Grilled Cheese Sandwich Pizza Bowl Thingy ? - Man Vs Din

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
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Comments • 6 489

  • Havea Fork
    Havea Fork 5 hours ago

    You butter leave my breads alone

  • Katlyn
    Katlyn 6 hours ago

    😬😬😬😬 so glad you're back! Sending love and good health !

  • Jayde D'Agnolo
    Jayde D'Agnolo 13 hours ago

    I hope robs able to take care of himself and that the accidents hopefully stop

  • Unicorn Galaxy
    Unicorn Galaxy 18 hours ago

    You butter Shave it right now😂😂

  • Srishti Krishnan

    He gives me king zog vibes

  • BGeeTea
    BGeeTea Day ago

    So glad to see you back Rob, and feeling better. Sending all the positive vibes to both you and Corinne

  • Jessica Lang
    Jessica Lang Day ago

    I butter not see someone make the same joke as me.

  • Shawdyy Lynn
    Shawdyy Lynn Day ago

    You sound like an older morty😂😂

  • melaniemassacrerawr420

    Glad to see Rob back to that quality content.

  • Rusanda Gusanu
    Rusanda Gusanu 2 days ago

    I like your vois and your mustace bicos ior heart is the same

  • Levy Austin Comedy
    Levy Austin Comedy 2 days ago

    2:12 this guy looks so uncomfortable! Great Vid BTW

  • Breanna Brenko
    Breanna Brenko 3 days ago

    the lady at 2:13

  • Tushaar Mehta
    Tushaar Mehta 3 days ago

    Rob u look like mr beast

  • Chelsey Leigh
    Chelsey Leigh 3 days ago

    I just now learned Velveeta slices are a thing.

  • Chelsey Leigh
    Chelsey Leigh 3 days ago

    Seeing you come back and do a video is just great.

  • Art Gānbēi
    Art Gānbēi 3 days ago

    Welcome back man.. Welcome back

  • Катя Иванова

    Glad to see YOU, ROB

  • Phil Jeavons
    Phil Jeavons 4 days ago

    Only just stumbled upon this channel but seriously how many F bombs.....

  • Todorokis bae bam booosel Yeet

    You butter not die

  • Max y
    Max y 5 days ago

    You're still shaking. I hope you fully recover soonest! We fucking love you! Take care

  • ItzPeyton 701
    ItzPeyton 701 5 days ago +2

    Since you want suggestions of what to try... try and find my dad. Last I heard he was getting milk at the store.

  • Marlene Pacheco
    Marlene Pacheco 6 days ago

    Rob don’t want be rude but bad mustache if you keep it it has to Connect to you beard

  • Veronica Ferrari
    Veronica Ferrari 6 days ago

    Oh my God, the guy in the back at 2:12

  • chaosgoettin
    chaosgoettin 6 days ago

    I am German. This is not bread. And what you call crust is not a crust. Wanna see a crust? Come to Germany. Hit a Aldi or whatever supermarket or a bakery. Get a "mischbrot". THAT'S a crust and a bread. your bread is more like a spongecake.

  • Skilø sho
    Skilø sho 6 days ago

    Someone send rob some non alcoholic beer. It's weird to see him not drinking... it can go with his non salted salt 😂😂.

  • quasia shah
    quasia shah 6 days ago

    Rob ur butter then this *hits drums *

  • Jayro Marin
    Jayro Marin 6 days ago

    Rob sounds like mr. Poopybuthole from rick and Morty but just woth a deeper voice

  • Calvin Sacha
    Calvin Sacha 6 days ago +1

    2:13 man in the back is shook

  • Bitchmetoo DaFuq
    Bitchmetoo DaFuq 8 days ago

    Rob, your voice is perfect for a character on Rick and Morty..

  • Nani Jr.
    Nani Jr. 8 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Rob can really voice over Rick from Rick&Morty lmao❤️

    IIUKIYOII 9 days ago

    I just came back to this channel wa happens to robs voice?

  • Kayly Hall
    Kayly Hall 9 days ago

    Hey rob! I hope you see this comment! My name is kay-lee but spelled kayly. I have been watching you for a few years; your videos always make me happy when I’m feeling down. I just wanted to say out of all the youtubers I watch you are my favorite youtuber! Your videos are just very genuine and you deserve wayyy more followers and likes! Have a happy day!

  • Sunshine Draws
    Sunshine Draws 9 days ago

    Rob: “..WhAt FuCkIn MoNtH aRe We In?!”

  • Brini
    Brini 9 days ago

    Rob's bowl is butter than the tasty one. That shit looks delicious.

  • I'm not weird I'm lame

    I hope Rob gets butter soon

  • Melanin Queen
    Melanin Queen 10 days ago +1

    But um nobody gonna say nothin bout the “I died” T-shirt😭 14:10

  • Maddy Polito
    Maddy Polito 10 days ago

    You kinda sound like rick from rick and morty tho lol

  • Maricela Ramirez
    Maricela Ramirez 11 days ago

    You butter believe I’m using canned soup for this shit

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 11 days ago

    I think it's funny that Corinne is always going to Whole Foods and shit for her cooking videos, while Rob is shopping at fucking Ingles.

  • Dharci Ruddick
    Dharci Ruddick 12 days ago

    He be buttering it up

  • Liyah LJ
    Liyah LJ 12 days ago

    You butter like this video

  • Hipster Atlantis!
    Hipster Atlantis! 12 days ago

    holy shit y’all still alive ? what the fuck?

  • callista lilly
    callista lilly 12 days ago

    rob is such a mood. thanks for living my guy 🤘🏼🖕🏼

  • Alisha Sickmiller
    Alisha Sickmiller 13 days ago

    I hope you are feeling butter!

  • Kacper Jacuński
    Kacper Jacuński 13 days ago

    5:36 Rob is back :D

  • Michaela G
    Michaela G 13 days ago

    Did Rob always wear his wedding ring in videos?

  • makiyan gatito
    makiyan gatito 13 days ago

    you butter not start making asmr videos cause honestly you're gonna be a fkin success that voice is 💯👌

  • Patrick Bro
    Patrick Bro 13 days ago

    Why does he sound like shaggy

  • Josias Reynoso
    Josias Reynoso 13 days ago

    Some people just want to see the world burn. I’m with this video’s antics.

  • Stacia Stroh
    Stacia Stroh 13 days ago

    please make a grilled mac n cheese grilled cheese or a mac n cheese quesadilla

  • Hunter Marlette
    Hunter Marlette 13 days ago

    Rob sounds like Rick from Rick and Morty

  • KMKZE wolf
    KMKZE wolf 13 days ago

    i havent watched threadbanger for two years and it sounds like rob has cancer whAt

  • Amanda Gomez
    Amanda Gomez 13 days ago

    Oh how I've missed y'all! Now....where tf can i get a cutting board like that!? And I'm so happy you're feeling butter Rob! The voice is fine.

  • yoissmee1244
    yoissmee1244 13 days ago

    Man, I've been in a depressive episode lately and you guys' videos really make me laugh and feel better. Thank you

  • Ella Hope
    Ella Hope 13 days ago

    I haven't watched this in so long, I made me confused why Your voice sounded weird Rob and so I went to older videos and watched the 'I died.....but' video first before this one

  • WatermelonZest
    WatermelonZest 14 days ago

    Why dafuq does his voice sound like that?

  • SashDaMeme
    SashDaMeme 14 days ago +1

    im actually really proud of rob for getting through this :')

  • Kirsty Hill
    Kirsty Hill 14 days ago

    love the ‘tache

  • yunoletmehaveaname
    yunoletmehaveaname 14 days ago

    Love your mustache

  • Cloey Idk
    Cloey Idk 14 days ago

    You butter believe that he gives less of a shit then he did before 😂