books with the character’s motive is finding out their adopted. It makes being adopted feel like a bad thing.

  • thejobloshow
    thejobloshow 5 days ago

    That lady has compact disc earrings.

  • ladybug
    ladybug 6 days ago

    Oh my God I feel so bad for the girl in the red shirt she seems to feel she should be grateful the parents who adopted her take care of her- and that she holds back on speaking her mind bc she’s not biological like her sister who does speak her mind
    When someone decides to be a parent it’s their job and responsibility to take care of their kid whether biological or adopted

  • Artonique Hodges TV
    Artonique Hodges TV 8 days ago

    wow i loved this one

  • Jake S
    Jake S 11 days ago

    Rebekah is a bit sjw cringe there.

  • Bottle Fly
    Bottle Fly 11 days ago

    I wanted to adopt but this video makes me question it. As most of the kids look unhappy :(

  • Millie
    Millie 13 days ago

    what was the old title? lol

  • Josh Elliott
    Josh Elliott 13 days ago

    I’m adopted from Moscow, Russia!

  • zubedah olet
    zubedah olet 13 days ago +1

    Can anyone explain to me why do people in the comment section keep talking about changing the title?

  • GR8119
    GR8119 14 days ago

    Is it just me, or does the black casting director look AND sound like Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black???

  • Fudiroll
    Fudiroll 14 days ago

    I jokingly asked a friend of mine if he was adopted cause he didn’t look like his parents and he got super defensive. His cousin confirmed it in confidence and I was shook. Explained why he would act out and his folks were so overbearing.

  • raquel-andrea
    raquel-andrea 16 days ago

    I LOVED this one. Getting everyone’s perspective. I was pausing the video before they answered so that I could h e a minute to answer myself, because I am an adoptee as well. But my mom had us all since we were literally days and months old, so it wasn’t a thing of, “What?! I’m adopted?!”. And it’s like Michael said, “My mom is MY MOM!”. I don’t see her as my adopted mother.
    My ENTIRE family see’s me and my siblings (all adopted) as having been born into the family. And I am sooooo grateful for that. Most of my cousins and my older brother (mom’s biological nephews and son) are in their 40’s and 50’s, but their children are the one’s that we grew up with. We’re all millennials lol, so because we grew up together, they know my siblings and I were adopted, but NEVER has it ever been brought up, because they see us as their family, period.

  • helleswahn
    helleswahn 16 days ago +1

    3:54 the whole saying of that is actually "the blood of the coven is thicker than the water of the womb" so it has the opposite meaning to what people think

  • Ally Mae
    Ally Mae 17 days ago +1

    i’m just watching this video, what was the original title?

  • Lovely Untamed
    Lovely Untamed 17 days ago

    What's wrong with the title?

  • Brooke Earhart
    Brooke Earhart 17 days ago

    I was adopted at the age of 20

  • Mysterious_ girl_xo
    Mysterious_ girl_xo 17 days ago +1

    That black girl was speaking the absolute truth ❤️👌🏾

  • Spill the tea sis
    Spill the tea sis 17 days ago

    these situations bring me in such an emotional state, One because i'am a mother i have 3 children that i adore, 2nd why bring a child to this world to leave other people to raise them ( but thank god for them) i just would never see my life without my children, and it freaken sucks that i'am a few of those mothers that would do everything in there power to be a good mother to them and have them in healthy environments with lots of love, care, and discipline. I wish one day these things could change. I hate seeing kids born without both parents ughh

  • Sarah Grace
    Sarah Grace 17 days ago +1

    im adopted from russia like julia too

  • Asanti Midnight
    Asanti Midnight 18 days ago +2

    Can someone please tell me what the original title was called?? I need to know why people are freaking out about it

    • Asanti Midnight
      Asanti Midnight 17 days ago +1

      @Corrin oof that is a shitty tittle

    • Corrin
      Corrin 17 days ago +2

      Asanti Midnight Should white people adopt people of color? I think

  • Skip You
    Skip You 18 days ago

    I would loved to be apart of something like this

  • borednow
    borednow 18 days ago

    i like rebekah's vibe especially the cd earrings lol :D

  • Rebekah Altizer
    Rebekah Altizer 18 days ago

    And if you are adopting a child, do not change their name. Learn their names.

  • cupivvd __
    cupivvd __ 18 days ago

    A child deserves love and parents deserve to be able to give that love. Skin colour is and never should be relative. It simply doesn't matter.

  • Tyller Blackburn
    Tyller Blackburn 18 days ago

    What is transracial?

  • jaseline c
    jaseline c 19 days ago

    I can't wait to adopt!!!

  • L Finale
    L Finale 19 days ago

    The title of this video is why racism won’t end.

    • L Finale
      L Finale 17 days ago

      Should white person adopt children of color

    • Tamara
      Tamara 17 days ago

      What was it? They changed it before I could see it

  • Sarah Conner
    Sarah Conner 19 days ago

    What about he reverse? Should colored parents adopt white children?

  • Goramel Plays
    Goramel Plays 19 days ago

    I am first nation, and I was adopted by a white, german family. The government doesn't want me, a brown kid with white people.

  • Ava Hill
    Ava Hill 19 days ago

    god.... this video made me emotional just for the thought that people who can go through so much emotional trauma being abused, put through the foster care system and then not having a true "family" until teenage years, still can grow up to be people who are still so strong and determined and still able to take care of themselves as opposed to shutting down and being unmotivated or letting yourself feel unloved. and I just hate how much I have taken for granted the support system in my life and hearing other people's stories makes me feel so much more thankful, which is why I love this channel.

  • Wrenn S
    Wrenn S 19 days ago

    Alexis is angry.

  • Jehova cuida su hija Jesus guia y su profeta l

    yo no jubile y tampoco soy lesviama

  • T. Tazy
    T. Tazy 19 days ago

    Look I know that the title brings in views and all but it can be interpreted as totally offensive and somewhat racist which many people don’t expect from jubilee

    • T. Tazy
      T. Tazy 19 days ago

      I’m not rly offended just sayin that it can come off as really wrong :/ like a warning ,,,

  • Cali The Gatcha Tuber
    Cali The Gatcha Tuber 19 days ago

    3:47 is he or is he not in just “Agree” not “Strongly Agree” (me writing this right now notices how unnecessary this comment is, and it’s just straight up neurosis)

  • Terreliv
    Terreliv 19 days ago

    The original version of "blood is thicker than water" is "the blood of the oath is thicker than the water of the womb".
    My mom and aunt are adopted, and there are family friends I consider family.