• Published on Jun 15, 2018
  • WARNING! Dangerous Crash Test, Don´t Try this by yourself! Experiment: Car Roll Over Octopus
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    Toy Cars from Cars 3
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    Intro by Sphinxcorp
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    CANAL DA SOPHIA ALVES 13 hours ago

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    Lily Rothfuss 13 hours ago

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    yasmym E as caichinhas 18 hours ago

    Seu mentiroso

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    Gladdys Cheuquian 21 hour ago

    Yo quería que aplasten el pulpo Real 😡

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    👎Que ■■■ que aburrido ■■■■

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    Sudesh Dewan Day ago

    Don't crush the chocolate eggg

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    liley jonson Day ago

    wow i just came to see the octopus get squashed #clickbatted

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    joops soa Day ago

    How the fuck is this an experiment

  • Ellia 1128219
    Ellia 1128219 Day ago +2

    2019 anybody

  • Riquelme Nascimento

    aff i thought i was going to destroy the people !! your channel is very boring

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    cool monkey snake 2 days ago

    How stupid im not watching this no more 👎

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    KW T.V. 2 days ago

    You suck dude clickbait is NOT okay unless your to dumb to understand

  • KW T.V.
    KW T.V. 2 days ago

    Clickbaittttttttt is uponn me so now I know to hattttte that was just a little more bamba parody LOL

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    What the heck this is so stupid click bait

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    I am so disappointed

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    Your a dumbass

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    Wowwww cooool

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    Yesssss thank u for spearing the poor thing

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    click bait

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    More dislikes than likes lol sucks 4 u

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    7:41 omg

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  • 김하늘
    김하늘 4 days ago

    How Absolutely Stupid. I Actually Thought He Was Going To Crush The Octopus But He Used A Stuffed Octopus Instead..? Wow. And Notice How He Puts A Arrow To The Octopus In The Thumbnail. It's All For Views.

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    "Pick me"

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  • Glennys Blanco
    Glennys Blanco 4 days ago

    i did not ssee you guys do the octopus part

  • Vijay Ganve
    Vijay Ganve 4 days ago

    Why you didn't keep real

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  • paula Acevedo
    paula Acevedo 6 days ago

    Andate Ala mierda mentiroso si sos un pelotudo

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    smaranika mahalik 6 days ago

    Best video

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    Foi assim que o lula molusco morreu

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    مين عربي وحاي يتفرج يحط لايك😂

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    Sueli Xavier 7 days ago

    Vai Se fode Mano vc coloca Octopus mas coloca um urcinho

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    Like si estas buscando un comentario en español

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    Who is the true octopus🤨🤨

  • Gabriela Ferrer
    Gabriela Ferrer 7 days ago

    Son chidos tu vvideo

  • Arron Andres
    Arron Andres 7 days ago

    No it's so rude just doing that to a cute animal wtf