The Lotus Box Puzzle

A really beautiful and surprising puzzlebox!

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Finding a copy of "The Lotus Box" will be difficult, as not many were made. Your best bet is to find a collector who has one they're willing to part with, or contact a specialty puzzle shop. I bought mine at Eureka Puzzles in Brookline, MA.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FLEBpuzzles

I'm a Top-10 finisher in the US Puzzle Championship and just released a logic puzzle game on Steam! The game is called RYB: http://store.steampowered.com/app/547050

Intro song: Tekvision - Mycoplasma
Intro template: /SDJGRedstoneDJ

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Автор CoolMinecrafterDiamonds // Please Subscribe ( назад)
Why not play Minecraft puzzle maps

Автор Jordan J ( назад)
How can you buy this puzzle plz make me one I'm only 10 and you inspire me and this is the coolest puzzle ever so plz contact me if you can give it to me

Автор Master John ( назад)
intro song?

Автор Nicholas de Vera ( назад)
Every great trick has three acts: the pledge, the turn, the prestige

Автор 420drwilldo ( назад)
you know that would make a killer stash box

Автор Jessica Johnson ( назад)
then I cudnt put bit back together......😐

Автор xXComplexXx ( назад)
I want this...

Автор Super ZP ( назад)
I would just wanna get the puzzle just for the coin

Автор Dawson Gouveia ( назад)
who or where can I inquire for this puzzle?

Автор XxPug_Lord_MegaxX ( назад)
I looked and I couldn't find this puzzle anywhere, did you mention in your video it was the only existing one and I just missed it?

Автор G-M-R Alexander ( назад)
cool puzzle

Автор SBD Potato ( назад)
how to do solve puzzles in less than a minute:
1. put it on the floor
2. step on it
3. if step 2 didn't work, just hit it, crush it, or find another way to break it.

Автор xCRiPPLESx ( назад)
the rink? what is a rink?

Автор Manar Naser ( назад)
Woah!! This is so cool! I'm definitely subscribed now 😊

Автор morgybear w ( назад)
where can you buy one of these?

Автор the weirdo ( назад)
this is legitimately the coolesr video I've seen in days

Автор Иван Яскевич ( назад)
hate puzzles like that. dont think that "puzzle" even a correct word here, looks more like a code lock - you can solve it only if you know the solution or somehow randomly.

Автор DRS_ au ( назад)
This is not so much of a puzzle as it's more like a lock. Anything with innards that are not visible with a naked eye can only be a lock. Balls, needles and other types of blocking instruments inside the item do not make this a puzzle. Its a lock.

Автор Alex Willis ( назад)
The lotus flower blooms twice, hence the second part of the puzzel

Автор Vinay Shakyawar ( назад)

Автор Human_ Bean_X3 ( назад)
His voice makes me fall asleep its amazing. I love it.

Автор H Vasta ( назад)
Hi matey, where would I be able to purchase this puzzle box?

Автор SarahPotato 361 ( назад)
This hurts my brain.

Автор danny lam ( назад)
Another way of solving it is being like Penny from BBT and throwing the puzzle box down to the ground.

Автор 0MindSwept0 ( назад)
That's some coin purse, too bad it only holds 2 coins

Автор Cat ( назад)
0:24 that's what she said...

Автор bike freakz ( назад)
you do all that to get one coin

Автор J.London ( назад)
I really want to give you a tissue so you can blow your nose lol

Автор Jordan Feingold-Link ( назад)
I love the journey of this puzzle.

This scratches both the 'puzzle' itch as well as the 'beautifully machined metal' itch. It makes me wish that ClickSpring would try making puzzles on his channel. The difficulty of this puzzle is directly related with the quality of the craftsmanship, as some of the hidden compartments are hidden by careful polishing!

I'm glad that you shared this. There is no way I would have seen it elsewhere.

Автор PinkPerfection 101 ( назад)
blue lotus!! (tintin fans where u at?)

Автор Mudkip909 ( назад)
where do you buy this thing

Автор Nathanbunny100 ( назад)

Автор Dnalsi Namon ( назад)
Nicely done video.
Puzzle design of this Lotus Box by Wil Strijbos.
You can get one for $125.00 US

Автор william tyler ast ( назад)
this has got to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing puzzles ive seen. and im not really a puzzle guy. thanks for sharing/creating.

Автор leo s ( назад)

Автор Kevin Vu ( назад)
Here's the proper way of explaining this puzzle: find out why it's called the lotus ring.

starting off saying this puzzles primary goal is to take the nail out of the ring and describing the other parts as additions or extra just doesn't work.

it's the lotus box. keyword: box.

Автор Yuan Chen ( назад)
Well, that's not lotus, that's chrysanthemum. Because that is a Chinese 0.5 Yuan. Anyway, good video and good puzzle box.

Автор deshtom ( назад)
How exactly does the spin move actually do something to solve the puzzle? Like, what is the mechanism that the spin move affects in order to unlock it?

Автор Darrick White ( назад)
William Strijbos is the creator of this puzzle box. Its currently out of stock in most places, but some of his other puzzles aren't, and worth taking a try to solve.

Автор John Hernandez ( назад)
Almost looks like a dugout

Автор Jamel Somerville ( назад)
after the spoiler break

Автор Slushie Fox ( назад)
where can I but one?

Автор Kevin Vu ( назад)
if the middle area was transparent...this puzzle would feel much better.

unable to see the mechanics of the box and expecting you to spin It?

I can see why not many of these were made. the goal of the puzzle is hidden away, the methods are obscure and nothing feels "satisfying".

Автор Nicholas Horrex ( назад)
this guy sounds like the guy from Rick and Morty who tells us how to make the plumbus

Автор Nathanbunny100 ( назад)
where do i buy it

Автор Toasty64 ( назад)
wish you could buy these

Автор Lisa Heisler ( назад)
that is so cool😍

Автор Ali Charara ( назад)

Автор Ka 'Mikoe ( назад)

Автор Xenicial Tention ( назад)
To solve the puzzle in 1 easy step is take you hammer and bash it and BOOM solve the impossible in under 10 soconds

Автор R M ( назад)
This puzzle sucks, I don't even think you can call it a puzzle. The heck with these hidden compartments.

Автор x9x9x9x9x9 ( назад)
Where do you buy these puzzles?

Автор Steve Bristol ( назад)
it's amazing how you can talk though your nose

Автор Lord Queezle ( назад)
Wozerz this is impressive. I don't always want to take the time to figure out puzzles, but I love their concepts.

Автор BarpTheWire ( назад)
I don't know how I got here over 3D printing stuff, but thank you for making me interested in this, too =)

Автор Junx Qian ( назад)
Five mao~~~

Автор Jedi Master ( назад)
Whoa! I wonder if those coins are real currency someplace, sometime.

Автор william ulibarri ( назад)
FLEB, you sound exactly like Rerez.

Автор jk3592 ( назад)
me: oooh i found the coin then leaves the puzzle on a shelf never finding the other coin for the end of eternity

Автор Futuristic Bot ( назад)
Thouse r Chinese money

Автор Denis Novak ( назад)
Is there any way to buy a Lotus box ?

Автор Mamacrow Helps ( назад)
These kind of puzzles are lame tbh, I like puzzles with definitive rules at the start; and you just have to think it properly through to correctly solve it. Like the Tower of Hanoi - very simple to understand the rules of the puzzle (no having to spin things or see what can come loose, or not being able to see what's going in a box) Just my opinion though, maybe some people love these kind of things.

Автор Lachlan Tebbutt ( назад)
He sounds like the hotel bag handler in hot tub time machine

Автор Laís Castro ( назад)
hey there tutorial heads

Автор Brady Jimerson ( назад)
The hell does a spin move do?

Автор 2007fate ( назад)
can someone help me were i can buy this box?

Автор Matthew Lee ( назад)
Where do u get this

Автор White Wolf_4786 ( назад)
where can i buy one

Автор sueyzZ ( назад)
where can i buy one of these?

Автор Victor Williams ( назад)
HEy there puzzlers!

Автор Slink Bradshaw ( назад)
finally a place i can stash my weed so my brother wont steal it

Автор Phillip Hodges ( назад)
the goal of the puzzle is to remove the nail from the ring.....but wait there's more.

Автор Rasit Cetin ( назад)
i want one

Автор Nap Santiago ( назад)
Bought this and two more from William. That's thanks to you. What a fascinating side of puzzles.

Автор Jose Hildalgo ( назад)
chinese puzzles are the best !!

Автор Tomoe k ( назад)
i'm so sorry and i don't mean this to be offensive at all but his voice is kinda annoying

Автор SNEAKY ZACK ( назад)
Where can i but this?

Автор Vasilchuk 1 ( назад)
This is so cringe to watch

Автор Giraffe Gaming ( назад)
Hey.. that's pretty good!

Автор christopher sewell ( назад)
I know how to do it. you use the power of grey skull

Автор Joey N ( назад)
I could have sworn he said "hey there hustlers"

Автор A SC ( назад)
I need one these puzzles to hold my weed

Автор austin bevis ( назад)
I didn't know Tina belcher solved puzzles

Автор res1492 ( назад)
OMG you can hear the virginity in his voice...bro i have nothing against you or nerds or even virgins but damm

Автор j0hn d0e ( назад)
I usually hate my recommended section, but today was an exception :)

Автор Matt J ( назад)
This would be awesome for dungeons and dragons. DM: "Your spot check reveals a line on the metal shaft, you soon realize it contains a chamber that can be unscrewed, you soon find a hidden piece!"

Автор Black Jesus ( назад)
I love this channel

Автор Wesout ( назад)
I don't know how I went from skate videos to puzzle videos. All I know is I actually enjoy this content. JUST SUBSCRIBED.

Автор Josh Morgan ( назад)
Where can you buy this puzzle?

Автор Mixwolf ( назад)
This puzzle is insane, I'd probably pull my hair out and not even get past the second part. Can you share some puzzles you've designed?

Автор 杨雨豪 ( назад)
that's a Chinese 50 cents coin!

Автор Monterey Road ( назад)
YouTube Gia Dinh la so mot Vietnam

Автор Robert Bragg ( назад)

Автор Yoovraj Daby ( назад)
This is a good one

Автор Nick Pollard ( назад)
Does anybody know whether the embossed letters on the coin taken out at 4:10 means anything? Does it mean anything that is a clue that the puzzle hasn't been finished yet?

Автор L.E.T. ( назад)
maybe do like a puzzle livestream where you try to solve a puzzle

Автор L.E.T. ( назад)
would love to see more videos

Автор Martin poireau ( назад)
so cool !

Автор R.F. ( назад)
That box is like a mini room-escape game, with the lotus coin as the bonus ending.

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