Rachel DeMita Shows Off DANCE MOVES In LEGENDARY Overtime Challenge! Rad's A RIDICULOUS Shooter 😱

  • Published on Nov 18, 2018
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    RACHEL DEMITA OVERTIME CHALLENGE IS HERE! The legendary shooter and personality came through to NYC to take on Overtime Larry and the crew... AND SHE DOMINATED.
    RAD couldn't miss and even got to PIE LARRY IN THE FACE. We even saw them get their gymnastics game on. Rachel was coming tuff after Noah Farrakhan challenged her. This challenge went CRAZY
    Who you wanna see NEXT!?
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Comments • 665

  • Andy Simon
    Andy Simon 8 days ago


  • Jesse Anbar
    Jesse Anbar 21 day ago

    We’re the video of quavo blocking the shit out of her

  • Bili Brig
    Bili Brig Month ago

    Rachel the G.O.A.T

  • Eballer Aballer Sainsbury

    Noah made 16/25

  • T palmer
    T palmer Month ago

    I'm a avudextrous

  • Th3D3miG04t
    Th3D3miG04t Month ago

    She didn’t do Noah’s shot he did it from the nba 3 she can at least do it from the high school 3

  • lucky sheppard
    lucky sheppard Month ago

    I wanna see you do the overtime challenge Larry

  • Kman the god 22
    Kman the god 22 2 months ago

    Why when every time Larry miss the bottle flip and then when he makes he o I’m nice

  • Dribble Overdose
    Dribble Overdose 2 months ago

    Fortnite gay

  • Andrew Ayik
    Andrew Ayik 2 months ago

    I like this overtime more than the new format of overtime

  • Nicholas Ercolino
    Nicholas Ercolino 2 months ago

    The ending was so cringe I had to sub to him

    OLLIE HALL 2 months ago

    Dat boy larry got me dead with them dances😂

  • SoloJumpmanMJ_YT 23
    SoloJumpmanMJ_YT 23 2 months ago +1

    She cheated she did not roll the dice

  • Little T
    Little T 3 months ago

    She tied Lamelo Ball

  • Turtle Arzuaga
    Turtle Arzuaga 3 months ago +3

    High key Overtime is better then Ballislife

  • RolBeast
    RolBeast 3 months ago

    Who knows what they did after this??😂😂😂

  • Taliyah Scott
    Taliyah Scott 3 months ago

    Overtime needs to have more female ballers on this channel

  • D-dog Todd
    D-dog Todd 3 months ago

    She don’t where the kicks

  • BBallKing
    BBallKing 3 months ago +1

    First time someone didn't make half court I thought they were fake

  • vGxdlyCxmbxs
    vGxdlyCxmbxs 4 months ago

    That’s where my all Star game was at

  • The Chief
    The Chief 4 months ago +1

    Get jada Williams on here

  • foreign lamlam
    foreign lamlam 4 months ago

    Why Rachel got these 1960 ass socks on

  • kieran Law
    kieran Law 4 months ago

    "your gonna splash that cause I know you can shoot" thats what Larry says to everyone

  • Samir Dennis
    Samir Dennis 4 months ago

    Sh bad

  • Luca Landa
    Luca Landa 5 months ago

    I know this school

  • Chocolate
    Chocolate 5 months ago

    Little booty but wears booty shorts

  • Jonathan Poe
    Jonathan Poe 5 months ago

    She Bad Af

  • aG NotGodlight
    aG NotGodlight 5 months ago

    She got be careful she got a ball drop when she shoots

  • Theodore Skinner
    Theodore Skinner 5 months ago

    What thats not 3

  • Seth Davon Thomas
    Seth Davon Thomas 5 months ago

    Get tjass

  • Jay Nicklen
    Jay Nicklen 5 months ago +1

    Lol it’s like he’s talking to a brick wall 😂 no much there

  • Chassidy Adams
    Chassidy Adams 5 months ago

    That was not a 3 she shot a backward free throw

  • Rt Gaming channel
    Rt Gaming channel 5 months ago

    If u win u can have it boyyyy jp

  • John Jamison
    John Jamison 5 months ago

    Larry tryna get that Pughn

  • Marlon Pérez
    Marlon Pérez 5 months ago

    Great video :D

  • Slim30
    Slim30 5 months ago

    Body look thirsty lol 😂

  • Slim30
    Slim30 5 months ago

    Love and basket ball 🏀

  • Zack Kitzhaber
    Zack Kitzhaber 5 months ago +1

    Did no one else catch that Noah shot a backwards 3-pointer, but RAD took a backwards free throw? Im schleep cuh, c'mon Larry you gotta be on this...

  • cj sunflower
    cj sunflower 5 months ago

    He was feeling salty after she made that deep three! Lol

  • AnnoyedSpy
    AnnoyedSpy 5 months ago

    Larry didn’t stop smiling through the whole video, that says something

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 5 months ago +1

    why tf does she like roberson goofy ass

  • Kise Ryota
    Kise Ryota 5 months ago

    for the next overtime challenge takes bronny james like for him to see him

  • Kise Ryota
    Kise Ryota 5 months ago

    in the overtime challenge adds a test where you calculate the vertical jump of the player please

  • Eddie Gramlich
    Eddie Gramlich 5 months ago

    This was so great

  • David Choi
    David Choi 5 months ago

    Lol they def had to reshoot multiple attempts

  • Brandon Wiggins
    Brandon Wiggins 5 months ago

    Can we see the Peter piper dance and the old danrue

  • Young Living
    Young Living 5 months ago

    You should do a RUcliprs addition. Like if u agreee

  • Trigga Trey
    Trigga Trey 6 months ago

    Pmo when they cut out the missed shots and change camera angles to make the girls look good 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Dylan Both
    Dylan Both 6 months ago +1

    We need kyree walker or boogie ellis on dis joint frfr. At least lemme se Zion harmon or someone bruh

  • School Spiral
    School Spiral 6 months ago

    We wanna see Jaelen House.

  • Vertex Swift
    Vertex Swift 6 months ago

    Why Rachel leave the 2k community

  • Flobster 77
    Flobster 77 6 months ago

    where's the 1v1??

  • Maryaune a
    Maryaune a 6 months ago

    Anybody know what those shoes are called I forgot the ones that Larry are wearing

  • Matthew McWilliams
    Matthew McWilliams 6 months ago

    She had to do it from three

  • Elvis Quach
    Elvis Quach 6 months ago

    “That guy before me what did he get” damn rip my guy Noah Farrakhan

  • Harvard Institute of Niggatry

    That’s tuff

  • HypeV1
    HypeV1 6 months ago

    Damn I got buckets at the same court Rachel did , feels good man mcclancy

  • Jordon Watkins
    Jordon Watkins 6 months ago

    She didn't challenge anybody

  • Coolnate26_YT
    Coolnate26_YT 6 months ago

    She fineeeeee

  • Erik’s Comics
    Erik’s Comics 6 months ago

    Lmao that is my school

  • Blend
    Blend 6 months ago

    overtime doesn't pin comments

  • R.J Barrett
    R.J Barrett 6 months ago +3

    I swear Larry is crushing on her🙎🏽‍♂️🙎🏼‍♀️Hahahaha!!!!

  • Dominick Lopez
    Dominick Lopez 6 months ago

    I danced to this at the fiesta in May

  • UnknownSpam
    UnknownSpam 6 months ago


  • xCOOL3Yx
    xCOOL3Yx 6 months ago

    We Need That Green Light Animation She Did 💪🏾

  • Brad Scott
    Brad Scott 6 months ago +1

    Rachel definitely now needs to get pied in the face! ;)

  • Brendan Moran
    Brendan Moran 6 months ago

    she thicc

  • bank boy
    bank boy 6 months ago +1

    Yo u came to my school

  • Nate O.Money
    Nate O.Money 6 months ago

    I died when he started dancing XD

  • Sway Jahmere
    Sway Jahmere 6 months ago

    Who she challenge?

  • Marcos Gomez
    Marcos Gomez 6 months ago +1

    She’s cute asf 😍😘💋

  • Fuxkakemi
    Fuxkakemi 6 months ago

    Larry sounds like a generic 2k coach when they’re shooting threes

  • Malik Momoh
    Malik Momoh 6 months ago

    Larry was hard the whole time

  • pizza gaming blue
    pizza gaming blue 6 months ago

    She didn’t even do the dice thing

  • por favor necessito el baño

    somebody get that dude LNU on here to break some ankles!

  • Rhyeme Dryden
    Rhyeme Dryden 6 months ago

    8:26 her foot was on the line

  • Laurence Marsach
    Laurence Marsach 6 months ago


  • Airsoft Ninjas
    Airsoft Ninjas 6 months ago

    She is so cute bruh

  • Tee Edwards
    Tee Edwards 6 months ago

    Its backward from 3 she cheated

  • devion Killion
    devion Killion 6 months ago

    Do zion Williams

  • Hupersappy
    Hupersappy 6 months ago +1

    This couldn’t be any more staged

  • KingCamelFromTheMightyJungle

    She gotta do a damn 180 pivot before she gets the power in her shot

  • Me7oball
    Me7oball 6 months ago

    Get Tjass on the overtime challenge !!

  • Alex Coughlin
    Alex Coughlin 6 months ago

    You a fool Larry

  • HitThattCamm !!!!!
    HitThattCamm !!!!! 6 months ago

    My Wife 😩😍💍

  • Sebastien Labossiere
    Sebastien Labossiere 6 months ago

    Am I the only person who doesn’t wonder who she challenged

  • Mohammed Molla
    Mohammed Molla 6 months ago

    It’s funny how since she’s a girl they made her take the shot backwards from free throw instead of three and it still took a lot of tries 😂

  • wizardmari chicken
    wizardmari chicken 6 months ago

    I want to see her vs Jaden newman

  • deon williams
    deon williams 6 months ago

    shes female steph curry

  • Yuh Sway
    Yuh Sway 6 months ago

    That sounds hella wrong.... Oh yea faster 😂😂😂

  • jonathan raskind
    jonathan raskind 6 months ago

    I thought the white stuff went on her face

  • deez hands
    deez hands 6 months ago

    Who did she nominate

  • Gavin Hall
    Gavin Hall 6 months ago

    she cute😋

  • Nolan Mathews
    Nolan Mathews 6 months ago

    I’m a lefty that’s easy

  • Park Snaggur
    Park Snaggur 6 months ago

    She left us😢😢

  • Translate
    Translate 6 months ago

    Look at luh lary tryna bag em one

  • Dominic Murphy
    Dominic Murphy 6 months ago

    I switched vidéo at 0:02

  • DJ Rob
    DJ Rob 6 months ago

    Sweet alabaster skin

  • sergiovalenzuela11
    sergiovalenzuela11 6 months ago

    Rachel is the first to not make the half court shot on the first try

  • Henry.
    Henry. 6 months ago

    bae such a beast