Everyone's a Little Bit Racist Sometimes (Response to ArmouredSkeptic)

  • Published on Jun 28, 2016
  • Following Armoured Skeptic down "the deepest rabbit hole of bigotry" he's ever experienced.
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    ArmouredSkeptic videos mentioned:
    Is Social Justice Racist (Part I): ruclip.com/video/WubLGbQAeMg/video.html
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    Defending Trump & White Privilege: ruclip.com/video/mXepyTr4Qg0/video.html
    Crash Course video, Prejudice & Discrimination: ruclip.com/video/7P0iP2Zm6a4/video.html
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  • Jenny Miller
    Jenny Miller 4 days ago

    Also, I have the same Dark Brotherhood shirt. #ElderScrollsforLife

  • Jenny Miller
    Jenny Miller 4 days ago

    I'm on a Contrapoints binge. I've seen many recent videos, so I decided to go back in the timeline. I also could not help but giggle at the fact the subtitles said [mouth organ playing] every time you went for the harmonica.😄💕

  • l as M L u c L as M
    l as M L u c L as M 10 days ago +1

    All hail Mao Zedong

  • Four Paws Up
    Four Paws Up 16 days ago

    I do believe everyone has a little racism. The challenge is, recognize and control your racism. Become an anti-racist while ignoring your own racism. I had my racist feelings....until I saw children put in cages. I then decided I do not dislike any group enough to cage their children. Nowhere near close.

  • Curious nightmare
    Curious nightmare 17 days ago

    I agree with skeptics point about black liver matter, but that's about it.

  • DailyLGS
    DailyLGS 18 days ago

    I fucking love this

  • 1Life Resist
    1Life Resist 20 days ago

    Why I haven't come across your channel before? RUclip algorithm is fuckd up

  • Snake
    Snake 20 days ago

    Make your own assumptions, but I just wanna point out that when Contra shows a definition of an 'anti-SJW' she of course includes the 'usually a white male' which again show the problem with being an SJW
    When was the last time you've seen for example 'feminist.... usually a person that identifies as a woman' yea, it doesn't get mentioned by anyone like that.
    The fact that the left likes to single out the imaginary cis straight white male opressior image too much kinda explains why this "anti-SJWs" are usually exactly that same demographic

  • Adayah
    Adayah 23 days ago

    If you seriously believe that the statistic shown at 11:08 is an argument for the discrimination of black people, then you probably think that males are discriminated as well?

  • mozza4eva
    mozza4eva 28 days ago +1

    That clockwork Orange moment 3:33

  • Divine Shadow
    Divine Shadow 28 days ago +1

    Upon re-watching all your videos, I like to think that this is where the channel really took off, the number of views aside. It’s easy to make proclamations to counter another persons point. It’s another thing for Natalie to watch hours an hours of AS’ content and demonstrate that from Video to Video, he makes assertions that are disingenuous at best. So many of these “skeptics“ can be hoist on their own petard. But the price that you pay is having to wade through their content. A thankless task that I think does not get enough recognition.

  • Fake Vegan
    Fake Vegan 29 days ago

    Le Tigre 😢

  • Fake Vegan
    Fake Vegan 29 days ago

    can’t stand armored skeptic. He looks like the typical incel that made it out and has a girlfriend but still collects faggy medieval weapons as if that can protect you from a home invasion

  • St. Mixa
    St. Mixa Month ago

    only white people can be racist

  • rwed _
    rwed _ Month ago

    may i ask you a question (bc i did not research it)? have you done any collaborations w philosophy tube?

  • rwed _
    rwed _ Month ago

    interesting how "my boys" started with me watching your newest.. and now watching you in 2016, right?

    LIZARD GUY 4 Month ago +1

    He’s part of the skeptic community along with thunderf00t and all the other atheist RUcliprs and the community is split between “SJWs” anti-sjws and people who don’t deal with politics so by saying that the people he associates with doesn’t in itself make him one of them

  • diego chica
    diego chica Month ago

    "Mouth organ plays"... go for it!

  • Liz ZYYC65
    Liz ZYYC65 Month ago

    Well done

  • Jasper Stevens
    Jasper Stevens Month ago

    Watching this drunk was a lot

  • DawnDreams
    DawnDreams Month ago

    OMG THANK YOU FOR SAYING THE BUTTHURT COMPARISON. That has bugged me for so long. And sorry for commenting on everything. I am clearly bingewatching all your work for the past 2 weeks

  • Chantel Carter
    Chantel Carter Month ago +1

    I have never told a racist joke. And I do believe that people have control over how they treat people regardless of what their prejudices are which is what is actually important.
    Also, when people say that "Everyone is racist" I don't think they are using the term properly. I think the saying would more accurately be "Everyone is a little bit prejudiced and ignorant sometimes."

  • Jenni Santiago
    Jenni Santiago Month ago

    I don’t agree with everything you say but I really do love your channel. I’m a cis lezzy and moderately conservative but I think you do make a lot of intelligent points. P.s. the whole “canceling” bullshit is just that! BS! YOU are allowed to have you’re own opinions and struggles. Too many people nowadays get so agro mainly hardcore sjws. So over this cancelling culture

  • Shriram Raja
    Shriram Raja Month ago

    'tear rectum into shreds..' 🤭 God! The way u approach this matter is just awesome!!

  • Demonsplaining
    Demonsplaining Month ago +1

    Armored Skeptic was really good before he got sucked into the anti-feminist/SJW rabbit hole.

  • Nicolaus Volentius
    Nicolaus Volentius Month ago

    Philosophy and butt sex are like peanut butter and jelly. I think you can find them all in jars produced by Smuckers.

  • Munseong Park
    Munseong Park Month ago

    A little learning is a dangerous thing ;
    Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring :
    There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
    And drinking largely sobers us again.
    Alexander Pope
    I miss the low quality craziness of old Contra haha

  • Robert Chu
    Robert Chu Month ago

    YES white guilt is completely useless and I dont know anyone that supports it lol

  • portal2passion
    portal2passion Month ago

    14 : 12 = degenerate pervert

  • LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté

    Its so often misunderstood that its not the direct privilege that's meant in White privilege, as in something that's waved about purposefully, or directly expressed. It the automatic place in the social structure that happens because of Race., hat's not seen as privilege but just accepted as a matter of course. The favoritism of Race in our America, cannot be denied. Its this misapprehension I feel often makes it hard to understand the difference. And those who don't struggle past that and try not to see it,I'm afraid, will never see it.

  • LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté

    I gotta know....what did you give him, I'm guessing LSD or X....

  • Jess Prenderville
    Jess Prenderville Month ago

    Cissies mad

  • pigtailsboy
    pigtailsboy Month ago

    I'm confused. Why can't general youtube audiences go about their lives by adopting and moderating old and new opinions with new perspectives? Where does this need to come flying over to another users channel to shit on their door step and say "YOU GOT SERVED, but someone else entirely". I can find value in Skeptic and Contra. I'm pretty sure I can moderate my views or at least try and argue for the other side if I feel like some individual is starting to drink a certain type of koolaid. Firstly it's not healthy to just throw in entirely with a personality online and secondly none of us are making these statements. Commenters could likely string a few words together but a long winded and well edited (with a reduced level of mistakes) is exclusive to those we watch willing to put in the footwork. I assume you've all developed most of your own opinions and it's probable that you hold them quite closely... but hopefully not too closely. Which is where I'll leave it.

    I've no reason to love you or any other tuber but I will appreciate what you all do. Even those who I disagree with or make big blunders at times.

  • TheStavrin
    TheStavrin Month ago +2

    I miss the old Contra

  • Bob Newby Superhero

    Maybe if you don’t want “anti-sjw” thrown at you, don’t throw “sjw” around indiscriminately.

  • Bob Newby Superhero

    Why should we give them the luxury of differentiating between multiple reactionaries when those same reactionaries all use the exact same picture every time they need a “FEMINAZI OOOOWWWWNNNEEEDDD” or “SJW freak out!” Title card?

  • punkfruit
    punkfruit Month ago

    funny video, even if it is a little intellectually dim,.. youre a better comedian then a political thinker lol

  • innewyorkimillyrock

    I really liked this video. But not feeling the sketches, tho I imagine it is a common thing in the channel. Might stick around

  • MrChillerNo1
    MrChillerNo1 Month ago

    TrY tEh WiNe!!

    killed me.

  • Roy
    Roy Month ago

    As a side note for people living in the past like I: www.vox.com/2019/8/24/20831092/florida-man-michael-drejka-markeis-mcglockton-stand-your-ground-found-guilty-manslaughter?

  • Brendan Whiting
    Brendan Whiting Month ago

    RUclip's machine learning to auto-generate subtitles is starting to concern me a little bit. At 16:08, "klonopin left" became "Corbyn left". Jeremy "Corbyn", the political "left", etc, is a pretty good guess given the context. It just worries me a little bit about unintended consequences of machine learning making assumptions about what someone is saying.

  • Mawgan S.
    Mawgan S. Month ago

    The problem with BLM is that they themselves often end up down the rabbit hole of doing a Ghazi, and treating the black community as a community that is inherently required to stick together, with no interracial marriage, no adopting white babies (and some believe that white people shouldn’t adopt black babies either). Some of BLM is good, in fact its original intention is good, but where people direct their efforts from there into the idea of ethnic collectivism is..... iffy at best.

  • Mikey MotorPsyche
    Mikey MotorPsyche Month ago

    Oh geez

  • Adaption system
    Adaption system Month ago +2

    Noooo! Just got introduced to Natalie's dead name. Did not enjoy that. Sorry Natalie!

  • thesparitan
    thesparitan Month ago

    SJW types are terrible, I have enjoyed Armored Skeptic videos. So my question is why does he go after annoying SJWs while ignoring super popular neo nazi supporting ethno state loving avoid racist? Why is the whinny SJW worse then the dude asking for ethnic cleansing, can someone explain this to me? One group is annoy and messed up another group literally wants genocide. Why is this complicated as to which one should be attacked more?

    Sorry I haven't figured this out yet.

  • Cassandra Fearless
    Cassandra Fearless Month ago

    Whats the song called at the very end of the video with patreon thats being played when he shows Anitas face

  • Peng Fei Dong
    Peng Fei Dong Month ago

    Socrates X Plato fanfiction. I need it, I want it, and if I don't get it, I'm gonna rip plato's raggedy desiccated ass apart.

  • Peng Fei Dong
    Peng Fei Dong Month ago

    This episode felt like an episode of interdimensional television

  • Gigzy Art
    Gigzy Art Month ago

    ah, 2016 in a nutshell.

  • Michael Baldry
    Michael Baldry 2 months ago

    I'm not racist. I hate everyone equally in fairly

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith 2 months ago

    Haaaa-haaaa-haaaaa!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lamia Hypnosia
    Lamia Hypnosia 2 months ago +4

    I see that Dark Brotherhood shirt.
    As if I didn't love you enough already.

  • Fuck Ass 99
    Fuck Ass 99 2 months ago

    This video made me want to hang myself off of an overpass

  • BlueSkullFish
    BlueSkullFish 2 months ago


  • Adam Poll
    Adam Poll 2 months ago +1

    The most confusing thing for me was that thumbnail of Paul Joseph Watson trying to look like a supermodel.

  • Azahel Heaven
    Azahel Heaven 2 months ago

    remember the current past with this videos is...... interesant

  • Dan Elicker
    Dan Elicker 2 months ago

    The entire goal of the SJW's is to point out how evil everyone else is to make themselves appear more virtuous.

    • Abel Abel
      Abel Abel 2 months ago +1

      Or maybe the goal is....you know...social justice...

  • Mark Beach
    Mark Beach 2 months ago +4

    Why can she actually shred?

  • Mark Siefert
    Mark Siefert 2 months ago


  • Jacob Fike
    Jacob Fike 2 months ago

    it feels weird hearing her deadname