10 Juicy Snack Hacks For Halloween

  • Published on Oct 27, 2016
  • "Whether it's Halloween or not, these 10 Snack Hacks are sure to bring a smile to your face and make your taste buds go crazy!
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    9 Last-Minute Halloween Snacks ruclip.com/video/ocNNpmiFn7c/video.html
    SOURCES (of inspiration):
    0:10 Bloody finger dogs goo.gl/9oM5HA
    0:53 Jack Skellington Pops goo.gl/v5QAit
    1:36 Witch Hats goo.gl/B6amaO
    2:08 Black Cat Oreos goo.gl/m7vEd3
    2:37 Earwax Q-tips goo.gl/c7pas4
    3:19 Bloody bones goo.gl/Lt8rgz
    3:46 Vampire donuts goo.gl/yWpVe3
    4:11 Pumpkin water bottles goo.gl/NZ4ayu
    4:32 Halloween fruit snacks goo.gl/VQoCGN
    5:06 Dirty Earthworms goo.gl/ycYW0Y
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  • Gracie Edmonds
    Gracie Edmonds 2 months ago

    I love how I am watching this thinking ha. He thinks I'm going to use these snacks for a party. Na. I eat all snacks alone. Unless u count Netflix as a person

  • Tay Flash
    Tay Flash 4 months ago

    Anyone else realize hes using the Halloween town music from kingdom hearts?

  • Esme Gi Gi Genevieve Squalor


  • Marlo Ålander
    Marlo Ålander 8 months ago

    How many times did he say a pun?

  • Xxstar8u- Roblox
    Xxstar8u- Roblox 9 months ago

    Why am I even watching this, it's September. .-.

    RC CENTER Year ago

    ghosta rica vs costa rica

  • Koozy
    Koozy Year ago

    it looks so satisfying

  • Ellebro
    Ellebro Year ago

    Hi bro

  • sparkles diva
    sparkles diva Year ago +1

    Who lives in ghoulga

    It means gorgia

  • kinberly_smartie
    kinberly_smartie Year ago

    But it isn't Halloween yet :C

  • Joan Beata
    Joan Beata Year ago

    More Halloween treats!!

  • Josh Dormaier
    Josh Dormaier Year ago

    What's the background music?

  • Elias Pyatt
    Elias Pyatt Year ago

    1:51 Me at school pictures

  • Wazzpopping B
    Wazzpopping B Year ago


  • Bolo Barnabee
    Bolo Barnabee Year ago +4

    "Place 3 to 4 mini marshmallows"
    *places 5

  • CaLiStA YeOh
    CaLiStA YeOh Year ago

    'Use a few dabs'

  • Itzz_Tatianna
    Itzz_Tatianna Year ago +1


  • puppylover 101
    puppylover 101 Year ago

    You're stupid you made my sister cry

  • Noelia Butcher
    Noelia Butcher Year ago

    I live in Los spook-ales

  • Amanda Silva
    Amanda Silva Year ago


  • Laura Richards
    Laura Richards Year ago


  • magdalena kowal
    magdalena kowal 2 years ago

    Householdhacker yes plz

  • ThatBoi 999
    ThatBoi 999 2 years ago

    I don't like this guy

  • Parkdum
    Parkdum 2 years ago

    Lets play a game, every time he says "dab" in this video you must drink the hottest spice in your House. Good luck

  • btsexolife
    btsexolife 2 years ago

    I dare you to give me fruit or veggies on Halloween!

  • Thijmen Kelder
    Thijmen Kelder 2 years ago

    2:56 kkk snack

  • The Dry bones gaming show


  • Bobby Booshay
    Bobby Booshay 2 years ago +1

    Did anyone hear that on 1:13

  • _SP1CV N0ODL3S_
    _SP1CV N0ODL3S_ 2 years ago

    Did someone say dab?🙅🏻

  • Joshua Shukur powell
    Joshua Shukur powell 2 years ago

    Love it

  • Hey_ SkaterXD
    Hey_ SkaterXD 2 years ago

    I'm watching this in febuary

  • RifRafy Dragon
    RifRafy Dragon 2 years ago +1

    Now I'm hungry.

  • Patryk Polak
    Patryk Polak 2 years ago

    triple H here.

  • cancer
    cancer 2 years ago

    maybe if you dont make so much dad puns u would get more views,but i like your channel

  • anna johnson
    anna johnson 2 years ago

    The bat doughnut is cute.

  • bounce chica wow wow
    bounce chica wow wow 2 years ago


  • U WOT M8 _________
    U WOT M8 _________ 2 years ago

    i dont mean to be rude America, but why do you call icing frosting? Im Welsh so Im confused but intruiged
    T^T my spelling

    • dominick.
      dominick. 2 years ago

      JHON CENA cuz we're 'Merica

  • Teresa Disharoon
    Teresa Disharoon 2 years ago


  • Jennifer Lee-ard
    Jennifer Lee-ard 2 years ago

    The band aid one is not scary it's just gross

  • Toasty
    Toasty 2 years ago +1

    1:30 What if I have a peanut allergy? Is there anything I can use to replace peanut butter?

    • Waffle The Potato
      Waffle The Potato Year ago

      You can use Nutella

    • Heather Carey
      Heather Carey Year ago

      Any other nut butter, or frosting, marshmallow fluff, honey, agave syrup

    • Cyl Serrano
      Cyl Serrano Year ago +1

      Toasty made by tasty

    • Cyl Serrano
      Cyl Serrano Year ago +1

      Toasty try make peanut butter allergy-friendly flower seed butter

  • HelloThere 56789
    HelloThere 56789 2 years ago


  • The shiny Diamond
    The shiny Diamond 2 years ago


  • katealvar_
    katealvar_ 2 years ago

    DEM PUNS DOE!!!!!!

  • ardnMCER
    ardnMCER 2 years ago

    After listening to this 12 times, I only just found out about the pun you made on 3:10

  • ChubiKubi _
    ChubiKubi _ 2 years ago


  • morgan minecraft legion

    2:32 In the back right, I noticed that you have a cardboard cutout of the Anchorman, played by Will Ferrell. Where can I buy one?

  • Kaitlyn Killer
    Kaitlyn Killer 2 years ago

    Every time he said dab I dabbed

  • Dank MEMZ Virus
    Dank MEMZ Virus 2 years ago +2

    Warning this video has many bad puns!!!

  • MrGoldenIngot
    MrGoldenIngot 2 years ago

    0:05 No, in Перник.

  • Harold Luke Casimiro
    Harold Luke Casimiro 2 years ago

    the worm is kinda disgusting but that jello is cool to eat . and bro i pranked my friends XD HaHaHaha cool prank for my friends

  • Nitro
    Nitro 2 years ago

    Oooh ooh ooh! I live in Ghost-a-Rica!

  • Game of Baku
    Game of Baku 2 years ago

    subscribe my chanal

  • Tyler 'The Fangirl'
    Tyler 'The Fangirl' 2 years ago


  • Alison Kessler
    Alison Kessler 2 years ago

    Hi this is a good idea can u do a video like this for other holidays like Christmas ?!?!

  • Tyler van Noord
    Tyler van Noord 2 years ago

    Pun Level: How It's Made

  • King Wolfie
    King Wolfie 2 years ago

    The bandaid one I am allergic to band aids 😂😂😂😂😂😂🙂

  • Joanna Sanchez
    Joanna Sanchez 2 years ago

    this is exactly like threadbangers video...

  • Buffy love tyinus
    Buffy love tyinus 2 years ago

    too bad strangers cant trust any of these

  • Tate Adams
    Tate Adams 2 years ago


  • TheSilverCorgi
    TheSilverCorgi 2 years ago

    I saw so many of these at Colleen Ballinger's Halloween party!

  • Youngassassin 1190
    Youngassassin 1190 2 years ago

    Ghosta rica and boodapest. Haha.

  • ViiGa savage
    ViiGa savage 2 years ago

    I have one

  • Ninja Yoshi
    Ninja Yoshi 2 years ago

    If you have a little more time in those carrot pumpkin you could make a hole for eyes using a straw, if it fits or something smaller

  • Kitty Miao
    Kitty Miao 2 years ago

    Lets be real, nobody will do this

  • bob
    bob 2 years ago

    you saved me from being killed by my wife thanks man

  • Athithan
    Athithan 2 years ago +3

    The title says 9-min but the video is 5 minutes...

    • Athithan
      Athithan 2 years ago +2

      HouseholdHacker I know, I was just trying to be funny... ;)

    • Household Hacker
      Household Hacker  2 years ago +10

      9 LAST minute (Halloween snacks)... ;)

  • Belle Finlay
    Belle Finlay 2 years ago

    Whenever you said put a dab on it I dabbed

  • Kayagorzan
    Kayagorzan 2 years ago

    More like Puke O' Lantern!

  • Infinity Starr
    Infinity Starr 2 years ago

    I love the band aids!

  • Jack Howard
    Jack Howard 2 years ago +1

    The puns... I can scarcely take it.

  • Peter Kirkland
    Peter Kirkland 2 years ago

    what should I do I'm deadly allergic to orange food dye but almost 75% of Halloween snacks have it included in their recipes

  • Gatsby Neptune
    Gatsby Neptune 2 years ago

    DID HE JUST SAID GHOSTA RICA!?!?!?!?!? THAT'S THE BEST SHIT IVE EVER HEARD. I cant believe you mentioned my country i love you man :v

  • ton321
    ton321 2 years ago

    I could make a better bandaid I do believe.

  • Obsidian Mirror
    Obsidian Mirror 2 years ago +1

    sponge life hacks

  • Emily Vole
    Emily Vole 2 years ago

    love the carrot one

  • Big bang bros
    Big bang bros 2 years ago

    add a "DAB" of frosting.You know, like the dance move?

  • Rainey Days
    Rainey Days 2 years ago

    Great ideas!

  • Beáta Nemes
    Beáta Nemes 2 years ago +1

    OMG! He mentioned our capital city!!! Thanks for thinking about Hungarians too!
    :3 xD

  • IronicTonic
    IronicTonic 2 years ago


  • Sparta215
    Sparta215 2 years ago +2

    The PUNkins are killing me...

    I'm sorry I had to do it...

  • Ana Nimity
    Ana Nimity 2 years ago +2

    I know this is off topic but do you know of any life hacks to get rid of earwigs? I get quite a few of them at this time of year

    • Ana Nimity
      Ana Nimity 2 years ago

      ha ha

    • ton321
      ton321 2 years ago

      I never put wigs on my ears except when it is really cold. Just take them off and you got rid of the "EarWigs"

  • Zolbayar Zolo
    Zolbayar Zolo 2 years ago

    your ingridince and equipments are not availaible at some countries

  • Penny Hudges
    Penny Hudges 2 years ago

    Did I hear Budapest? That's my country's capital city. xD

  • rohit sajeev
    rohit sajeev 2 years ago

    I'm excited for Halloween
    I'm even more excited because my birthday is on Halloween!!!!!!

    • rohit sajeev
      rohit sajeev 2 years ago

      NathorianGlowdie thank you so much!!!!

  • Paper Head
    Paper Head 2 years ago

    coolest vid ever! You are so awesome do more vids like *this*

    BOB LEE 2 years ago +1

    Screaming black pretzels lmao

  • AMallah 64
    AMallah 64 2 years ago

    I think I've watched nearly every single video I've been watching every video since 2010 keep it up!

  • TheGaminGDJ//Jonah
    TheGaminGDJ//Jonah 2 years ago

    What is the name of the music

  • i have no idea what im doing

    thank you so much! I'll make one of these for my mom on Monday. Mind telling me how the monster mouths taste? I think my mom would love them!

  • GMX BLAST 1104
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  • Gaby Sanchez
    Gaby Sanchez 2 years ago +22

    Who else watches his life hacks but dont even try them.

  • Luc
    Luc 2 years ago

    How do u come up with deez I haven't even made one of the recipes but I'm sure they taste like caviar with your breakfast

  • Biger Boy
    Biger Boy 2 years ago

    Background song plzz

  • i want to be one with the trees


  • Sarah Floyd
    Sarah Floyd 2 years ago

    Thoes are some great ideas- I especially like the one with the string cheese and the pudding cups!

  • Mr Tedy
    Mr Tedy 2 years ago

    this is genuis

  • Amil
    Amil 2 years ago

    *Dabs* DAB IT ON!

  • Cathy Bentley
    Cathy Bentley 2 years ago

    not everyone has this ingredients

  • Mya
    Mya 2 years ago


  • Drop.In.With.Dev
    Drop.In.With.Dev 2 years ago

    This just proves how much more other youtubers are just way more creative me!😂😂😂