Cats And Dogs Being Best Friends - Cat and Dog Friendships

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019
  • Cats and Dogs can get along. We have found the most adorable clips of cats and dogs being best friends from the Newsflare archive.
    Which one of these friendships was your favourite?
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Comments • 20

  • Sunny Thymes
    Sunny Thymes Month ago

    WHY were those Poor Huskey puppies in a CAGE?????!!!!!!!??!!!!!!

  • Gabriela Pereira
    Gabriela Pereira Month ago

    Here's the evidence : cats and dogs are not enemy! This is myth! 😉

  • Maria Pilar Rubert
    Maria Pilar Rubert Month ago


  • Ameen Kamal
    Ameen Kamal Month ago +1

    my dove friend just got eaten by a cat in front of me
    she came to my window every day for 2 years
    i guess i have been feeding the cat all that time
    RIP dove

  • notconvincedgranny
    notconvincedgranny Month ago

    2:16 - is the cat going for the jugular? Looks like some vampire action there.

  • Corey Mondello
    Corey Mondello Month ago +2

    The cats being beat on by dogs are not having a good time. One is caged in, the other is on a leash and another is just being pummeled! These should be removed from the videos! Another cat is crying and is in a tapped up box, that’s abuse! Thumbs down!👎

    • Rabbit Guts
      Rabbit Guts Month ago

      Corey Mondello Just to point out the cat ‘trapped in a box’ seemed to be only in said box for introduction sake, so as to give both the dog and cat a barrier. It also helps when introducing cats to other animals that they have their own ‘space’ that smells of them before introducing so that the animal feels more confident and secure instead of ‘Where the hell am I? Who are you? Go away!’. The mewling is normal behaviour and as long as the animal wasn’t kept in there for a prolonged period of time it isn’t abuse if any form. That would be like saying it’s abuse to take your cat to the vet in a pet carrier.

  • Maruko Herumetto
    Maruko Herumetto Month ago +1

    Cats and dogs living together...

  • Organon
    Organon Month ago

    Does no one know how to shoot video any more?

  • vaporware2000
    vaporware2000 Month ago

    This is one of the best and most uplifting
    videos I have seen in years.

  • Great Iron Fist
    Great Iron Fist Month ago +4

    My cat Ginger tolerates the new puppy. We hope. In any case we keep the gun cabinet locked. 🐱

  • Sinaeb
    Sinaeb Month ago


    4EVER TRUE! Month ago +12

    The cats surrounded by pups are NOT

    • Bart De Bock
      Bart De Bock Month ago

      second cat can easily escape by just running away lol.
      the one stuck behind a fence, yeah, that's harder. but eh. it'll live.
      if my kid gets into a fight with another kid i'm not going to interfere unless either one is in actual danger.
      it's best to let these things just play out

    • Corey Mondello
      Corey Mondello Month ago +1

      This is animal abuse! It should be removed from the video

    • 4EVER TRUE!
      4EVER TRUE! Month ago

      @Watch Yaaaaas!🤣🤣

    • Watch
      Watch Month ago

      4EVER TRUE! She’s like “help hooman help”

  • Corey Mullis
    Corey Mullis Month ago +2

    1:20 The cat looks like he has some real jerk in him lol

  • Shak Pherze
    Shak Pherze Month ago +1

    The pug and the Scottish fold are so cute together

  • vSnoWy
    vSnoWy Month ago +6

    0:10 looks wrong to me