• Published on Apr 20, 2019
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  • Jade gutteridge
    Jade gutteridge 2 days ago

    I love this video and man because he is a awesome reactor best merchandise ever and is so addicting

  • Jeanne Cline
    Jeanne Cline 3 days ago


  • Tobias Marek
    Tobias Marek 3 days ago

    The guy makes the balls fall into his lap and then reaches under the table to get them. watch it in slo-mo to see it.

  • CL Tong
    CL Tong 4 days ago

    一C v+=+ vCard+ v CBC ,

  • Xxdexter GamingxX
    Xxdexter GamingxX 4 days ago


  • Ranagat Sulcher
    Ranagat Sulcher 11 days ago

    There is a ball behind one of the balls at the beginning

  • Cirque 1974
    Cirque 1974 11 days ago

    I beg u

  • Cirque 1974
    Cirque 1974 11 days ago


  • Cirque 1974
    Cirque 1974 11 days ago

    Play roblox

  • zheng yi
    zheng yi 12 days ago

    This isn’t really a magic trick you know those challenges where you need to eat peppers right? Just swallow it the pepper itself isn’t spicy it’s the capsaicin

  • Jacob Gabriel Bolivar
    Jacob Gabriel Bolivar 13 days ago

    Well the fourth ball he got was in he’s hand
    Also he got the fourth ball from the bottom of the table

  • Nurdan Nalbantoglu
    Nurdan Nalbantoglu 15 days ago +1

    It was really soft play dough he separates and puts them back really fast

  • Drift0playZ
    Drift0playZ 15 days ago

    I Love your Voice :D

  • Paul Joyce
    Paul Joyce 18 days ago +6

    You are
    the funniest thing in the world I am so dum

  • Rachel Simpson
    Rachel Simpson 18 days ago

    He's so annoying

  • Deanne Knapp
    Deanne Knapp 18 days ago +1

    : 50 I was eating 🤢

  • Eldi Qyq
    Eldi Qyq 21 day ago


  • putut
    putut 21 day ago

    The video haf nick fury

  • HuskyOnFire 567
    HuskyOnFire 567 22 days ago

    Are you tuber you’re super cool I wanna be like you wanna girl
    Are you tuber you’re super cool I want to be like you wanna girl

  • Matthew Pitcher
    Matthew Pitcher 23 days ago

    Ha gay

  • Andrea Stone
    Andrea Stone 24 days ago +4

    Here is how you get a coin in a bottle : *take off the cap and slide a penny in there ;-;*

  • Derpy_david !
    Derpy_david ! 25 days ago +12

    U used to stick arrows down my throat into my stomach and it would freak my mom out

  • Josh Nathaniel Victorio
    Josh Nathaniel Victorio 26 days ago +1

    The magic is fake but jesus only and god can do magic

  • billy wong
    billy wong 27 days ago +1

    It just has a card and then the first card just slides out in the other car is a five right behind it

  • SpaceIcy _
    SpaceIcy _ 27 days ago

    The ball one he combine

  • Ollie Gaming
    Ollie Gaming 28 days ago


  • Logan R
    Logan R 28 days ago

    That one country color change cards there's a card white behind it

  • Sammie's World
    Sammie's World Month ago

    You can acholy poot a sord down your throt

  • Jolanda Klop
    Jolanda Klop Month ago

    ik weet dat je Nederlands bent

  • King Ninjapro
    King Ninjapro Month ago

    jelly i m your biggest. fan by karim

    • Squidward
      Squidward Month ago

      King Ninjapro this isn’t jelly lmao

  • King Ninjapro
    King Ninjapro Month ago

    jelly i m your biggest. fan my name is karim

  • Defaults Need Freedom

    Bro you suck make longer videos

  • John Gemeniano
    John Gemeniano Month ago


  • John Gemeniano
    John Gemeniano Month ago


  • John Gemeniano
    John Gemeniano Month ago


  • Liam Setz
    Liam Setz Month ago +1

    For the ball trick it is plasticine and he squishes them together

  • EliasBloxyPlayz
    EliasBloxyPlayz Month ago

    Its not magic its photoshop

  • Slime lover slime Slimy

    Magicians never tell there secrets

  • Shau Lx
    Shau Lx Month ago +1

    Cards for me. Cads for yodes.

  • michael Blewitt
    michael Blewitt Month ago


  • Samuel Drown
    Samuel Drown Month ago +8

    He just had 2 cards and then quickly switched them

    WETY MURKY Month ago +2

    yode always uses the same face every thumbnail.

  • Alejandro Z
    Alejandro Z Month ago

    The balls are clay

  • clarinet00
    clarinet00 Month ago


  • Matt Dickinson
    Matt Dickinson Month ago +4

    Man I love this dudes accent

  • Thomas Maughan
    Thomas Maughan Month ago

    1:23 all it is is he drops the card

  • Medhaansh Patel
    Medhaansh Patel Month ago

    He gets two cards and when he throws the other card boom it changes the card

  • Cool Gaming
    Cool Gaming Month ago

    at 1:22 there were two cards if you saw then he dropped the card in front and the back was the red

  • Papacow_225_ Minecraft maps

    1:22 put it on 0.25 play back speed and you can clearly see two cards

  • Leona Murray
    Leona Murray Month ago

    I know how to do the changing card trick

  • sirblockalot1 YT
    sirblockalot1 YT Month ago +1

    4:31 Apex on the wall

  • Alex Sisoona
    Alex Sisoona Month ago +10

    At 3:03 the man grab the ball from under the table and at 3:05 you pause and u can see the ball in his hand

  • Blueberries! gacha and more games

    You should have a intro

  • Derpin Memes
    Derpin Memes Month ago +1

    The one where the guys makes a card into a different card? Here’s the answer he had two cards and made the first card drop

  • Bonnie Newman
    Bonnie Newman Month ago +9

    Put captions on when you get on the pencil trick

  • Antonio Monino
    Antonio Monino Month ago +1

    I hate you

  • Jacob Hinson
    Jacob Hinson Month ago +1

    I know how it works

  • Lorenzo Cole
    Lorenzo Cole Month ago +1

    1:27 Bro that magician is Valentino I watch the series on netflix

    • Lorenzo Cole
      Lorenzo Cole Month ago

      One of his tricks were being beheaded it means decapitated I know the trick

  • Anum Khan
    Anum Khan Month ago


  • Pmg_wolfie 21
    Pmg_wolfie 21 Month ago

    It like playdo

  • David Hampel
    David Hampel Month ago

    I’ve seen your til toks

  • Tiffany May
    Tiffany May Month ago

    Ummm I’m sorry I’m mean but you sound like a baby a little

  • ExoTic Clips
    ExoTic Clips Month ago

    Your a wunnnu be messyourself

  • Ryder Flores
    Ryder Flores Month ago +1

    the is probably just shells it looks like the same Ball but there's probably just shells

  • thit yak
    thit yak Month ago

    He’s just Adding it

  • Derick Pawlowski
    Derick Pawlowski Month ago +1

    The ball trick is that you please e Subway Surfers under the table and it doesn't just pushing it up there and taken away can you not see the hand in the video great when he takes the ball when it's bouncing

  • Tommy Byrne
    Tommy Byrne Month ago


  • Cryptic Gamer
    Cryptic Gamer Month ago

    3:17 the balls are just shells

  • Pastel Neko
    Pastel Neko Month ago +6

    At 4:42 you can see he had it in his hand

    SPEEDRC76 Month ago

    Theres no such thing as magic thsts what's sad is that there all fake.kind of a bummer cause now knowmatter what any magic show u hear of you know there tricks were just the hand is faster then the eye

  • Amanda Ison
    Amanda Ison Month ago

    The master magician a very special person that is protrading the magicians cult it's called Magic this big Magic's Biggest Secrets

  • daniel marquz
    daniel marquz Month ago

    The legend has it he is still throwing up cards

  • Big dunks 67
    Big dunks 67 Month ago +3

    The vids that he got from the first one are from a tv show on Netflix called magicians code

  • Noemi Negron
    Noemi Negron Month ago

    I think that ball trick had clay balls instead of balls and he shoved the m into other balls I think?

  • James Leonard
    James Leonard Month ago

    I know the card trick he just has two cards