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Dark Country Mix

  • Опубликовано: 29 окт 2016
  • Dark Country Music Mix
    Songs (In Order)
    Blues Saraceno: Bad Man
    Blues Saraceno: Outlaw Justice
    Blues Saraceno: Hellraiser
    Blues Saraceno: Dogs of War
    Blues Saraceno: Simple Man
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Ain't No Easy Way
    Blues Saraceno: Blood to Spill
    Blues Saraceno: Black Cat Smile

Комментарии • 61

  • Kultorvet Møde
    Kultorvet Møde 6 месяцев назад

    I like how you threw in BRMC so it isn't just a Blues Saraceno mix xD

  • 107 Gaming
    107 Gaming  11 месяцев назад

    Just curious but is there shit y'all would want to see ? I like doing the mixes but also games, what do you want to see when it comes to games ?

  • SwordMasterTala
    SwordMasterTala 11 месяцев назад

    fuck i hate pop saraceno

  • Alexander's Video Picks
    Alexander's Video Picks Год назад

    Very cool!

  • Thomas Mai
    Thomas Mai Год назад +3

    why Dark Country Mix? It's a Blues Saraceno playlist

    • 107 Gaming
      107 Gaming  Год назад

      Its got a nice ring to it and it feels kinda like what I think a modern western would have for its soundtrack

  • 50sRockabilly
    50sRockabilly Год назад

    This has nothing to do with country music, its Blues-Rock and Hardrock.

    • 107 Gaming
      107 Gaming  Год назад

      50sRocKabilly So ? I happen to think the name fits it, so it stays. I can see where you come from but those titles just don't fit it.

  • Salvador The Crack Gamer
    Salvador The Crack Gamer Год назад


  • dusty johnson
    dusty johnson Год назад

    10:24am. to early to buy whiskey? maybe its too late.

  • Arnhold B.
    Arnhold B. Год назад

    Can someone please helb me with the first song after "Blues Saraceno - Black Cat Smile", startin' at 24:17? I could identify all the rest except this one...

  • Bogdan M.
    Bogdan M. Год назад +2

    Thank you for this great mix. My friend showed me dark country music style just few days ago and I am loving it. Any recommendations for new listeners?

    • 107 Gaming
      107 Gaming  Год назад +1

      Just lots of Blues Saraceno man, he does classic rock type stuff and some pink rock too, go check out his channel it's loaded.

  • Nuclear-Skull87
    Nuclear-Skull87 Год назад +1

    This is my favorite kind of Country, dark n, gritty sort of Bluesy-Country as opposed to the cheap-sounding stuff they have usually.

  • Gavin Jones
    Gavin Jones Год назад +1


  • Herrera Vld
    Herrera Vld Год назад

    yeah!! Great playlist

  • Emilios Powerballer
    Emilios Powerballer Год назад

    love the music but where is the 'DARK' part?

  • FJ
    FJ Год назад

    This is my soundtrack while reading Chris Kyle's "American Sniper".... thank you man!

  • Bernardo Galvão
    Bernardo Galvão Год назад +2

    With the ODST there, I just had to click

  • Jiofalgior
    Jiofalgior Год назад

    What is the song at 31:22 ? Thanks

    • Max Sousa
      Max Sousa Год назад +1

      nick nolan - devil gets your soul

  • Corinna Zaccone
    Corinna Zaccone Год назад

    i been gettin into this genre lately and so far this is the best mix i've found keep rocking it dark style cheers xx.

  • Θάνος Παπασωτηρόπουλος


  • Rj Denzki
    Rj Denzki Год назад +6

    NEED a CD !! For the 800 mile trip to and from work each week.

    • Rj Denzki
      Rj Denzki Год назад +3

      I prefer a Mr. PSYCHO thank you very much.I rather not work and just fish then I won't need a car,cd or horse.

    • casadilla111
      casadilla111 Год назад +6

      Rj Denzki Just trade your car for a horse, and put a stereo in a saddle bag. You'll look like either a beast or a psycho on the road lol

  • Dark Blades
    Dark Blades Год назад

    Why use an ODST though for the thumbnail?

    • Dark Blades
      Dark Blades Год назад +1

      +107 Gaming
      Ah. That's alright.

    • 107 Gaming
      107 Gaming  Год назад +2

      I like them, as that is my(I am Bravo) personal logo that Notorious made for me, and again never thought people would watch this, i just kinda did it for me and my friends

  • Rj Denzki
    Rj Denzki Год назад

    AWESOME music!

  • vazzegma
    vazzegma Год назад

    What's the song's name at 34:50 ? thanks!

    • 107 Gaming
      107 Gaming  Год назад +2

      Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Beat the Devil's Tattoo

  • Fate
    Fate Год назад +42

    this is the soundtrack to every truck commercial ive ever seen

  • warlock 34
    warlock 34 Год назад

    great video, can i have the link to the first picture?

  • romain braud
    romain braud Год назад

    I don't understand, which song start at 49:43 ?

    • 107 Gaming
      107 Gaming  Год назад

      Urban Country: Gonna Need a Grave, and thanks man !

    • OfftopicStuff
      OfftopicStuff Год назад

      what's the name of the one after 'shackles, ropes and chains', starting
      at around 53:00? i can't find it or get it identified by software, but i
      really like the vibe of it...
      great mix tho, i love it :D

    • romain braud
      romain braud Год назад

      Thank you dude ^^

    • 107 Gaming
      107 Gaming  Год назад +1

      That would be Nick Nolan's Shackles Ropes and Chains

  • michael raw
    michael raw Год назад +33

    this is the way country music should sound instead of all that auto tuned puke Bryan bullshit

    • michael raw
      michael raw Год назад +3

      Couldn't agree more

    • M4RB0
      M4RB0 Год назад +5

      Country music turned into something base more around profit, this stuff is the real shit. Southern Gothic is something else I'm quite fond of. Justin Cross, Lincoln Durham, and several others. Check them out if you like a more soulsy/gritty form of country.

    • Diane Dureau
      Diane Dureau Год назад


  • Moshe Bitton
    Moshe Bitton Год назад

    Great mix!

  • Finn Gilmore
    Finn Gilmore Год назад

    Could you make a steampunk mix please?

    • 107 Gaming
      107 Gaming  Год назад

      Sure will man, I'll see if I can get it up by Sunday !

  • Abosamir71
    Abosamir71 Год назад +4

    That's a hard bluesy rock as I like it. Lyrics are Cheesy and some has no meaning,but the music what I like.

    • 107 Gaming
      107 Gaming  Год назад +3

      Oh yeah, I love to listen to this when I'm working on something, it's really great for that.

  • Tobiasu
    Tobiasu Год назад +5

    This is pure gold!!!

  • Junior Borges
    Junior Borges Год назад +3

    Nice, ty for the mix :)

    • 107 Gaming
      107 Gaming  Год назад +1

      No problem, If there's anything you guys want in a mix let me know, I'll see what I can do !

  • Den Kompaniets
    Den Kompaniets 2 года назад +2

    Nice mix! can you share the tracklist please?