• Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • Q&A plus Boyfriend plus Lambo equals a whole lotta EXTRA! we finally answer your top questions how we met and everything. we kept it 100! DRAGUN BEAUTY LAUNCHES @ 12 PM PST MARCH 25
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  • Johanna Gründlinger

    No shit, I never watched a video of you Nikita, but that video popped up into my suggestions and I was like „sounds fun“ and NOW I LOVE YOU. You are literally so sweet

  • Derria Mcneal
    Derria Mcneal 2 hours ago +1

    17:27 I like how he just answered the question so innocently, Then Nikita just goes for it😂

  • Catastrophii
    Catastrophii 2 hours ago

    This guy looks familiar...... DAMN HE IS SO HOT.

  • Only Piss Me Diaper
    Only Piss Me Diaper 3 hours ago

    Is nikita male or female?

  • Hmea
    Hmea 4 hours ago +1

    There are not actually dating, are they? (Coming from her paid boyfriend video)

  • cr1smaeee kate bonita
    cr1smaeee kate bonita 4 hours ago

    Why do you look like a rockstar princess youre so georgus I wish you could do my Make up one day ahhhhh😭😈💘❤

  • Mac Easdon
    Mac Easdon 4 hours ago

    Omg he was on survivor😂 and he said he was an 18 year old real estate agent

  • King Galaxy wolf
    King Galaxy wolf 4 hours ago

    your gay

  • Junior Enoch
    Junior Enoch 5 hours ago +1

    Someone clarify, are they dating or nah? Bcs sweetie I am in CoNfuSiOn! I have never been this frustrated my whole life😂

  • Junior Enoch
    Junior Enoch 5 hours ago

    Someone clarify, are they dating or nah? Bcs sweetie I am in CoNfuSiOn! I have never been this frustrated my whole life😂

  • janette Vee
    janette Vee 7 hours ago

    Why did James look grey in this lightning lol

  • min shookga
    min shookga 8 hours ago

    0:06 daddy dragun where you lookin' at?

  • Idania Delgado
    Idania Delgado 8 hours ago

    Where is Gabriel?

  • Yandel Brown
    Yandel Brown 9 hours ago

    Laura tried to take Nikita's man she h

  • Sylvester K
    Sylvester K 9 hours ago

    At the Laura leech part I heard Nikita say “ the best reaction I paid her 😂 “ but I dun think it’s exactly what she said tho

  • Mandy
    Mandy 10 hours ago

    Ok but i thought she actually did hire him lmao

  • jfour2zero
    jfour2zero 10 hours ago

    This video ended at 15:47 for me!

  • Christa Dalton
    Christa Dalton 11 hours ago

    Wait... is that Michael from survivor!?!?

    ROZSBLUEJAY 11 hours ago

    This is reminding me of the avon lady. Annoying and won't let you get a word in because she's selling the product.

  • Okay
    Okay 11 hours ago

    When bretman came through LMFAOAOOO he had me dead as fuck 😭😭😭

  • Marisol Padilla
    Marisol Padilla 12 hours ago

    Wow nobody is talking about this buuuut, Michael looks like if Jeff and Zane had a baby ! 😂😂😂

  • shay b
    shay b 12 hours ago

    when bretman came

  • Blu
    Blu 12 hours ago +1

    this Michael guy was on the tv show survivor

  • 117 .0
    117 .0 13 hours ago

    you're so beautiful !!

  • Olivia Williams
    Olivia Williams 13 hours ago

    This is actual goals. I can't.

  • Aye Jose
    Aye Jose 13 hours ago

    Does Nakita have a Wiwi or a Coochie?

  • Aye Jose
    Aye Jose 13 hours ago

    Does he know he's a boy??

  • Katie
    Katie 13 hours ago

    I just found out she’s from my hometown and now I’m out in LA too🔥🔥

  • Gabriel Augusto
    Gabriel Augusto 13 hours ago +4

    Wait, didn't she just said she was single in her video with James? And what's up with him not having one picture with her on his insta???

  • Judy DaMess
    Judy DaMess 13 hours ago +1

    Purple is poppinn 💕💕💕

  • Autumn Peck
    Autumn Peck 14 hours ago

    wow I almost clicked away seeing laura lee

  • Autumn Peck
    Autumn Peck 14 hours ago

    they are so cute

  • Chris M
    Chris M 14 hours ago

    Wait are they actually dating?? I thought she payed him to be her bf I’m a LOST bitch

  • hafsyyrose
    hafsyyrose 14 hours ago

    i didnt know u grew up in springfield va, thats really cool bc so did i

  • Larry Perkins
    Larry Perkins 14 hours ago


  • Both Cats
    Both Cats 15 hours ago

    AYE GIRL SPRINGFIELD ! Manassas baby here!!! Sending love 💕

  • Lowkey . Lexie
    Lowkey . Lexie 15 hours ago

    James and Joey’s reaction was *_EVERYTHING!_*

  • Araceli Uicab
    Araceli Uicab 15 hours ago

    At 8:53 “yeah I think we are like bonding “*puts hair on car *

  • Priscilla Vay
    Priscilla Vay 15 hours ago

    Nikita's face when Laura called him cute 😂😂😂

  • its zohar
    its zohar 16 hours ago

    Wait, are really they together?

  • Iman Guis
    Iman Guis 16 hours ago

    so are they actually dating or what

  • Anna Corominas
    Anna Corominas 17 hours ago

    Please learn to drive before u put a lambo in your hands

  • Stefanysslime 750
    Stefanysslime 750 17 hours ago

    Their in that awkward stage😬😬😬😬

  • Frida M.
    Frida M. 17 hours ago +1

    So are they still dating or not

  • Lil Coco
    Lil Coco 17 hours ago

    damn girl he fine fine

  • Venus Crystal Goddess
    Venus Crystal Goddess 17 hours ago

    Lmao Laura lees reaction to him was so funny 😆 I

  • n300zx931
    n300zx931 18 hours ago

    Don’t call the gay guy daddy.

  • Elena Shen
    Elena Shen 18 hours ago

    Wait, she is NOT the year of the dragon in the lunar calendar. She was the year of the rat?

  • Sidney Thomasson
    Sidney Thomasson 18 hours ago

    Once I start noticing how many times she says “like” I can’t unnotice it 😂😂

  • Miki Vlogs
    Miki Vlogs 18 hours ago

    He is so handsome 🤤🤤🤤

  • Alorastillman
    Alorastillman 19 hours ago +3

    He looks like the FaceTuned version on Chris pratt

  • Hsbsbs Hsbsbshd
    Hsbsbs Hsbsbshd 19 hours ago

    How are u became soo brown like this ??

  • danee
    danee 19 hours ago


  • kendall brown
    kendall brown 19 hours ago

    holy sh*t he’s hot

  • DabsandDumbstuff
    DabsandDumbstuff 19 hours ago

    Laura Lee?

  • Malak A
    Malak A 19 hours ago

    her boyfriend looks like someone from greys anatomy

  • Madelyn Elizabeth
    Madelyn Elizabeth 20 hours ago

    we love our survivor daddy Michael

  • Jade Romero
    Jade Romero 20 hours ago

    With All That Money This Is The Best You Can Do.....BORING!! BEYOND LAME!!

  • Saffron Haylett
    Saffron Haylett 20 hours ago

    Is this the guy who ghosted her? I dunno, they just don't look right together. He seems like he wanted to have his 15 minutes, the body language he gives off is he just wasn't that interested in her.

  • prettylittleblogger xx
    prettylittleblogger xx 20 hours ago

    Who else thought that was zayn in the thumbnail?

  • Chantelle Kawaii
    Chantelle Kawaii 21 hour ago +2

    idk why but my dumb ass thought this was Zane Hijazi from the thumbnail, smh 😂♥️

  • katie
    katie 21 hour ago

    So this guy is cool with her being a guy at one point

  • Luna Luna
    Luna Luna 21 hour ago

    "tyga watch out" did he just leak a cheating scandal or am i late

  • Gotnotype -
    Gotnotype - 21 hour ago

    Why is she orange?

  • Keely May
    Keely May 21 hour ago

    Please make the lambo purple too💜😭

  • Gina Bodnar
    Gina Bodnar 21 hour ago


    BAYIGA SUZAN 21 hour ago

    Prayer is all we need

  • Inge
    Inge 21 hour ago +1

    laura lee's voice makes me nauseous to this day

  • Kereda Lowe
    Kereda Lowe 22 hours ago

    Her face when homegirl was all up on her man😂😂😂😂

  • xsilent_ aestheticx
    xsilent_ aestheticx 22 hours ago +1

    1 dollar for every time she’s says “like”

  • Taylor LeGrande
    Taylor LeGrande 22 hours ago

    “Tyga watch out” AHHHHH

  • Wang Puppy
    Wang Puppy 22 hours ago

    R they really together?

  • Ms. Sponge Daddy
    Ms. Sponge Daddy 23 hours ago

    “What’s your favorite product in your makeup line?”
    Well there’s only two to choose from

  • Bobbie Cooper
    Bobbie Cooper 23 hours ago

    I loved Bretman's reaction 😂

  • always tired
    always tired 23 hours ago

    She wasn't born the yr of the dragon wtf she talkin bout

  • ricki martinez
    ricki martinez 23 hours ago

    I thought the boyfriend was Zane from the thumbnail

  • Justyna Doroslawska

    *”if u wanna find somebody, u know real like, go to a library”* *love that* 😂

  • Lilly Parkinson
    Lilly Parkinson Day ago

    is he the dude from survivor?

  • Yazmin Cazares
    Yazmin Cazares Day ago

    They are really dating

  • jessica impert
    jessica impert Day ago +3

    why is he literally sculpted by the gods

  • girl bye
    girl bye Day ago

    why is she friends with laura the cow

  • Abdullah Alsaawy


  • Puppypal Crystal
    Puppypal Crystal Day ago +1

    OMG Michael is so cute, not gonna steal him though Nikita

  • Mika Nijhuis
    Mika Nijhuis Day ago

    1996 is yeah of the rat

  • Thireak Thireak 2017

    Pray for mommy dragun coz police is watching right now don't drive if u don't known how to

  • Lizkook Manoban Jeon

    Is he/she a man/woman? I'm confused

    • Eve
      Eve 22 hours ago

      Lizkook Manoban Jeon she’s a trans woman

  • Daria Rose K
    Daria Rose K Day ago

    Cute but also just seems like there’s no chemistry but either way! Cute! And Oof he’s wow.

  • mei lin
    mei lin Day ago +2

    ok but why is no one taking about him being on survivor like what

  • Sara Chakkour
    Sara Chakkour Day ago

    Is that realy her boy friend

  • Sara Chakkour
    Sara Chakkour Day ago

    Is that reali

  • Elaine Styles
    Elaine Styles Day ago

    he's boyfriend is hot as fuck

  • Gandy 2
    Gandy 2 Day ago +1


  • Slay Infinite
    Slay Infinite Day ago

    Damnnnnn u look hot girllllll....! That purple colour is slayinnnnnngg

  • Kimberly H.
    Kimberly H. Day ago

    Im seeing a lot of comments about him being boring but tbh he really isn't. I think we're all used to Nikkitas crazy ass energy that this dude who is like normal/mellow seems "boring". Personally he seems normal idk

  • Evalina Sokolov
    Evalina Sokolov Day ago

    0:05 look lol

  • val roe
    val roe Day ago

    so that's a fuckboy?

  • Batchimeg Ky
    Batchimeg Ky Day ago

    Nowshiin ter zaluuug ni hapldaaa ymap fuck af lit

  • A Ho's Life
    A Ho's Life Day ago

    wait if she is born in the year of the dragun she should be either 18 or 30 at least according to the chinese zodiac

  • The Ballad Of The Queen

    Does your v work? Can you have normal sex?☕️

  • Damariz Ruiz
    Damariz Ruiz Day ago

    Nikita, you’re 20... and born on the year of the rat