The Hasselblad XCD 80mm f/1.9 Lens with the X1D. I have it!

  • Published on Sep 25, 2018
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Comments • 64

  • Steve Huff
    Steve Huff  Year ago +10

    Hey Guys, Hasselblad just contacted me and said that this lens WILL NOT be made in China. They said my copy was mistakenly branded with the "Made in China" text and the production lens will not be made in China. So just wanted to clarify that as this info came to me AFTER the video was uploaded.

  • telemaq76
    telemaq76 6 months ago

    any chance to have a review of the new 65 2.8 ?

  • Adolfo Usier
    Adolfo Usier 7 months ago

    awesome 👏🏻

  • 357M view
    357M view 7 months ago

    Is it equal to 50mm f0.95 full frame lens!

  • Cesare Bonazza
    Cesare Bonazza 9 months ago +1

    Now that this camera has been discontinued do you care to make a comment, Must be devasting to be left with nothing!!! for $18,000.00

    • koruki
      koruki 5 months ago

      Lucky a mark 2 is out

    • telemaq76
      telemaq76 6 months ago +1

      why be left with nothing? people who bought the camera still have the camera and will use it for years. cameras doenst self destrut because a model is discountinued

    • Cesare Bonazza
      Cesare Bonazza 9 months ago +1

      @Manila Martin Yes that S3 will be spectacular I need to sale My wife kids and home and my car so it will not happen :(

    • Manila Martin
      Manila Martin 9 months ago

      I think something happened too. Maybe DJI just wanted the tech of Hasselblad and just gave up on the large format. I am hoping not. I was hoping to see an xcd 2. But leica will have a new medium format camera this year.

  • telemaq76
    telemaq76 10 months ago

    any idea when the lens wil be out? still unavailable

  • Lighthunter
    Lighthunter 11 months ago +1

    For $4,800 I'd expect internal focussing, made in Sweden and a quiet focus action. pretty disappointing to be honest.

  • markus Röthlisberger

    Hey i work with this Camera. It’s not perfect but i will no more Changing.
    It’s my best pay .

  • paul sehstedt
    paul sehstedt Year ago

    Nice tool, but not practical for me. I stick to my M240. Thanks for the review!

    DRRDDR Year ago +1

    Re 'not made in China'...Makes little sense that Hasselblad get right up to pre-production samples with manufacturing in China and then just before final production up manufacturing to somewhere else. Maybe some kind of final assembly or cosmetic changes, who knows? Whatever, just stretching the definition of where it's made. At least with Canon Japan for example you know they make lenses.

  • Harold6643
    Harold6643 Year ago +1

    too bad that Hasselblad chose a 63mm FOV which is , to say the least, a very ODD choice for a portrait lens . wish they produced a 2.8/100 ( 80mm EQUIVALENT) which is a great FOV for full length portraits and/or portraits in tight spaces

    • Fabio Mota
      Fabio Mota Year ago +1

      Harold6643 Not all portrait lenses have to be the same focal length. With each lens, its characteristics and its focal length, you can be creative in a different way, get to know the lens and use it in a unique way... so I actually think it‘s good that not all portrait photographers use the exact same focal length and that some systems have completely different ones. I find 63mm to be very interesting for portraits. The lenses I mostly use for portraits on my Fujifilm system are about 52mm and 75mm equivalent. 63mm sits right between those two.

  • Maxwell Smart_086
    Maxwell Smart_086 Year ago +1

    the Hasselblad is a legendary camera - like an Aston Martin as a car most people instead of James Bond will never drive. Happy days.

  • mavfan1
    mavfan1 Year ago +6

    If only Hasselblad and Leica shooters could learn their craft to the point that they didn't need to rely on crippled cameras in order to be methodical and think about their shots.

    • koruki
      koruki 5 months ago +1

      Or maybe they just enjoy the camera. What does it matter to you. Go buy your Sony and be happy

    • GO GOGO
      GO GOGO Year ago

      My thoughts exactly mavfan1

    • Joe Ees
      Joe Ees Year ago +1

      Long before digital the people using the Hasselblads were the pros in the studio, on the runway, for the family portraits, weddings, etc... Leica has had a lot of pros use them as well. In the digital age you could argue that Leicas dot is a status symbol - but Hasselblad still is a pro system (how many amateurs will drop $33k on a H6D-100c ?). Just because you'll never be able to afford or appreciate either doesn't mean in the right hands they can't turn out stunning images.

  • Arthur R McPhee
    Arthur R McPhee Year ago +3

    Hasselblad users are primarily professional commercial studio photographers and know how to use cameras. Nothing more to say. People stop belly aching about tech features when it comes to studio cameras that will live most of the time on a studio camera stand ( not even a tripod )

  • Manila Martin
    Manila Martin Year ago +1

    great camera and nice lens review. Always a class act.

  • Robert L
    Robert L Year ago +2

    4795$ for 80mm 1.9? Hell, that's more expensive than Fujifilm GFX 50R

    • Joakim Sundberg
      Joakim Sundberg 11 months ago

      Yes, think of the X1D as GFX R's hot sister.

    • Bernhard Ess
      Bernhard Ess Year ago

      Well, true in general, however the Fuji gfx 50R will be an interesting alternative to this one, and they have an equally magic 110mm f2 which is a true portrait lens. Albeit both (camera and lens) for a less unaffordable price.

    • telemaq76
      telemaq76 Year ago

      And more expensive than lots of gear but why compare a lens to another camera

    • Dion Suurmond
      Dion Suurmond Year ago

      That f/1.9 though

  • 34136TS
    34136TS Year ago

    OMG! Oh I do hope the X2D nails the shortfalls and then....

  • Achilleas Labrou
    Achilleas Labrou Year ago +2

    The price of the body of Hasselblad X1D has dropped considerably. I don't know the reason of this. It is not much more expensive than the medium format Fujifilm GFX 50S. However the recently announced and smaller Fujifilm GFX 50R is even much cheaper. The issue with Hasselblad is that its native lenses are much more expensive than similar lenses from Fujifilm. The typical buyers of a medium format camera aren't ignorant about photography and want more than one lens.
    The prices of most Fujifilm medium format lenses aren't much higher than similar top quality lenses for full frame cameras (except Leica ones).
    Hasselblad cameras are manufactured in Sweden and the Leica cameras in Germany. That of course elevates the cost. At least some camera manufacturers resist the monopoly of Japan. Nevertheless many Hasselblad and Leica lenses are made in Japan.

    • telemaq76
      telemaq76 Year ago

      90 % of pictures I 've seen taken with x1d on Facebook x1d group or forums are uncle bobs pictures. It s an expensive camera bought by rich people who have no idea how to take a good photography

  • Mr Billy
    Mr Billy Year ago +1

    was it just my phones screen or did the shot of the 🐦 on the door frame have chromatic aberration around the brickwork?

  • Randi Tulsa
    Randi Tulsa Year ago +2

    Waiting for you reviewing the new Fuji GFX 50R and the GFX 100S medium format mirrorless camera. You dont have any problem with the fuji company right? 😅✌️

    • F To
      F To Year ago +1

      Measured color depth:
      Nikon D850: 26.4 bit
      X1D: 26.2 bit
      ...delusional looser

    • F To
      F To Year ago

      Yes I know it makes a difference. What I'm trying to tell you is that the X1D is Not 16-bit!!!
      Can't you read?!?

    • **
      ** Year ago +1

      F To I’m not really sure what’s wrong with you trolls on the internet, but all I can imagine is that your jealous of successful people that use the top gear.
      Do you even know what a converter does? It’s not sad it’s called technology. It’s the same in digital music. Do you listen to the flat tinny 8 bit stream, or do you turn it up to 24 bit and 192k.
      It makes a big difference

    • F To
      F To Year ago

      X1D has a 14-bit A/D

    • **
      ** Year ago

      Why bother it’s 14 bit color. Might as well shoot your dlsr

  • Jason Levine
    Jason Levine Year ago +4

    Nice DJI 80mm f1.9 👍🔥😍😵😂😎

    • koruki
      koruki 5 months ago +1

      Well no one makes a better drone than DJI so that’s a compliment?

    • telemaq76
      telemaq76 6 months ago +1

      would you say than the buggati chiron is a nice volkswagen? or the ferrari F12 is a nice Fiat ?

  • Shawn Shing
    Shawn Shing Year ago

    Made in China ? The lens wow disappointed

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff  Year ago +1

      As I stated above, Hasselblad contacted me and said this lens WILL NOT be made in China. My lens was stamped with "Made in China" but productions lenses will not be.

  • **
    ** Year ago +1

    What an awesome fashion lens this going to be! I am so excited!!!!

  • Daniel Spaniel
    Daniel Spaniel Year ago +1

    Ken wheeler says it’s a turd. But he is a paid up Fuji fanboy these days.

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff  Year ago

      They are discounted as is the Fuji GFX. $6500 for the body only is pretty pricey IMO.

    • James Aston
      James Aston Year ago

      Looks like the price of these are dropping like rocks of a bridge.

    • Davide Soliani - Landscapes and a Hassy
      Davide Soliani - Landscapes and a Hassy Year ago +3

      Not sure Ken Wheeler ever shot in general

    • **
      ** Year ago +1

      Diamonds and cubic zirconias..... This is the world’s first 16BIT compact medium format camera. It has the finest image quality. You would compare this to phase one / rodenstock or other Hasselblad’s. A 14 bit medium format would compare to the advancements made in 35mm high end Sony A7r3 or Nikon D850, and then on that note the Sony will out perform the Fugi

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff  Year ago +4

      Ken Wheeler never shot with this lens or the X1D, of course.

  • crispin8888
    crispin8888 Year ago +1

    Thank you for the insight. What is the equivalent 35mm focal length ?

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff  Year ago

      63mm, see my report on the website for more ; ) Thank you.

    • Dustin Francis
      Dustin Francis Year ago

      If you’re comparing diagonals, it’s a 63 f/1.5 equivalents. If you want to know what will give you the exact same FOV and DOF at the same working distance, your need to crop a 35mm image to 4:3 and then it’s a 58 f/1.5 equivalent, which is the better way to compare it.

    • crispin8888
      crispin8888 Year ago

      @Robert Thank you ....

    • Robert
      Robert Year ago +2

      63mm F1.5

  • Ali Razvan
    Ali Razvan Year ago +3

    I have GFX and I love it.... Same nature with different looks. These cameras forced you to think befor pushing the shutter. I have Mamyia 80mm f1.9 and it is gorgeous. You should compare these. 300$ vs 30000$. Do you get 2700$ more for the mony. 😉

    • **
      ** Year ago +1

      Gokhan Kutar it’s 16 bit it was tune by Hasselblad and produces 16 bit color images which when opened on a computer tells you it’s 16 bit

    • Gokhan Kutar
      Gokhan Kutar Year ago

      it is not a 16-bit camera because the sensor is not capable to produce 16bit.

    • **
      ** Year ago +1

      Actually it’s not the same nature. The X1D is a 16 bit camera.

    • Chirag Parikh
      Chirag Parikh Year ago

      wow !