Vintage Double Barrel ShotGun - Impressive RESTORATION

  • Published on Jul 27, 2019
  • This was hard to find this Gun but i was lucky to work on such a pretty double barrel shotgun. By the way maybe ill shoot this in another video.
    It was perfectly hand carved and not for all of you but for me I just gave it more pretty look using Brass. I restored all the mechanical parts into their original state.
    I am glad i got successful in restoring this. I refinished this old thing and modify its Buttstock a little bit by adding brass sheets and RANDOM HANDS logo in it. But i am upset because RUclip demonetized my last weapon restoration project. But i am keep doing my work for you and i am trying my best to show you best and Impressive Restorations
    I hope you guys will enjoy the video and also share your positive feedback and opinions in comment section.
    Vintage Rusty Shooting Weapon - Impressive RESTORATION
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  • Random Hands
    Random Hands  2 months ago +453

    I am Dishearten to tell you that youtube has already demonetized this video. I am deeply sorry for taking a long delay for uploading this video but trust me it was really a time taken project. I was happy when i was uploading this video after that when i saw youtube has demonetized my video i felt discouraged and the only thing i am thinking is youtube has just ruined my hardwork in one second. But i am still publishing this video for you guys hope you will enjoy.

    • WrathMachine
      WrathMachine 11 days ago

      Add some checkering on the brass grip parts, might give you a more comfortable grip 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Μαριος Ζ.
    Μαριος Ζ. 2 hours ago +1

    A very important step which you didn't take is polishing or chrome lining the bore. The friction inside that rusted/wirebrushed bore must be insanely high and will probably cause dangerous overpressure in the barrel. Alos those brass parts are atrocious, I can't decide what's worse the brass implants or that stabby excuse for a buttplate. While we're at it cold bluing may be sufficient for refinishing minor imperfections or small parts but are in no case meant to replace a proper bluing job

  • Alt Fit
    Alt Fit 4 hours ago

    Some really nice scrolling on that firearm.

  • fightFIRE withICE
    fightFIRE withICE 20 hours ago

    Nice work 👍

  • DONALD cooper
    DONALD cooper Day ago

    Yea the side brass plates messed the look up, but the brass butt plate was a great touch, and so was the foward hand grip

  • Jerry
    Jerry Day ago

    You should've used some rubber for the end this is a double barrel shotgun it kicks way more harder than a normal shotgun plus that brassed metallic is gonna hurt😂

  • Kaioluis Silva
    Kaioluis Silva 2 days ago

    This is a beast shotgun of word

  • Eric Dupuis
    Eric Dupuis 2 days ago

    What kind of rotating wheel and Dremmel bit do you use after the electrolysis bath to clean up the metal?

  • Mark Charles Washington

    I’d let my scrimshaw guy in Maui decorate the inlayed parts, maybe bone 🦴 or antlers or some metal parts could get a personalized touch with such attention to the details , like you do might be appreciated by it next lucky 🍀 users

  • Strong Rabbit
    Strong Rabbit 3 days ago

    I hope Larry Potterfield never sees this video. The idea was pretty cool, but you really messed it up with that brass. I cringed every time you used those little screwdrivers on those screws. It's pretty clear you are a talented restorer, but it's also clear you know very little about firearm restoration.

  • jack Jabonete
    jack Jabonete 3 days ago

    there's a double barrel shotgun stainless steel. pls make it a stainless steel

  • Twisted-Chuckles
    Twisted-Chuckles 5 days ago

    Very nice amazing job! I'll buy it! haha

  • Brody ********
    Brody ******** 5 days ago

    You need to shoot it

  • southernexposure123
    southernexposure123 5 days ago

    There's a show called "Antiques Roadshow". They put monetary values on old items. Many times they tell the owners that refinishing objects drastically decreases the monetary value. Many objects are worth a lot more money whenever the original "patina" (color while aging) is left on the objects.

  • humacao01
    humacao01 5 days ago

    Your disassembly makes me cringe.... you should invest in a nice workbench or restore one whatever. But disasembling an item on concrete Nooo... pulling that trigger guard all the way back like you did Nooooo all you had to do was move it to the side to get to the other screw.... But I guess you are what they call a professional... Dont get me wrong I do enjoy the restorations and final work....

  • Nico Chukalas
    Nico Chukalas 5 days ago +1

    I absolutely love old guns like this

  • Grizzlymoth9038
    Grizzlymoth9038 5 days ago


  • Odell_salty_ 1
    Odell_salty_ 1 6 days ago +1

    Arthur Morgan’s shotgun he found at that cabin

  • Emerald Dragon7
    Emerald Dragon7 6 days ago

    This is my BOOM STICK

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 7 days ago

    You forgot the strap on the gun🔫

  • Mr.M1Garand 25
    Mr.M1Garand 25 7 days ago

    How do you remember where all the parts go?

  • H McBride
    H McBride 8 days ago

    Why would you make the brass piece you put on a stock pointy

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 9 days ago

    Shit man imagine gold plating THAT thing.

  • sup to piediepie
    sup to piediepie 10 days ago

    Shoot it on the ground and you will fly

  • Jay Thomas
    Jay Thomas 10 days ago

    I think he put the brass on the back cause he might just put it on the shelf for novelty....good story for the grandkids by a fireplace👍🏿

  • S Sokolva
    S Sokolva 10 days ago

    You made this shotgun absolutely beautiful and unique

  • Bailey Sansone
    Bailey Sansone 10 days ago

    Looks like shit quit using brass you ninny

  • Master Oof
    Master Oof 11 days ago

    Who needs god when you have wd-40 (no offence any Christian or religious people this is a joke god is a cool dude 😎👍

  • A V Σ M I A
    A V Σ M I A 11 days ago

    Dont you ever give that to doomguy...

    Just a warning...

  • helperbot 2000
    helperbot 2000 12 days ago

    nice restortion, i like the adding of the brass parts tho they took away some of the original carving in the wood
    edit: i also dont understand why he made the end of the stock out of brass to, that gotta hurt when firing

  • I like to game all day

    I know americans like guns, i like guns. But it is still stupid to sell guns to every person that walks into a wallmart

  • ashok kumar.r
    ashok kumar.r 14 days ago

    Where is another video?????

  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude 15 days ago

    Doom guy approves

  • Skylier Dunagan
    Skylier Dunagan 15 days ago

    keep strong your doing a good job

  • EX Panassin
    EX Panassin 16 days ago

    You should gold plate it

  • World of Guns
    World of Guns 16 days ago

    Make a ak 47 rilfe restoration

  • Shelby Style
    Shelby Style 17 days ago

    RUclip s**ks

  • Flyingninjafish 7040
    Flyingninjafish 7040 20 days ago +1

    I don’t mind having brass on the gun, but those plates might have looked better if they were studded kinds like the handle of the handgun you restored. That would have worked pretty well I think.

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 22 days ago

    Doom Guy after the restoration = *MALICIOUSLY SMILES*

  • Super Moon
    Super Moon 22 days ago

    You fucked it up

  • Sumira Bibi
    Sumira Bibi 22 days ago

    Name of this gun cux i have also this one double barrel shotgun side by side but i don't know the name?

  • Magnus Osmond
    Magnus Osmond 22 days ago

    I love it so mutch and all but I think the brass end on the stock is a little pointy at the bottom

  • cbjfan99
    cbjfan99 23 days ago

    Lose the point on the buttstock and cross hatch the bread and it would look even better

  • escith1
    escith1 24 days ago

    Next time just redo the checkering without removing it completely. Black buttstock plate not brass. 👍

  • Anthony Scantinini
    Anthony Scantinini 24 days ago

    that's a great gun for people who don't like bullets.

  • Will The alien
    Will The alien 25 days ago

    Restore a magnum revolver

  • Paulina Paulino
    Paulina Paulino 25 days ago

    OK, that was a cool trick with the plastic bottle.

  • Thomas Delaney
    Thomas Delaney 26 days ago +2

    Holy lord this guy loves brass too much. All those inlays make the thing look so cheap and that butt plate's gonna hurt whoever uses it.

  • the merican man
    the merican man 26 days ago

    my guy just boil the rust and wipe it off with a toothbrush or something, dont electro whatever and dont wire wheel it; preserve the finish

  • sans
    sans 26 days ago

    wow, you just spent so much time for a cheap gun like this... but good job! common person would think that this is a garbage but you saw something in this gun. And the brass looked great!

  • just_a_ guy
    just_a_ guy 27 days ago

    Brass plate an entire gun!

  • The Russian Gamer
    The Russian Gamer 27 days ago

    Try engraving the shotgun, it makes it more expensive

    • Lando Brown
      Lando Brown 25 days ago

      That literally couldn't be a more inaccurate statement.

  • Legion Forester
    Legion Forester 27 days ago

    you are unbelievable talented


    You've got skillz homie!!!

  • cass276
    cass276 28 days ago

    That butt is truly awful.

  • Abdullah A' Takson
    Abdullah A' Takson 28 days ago

    Please show us the testing video once you make everything clear.

  • Danimal Von
    Danimal Von 29 days ago

    Henry Atkin 1883 Sporting Shotgun, Serial No. 72.
    Not worth £150,000 anymore.

  • Seth Gettys
    Seth Gettys Month ago +67

    As someone who works on firearms of various types for a living it was painful to watch this fellow grind the checkering of the wood furniture and replace it with brass inserts, the butt plate is particularly... disagreeable

    • Mithridates
      Mithridates 8 days ago

      @Grizz Moto he didnt do anything in the bore at all, its probably still rusted and didnt work on the locks of the gun or check the action. I hope it blows in his face

    • Grizz Moto
      Grizz Moto 8 days ago +1

      Completely agree. Wire wheel? Really? Dremel burrs? The brass butt looks atrocious, the heel doesn’t even follow the stock lines and it’s got that dagger like protrusion, then he grinds out the checkering and poorly fits brass inserts? Hack job the whole way around. I’d be surprised if it even functioned, let alone safely. What a shame.

    • KGB agent
      KGB agent 9 days ago

      @Mithridates geez dude calm down

    • Seth Gettys
      Seth Gettys 12 days ago

      Mithridates damn you Really don’t like it

    • helperbot 2000
      helperbot 2000 12 days ago

      damn, people need to chill

  • Battleship Overland

    Nice restoration, but ruined the gun with the tacky brass inserts

  • Константин Васильев

    Uuuuhh, the stock came out very ugly, you should have just cleaned and refinished it. And these cheap construction screws! Such a mess in comparison with metal parts!