The Flash 3x17 Sneak Peek "Duet" (HD) Season 3 Episode 17 Sneak Peek - Musical Crossover Supergirl

  • Опубликовано: 19 мар 2017
  • The Flash 3x17 "Duet" Season 3 Episode 17 Sneak Peek - DARREN CRISS (“GLEE”) GUEST STARS AS THE MUSIC MEISTER IN THE FLASH AND SUPERGIRL MUSICAL CROSSOVER - Barry (Grant Gustin) and team are surprised when Mon-El (guest star Chris Wood) and Hank Henshaw (guest star David Harewood) arrive on their Earth carrying a comatose Supergirl (guest star Melissa Benoist) who was whammied by the Music Meister (guest star Darren Criss). Unable to wake her up, they turn to Team Flash to save her. However, the Music Meister surprises The Flash and puts him in a similar coma, one that Team Flash can’t cure. Kara and Barry wake up without their powers in an alternate reality where life is like a musical and the only way to escape is by following the script, complete with singing and dancing, to the end. Dermott Downs directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg and teleplay by Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing (#317). Original airdate 3/21/2017. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on RUclip for more The Flash season 3 promos in HD!
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    The Flash 3x17 Sneak Peek/Preview "Duet"
    The Flash Season 3 Episode 17 Sneak Peek
    The Flash 3x17 Sneak Peek "Duet" (HD)
    » Watch The Flash Tuesdays at 8:00pm/7c on The CW
    » Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh
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Комментарии • 1 549

  • Elizabeth Bella
    Elizabeth Bella 19 дней назад

    Getting classy...

  • sonnic1995
    sonnic1995 5 месяцев назад

    this is one of the most toxic comment section i have ever seen... i didn't like the episode, to be honest it's crap to me... but even the glee fanboys are shitting on the flash fans (i mean the fans that watch it for the plot and not just because of Grant being on glee)...

  • Mayerli Neme
    Mayerli Neme 7 месяцев назад

    I need to watch this episode to keep watching Supergirl's next episode but there's no season 3 of The Flash in Netflix. Help! 😭

  • suga kooki
    suga kooki 11 месяцев назад

    you no what I just noticed they were in glee so mad I didn't figure it out sonner

  • James Kim
    James Kim Год назад

    My name is H20 and I'm the wettest thing alive. When I was a puddle I saw someone step on me while they were running. My particles were scattered on the street. To the outside world I'm an ordinary street puddle, but secretly I use my water to quench birds and other animals' thirst. And one day I'll find whoever stepped on me and sent me flying though the air. I am THE SPLASH.

  • Givenhardkill
    Givenhardkill Год назад +1

    For all the people getting mad over the musical just stop stop I like it when you say your watching something else so the flash team could not have haters the musical is awesome and if they didn't make a musical they wouldn't have the meta human abracadabra and he could be a big hint in finding out who savitar is and they cant forget about the people who started it all if we do then it wont be the flash it'll be like theres no more meta humans so stop getting mad you dooshes #gleesupporter

  • xXTheRandomGirl26Xx
    xXTheRandomGirl26Xx Год назад

    do i need to watch the flash to understand supergirl?

    • Mayerli Neme
      Mayerli Neme 7 месяцев назад

      Not exactly. But you have to watch this episode of the flash to understand what happens in the next episode of Supergirl. I know. It's confusing.

  • Cihat Doner
    Cihat Doner Год назад

    disappointing, if I wanted to see a musical I would watch a musical

  • anime superpony
    anime superpony Год назад

    "I'm actually not supposed to do that anymore"

  • TheSquadsGoalsYT
    TheSquadsGoalsYT Год назад

    Funny how quickly people judged this episode as it is already considered one of the best episodes of the season

  • Panda Series
    Panda Series Год назад

    Should change this episode title to La La Flash, and the intro will be : My name is Barry Allen, the fastest singer alive.

  • Tan yong wen
    Tan yong wen Год назад

    Where can I watch the flash online any one can give me the link pls

    • alipouya
      alipouya Год назад

      Tan yong wen fmovies

  • Ariana Cisneros
    Ariana Cisneros Год назад


  • Ramon Smith
    Ramon Smith Год назад

    I like the cross-over, in fact I love the cross-over ideas but this last musical garbage was just that, GARBAGE!!! Get your heads out of your dumb asses, unless of course you just plan to LOSE all your loyal fans. WTF!!!!!

  • Rich Tannis
    Rich Tannis Год назад +2

    Everybody's busy hating on this episode......probably didn't realize this is a break from all the dark, emotional episodes lately

  • Austin Brown
    Austin Brown Год назад

    Loved the episode, anyone know the name of the song Barry sang to iris at the end of the episode?

  • Mr. Amazing
    Mr. Amazing Год назад


  • Eric Stratman
    Eric Stratman Год назад

    STOP WITH ALL THE HATE YOU CRYBABIES (JK this sucks more than leeches at a gay beach party)

  • Hakeem
    Hakeem Год назад

    All I see is Marley and Sebastian ❤️

  • ivancamela 2001
    ivancamela 2001 Год назад

    Who is watching the live episode now

  • Erica Sharp
    Erica Sharp Год назад

    omogost I can not wait to see this.

  • Thegymnasts 102
    Thegymnasts 102 Год назад

    Pause this on 0:42

  • SolarXclipse
    SolarXclipse Год назад

    Really wanted to see flash vs savitar not sure why people are excited for this....

  • ToxicGhost
    ToxicGhost Год назад +1

    "I'm actually not supposed to do that anymore" LMFAO

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow Год назад


  • Zack Duck
    Zack Duck Год назад

    a cross over I love but a musical ?

  • Jon Arbuckle
    Jon Arbuckle Год назад

    This is so cheesy........I LOVE IT!!! It makes a well needed change from all the serious stuff going on in other superhero shows.

  • DeadPixelz
    DeadPixelz Год назад

    "I'm actually not supposed to do that anymore"

  • comolokko
    comolokko Год назад

    wtf is this shit?

  • Jace Ace
    Jace Ace Год назад

    I've never been a fan of any musical 'special' episodes....
    There was a couple of episodes of 'special' musicals in Psych as well and I damn well skipped through the whole thing.
    Why.. Just why... The Flash is getting super interesting by finding out who is Savitar. But no.... Instead we get a F*CKING musical.

  • AlphaHalo34
    AlphaHalo34 Год назад

    Get ready to cringe tonight cause this is so fucking cringey.

  • Velocity_9
    Velocity_9 Год назад

    The best part is that grant gustin actually learned tap dancing and was best in his class. So the moves he shows here were actually done by him only. And he did not learn from a dance coach

  • Plastic Bag
    Plastic Bag Год назад

    what the fuck

  • Víctor Martínez
    Víctor Martínez Год назад

    Oh COME ON..!!!

  • BlaisyBlast
    BlaisyBlast Год назад

    Anybody else think iris will die but come back as impulse?

  • Cisco3198
    Cisco3198 Год назад

    "Superfriends" ruined any hopes I had of a Barry and Kara kiss

  • Somedude012
    Somedude012 Год назад

    Honestly the worst about this is the dubbing, everything else I'm OK with

  • nadav cohen
    nadav cohen Год назад +1

    a very flash musical :-)

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa Год назад

    "How did they went from fighting Savitar and trying to save Iris to this?!?!"
    Oh i don't know, maybe some villain (hint: Music Meister) put them in coma and only way out is singing to his script
    Stop bitching ffs

  • Kübra klc
    Kübra klc Год назад


  • Eagle 367
    Eagle 367 Год назад

    Remember its an alakazam episode and those were musicals in teen titans so why not here

  • Anthony
    Anthony Год назад +1

    "I'm actually not supposed to do that anymore"

  • Somehuman Sapien
    Somehuman Sapien Год назад +2

    I really ship Kara and Barry in this episode. like a 1 time ship

  • All About Smashing
    All About Smashing Год назад

    This is amazing, it's not even the full song and I already memorize this part lol

  • Flour Power
    Flour Power Год назад

    If this turns out to be like the musical episode of buffy the vampire slayer, I'm gonna be so happy, cause that was one of my favorites.

  • Cek a
    Cek a Год назад

    Finally dude you made Supergirl video but i dont know why they dont make martian manhunter using more powers and hes weak on this show or he wont use his powers thats useless hes on par with superman look at new 52
    I hope they use properly comic dc characters in the next episodes this season i dont see mm i watch supergirl because of him and they dont make him strong as we know its supergirl show look at the scans below of what J'onn did to the Justice League
    He can Regenerate fast
    He took down the entire Justice League
    Hes Strong as Superman
    Fighting with DarkSeid
    he can shapeshift to make his level strength grow up n took down justice league
    He has no weakness to fire at all
    He Took Superman and The Flash at the same time
    this not all scans of their powers he has more powers with scans just read comics about him
    Remember Martian Manhunter at full power hes badass n most powerful.

  • Frances Dominique
    Frances Dominique Год назад


  • sjhasc Kvkj
    sjhasc Kvkj Год назад


  • Shameless bones
    Shameless bones Год назад

    when barry says " I'm your super friend." i always smile so big because grant is such a cool guy and its adorable.

  • Prankster Mizell
    Prankster Mizell Год назад

    Id face fuck her

  • RossInAustralia
    RossInAustralia Год назад

    I hope this episode is over in a flash

  • Chris
    Chris Год назад

    It's like a Glee reunion

  • Deanna Huynh
    Deanna Huynh Год назад

    Lol, the flash is following Arrow's foot steps. (I say this since everyone loved the first 2 seasons of Arrow, but hated season 3 because of lack of antagonist development, and flash was great in it's first 2 seasons, but people are hating season 3 because Savitar's character is not developed enough) I'm not hater I love the flash and Supergirl, but everyone else seems to be hating on Flash. I can't wait for the musical crossover! Grant and Melissa has such beautiful voices on glee!

  • Trinity
    Trinity Год назад

    It's really funny to me how people get all bitchy over a TV SHOW!!!!!
    It's ONE episode of singing..
    Just don't watch & shut up other people are very excited for this.. Okay bye

  • _raidersofthelostpancake _
    _raidersofthelostpancake _ Год назад

    when they were both on glee, so they can sing amazingly

  • Shabbos MuhShekelstein
    Shabbos MuhShekelstein Год назад +1

    pls kill me

  • A G
    A G Год назад

    If only they could've gotten NJ back as the music meistwr

  • MooniGaming
    MooniGaming Год назад


  • Pamela E
    Pamela E Год назад

    Winn better SING, that man's voice is magical!

  • Alexander Palmer
    Alexander Palmer Год назад

    Rachel did an amazing job

  • Ej Marbella
    Ej Marbella Год назад

    can't wait for this :0 i've been waiting for them to do a musical episode ever since grant became the flash a melissa became supergirl!!!!!

  • Diego Saiz
    Diego Saiz Год назад

    i know that people are not excited for this episode, but as a musical person i think its going to be great

  • Zane Shammas-Toma
    Zane Shammas-Toma Год назад +2

    People who are comparing this to the arrow episode are such idiots. Yes, the arrow episode looks amazing. But would you really want a flash episode like that, with torture and mental breakdowns. The Flash is the upbeat happy wacky fun show, where we have talking sharks, nerdy references from cisco, and musicals, arrow is a completely different thing, so stop comparing the two.

  • Chirusita Power
    Chirusita Power Год назад

    Stupid song !!!

  • GodAura Gaming
    GodAura Gaming Год назад +7

    I really ship Kara and Barry, buuuut at the same time I really ship Kara and Mon-El.

    • SimonDP
      SimonDP Год назад +2

      GodAura Gaming SAME

  • Chris Bolt. 136
    Chris Bolt. 136 Год назад +1

    "I'm actually not supposed to do that anymore"

    five bucks he does it next season
    Edit: probably by the end of this season

  • Positive Nightmare
    Positive Nightmare Год назад

    Rip Barry just got friendzoned lol

  • skinsman82000
    skinsman82000 Год назад +4

    cw's dc comic shows for little girls and gays....back to the truly superior iron fist😂

    • Sergeant Reaper
      Sergeant Reaper Год назад

      Grace Carroll It should be

    • Sergeant Reaper
      Sergeant Reaper Год назад

      skinsman82000 D.C's legends? This season of arrow? Those shows have been good. Also the iron fist sucks

    • Grace Carroll
      Grace Carroll Год назад +2

      I'm just gonna note this on every comment in which it comes up... gay is not an insult.

  • Vanessa Ramos
    Vanessa Ramos Год назад

    I'm excited but Jeremy Jordan better sing and Jesse L Martin needs to sing. My glee/Rent/Newsies/Smash fan girl heart can't wait

  • Raymond Li
    Raymond Li Год назад

    Millennials these days be like If I don't like it nobody can. I am also a millennial it pains me when other millennials have a huge ego when they think they are so special. Everyone is special in their own way, and stop telling other people what to do. This episode is a continuum of The Flash season, and it is still part of the story. It just feels like people only watch shows for the violence and not for the whole story. If anyone cannot take it into perspective, they just have their heads up their asses.

  • guy tremblay
    guy tremblay Год назад +1

    if they wanted to destroy the flash and supergirl series they just found the way .Thats what happens when you have gays and lesbians from the 90's in charge of production . guys we are in 2017 If you want to please the guays and the lesbians of this era you need to pirce Supergirls niplles with a kryptonian needle and insert chains with canon balls in them then dress her with kryptonian latex that is so tight that they turn red when the waer it and then you put one some heavy metal and grunt music and you do the exact same thing to the flash and then you can start to musical episode that won,t make the gays and lesbians and heteros puke

    • guy tremblay
      guy tremblay Год назад

      it was only a metaphore when i said done by gays cause back in the days only gay people would suggest a musical episode in a horror and sci-fi series . They did that with buffy the vampire slayer and look what happened . No wonder they didn't try to pull off sometihng like that since in a series . Can you imagine a musical episode on The Walking dead ? well it would be the same if you do that on the Flash or Supergirl or DC legends . That would be like making a musical movie of the Wolverine or his lates movie Logan made a musical instead . Jesus i almost puked at imagining that . that like rebooting the terminator or alien movie and make it musical

    • guy tremblay
      guy tremblay Год назад

      in a series of sci-fi or Horror you probably do like many

    • GhastlyCloud 775
      GhastlyCloud 775 Год назад

      guy tremblay Musicals aren't gay, there are plenty of straight men that like musicals. I'm a straight male and I don't despise musicals.

    • Grace Carroll
      Grace Carroll Год назад +1

      Umm... not sure what i think about your comment, but you're obviously very ignorant on people opinions. LGBTQ+ people are just normal people you know, not that different from yourself. No need to ostracize them.

  • Timothy Bacani
    Timothy Bacani Год назад

    Is It bad me and my Brother cheered when Barry broke up with Iris?

    • Imani_ sugar
      Imani_ sugar Год назад

      Darth vader same!!

    • Supes ma man
      Supes ma man Год назад

      Not weird at all I did to iris has always bothered me

  • Bailey H
    Bailey H Год назад


  • Elena Nguyen
    Elena Nguyen Год назад


  • Lawrence Quan
    Lawrence Quan Год назад

    This is now my favorite thing

  • Brenndor !
    Brenndor ! Год назад

    Death Stroke doesnt approve.

  • Unimportant Person
    Unimportant Person Год назад

    I have to laugh at Barry's dancing

  • Tam Nguyen
    Tam Nguyen Год назад

    This seems a bit awkward ( this is what happens when creators of a comic themed show try to do glee) but still is good

  • king kai
    king kai Год назад

    i have no problem with musical but i am gonna give this a pass

  • David Burgos
    David Burgos Год назад

    remember when he was the bad guy on Glee?

  • Money Dog
    Money Dog Год назад

    please no

  • Denyer Lopez
    Denyer Lopez Год назад


  • London Aden
    London Aden Год назад +2

    Barry and Kara are kinda having fun and Oliver is somewhere getting tortured

  • King_Of_Blocks
    King_Of_Blocks Год назад


  • Eshani Chandnani
    Eshani Chandnani Год назад

    Reminds me of glee😭

  • DonaId J. Trump
    DonaId J. Trump Год назад +6

    This show is clearly running out of budget!

  • IReist
    IReist Год назад


  • Starlysh
    Starlysh Год назад

    The lipsyncing is so bad! lol I'm so excited for this. The original song already seems better than the songs in the episode of The Brave and the Bold.

  • Mrgranturismo4ever
    Mrgranturismo4ever Год назад

    holy shit. kill it with fire!

  • jonathan marquez
    jonathan marquez Год назад

    so how fast is the flash in the fastest contest, right now it seems like a damn cheetah can outrun him

  • Dean Stavros
    Dean Stavros Год назад

    I'm throwing up right now

  • Jake Caspi
    Jake Caspi Год назад

    Guess he missed being on glee :/

  • ladyofstarfall
    ladyofstarfall Год назад

    And none for Arrow bye

  • Creepy Cooter
    Creepy Cooter Год назад +2

    not very comfortable with a show that's turned to a musical

  • suiagg
    suiagg Год назад

    This looks like so much fun, maybe the timing of the episode isn't great but at the very least it'll provide some levity.

  • Emmylou00680423
    Emmylou00680423 Год назад

    So does anyone else notice that they're both from glee or is it just me…

  • Keerthi Nayak
    Keerthi Nayak Год назад +1

    Of all the cool things flash can do... Damn..

  • Aran hiwa
    Aran hiwa Год назад +3

    The Flash is slowly going to be LA LA Land

  • Hakeem
    Hakeem Год назад +1

    The "Glee" in me is screaming !!! Love this

  • fianle
    fianle Год назад +1

    At least he has learned he's not supposed to go back in time anymore.