Here's What DaniLeigh Is Currently Obsessed With

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
  • Danileigh isn’t new to the entertainment industry. Discovered by Prince at the age of 18, she went viral last year after sharing her version of Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ challenge. The Dominican-American hip hop and R&B singer is also a dancer, creative director and songwriter who helped pen J.Lo and Cardi-B’s “Dinero” single.
    The popularity of Danileigh’s breakout song ‘Lil Bebe’ stretched way past its initial release with remixes with rapper Lil Baby and most recently, Latin trap stars Rauw Alejandro and Nio Garcia who featured in the song’s Spanish version, Bebecito.
    A fan of collaboration, she’s not afraid of recognizing real talent in her peers. Danileigh exudes the same energy talking about Gunna’s new album Drip or Drown 2 as she does talking about herself. “It’s fire. It's a vibe” she says. “You could just press shuffle and every song is lit.”

    She believes Millennials see artists’ visual art then decide if it’s worth a listen. “Boogie is crazy with his visuals” she says. “He's definitely going to blow up.”
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  • Amaze Amazes
    Amaze Amazes 5 months ago

    She looks like Chris kattan.

  • Rob Bolden
    Rob Bolden 6 months ago

    She got a small head

  • martin Bassett
    martin Bassett 6 months ago

    Shite music

  • Ortum Union
    Ortum Union 6 months ago

    What about that thinking russian raper?

  • Muhyee00
    Muhyee00 6 months ago


  • Real Gaming
    Real Gaming 6 months ago

    Bullshit video.

  • Brian Colfer
    Brian Colfer 6 months ago

    Was this uploaded to the wrong channel or what ?Vice need to sack somebody real quick.

  • Gergely Nagy
    Gergely Nagy 6 months ago

    So boring

  • Mungo Owen
    Mungo Owen 6 months ago

    It's all about the "ViSuAlS" 💤

  • fearanarchy
    fearanarchy 6 months ago

    Who? Serious here. You know you are a self-proclamed NEWS network. Even MTV News back whem had... NEWS.

  • Al Samuel
    Al Samuel 6 months ago


  • Daniel
    Daniel 6 months ago

    who and WHY should I care about this crime glorifying weirdo?

    SEEKbutYOU CantHIDE 6 months ago

    Another culture vulture”Everybody wanna be Black til it’s time to be Black! Sick of it!

  • Ryan Schiebout
    Ryan Schiebout 6 months ago

    This is terrible. I dress weird and I have a voice. Do I get a show? This is terrible.

  • EssentialEvil98
    EssentialEvil98 6 months ago +1

    Vice 🤡

  • Hagge Bänke
    Hagge Bänke 6 months ago

    Who is this and why should anyone care?

  • tim moss
    tim moss 6 months ago


    MENTES LIVRES 6 months ago

    Hip Hop nowadays is just a giant bowl filled with diarrhea.

  • Griffin A
    Griffin A 6 months ago

    Nobody knows who this is, stop

  • fkutube
    fkutube 6 months ago

    A nobody with no Talent

  • Mister Awesome
    Mister Awesome 6 months ago

    No talent half breed

  • Shadowbeats
    Shadowbeats 6 months ago

    Industry plant. Really haven’t heard about this girl ever.

  • PostiveBalances
    PostiveBalances 6 months ago

    "hip hop" please dice please u are trash like this girl

  • Fixed Face
    Fixed Face 6 months ago

    kek, all the sh1thop experts in the comment section.
    as if the poor excuse for music you are listening to is any better

  • Tuan Anh Le
    Tuan Anh Le 6 months ago +4

    Wow, Vice is becoming a promotional channel for 3rd-class hip hop. I’m impressed.

    EDWIN 6 months ago

    Can't find her on Pornhub. Damn it.

  • Lex Art1
    Lex Art1 6 months ago


  • sam davani
    sam davani 6 months ago


  • Stonefate
    Stonefate 6 months ago

    No....No she is not...😂

  • Stonefate
    Stonefate 6 months ago

    No wonder he has good visuals, that was the lamest shit I've ever heard at 0:31

  • Malcolm X
    Malcolm X 6 months ago

    Industry Plant In Full Effect

  • Seba Seba
    Seba Seba 6 months ago

    Just here to check out the like to dislike ratio, not disappointed

  • conquester
    conquester 6 months ago


  • 8B1T
    8B1T 6 months ago


  • Rock Lockster
    Rock Lockster 6 months ago

    Never heard the name and no shit thought the thumbnail was highlighting some +65yo rapper. I was so hyped for some new wave of granny rap. Thanks a lot Nadileigh.

  • chae
    chae 6 months ago +1


  • Reverend Pain Hernandez
    Reverend Pain Hernandez 6 months ago +1

    First. This isn't hip hop.

  • ThinkAhead
    ThinkAhead 6 months ago +1

    Guys. Chill. ISSA Industry Plant 💀

  • The One Who Laughs
    The One Who Laughs 6 months ago

    according to who? your token hipster dressed like a funky aunt

  • Arnis R.
    Arnis R. 6 months ago

    She has a lot of spelling mistakes in her name..

  • Accursed Dude
    Accursed Dude 6 months ago +2

    i think the genre is referred to as "shit-hop." It's integrity had been pretty decimated

  • holyshitkevin
    holyshitkevin 6 months ago


  • dacealksne
    dacealksne 6 months ago +1


  • Agustin G
    Agustin G 6 months ago

    This hoe looks inbred af...

  • Jreg
    Jreg 6 months ago

    oh good another artist with literally nothing of value to say THANK YOU VICE THANKKKKK YOUUUUUUU

  • Nat Turner’s Revenge
    Nat Turner’s Revenge 6 months ago

    *She got baby hairs.*

  • soumya kanti sena
    soumya kanti sena 6 months ago

    Look at the number of dislikers!!

  • Doña Toña
    Doña Toña 6 months ago +4

    I feel outlets are trying to force these artists on me 🤷🏽‍♀️

    QMILLO 6 months ago +1

    *snoop dog meme* WHO?

  • dylyn blue
    dylyn blue 6 months ago +1

    LOL! Who? She won't be around in a few years. Straight garbage. Vice sucks.

  • 3rd Street Pictures
    3rd Street Pictures 6 months ago

    Warm garbage. Is she newsworthy?

  • Hundo On the Dash
    Hundo On the Dash 6 months ago

    Comments section is hilarious 😂😂 😂

  • LEL hehe
    LEL hehe 6 months ago

    You killed her now.

  • matube73
    matube73 6 months ago

    She is appropriating other peoples culture with that blonde hair. She needs to check her wealthy privilege.

    UNDERDOG SOCIETY 2.0 6 months ago +1


  • Tin Kiosc
    Tin Kiosc 6 months ago +5

    "You might know me from.."
    No *absolutely* not.
    No thank you,
    she's pretty but music isn't hitting right..

  • Bobbito Chicon
    Bobbito Chicon 6 months ago +3

    Alot of haters on here.....shes coo

  • Anti Status Quo
    Anti Status Quo 6 months ago

    Hip hop is dead

  • frost
    frost 6 months ago +1

    Biggest industry plant ever wtf vice

  • OneGuyNoBrain
    OneGuyNoBrain 6 months ago

    Rising star? Who?