'Trump’s kind of bad for comedy,' says Dave Chappelle

The American comedian was in Toronto to present an award to Just for Laughs at the Canadian Screen Awards.

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Автор Principal Concepts ( назад)
The headline "Trump's bad for comedy" is in the context that we only talk about Trump

Автор Alim Sky ( назад)
mf needs to lay off the bottle, damn.

Автор Kartik Mathur ( назад)
Dave stop getting old! just stop!

Автор Hostadvantage ii ( назад)
for real, the same jokes recycled across every political comedian every day getting really old and boring

Автор Malcolm.X.Machina ( назад)
I love dave Chappelle, but Damn those are some big lapels on that Steve Harney looking suit lol

Автор christian jackson ( назад)
For those of us who don't know; THAT IS NOT DAVE CHAPPELLE! Look closely; listen closely. Please don't be fooled guys and gals.

Автор JessieH ( назад)
WHy is the interview so closely framed on his face and nothing else?

Автор NARUTO UZUMAKI ( назад)

Автор DanielDaniel1 ( назад)
I can't handle that top button being done

Автор cudencuden ( назад)
really good interview by both parties

Автор Charmquark Downspin ( назад)
Not Dave Chapelle.

Автор 外国人说中文 ( назад)
Trump is AWESOME!!!!!

Автор El Gansito ( назад)
a question for Mr. chappelle.
what did the 5 fingers say to the face?

Автор Rixar13 ( назад)
← Irish Bunny → ♥

Автор Fyre Burn ( назад)
I agree.

Автор fleducation001 ( назад)
kind of a click bait title that doesn't focus on what he's actually saying...

Автор Louise Johnston ( назад)
Excellent interview. Thank you for asking intelligent questions which stayed on course about his craft. Chapelle is the man.

Автор Albert Yum ( назад)
Dave keeps it real

Автор Paddy ( назад)
I'm Rick James!!!

Автор mike carson ( назад)
??? Trump is actually good for comedy cause he always gives us new material every week. lol

Автор CaptainRetsuUnohana ( назад)
Not the context the title uses but I agree with Dave here that yes look at all the low hanging fruit. Step it up ya'll.

Автор Polycube ( назад)
Is Chappelle alright? Lately he always looks bloated in the face and seems to think much slower, like he just got out of surgery or something.

Автор LemonZeppelin ( назад)
Even Trey Parker and Matt Stone have said that it's hard to make fun of Trump.

Автор Marcangelus1 ( назад)
I think Dave should get into politics, he's wasted in comedy.

Автор Jason Lib ( назад)
De-fund the CBC. It's just a second rate channel now among a sea of competitors, we don't need it the way we did in the past.

Автор steve boshakis ( назад)
You must not have been TOO traumatized by your "fame" to stay away for good, Dave. Ride it Baby, ride it as far as you can.

Автор Life of Luis Vlogs ( назад)
Dave's the man. The title is silly click-bait though.

Автор Mr M ( назад)
LOVE 777

Автор typon ( назад)
As a white guy I wish there were white heroes for me to look up to like Dave Chappelle.

Автор Patrick Castro ( назад)
Trump jokes are low hanging fruit at this point. With the way things are these days, I just want to laugh and not be reminded of politics.

Автор ArsenalDave04 ( назад)
Is he talking to Narduwar? lmaooo

Автор Mydevineself ( назад)
everyone dave chappelle is my favorite comedian
i found out he's muslim though wtf I'm so upset

Автор Majoras ( назад)
he should just go buttfuck trump, make him humble

Автор Sights & Sounds of Pakistan ( назад)
very intelligent comedian

Автор Lebumfacil Sael ( назад)
Dave talks about how much he learned about the festival, and how it helped his career, and the title still says "Trump's kind of bad for comedy".

Автор DOWNWARD Mobility ( назад)
I agree with chappelle I am a Trump supporter. I still enjoy Trump jokes. It has now grown to be the same thing over and over and over. It is old. Comedy is and should stay away from the depth of politics it has grown to.

Автор Gus Hutchinson ( назад)
Comics like Dave here are super intelligent and also altruistic .. even the pesemistic sounding ones are acting for the common good
These traits are about extinct in politicians who don`t even believe in their own speeches .
The politicians stand between the people and just a few hundred puppet masters who hold this power despite never having won an election and having an inerest in conflict as much as a conflict of interest...ha ha
There are various better ways of organizing ourselves in our society .
There`s no good point in keeping up this system built to contain us and rule over us for the covert motives of so few ... lying to ourselves convincingly is the central core holding their illusion up.
We get bombed by their subliminal messages until we actually see ourselves in a proud democracy
Instead of the very matrix like nature where a few unelected bodies run us for their own wealth and narcisistic belief in their superiority.
The trick is to get us believing we live in a healthy democracy NOT AT ALL a business empire for dodgy arms dealers ,Quangos, Oligarchs ,monarchs, where lobbyists run non electected councils ,academies and a dozen organisations posing as authorities of elected government ....where even the bank of england perpetuates the lie it`s a branch of government not the other way round .... a licence to print private money and fund our dictatorships lite ...

Автор fenderstratguy ( назад)
What an intelligent sounding guy

Автор wet timguavass ( назад)
America is a continent, not the USA.

Автор deaconx ( назад)
Love this man.

Автор what shall it profit a man ( назад)
Liberal comics are dull. Get OUT OF MY STREAM, BORING THINGS!

Автор Barack Obama ( назад)
Dave sure has aged. and so have i )=

Автор Night Rider ( назад)
*He looks bad and depressed*

Автор B Flee ( назад)
"It helps us get through tough times like this" lol. Tough times like...the beginning of the end of globalist control of America?

Автор M R ( назад)
Dave should work this interviewers effeminate white guy voice into his act

Автор Carl Makula ( назад)
I thought the interviewer was a woman.

Автор Tony Garcia ( назад)
God I love Dave. love or hate trump, the jokes have gotten stale. What happen to going to a comedy show and having a good time? now we have comics bitching for an hour. everything is open to be ridiculed but understand that that can't be your whole shtick.

Автор Scott Bennett ( назад)
Sort of like the CBC is bad for news.

Автор Alex Bruce ( назад)
Couldn't stop laughing at the interviewer trying to bait him with Trump.

Автор Lex Parsimoniae ( назад)
Dave Chappelle looks like he ate another Dave Chappelle.

Автор Edith Avalos ( назад)
I missed him! My older bro would watch this and I'd watch it with him. Reminds me of my bro and good times

Автор DomiPlayer15 ( назад)
the title has very little to do with the video content.

Автор Gregory Fairchild ( назад)
I only wish they would leave politics out of comedy...we need the break...time to laugh without connection to all that

Автор Umberto Fournier ( назад)
makes sense.

Автор takemehome06 ( назад)
my homie was lit and still speak the truth thru his wisdom. Dave, love to see and meet you at a show of urs.

Автор Sam Holder ( назад)
Excellent interviewer.

Автор Cali ( назад)
Netflix changed the game. Here I thought they were going out after losing the Starz deal but they are the best paid premium service surpassing HBO in my opinion. Amazon isn't lagging too far behind.

Автор miloallerton ( назад)
Is that Nardwar's voice?!?

Автор Ricardo Saracino ( назад)
Sounds like the questions were added post

Автор Ricardo Saracino ( назад)
CBC is government funded propaganda.

Автор Kevin Charles ( назад)
I love how the title of this video implies "see! dave chappelle doesn't like trump either".. He says Trumps bad for comedy because Trump is on everyones mind and it will be nice for jokes to get original again. Plain and simple.

Автор Danny Boy Jango ( назад)
I agree so much. All the hacks in Hollywood whom can kinda sound like Trump are just over-saturating the market. Before it would just be a couple hacks and one really good comedian to do impressions of the president; now it seems to be mandatory.

Автор Tim Murphy ( назад)
He's barely recognizable. He looks like a retired NBA player.

Автор J Lopez ( назад)
He low key looks like Too Short

Автор moppyflow7 ( назад)
Funniest comedian of our time! Much respect.

Автор Mike Riemer ( назад)
If it were Dave vs. Trump for POTUS, it'd be Dave in a landslide

Автор gcgmale Male ( назад)
love this guy..

Автор Stephen Taylor ( назад)
Hahah the interviewer sounds so nerdy and canadian! hahahaha

Автор hydroboy35th ( назад)
TRUMP is the man! 🚂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Автор I Luv ( назад)

Автор akraftw3rkorange ( назад)
an interviewer who asks good questions, what a concept.

Автор Louie Watson ( назад)
trump jokes are just tasteless because they aren't even remotely true. I mean you don't fact check jokes but at least be kinda right.

Автор rocky balboa ( назад)
so I can live with that ...

Автор AlbaWind MacTavish-Blair ( назад)
go back to Africa Dave! Obviously your handlers have reigned you in. Brain dead fluff

Автор McWrath ( назад)
I didn't even know it was possible... but I'm liking him even more now.

Автор Ben Pyka ( назад)
What's up with Dave he looks so different??

Автор M Escobar ( назад)
this is why i love Dave. the only comedian that goes on stage and NEVER ones repeats his jokes.

Автор Brace Land ( назад)
I support Trump and I agree with everything Dave said

Автор Tim Jackson ( назад)
Dave Chappelle will be in the comedian hall of fame!

Автор Scott Christianson ( назад)
how Dave wasn't totally freaked by that exchange I have no idea, Jarod Fogels "bro" in full force

Автор Salty ( назад)
Damn this guy demands respect, irreplaceable.

Автор nils4545 ( назад)
Dave Chapelle no longer have the motivation, that's the problem. I don't blame him though, being a family man takes everything out of you. And why work when you are getting older and already have millions? Funniest man alive still.

Автор Via Ferrata ( назад)
Dave Chappelle has been such a great Comedian and I'm glad people are finally taking him serious when it comes to his political views and ideas.

Автор Leroy Bradley ( назад)
somehow some of to you nimrods turned this into a socio-political commentary on leftist media? Really people give it a rest, watch the vid take it at face value, he's a friggin comedian!

Автор SUNS DAILY CIRCUIT System Enclosed ( назад)
sounds like Dave Chappelle it doesn't really look like him.

Автор EmceeIntricacy ( назад)
Chapelle's back on the puppet strings

Автор unclerusty2 ( назад)
props to dave for not taking the sjw bait.

Автор selfie kroos ( назад)
Who is the tranny interviewing Dave?

Автор Garett Kobliuk ( назад)
Love the guy! So much respect!

Автор Karl Thiecke ( назад)
I seems that main stream comedy, has become a poor form of political commentary.

Автор Eric Systrom ( назад)
dave rules. his work got me through some tough times in my life. knowing his show would be on next week or a few days whatever was HOPE i would laugh again. love the man.

Автор mrtensed ( назад)
lol this interviewer doesn't even know anything about Dave Chappelle, Dave spoke out in support of Trump in a comedic manner, not sure why the interviewer asked Dave if he sometimes wants to drop the comedy and speak seriously about Trump with an assumption that he would speak negatively about him.. Dave is a comedian, he makes jokes about everyone but based on the jokes he does about Trump I'd say he has a positive perception of Trump. But like most people, he is sick and tired of all the Trump talk.. Trump is the most well known President ever and the attention is for a mixed bag of reasons, hopefully MSM can ease off with the 24/7 constant coverage of him and do some reporting/journalism about other issues.

Автор Moraco Mole ( назад)

Автор Erik Baldwinson ( назад)
How long before the CBC crashes and burns and we all benefit because of it.

Автор I know Putin is evil dictator and ( назад)
Trump is the best thing for comedy. He's just upset because he can't come up with good jokes about him. I saw his recent comedy... he's really fixated on identity politics lately.

Автор papavalium ( назад)
Dave is smart enough that doing jokes 24/7 about Trump is about as dumb and boring as Hillary Clinton.

Автор Bill Billiams ( назад)
Trump is the only thing keeping late night relevant. (Aside from Conan..)

Автор r wat ( назад)
Dave Chappelle needs to visit Sunnyvale Trailer Park!

Автор Ethatsm3 ( назад)
Nothing could make this interview worse than post editing the sound of the interviewer.

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