Transforming Back Into Our Old Cringey Selves

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • Looking back at old photos and videos of yourself on social media is hard, VERY hard... so we took that to the next level :)
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 23 883

  • Tara Smith
    Tara Smith 9 hours ago +1

    15:09 😂😂

  • Aimee Jones
    Aimee Jones 14 hours ago

    It’s amazing how they can just shave their facial hair and go back three years

  • Chad Kroeger
    Chad Kroeger Day ago

    Hey those videos entertained me when I was 15

  • Gacha Cookie
    Gacha Cookie Day ago

    Some things never change Graysons hair ya

  • sunovia
    sunovia Day ago


  • Dominique Williams
    Dominique Williams Day ago +2

    "who's tryna get bit?"
    With Grayson looking like that I volunteer whole heartedly

  • Chawanna Grant
    Chawanna Grant 3 days ago

    Gray in the background lmao

  • Ella Deans
    Ella Deans 4 days ago

    I literally fast forward that's how boring it was for me

  • Book Worm
    Book Worm 4 days ago

    6:49 I- uuuhhgg- pink is hot now and oof

  • Emily X
    Emily X 5 days ago

    am i the only one who started crying when they went to the thinking spot and started talking about all their memories 🥺

  • Yuri Perez
    Yuri Perez 7 days ago

    Graysons laugh is so funny

  • Yellow Child
    Yellow Child 8 days ago

    4:25 that sweater action lmao

  • Pepperoni Lip
    Pepperoni Lip 8 days ago

    1:55 its called "regressing"

  • Tia anne Jenkinson
    Tia anne Jenkinson 8 days ago

    Yas look better when u shave xx

  • Kayla Melendez
    Kayla Melendez 8 days ago

    grayson, dont you mean our grandkids.

  • My crazy brain
    My crazy brain 9 days ago +3

    This is how many people think it’s irritating that everyone is doing these

  • bj61110
    bj61110 9 days ago

    I haven't been watching your videos since the start but just from this video, you guys have improved a million times

  • Jessica Pereira
    Jessica Pereira 9 days ago

    Ya know you guys never told us about what was behind the curtains in the apartment you guys had

  • RubiAmethyst
    RubiAmethyst 10 days ago

    Yeah the Cola Rista spray dye is impossible to get out. I used the blue and it took 2 months, but that might just be because it was blue lol

  • Gia Gonzales
    Gia Gonzales 11 days ago +2

    dude. they are so fucking hot with beards

  • Yahii
    Yahii 12 days ago +11

    Graysons arm when he ripped ethans jeans- literally pls choke me.

  • Jaziah Manu
    Jaziah Manu 12 days ago

    I enjoyed the cooking video last year

  • Maryanna Norton
    Maryanna Norton 12 days ago

    I gotta question. . . . Where in Jersey, are ya's from?

  • Ana Correa
    Ana Correa 13 days ago

    Regressing **

  • Someone Different
    Someone Different 14 days ago

    7:23 - 7:32
    Anyone else feel like they were watching an intense ping pong battle?

  • Eva Sofia
    Eva Sofia 15 days ago

    I hope my hat goes flying from the wind😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 omggggg😂😂😂😂😂

  • Saoirse O'Reilly
    Saoirse O'Reilly 15 days ago

    Aww. You were little boys. Don't be so hard on yourself

  • Cuna44254 nunez
    Cuna44254 nunez 15 days ago

    I thought they were like 23

  • Anna Wysoczynska
    Anna Wysoczynska 16 days ago +4

    Young Ethan looks more like Grayson then Grayson himself wtf

  • Camryn Murawski
    Camryn Murawski 16 days ago +1

    I can describe my fashion style in 1 word: emo

  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee 16 days ago

    I miss sexy hair

  • bts are the cause of my euphoria

    Who all are here since 2015-2016?!?!?!?!

  • Cherise Viljoen
    Cherise Viljoen 17 days ago

    Ethen and Grayson= the only people who can look good in a fedora

  • dodie
    dodie 17 days ago

    “hot.... hot clams!”

  • Ultra Violet
    Ultra Violet 17 days ago +1

    21:26 that laugh

  • Hi Hello
    Hi Hello 18 days ago +1

    Mean while I’m enjoying the old videos

  • Laura Wallbank
    Laura Wallbank 18 days ago

    I loved Ethan's purple hair!!!!

  • Jessie Sunshine
    Jessie Sunshine 18 days ago +1

    THE OLD MUSIC😭 such a throwback

  • Magaly Sánchez
    Magaly Sánchez 18 days ago +3

    this was cute :(

  • Megan Gallagher
    Megan Gallagher 18 days ago +8

    Why do they know so many different types of fish ?! 😂😂

  • Jennifer Robin
    Jennifer Robin 19 days ago

    Yall do look a like duh lol but ones face is more Square/pointy an bigger than the other

  • Jeannette S
    Jeannette S 19 days ago

    I cracked up 🤣🤣🤣

  • Holly C
    Holly C 19 days ago +1

    Graysons laugh compared to his old laugh has changedddddd....
    I love it

  • Meekestthings
    Meekestthings 19 days ago +2

    This video literally made me wanna die watching it for the second time

  • RiotPandas
    RiotPandas 19 days ago

    Adult men?!! Agahahha at 19?!! Dont be stupud. Its obvious you two arent even close to be a grow up. One of the reasons is that you are so ashamed of who you were in the past... im not ashemed of any time in my life or a decision i did, expecially ones that are so shallow as looks or some photos or selfis, hobbies or clothes lol
    I like u two.. kind of.. and videos are fun but ahahha you two are so obnoxious, laud and sooooo far away of being a grown up. Quite egocentric at times and whining is a constant thing. If theur online personas are close to their real life i have a feeling these two could totaly get in the last bug fight and never talk to each other again

  • can you not?
    can you not? 20 days ago +49

    Grayson: 🙄😐
    Ethan: 😐😖
    The old Grayson: 🥴
    The old Ethan: 😁
    Us: 🥵

  • Atara Kay
    Atara Kay 20 days ago +1

    grayson at 15:52 says everything they are feeling in this video

  • Mariline lc
    Mariline lc 20 days ago +60

    It’s going to be so akward when their grandkids realise how undeniably hot their granddads were

    • uwu owo
      uwu owo 8 days ago +2

      i think thats a little uh incest-y

    • amelie pritchard
      amelie pritchard 12 days ago +3

      don’t even get me started😂

  • raquel urrea
    raquel urrea 20 days ago

    yall remember bromieomies?

  • kaia gallo
    kaia gallo 20 days ago +11

    grayson: *this is ethan in full fish form*

    ethan and grayson: _are identical twins_

  • cznote
    cznote 20 days ago +1

    Oh my god I’m so entertained, I love this lol

  • N MeriGavi
    N MeriGavi 20 days ago

    7:53 - 7:59 why did the music lowkey sound like corridos

  • Vanessa Robles
    Vanessa Robles 21 day ago +1

    In 5 years they’re gonna be reacting to their cringey selves rn 😭

  • Jenalyse Malley
    Jenalyse Malley 21 day ago

    Convinced they talk about fish in every video.

  • stevie and myleigh
    stevie and myleigh 21 day ago

    just shave

  • evelyn torres
    evelyn torres 21 day ago

    take a shot every time they say the word fish

  • L Angela
    L Angela 21 day ago

    the things they do when they are young are actually quite sweet. Going to somewhere eating food then talking about life? The lifestyle they do in the past are always when they are together. Right now they are slowly being separated, interests and privacy wise

  • ManuASMR
    ManuASMR 21 day ago

    You still the same tbh

  • Amber Spade
    Amber Spade 21 day ago

    Wow I loved this😂

  • Tjaša Merčun
    Tjaša Merčun 22 days ago +6

    e: I looked like a fish
    grey: yeah you did
    me: you guys are twins 😂💕