FNAF 6 Ending Cutscene (Brightened)

  • Published on Dec 5, 2017
  • Brightened FNAF 6 ending scene showing the end of the Five Nights at Freddy's Series. After beating the Saturday shift in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, you unlock this ending scene. Five Nights at Freddy's 6 was a very intense adventure, and this end scene for it was so worth it!
    FNAF 6 Ending (Good Ending) ► ruclip.com/video/kOS9wWMwZpA/video.html
    What do you think of the ending cutscene for FNAF 6? This one has been brightened for fans to look for clues in it!
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    What do you think?
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    Ending Cutscene for FNAF 6. Presented by ProdCharles.
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  • ProdCharles
    ProdCharles  11 months ago +551

    Subscribe for Ultimate Custom Night coverage :)
    Don't get this cutscene? This video helps explain it: ruclip.com/video/MLWXrB2U_bA/video.html&list=PLpM8eWCyT1HRPqWeYiDwZfCzTon2N3InB&index=19

    • Dude Dubs
      Dude Dubs 2 months ago

      Yea we get it all the soules burn in a fire they all go to heaven except William/spring trap goes to hell!

    • Asha Foster
      Asha Foster 4 months ago

      Good job!

    • Jose Fernandez
      Jose Fernandez 5 months ago

      Hell no this shit hurts me

    • Bork Williams
      Bork Williams 10 months ago +2

      I saw you edited this, like this time :)

    • W Brandon
      W Brandon 10 months ago +1

      ProdCharles g

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos 2 hours ago

    I wish he said “although for one of you the darkest pit of hell has opened to swole you hole so don’t keep the devil waiting MIKE”

  • Oibing Lau
    Oibing Lau 3 hours ago

    it's not Freddy's pizzeria simulator, it's fnaf 6: the end of fazbear's.

  • Spingebill
    Spingebill 14 hours ago

    this ending was
    *C R I S P Y*

  • Statikmen Xd
    Statikmen Xd 15 hours ago

    Bu son fnaf hikayesini bilen için çok duygusal

  • Statikmen Xd
    Statikmen Xd 15 hours ago

    Bu son fnaf hikayesini bilen için çok duygusal

  • youssef hammad
    youssef hammad 17 hours ago


  • TytoAlbaSoren
    TytoAlbaSoren Day ago +1

    So basically Henry burned the whole place practically freeing the (trapped) souls? And was 2:17 adressed to William Afton, the killer?

  • Chaostia 66t
    Chaostia 66t Day ago

    Coming from the future...HAHA PLEASE THIS AIN’T THE END!

  • TheFatMarioBros The Great

    Who else thought Henry was referring to Springtrap/Purple man when he said that the darkest pit of hell was open for him???

  • Clément Feldmann
    Clément Feldmann Day ago +1

    "Don't cry because it ended. Smile because it hapened."
    Bob Ross helped me on this one.

    • MLG_Kaju
      MLG_Kaju Day ago +1

      Wow 5 hours das ist gut

  • Kassu Kiiliäinen
    Kassu Kiiliäinen 2 days ago +4

    Baby: we finally can do what we were meant to do
    Henry: Well yes but actually no

  • Sohham Animates
    Sohham Animates 3 days ago

    The only part i replayed this over and over again 2:16-3:03

    YAWN YAWN 3 days ago +2

    “But for one of you the darkest pit of hell has opened up to swallow you whole” this is the most badass quote in gaming

  • Jason Fields
    Jason Fields 3 days ago +1

    This legit made me feel scared and sad and lots of things,I know one thing though...it’s.not.over.

  • Liczi TM
    Liczi TM 3 days ago

    Good bay Fnaf series

  • DJ The Sonic Mario Fan

    Fnaf 1 : Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy
    Fnaf 2 : Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie. Toy Chica, BB, JJ, Withered Animatronics
    Fnaf 3 : Shadow Freddy, Shadow Bonnie, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy
    Fnaf 4 : Crying Child
    Fnaf Sister Location : Micheal
    Fnaf 6 : Scrap Baby, Molten Freddy, Afton, Henry, Charlotte, Micheal
    Ultimate Custom Night : -------(Guess you could say Old Man Consequences but doesn't count.)
    Fnaf VR Help Wanted : Glitchtrap

  • walkinglord5 gaming
    walkinglord5 gaming 4 days ago

    For some reason I thought this was sister location

  • GachaEuphoria
    GachaEuphoria 4 days ago

    I’m sure that the daughter, is the puppet. Not baby.

  • Stepbye
    Stepbye 4 days ago


  • Flippert Gaming
    Flippert Gaming 4 days ago

    1:05 sounds like the avengers

  • Andrew Dickinson
    Andrew Dickinson 4 days ago +1

    I can’t explain why I love this so much. Henry is my favorite characters in FNaF!

  • Sleeping Turtle
    Sleeping Turtle 5 days ago +1

    Such a powerful ending, the first victims father comes back to set the all the childrens souls free, aswell to end the killers rampage. The father realizing he has completed his goal to save his daughter, along with the player decide to stay and end this tragic legacy their

  • Ben Meacham
    Ben Meacham 5 days ago


  • Ricky, Please leave
    Ricky, Please leave 5 days ago

    this is one of the best endings in a video game

  • Pops Filam
    Pops Filam 5 days ago

    Woe is this troe omg

  • Ashiel Nicole Medenilla

    It's a clap for Scott cawthon good job

  • ShadowLugia3000 Gamer
    ShadowLugia3000 Gamer 5 days ago +1

    UCN ends it all with Afton in hell.

  • Ben -
    Ben - 6 days ago

    Now THIS is how you end a game.

  • Itz_yaGurl xoQxeenxo

    So the animatronics never malfunctioned? They were possessed by a spirit. It seems like the spirits are purple guy, springtrap, ennard, And marionette? Well it was a good ending for a fantastic series of horror

  • devin and ryan gaming

    Thanks for making it bright

  • Jeffrey Estores
    Jeffrey Estores 6 days ago

    Theres spicy aminatronics

  • Noah Hancock
    Noah Hancock 7 days ago +5

    The only video on the internet that will give me goosebumps

  • Hunter Haley
    Hunter Haley 7 days ago

    There is still that message from Michael to William though

  • wee woo
    wee woo 7 days ago

    idk where the story is gonna go after this, with fnaf vr it looks like its gonna go into a corrupted code kinda story, but i kinda wish it would just end here

  • Mega Neutron
    Mega Neutron 8 days ago

    Baby called him daddy
    Wait baby's a kid

  • 1Genza
    1Genza 8 days ago

    The speech was really emotional

  • Mettaton NEO11
    Mettaton NEO11 8 days ago +12

    Baby: You played right into our hands.

  • homie shogunking
    homie shogunking 8 days ago +1

    Looks like purple guys is going to purgatory

  • Marissa Hickey
    Marissa Hickey 9 days ago +6

    This is the most powerful and moving speech I have ever heard

  • Bluezørestt
    Bluezørestt 9 days ago +1

    Tip for all gamers : burn the furrys

  • ValentineBR Mega
    ValentineBR Mega 10 days ago +15

    Henry: “*Although, for one of your, the darkest pit of Hell has opened to swallow you whole. So don’t keep the Devil waiting, friend.*”
    William Afton in UCN: *Ah shit, here we go again.*

  • Tufudo
    Tufudo 10 days ago +3

    Me : Does anyone know what happened to Afton next? Is he really dead?

    Scott : UCN

  • de_lor_ium
    de_lor_ium 10 days ago

    but for some of you, the darkest pit of hell has opened, so dont keep the devil waiting,o l d f r i e n d

  • kalnapilis LTU
    kalnapilis LTU 10 days ago

    Fnaf 7 in heven

  • Amiya Ackerman
    Amiya Ackerman 10 days ago +1

    I get chills every time I hear this

  • omar tarek
    omar tarek 11 days ago

    William:hey Henry. You tried to kill me with fire and it didn't work. What are u gonna do now??
    Henry:I guess I'll just use hotter fire

    EROTIC BUTTERS 12 days ago

    Henry: yay I burnt everything down now this tragedy can pass on
    Fazbear Entertainment: *makes game with a murderer furry ai in it*
    Henry: what the William Afton’s home

    Did I even get the lore right?

  • Annoying Cat
    Annoying Cat 12 days ago

    The memories..

  • PopularGames99
    PopularGames99 12 days ago +146

    Afton/Springtrap: Time to kill some more kids and security guards.
    Henry: i'm about to end this man's whole career

    • Boot Chinki
      Boot Chinki 4 days ago

      William : TIME TO KILL MY SON!
      Henry : Oh no you don't, i'm his new Papa now. And i decided to burn him and you all to death :)

    • PopularGames99
      PopularGames99 5 days ago +1

      Green De La Welchert
      Oh yeah. I knew that. Williams safe state became Glitchtrap in FNAF VR.

    • Green De La Welchert
      Green De La Welchert 5 days ago +1

      He made a copy of his consciousness at some point, and it leaks into the VR game's code. So he basically "saved his game".

    • necrozander 730
      necrozander 730 5 days ago +1

      @PopularGames99 looked it up,pretty much saving the game

    • PopularGames99
      PopularGames99 5 days ago +1

      Green De La Welchert
      What is a save state?

  • T Series hacker
    T Series hacker 13 days ago

    Rip puppet

  • Jayden Skellington
    Jayden Skellington 14 days ago

    The real OG’s in this whole series of Jeremy Fitzgerald and phone guy, like they where the ones who first dealt with these assholes.

  • Sir Raccoon
    Sir Raccoon 14 days ago

    The puppet is lefty

  • Allie Mitchell
    Allie Mitchell 14 days ago

    *aah, that's hot*
    I'm sorry

  • Webby The Pink Fox Haida Fan AJ

    2:17 When someone takes the last set of cookies from the shelf

  • Buğra EFE Koyuncu
    Buğra EFE Koyuncu 14 days ago

    Is Michael dead?

  • pjs
    pjs 15 days ago +15

    1:07 the speech you make when you finally catch that one mosquito

  • Syggy Santos
    Syggy Santos 15 days ago

    You jerk my exotic butters melted

  • PopularGames99
    PopularGames99 15 days ago +5

    This is a real punch in the gut for me. I loved this game series. To see it go in such a way as this, it’s sad. But it’s also satisfying.

  • Agata Bonikowska
    Agata Bonikowska 15 days ago

    I'm watching then looking down cuz i know that thing (degrees or something) going UP and then: omg that's So many THROW THE CHESE **beep** omg where's my cold cola that Will do New ending xd

  • Someone
    Someone 16 days ago +1

    nobody :
    Baby : I'll make you proud daddy
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • - EnlightendOn -
    - EnlightendOn - 16 days ago +3

    Henry sounds like a radioman XD.

  • Jayden Skellington
    Jayden Skellington 16 days ago

    I like how we’re just some random fuck trying to get a job and failed because we were burned.

  • Trudell Wbird
    Trudell Wbird 17 days ago

    this my theory so here we go FNAF 4 is first story that happens of the bite of 87 or 83 I think FNAF 1 is 2nd story purple guy start to kill five children and put them in the suit and FNAF 3 is 3th story the souls are free and purple guy die in the suit and FNAF sister location is the 4th story and Mike die in FNAF sister location and the true ending you see FNAF 3 place and purple guy come back and FNAF 6 is the ending of the souls that free so and FNAF 7 golden Freddy is not free poor golden Freddy so yeah this my theory what you think

  • Mami Magica
    Mami Magica 17 days ago +1

    1:07 sounds like the Twilight Zone

  • Deanosgal1
    Deanosgal1 17 days ago

    Am I the only one that has never seen nor played fnaf6 and has no idea what this is?

  • Natalia
    Natalia 19 days ago +10

    a perfect 72 degrees

  • YourGurl Ida
    YourGurl Ida 19 days ago +10

    ‘Although for you, the darkest pit of hell has opened to swallow you whole, so don’t keep the devil waiting, old friend.’ Probably my favourite line ever, it gave me goosebumps. The FNAF story is so terrifying yet so interesting!

  • Bonny Head
    Bonny Head 20 days ago +1

    RIP FNAF 2014-2018 kindergarten-5th grade I play this game in kindergarten to 5th grade Elementary school in here

  • ApeX Spectre
    ApeX Spectre 21 day ago

    2:16 "Although for one of you, the darkest pit of hell has opened to swallow you whole, so don't keep the devil waiting old friend..."

  • Dieg0808 Reyes
    Dieg0808 Reyes 21 day ago +1

    *this ends for all of us* 2:59

  • Eve williams
    Eve williams 21 day ago +4

    How it feels to chew 5 gum
    Stimulate your senses

  • mareville Kamagi
    mareville Kamagi 24 days ago +1

    2:03 my favorite part

  • Gabriel Degulacion
    Gabriel Degulacion 27 days ago +1

    This is like my vietnam flashback

  • FunnyVids? Nah
    FunnyVids? Nah 27 days ago

    0:40 oh my no not animatronic porn.

  • Dipper Pines
    Dipper Pines 28 days ago

    **Stanley punches Bill in the face and he dies**

  • Павел Короткевич

    Alright, everyone,who loves Foxy,answer:Did Foxy or Child Soul that possessed him something like Henry did?

    SUPER SYRUPY WAFFLES 29 days ago

    The credits theme is soooo cool.

  • Kawaii Onee-chan
    Kawaii Onee-chan Month ago

    Every game after sister location 5 is about clarification n introducing 😂😂😂

  • J. Busch
    J. Busch Month ago


  • Baloo 2017 Springtrap Afton

    F* those souls, you idiot. (Me talking to Henry)

  • Baloo 2017 Springtrap Afton

    Watching my death forever, still better than being trapped with Cassidy in a ceil and being killed eternally.

  • Andy Draws ;P
    Andy Draws ;P Month ago +1

    The ending made me cry. The end credits, the epic music, and the feeling FNaF is over.

  • Glenn Cross
    Glenn Cross Month ago +8

    "Although I had a way out planned for you, I have a feeling that is not what you want"

  • go die
    go die Month ago

    e p i c

  • Павел Короткевич

    Alright,Henry's monologue was so emotional,that I had tears on my eyes.

  • Rouge
    Rouge Month ago

    Fnaf 1-fired
    Fnaf 2-idk
    Fnaf 3-children are free
    Fnaf 4-you die (I think)
    Fnaf sl-you get your body stolen
    Fnaf 6-you, Henry, and the animatronics die.

  • grotesque cherryyu
    grotesque cherryyu Month ago

    *aggressive crying*

  • ღDuoNineXcoreღ
    ღDuoNineXcoreღ Month ago

    Baby: I will make you proud daddy

    Rule34 = 600°

    Thank you Damemelord

  • Wesusa Paints!
    Wesusa Paints! Month ago

    0:51 the coolest game ending ever

  • MisterGame
    MisterGame Month ago

    Happy ending! Well... Not for Golden Freddy...

    • faker weldi
      faker weldi Month ago +1

      @MisterGame Gabriel (Freddy), Jeremy (Bonnie), Susie (Chica), Fritz (Foxy), Charlie (Marionette), Cassidy (Golden Freddy), and Elizabeth (Circus Baby) and Mangel (charlie dog)

    • MisterGame
      MisterGame Month ago

      @faker weldi okay so who's the fifth child of FFP and where would he be? It can't be Springtrap because William were in the suit and the first victim is Henry's daughter, the Puppet

    • faker weldi
      faker weldi Month ago

      @MisterGame Golden Freddy actually was the first victim(his father who cut off the life support of his son and told him his famous collection:"I will put you back together"
      ), the follow up is Puppet and etc.
      He is a returning character for the Ultimate Custom Night. Throughout Custom Night is referred as "The One William shouldn't have Killed".One of the lines that Cassidy says while possessing Orville Elephant, is a reference to the ending of "FNaF 3", were all of animatronics (except for The Puppet, Springtrap and Golden Freddy) are burned and set free by Michael Afton.
      and one last thing ; the name "Cassidy" was found in Fnaf1 files but we dind't know what's mean, but now we do

    • MisterGame
      MisterGame Month ago

      @faker weldi his father? Golden Freddy is one of the 5 children of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Cassidy, I'm not sure

    • faker weldi
      faker weldi Month ago

      no Golden freddy is complete thx to Hunny burning his last half (michael afton aka Cassidy) and with that GF tortured his father

  • Jon_ TH
    Jon_ TH Month ago


  • Camaleon el constructor

    Me emociono al ver esto :v

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I Month ago +1

    And all those f*cking idiots say that Mike is springtrap

    • faker weldi
      faker weldi Month ago

      his real name is Cassidy aka Golden freddy and he was the first victime of his father

  • White Gradient нет 7D-13

    But what about the children in bon bon and chica

    • faker weldi
      faker weldi Month ago

      they are a part of spirts of the original Bonnie and chica

    POOPYRYANS Month ago +9

    My exotic butters melted in the fire!

  • RedMaster 811
    RedMaster 811 Month ago

    If you saw the roasting meme
    Supa Hot Fire aka Henry
    T-Bone aka Michael or William

  • RedMaster 811
    RedMaster 811 Month ago +6

    Man Scott really wanted a roasted line for henry

  • Kevin Diaz
    Kevin Diaz Month ago


  • Lil Bee Doggy
    Lil Bee Doggy Month ago +2

    Well I cried cuz I thought it was the last fnaf game... But there is actually another one coming out!
    Also Me: Ohhh according to gossips in school there is a new FNaF coming out! 😄