Donald Trump's Own Words Are Coming To Haunt His Presidency

Donald Trump's own words are coming to haunt his presidency https://goo.gl/cXUS2m

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Автор C. T ( назад)
Fake , bullshit
pieced together edited

Автор Joy Luck ( назад)
what a clown.

Автор chris georgallis ( назад)
obviously Obama had his minions Tap Trump towers it's something they would do. pure evil Obama.

Автор Beauty Speaks ( назад)
What other lie will the orange kid come up with ?

Автор Vontella Lemon ( назад)
He looks like a clown (head is too big) tripping over two left feet. I feel like I'm sitting close to the stage at a comedy show. It will go on because he can't control himself. In response to a statement he made, I say he has to be the dumbest "educated" individual ever. In fact dim-witted. He couldn't act fast enough doing things he felt would benefit some and eventually eradicate others. Don't get so angry over this Donald duck/anyone that you start saying and doing things in an attempt to bring harm to people. Enough has been done (too much). He feels he is and will be successful because some of history has filled him with a false sense of supremecy and triumph. He lacks the intelligence to realize that his ultimate "wish" could never come true. Money does not have a role in this play. In the end good always trump bad.

Автор WDEMMEL ( назад)
That keeps the media busy while he and Israel move into Syria and go on confrontational course with Russia.

Enjoy your entertainment, while a serious conflict is brewing up. Obama tried the same, and the people prevented him from serving as ISIS airforce.

Автор Silkhe Cream ( назад)
Just another spoiled rotten unaware bigot with an extremely over-inflated ego & feeling of self-worth, always on a power-trip, and people actually bought into his BS... all because they don't like politicians / don't like Hillary. lmao, already an epic embarrassment that just continues to get worse.

Автор Maro Fontaine ( назад)
Orange boy-fake President...liar,liar,pants on fire!👎

Автор Mark Klein ( назад)
Time to pull the plug on this asshole. He's crazy and wreckless. Unfit to hold elected office. Why isn't he being impeached BEFORE he does something that can't be undone. As a nation we are headed for disaster. DUMP TRUMP! DUMP TRUMP! DUMP TRUMP!

Автор beobe99 ( назад)
His words starting from about 40 years ago should be haunting him.. Unfortunately a large portion of this Country lacks integrity and just doesn't care - because Trumps rich dammit, and look at his wife, he's obviously doing something right, right? That's the mentality that will destroy this Country - NOT - Liberals wanting everyone to have Healthcare.

Автор norma hogan ( назад)
H E will go down in infamy, Hope I, m here to read history.

Автор The Heckler ( назад)
If shit sucking was good...........Trump would be the best shit sucker....

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