Japan or Korea: Did We Make the Right Choice?

  • Опубликовано:  8 месяцев назад
  • It's been one year since we announced that we were moving to Japan. Now that we look back, did we make the right decision? Do we miss Korea? Where's better for us to live, Korea or Japan?

    We're talking about this a bit more, including our great fear in making this video, in our blog post. Read more if you're up for it.
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  • Длительность: 13:36
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  • Simon and Martina
    Simon and Martina  7 месяцев назад +1556

    For those of you who have seen the anger of the comment section, please don't think of that as a representation of Korea. The angry people here shouldn't scare you away from Korea, shouldn't make you think less of Korean people. This reaction isn't commonplace, nor is it representative of what all Korean people think. A big part of it is because our video was shared on some dark and angry Korean websites, which brought out the worst in the visiting commenters. So don't worry! This is a special kind of anger :)

    • ITT WTWN
      ITT WTWN 2 месяца назад

      +김태현 이런거는 자기개인적인 Preference matter입니다. 솔직히 세계어느나라와 비교해도, 일본은 제일 겉으로 보기에는 차분한 사회적 분위기가 있는 나라입니다. 우리나라는 솔직히 말하면, 제가 캐나다에서 25년 살았지만, 인간들이 하는 정상적으로 행동하는 Range에 있는 나랍니다 (아니, 캐나다나 미국도 큰도시는 제3세계 난민들이 많아 이미 똥통 shit-hole됀지 오램니다...한국이 훨씬 나요~~). 중국은 Shit-hole이고.... 당신이 사과할 문제는 아니고, 좀 부정적으로 한국을 그렸다고, 중국사람들같이 지랄떠는 지능 낮은 한국사람들한테 큰그림을 보면서 사람을 이해/상황 분석을 할줄아는 인간이 돼어라 라고 얘기해주는게 더 맏는거 같네요~~~ 마티나는 몸도 안좋은데, 조용하고, 차분한데가 훨씬 몸에도 맞겠죠~~

    • 김태현
      김태현 3 месяца назад

      죄송합니다. 한국인으로써 제가 대신 사과드리겠습니다. 일본에서 잘 지내시길 바랍니다!

    • Te Min
      Te Min 3 месяца назад

      알겠으니까 비교영상 올리지말고 일본에서 살아 일본인들아

  • H 2H
    H 2H 44 минуты назад

    한국분들 이런 영상 따위에 화내지 맙시다. 없어 보입니다. 안그래도 요새 일본 여러가지로 어려운데 이런 영상도 좀 나오고 그래야 되지 않겠습니까? 우리가 넓은 마음으로 이해해 줍시다.

  • Five Roses
    Five Roses 2 часа назад

    Now, North Korea is threatening the US by preparing missile launch to Guam, you know. The possibility of realization is so doubtful, but insane North Korea Kim would do anything whatever crazy if he could gather attention from all over the world. By the way, abnormal Koreans are always so crazy, do you know why ?? Because, they are still at war even in this peaceful world. They have no time to feel relieved in fact. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second, they are afraid of a sudden attack by each other. Well, this persistent confrontation will be solved someday ? I bet it is never solved as long as the US conflicts with Russia. The Korean Peninsula is a hell battlefield of a proxy war still now.

  • -TheOnlineDumbSheep- __
    -TheOnlineDumbSheep- __ 7 часов назад

    Canadians are known for happiness

  • Jino Kim
    Jino Kim 9 часов назад

    As a fellow Korean who has viewed your video, I totally agree about the feelings that you have experienced from Korea.
    Wish you the best in Japan :)

  • 유태석
    유태석 День назад

    People plz dont generalize korea just from their opinions . Dont compare korea to japan . What do u know about korea what do u know about japan?do u know the history about korea n japan? Yeah for me both u look like the manga mania thats y u like japan more.

  • venge R6
    venge R6 День назад

    welcom to japan

  • ! インポマン
    ! インポマン День назад +1

    🇰🇷❤️🇰🇵 Oh yes

  • David Kim Sanchez
    David Kim Sanchez 2 дня назад

    So many Korea haters.
    ネトウヨ are such trash people.
    They all should die.
    It seems there is a bunch of Japanese who post their hating on Korea.
    Hahahahaha I laugh at them
    Anyway, u don't represent Japan dirty ネトウヨ, go home!!!

    • wktk2012wktk
      wktk2012wktk 2 дня назад

      Japanese netouyo and Korean netouyo
      They are shit,garbage.

  • オキシドール大魔神
    オキシドール大魔神 2 дня назад

    I,m form Japan really.
    Thank you.

  • Alana Muir
    Alana Muir 2 дня назад

    I'm American and I live in Scotland. The first few years here were really hard for me, but now I'm applying for citizenship and not planning to ever move back to the US. I like living in such a small country, where the people focus on quality of life rather than just amassing money and power. I like the history and culture and the people. Except my neighbour who keeps harassing me about my messy garden. He can go to hell.

  • Chihiro T
    Chihiro T 2 дня назад +4

    Simon and Martina, you are not the only ones. There are 500,000-600,000 Zainichi Koreans - Koreans living in Japan, and they continue to live in Japan because it is a nicer place. It's cleaner, more affluent, more comfortable, and more egalitarian, you feel safer, and you feel more fairness and have more peace of mind in Japan than in Korea because people abide by laws a lot more in Japan than in Korea, and even if you are not a Japanese citizen, chances of your becoming successful in your life and being able to live happily are greater in Japan than in Korea. The founders of Softbank and Lotte, for example, are Koreans, and there are many other successful Zainichi Koreans in Japan. That's why Koreans immigrate to the USA and Canada and Zainichi Koreans continue to live in Japan. Recent statistics show more than 70% of Koreans do not want to be re-born in Korea while more than 90% of Japanese want to be re-born in Japan. Plants, animals, and humans all try to find abode where chances of their survival is greater. I also feel the angry energy when I visit Korea.

  • JGW 54
    JGW 54 2 дня назад

    It sounds like quite a bit of the problem was living in a big city versus a smaller community. As they said, Seoul was quite a bit like New York City in noise and bustle. Also there was a safety issue for Martina. She can't afford falling in the street so a more sedate setting is probably wiser for them.

  • Graceful Glory
    Graceful Glory 3 дня назад +1

    I'm a south korean but I want to live in Japan. The problem is how to earn a living.

  • mjoon kim
    mjoon kim 3 дня назад

    우익 일본사람들 보면 좋아할란지 모를 영상이겠지만 대놓고 다른나라도 아닌 일본 좋다는 영상은 한국사람들 정말 싫어 합니다.
    축구 한일전 하면 난리나죠. ㅎ
    아직 한국이나 일본을 모르고 이런 영상을 만드신거 같은데 한국이나 일본 역사를 알면 서로 까는 영상은 피하는게 좋을껍니다.
    한국사람 구독자 많이 떨어져 나갈 영상입니다. 수고하세요

  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim 3 дня назад

    The official declaration of WW3.

  • Eddy Kang
    Eddy Kang 4 дня назад

    Ii dont think it's 'meaningful' to talk and argue which country is better than other especially when they are near geographically and have similar culture. Though culture-comparison is good for understand both country, which is good and which is bad, preference, etc are meaningless. What if i compare US vs Canada or Spain vs portugal or Sweden vs Norway and argue which is better to live, more good for sightseeing and i prefer a to b blahblah... its like sibling comparison.

  • unit 731
    unit 731 4 дня назад +5

    I hate Korea

  • kim minsu
    kim minsu 4 дня назад

    you should have done it ok stay there forever do not come to korea again

  • Phoebe Elicorn
    Phoebe Elicorn 4 дня назад

    Should I learn Japanese or Korean?

  • hoonpyo lee
    hoonpyo lee 4 дня назад

    EarthQuakeJapan(o) Korea(x)

  • R3ider
    R3ider 4 дня назад

    Good for you guys! Yeah, Korea life is tough...but, I think Koreans are diamonds in the rough.

  • galaxysky27
    galaxysky27 5 дней назад +2

    이곳에 댓글을 단 한국 사람들을 대표하여 무릎을 꿇고 사죄드립니다. 마음을 상하게 하는 발언들을 한국인들이 많이 해서 진심으로 죄송합니다. 일본이 더 좋을 수도 있는것인데 사람들이 쪼잔하네요~~

  • koji M
    koji M 6 дней назад +6

    2016 South Korea population 51,250,000 people, death traffic accident 4762 people
    2016 Japanese population 126,900,000 people, death traffic accident 3904 people

    2016 South Korea fraud case (1st in the world, 20 times more than Japan)

  • Liha Kim
    Liha Kim 6 дней назад +1

    Angry, hating commenters just please leave. All your doing is spreading negativity and what your doing is low.

  • Everynne
    Everynne 6 дней назад

    I'm a state worker in Florida. I was a military brat growing up and lived overseas but visiting Japan and Korea has been a longtime dream of mine. Your videos are always so wonderful to watch and I'm glad that you two share your journeys in Korea and Japan on youtube. I definitely understand what you guys are saying about age and circumstances being a factor for where you are happiest living. I adored Germany but I don't think I would love it nearly as much at my current age/circumstances. People just need different things at different points in their life and nothing is wrong with that at all. Many of my family members prod me to move out of Florida but at this time in my life it is perfect for me (panhandle area). Keep rockin' on Martina and Simon <3

  • Ame :P
    Ame :P 7 дней назад

    whhhhat, you guys watch rupauls drag race

  • Totbot
    Totbot 7 дней назад

    Hey there, Simon and Martina. I've been on-and-off watching your videos throughout the past five years, and I want to thank you for the hours of entertainment you provided during the mundane years of my uni life. Whilst I can see that the comment section has become a cesspool of toxic trolls and negativity here, I do not think everyone has bad intentions; they may be struggling to express their emotions in a civil manner as a knee-jerk reaction to the somewhat controversial title. I hope you are not disheartened by the backlash, and I hope such negative words do not hold you back from enjoying life in Japan to its fullest.

    Whilst I am slightly disappointed that Korea was not The One for you, I am happy you are pursuing more adventures in Japan to share with the rest of us. We're all running on limited time, so I can understand not wanting to linger in a place (whether physical or emotional) that does not bring you complete joy that another place can bestow you. Ultimately, I think the fans will support whatever decisions you make, even if it takes some time to adjust to certain changes within the channel. Here's hoping that the both of you make many fond memories with each other in Japan and wherever else your dreams carry you. Please be well and happy.

    • Totbot
      Totbot 7 дней назад

      Just as a side note, it would be gr8 if some commenters took a moment to consider other people's feelings before mindlessly bashing each other.

  • Jessica Sanick
    Jessica Sanick 7 дней назад

    I am currently in South Korea and I am experiencing things differently here than in America. I realized that the buses are more reliable and that there are a bunch of subway stations everywhere. I prefer the bus and train more than driving.

  • 블랙초코
    블랙초코 8 дней назад

    제발 짜져살아 나대지말고 역겹고 드러우니까 썅년들아
    니들 나라에서 살지 왜 와서 니들끼리판단하고 씹지랄이야
    아가리좀 작작털고 걍 뒤져;; 씹창년아

  • Mateo Lucas
    Mateo Lucas 8 дней назад

    The noise and neighbor's hospitality part, It's more like living in Seoul vs living in country side of Japan.

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  8 дней назад

      +Mateo Lucas we don't live in the countryside in Japan. We live in Tokyo.

  • miji bang
    miji bang 8 дней назад +1

    It would be nice to know which city u were in korea and are in japan. Guess from comments of your korean student, u must have been in Seoul where is super stressful in the highest population density. Well, if you are in Tokyo, then i will admit it that Korea has still many ways to go.
    But, just one thing that is we have still many lovely cities where people are too kind and willing to spend their own time for other people to help. So, hope you have one more chance to stay in less crowded city in korea over time.

  • 초코별
    초코별 9 дней назад +2

    한국인들 다들 구독취소하세요 ♡

    • koji M
      koji M 7 дней назад

      Goodbye Korea

    • 초코별
      초코별 9 дней назад

      버거 극혐맞아

    • 버거
      버거 9 дней назад

      이미구취함 ㅋ 사요나라네

  • hatshepsutxlll
    hatshepsutxlll 9 дней назад +1

    I'm curious, how is adjusting from Hangul to kanji going? XD I've lived in Korea and Japan (Japan first, Korea now) and just recently got back from a short trip to Japan (itoshima-- lovely place! Who knew?). When I lived in Japan I never thought much about it, but now after being in Korea I'm like KANJI. WHY. I CANT READ ANYTHING. I stayed in a small town too so literally everything was in kanji lol. Thankfully I remembered enough Japanese to ask what things said.

  • Udo Kang
    Udo Kang 9 дней назад

    Simon and Martina, we know that your income is through You Tube. You guys have lived in Korea for some years. We have been your fans while you were gaining popularity with your videos in Korea.We enjoyed all your videos while you were in Korea. Now you guys are in Japan and making new vidoes and making new subscribers. This is all good and dandy. We were looking forward to and excited for your new life in Japan But you both should be educated in Korean and Japanese history.
    There has been history between both countries for over a century now. Making a video about comparing the two countries on what you like more about it, what's more positive, what's more negative and so on, is really a sensitive issue between the two countries.

    I'm am very sure your fan base is most popular with Korean and Japanese viewers. This video is available worldwide for the most part. Your opinion brings great influence to your viewers. This kind of subject will bring many negative feeling and comments towards this video. Please be understanding and knowledgeable about each and every country you do a video about to gain fame and fortune.

    Thank you from
    Your Fans

    • Udo Kang
      Udo Kang 2 дня назад

      See what I mean Simon and Martina

    • Udo Kang
      Udo Kang 2 дня назад

      wktk2012wktk I cannot reply to fabricated lies that come from a country that was allies with the NAZIS. Have a nice day.

    • wktk2012wktk
      wktk2012wktk 3 дня назад

      I hope korean learn history.

      Frequently, Koreans insist "cruel unjust ruling that Japan did does not watch a human history similar instance.
      Japan had committed all kinds of exploitation". However, it is a fact that Korea after Korea-Japan Annexation became very rich economically culturally. The accusations made by Koreans are in contradiction by the indisputable fact that the population of Korea increased from 13,130,000 in 1910 to 25,530,000 in 1942.
      This fact alone serves as a sufficient counterexample capable of debunking all the anti-Japan claims fabricated by these Korean anti-Japan activists.

      Korean population became double for 32 years. If they had been exploited, does population increase?
      I nominate the British Irish ruling for an example. Irish population of 8,200,000 in 1841 decreased to 4,440,000
      because of the U.K. in 1911. (local person are abused in most colony cases, and population decreases sharply)

      In addition, as for Koreans total income of one person, 58 yen of 1910 double with 119 yen in 1938.
      Furthermore, in Korea, one fact became clear by a study, domestic production and income recorded about 4% high growth rates yearly since they were put under the control of Japan.

       Although education was as good as nothing before the Korea-Japan Annexation (1910), Japan introduced a modern education system and made 5,213 elementary schools, and rated up Korean school enrollment ratio to 61% (1944). Japanese spread the Hangul Alphabet which Koreans threw away.
      Japan laid 3,847km railroads which there were not in Korea. They did 590,000,000 planting to bald mountains. Dirty hygiene environments were improved, and meal feeling was stable, and population increased to 2 times from 13,130,000 people to 25,120,000 people. Korea accomplished modern industries rapidly by maintenance of infrastructure such as educations, railroads, factories, electricity, money system (before Japanese ruling, Korean had used barter). Even an economic aspect accomplishes leaps, and they became it without unjust politics rule. But they insist "the cruel colonial policies that do not watch a human history similar instance" !

       Korean often insists like followings.

      "Japan annexed Korea illegally forcibly", "the name was taken compulsorily (Soshi-kaimei)", "the Hangul alphabet was taken", "Koreans were compulsorily taken to Japan."

      However, these claims are completely lies that most were exaggerated exaggeratedly. However, they say exploitation, exploitation, exploitation.

    • David Kim Sanchez
      David Kim Sanchez 7 дней назад

      Simon and Martina you dont have to answer more comments, your video cleared everything.
      I hope more koreans accept your opinon
      There are also youtubers who prefer korea over japan.
      Thank simon and Martina for shared korean culture and japanese culture.
      From korea :)

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  9 дней назад

      +Udo Kang our videos are not at all popular with Korean and Japanese viewers. Something close to 97% of our audience is outside of Korea and Japan.

  • Shingo Tsuji
    Shingo Tsuji 10 дней назад +2



  • MrWalker1000
    MrWalker1000 10 дней назад

    a more apt comparison to Seoul would be Tokyo. So from your experiences which place is better Seoul or tokyo.

  • MrWalker1000
    MrWalker1000 10 дней назад

    how do you guys make a living in japan.

  • s kanamaru
    s kanamaru 10 дней назад

    Jp people are good while your video is not against jp. I hate jp cus the top gov has mind control a lot. Im jp. Jp is so hard when you have problem. Good luck

  • 김주연
    김주연 10 дней назад +1

    Typical bullying.
    Pretending that they mean no harm.
    You are free to like whoever you like but you do not need to compare.
    Do you compare your present girlfriend to your past girlfriend?
    On public forum?
    Do you have any sensibility?

  • funkystyle
    funkystyle 10 дней назад +3

    Koreans get easily offended yet don't mind offending other people. I like Korea a lot, I wouldn't mind visiting (risking how I know they would judge me based on my skin colour and looks ), but I would only live there if I was born Korean. Don't worry Simon and Martina, just ignore these huge butt hurt people, you are entitiled to have your own opinion about a country based on your experience, if they can't handle that, it shows how uptight and stubborn they are about other people's opinion, so let them vent through the comment sections.

    • Totbot
      Totbot 7 дней назад

      Nah, you don't get to make generalizations about 50 million people+ like that. I am Korean; I understand Simon and Martina are entitled to have opinions about Korea and Japan. If they find greater joy living in Japan, then I am happy they are living out their dreams in Tokyo. I wish them all the best, and hope they create many fond memories in Japan.
      Although I personally do not have any qualms about the content of this video, perhaps the delivery of their opinions were not as clear cut as they had originally intended. Whilst you may argue that the backlash is due to Koreans just being "uptight and stubborn," no one has the right to make such dismissive statements without considering how and why people may feel and react a certain way. The lack of empathy I see (from both sides, no less) is very disheartening.
      In trying to defend (if even that) Simon and Martina from the vocal minority, I see that this comment section has invited many to openly attack Korea and Koreans. What have I done to you (and others) personally to deserve an attack to my character, without a chance to defend myself? I am sorry you consider that by default, as a Korean, I "do not mind offending other people," but I am sorrier that you limit your perspective and personal growth in thinking this way.

  • eom leo
    eom leo 11 дней назад

    I think this is an individual preference... It does not matter which country is better or worse...

  • 天之川ヨハネ
    天之川ヨハネ 11 дней назад +3


  • 田口理紗
    田口理紗 11 дней назад

    welcome to Japan.

  • Lim Zi Koh
    Lim Zi Koh 11 дней назад

    Nationalism is so overrated. Seriously. Why fuss all this when you can have a cherry pie with whip cream on my body. ;)

  • iui lee
    iui lee 12 дней назад

    한국에 대해 실망을 안고 간거라한다면 정말 안타까운 일이긴한데.. 솔직히 이 영상을 올린 이유가 도저히 이해가 안되는데 아시는분?

    • get smart
      get smart 5 дней назад

      iui lee 제 개인적인 견해로는 굳이 불편할 것을 뻔히 알면서도 상대적으로 많은 것들이 우위에 있는 국가랑 비교하면서 한국의 안 좋았던 그리고 일본의 좋은 점을 굳이 비교한다는 것은 그 동안 7년 이라는 오랜 기간을 남과 다름을 그 다지 존중하지 않는 한국사회에서 받았던 스트레스 설움등을 이렇게 돌려서 본인들은 애청자들의 궁금증을 풀어주는 척하며 내가 싫은게 아니라 그냥 내가 느꼇던 점이고 경험담이라하면서 고도의 노이즈 마케팅으로 한국을 까거나 까기를 유도하고 일본을 비교적으로 우위에 올려 칭송하길 원하는게 아닐까 싶습니다. 왜 그럴까요? 이들이 지금 어디에 머무르고 있는지와 한국에서는 떨어진 인지도를 어떤 화제성으로 인해 일본에서 주목 받기를 원하지 않는다고 할 수 있을까요?! 그런데 여기서 문제는 이들이 말하는 것이 부끄럽지만 부정하고 싶어도 거의 다 사실이라는 걸 아실겁니다, 그리고 한국에 거주 하는 어떤 외국인 또는 내국인도 이런 욕 먹을게 뻔한 주제로 이렇게 이야기 하지 못 할 테구요, 이 게시자들이 정말 똑똑하거나 용감하다는건 인정해줘야지 싶습니다.
      그리고 거론 되었던 부분들이 개선이 된다면 우리는 한 단계 더 성숙해질 계기가 될 것이라 생각이 듭니다.
      불편한 주제지만 필요했던 주제라고 생각하고 있습니다.

  • Stephanie Yun
    Stephanie Yun 12 дней назад +1

    Why are all these Korean people so defensive af... its just their person preference... stop being so close minded...

  • Stephanie Yun
    Stephanie Yun 12 дней назад +1

    영상봤는데 한국 사람들 왜이렇게 화내는지 노이해.. 꽉막힌거 티좀내지마...우리나라사람들에게는 자연스러운 일상이지만 다른문화에서온 외국사람들 입장에서 봤을땐 다른 의견이있을수도있지...해외살아본사람들은 알겠지만 자기문화와 타국의 문화가 비슷하면 얼마나 환영 봤는 느낌일지모를거다...
    이사람들은 일본이라는 나라한테 그런느낌을 느낀것뿐이고...
    제발 빽빽거리지들좀마ㅋㅋ
    같은 한국인이봤을때도 한국 문제많음 솔직히...

  • 정명현
    정명현 13 дней назад +1

    캐나다는 물가도 한국보다 비싸고
    인터넷 너무 느리고
    비자,시민권같은거신청하려면 너무 복잡해서 머리 터질것같아요..
    그래서 저는 캐나다보다 아프리카 가서 사는게 훨씬 좋아요!
    저는 아프리카온지 1년정도 됬는데
    복잡하고 무질서한 캐나다보다 좋아요.

    이것도 캐나다 까는거 아니고 아프리카가 더 맘에 들어서 하는 말이에요 한국말 읽는거 8년동안 연습하셨다고 했는데 읽어보시고 당신들이 한국에 대해서 말한게 어느정도인지 직접 느껴보세요

  • Five Roses
    Five Roses 13 дней назад +5

    Koreans in Japan usually hide their true Korean names, and use Japanese common names. That is, they have two names. Recently, many entertainers such as actor, actress or singers in Japan are exposed to their true original Korean identities, and they are secretly hated. This is an obvious racism, but many Japanese people accept it, because South Korean government has been openly repeating insistent anti-Japanese policies for many many years. In particular, recent South Korean tough anti-Japanese policies have caused serious deep aversion against Koreans in Japan.

  • 최진숙
    최진숙 13 дней назад +1

    자신이 영어를 못하기 때문에 잘해주려고 옆에있는 사람에게 넘기는 경우가 너무나도 많습니다 그리고 식당에서 주문을 받을때 모든 한국사람이 그렇지 않습니다
    한국의 마트에 들어갔을때 불편한것은 인정합니다 처음보고 두려웠던것이죠
    그리고 여러가지 한국에 없는것과 한국에 있지만 불편한것들도 많습니다
    하지만 한국에도 나쁜사람은 나쁘고 착한사람은 착합니다
    한국에서 나쁜일이 생기는 경우가 많습니다.

    제일 말하고싶은것은 한국은 나쁘지만은 않아요!!!

    그렇지만 밑에 한국이 무슨일있는 나쁘니 가지말라라는 말이 아니라고 말해주시면 좋겠습니다

  • 유니콘파솔라시
    유니콘파솔라시 13 дней назад

    캐나다는 미국을 사칭하는 나라

  • 손일규
    손일규 13 дней назад +3

    한국인분들~ 여기서 열내지 마세요. 그래봤자 좋을거 하나도 없는거 아시잖아요. 우리 아버지 세대에서 이제껏 이 넘치는 한국인의 열정으로 비약적 발전을 이끌어냈고..배려와 분배보다는 경쟁과 성장만을 최고의 가치로 여기던 예전과 비교해 지금의 우리는 훨씬 더 나은, 인간다운 교육을 받지 않았습니까? 물론 선대의 문제로만 보는건 아니지만 지금과같은 시간들이 흐르면 자연스레 우리의 모습이 우리 스스로에게도, 많은 외국인들에게도 훨씬 좋게 비춰질 것이라 믿습니다. 확실히 일본이라는 국가나 일본인에 비해 아직은 우리가 부족한 점들이 많지요. 그러나 모두들 저처럼 확신하고 있지 않으신가요? 우리 대한민국이 금세 일본보다 아주 많은 면에서 훨씬 뛰어난 국가가 될 것이란 사실. 겨우 저 두 사람의 견해로 뭐가 바뀌겠습니까. 그냥 우리는 우리 각자의 자리에서 멋지게 우리 할 일 해냅시다.

  • get smart
    get smart 14 дней назад

    hello, Simon& Martina I'm Korean and I really appreciate about you guys making this uncomfortable truely topic for Korean, we have very short history to so much developmental economy like this present as you guys know, it made poeple crazy for a long but I promise that we gonna change better soon or quick as our fasten culture:) plz keep going to judge us more and say it what we have to do or need, we are bad kids hit us harder. cheers mate!

  • get smart
    get smart 14 дней назад +1

    불편하지만 모두 사실이고 한국인인 저도 다 공감하는 내용입니다, 단 굳이 아직까지도 역사적 갈등이 있는 나라랑 한국이 일본보다 부족한 부분을 들쳐야 하는가 하면서도 뭐 개인적으로 일본생활이 더 좋고 편할 수 있는 거니깐 이분들의 의견은 무조건적으로 비난하기 앞서 존중해 주어야 합니다, 그리고 솔직히 한국사람들 빠른 시간의 경제발전만 이루었지 의식수준, 예의, 태도등 많이 부족하고 선진화되어야 합니다, 가장 중요한 것이 상대방과 다를 수도 있다는 것을 존중할 줄 알아야합니다, 생활수준은 높아졋지만 정신수준은 우리가 못 산다고 무시하는 그 어떤 나라보다 우리가 더 미개하다 볼 수 있습니다. 전 차라리 이런 분들보다 훨씬 영향력 있고 유명한 사람들이(국내 또는 해외 유명인등) 대놓고 이부분에 대해서 한국사람들이 반성하고 변할 수 있게 한번 크게 이슈가 되었음 합니다. 부끄럽지만 우리가 노력해서 고쳐나가야 할 부분이며 좀 더 성숙해져야 합니다. 이 분들을 욕하는 분들이 가장 한국적이며 또 가장 의식 변화가 필요한 분들일 겁니다, 우리도 좀 행복하게 살았음 좋겠습니다.

  • an arto
    an arto 14 дней назад

    I'm from Korea And I live in korea. I've been to Japan. Nice people. Korea isn't really a country for foreigners because of the Internet. For Korean websites you have to have like a social security number Like THING and usually if foreigners put theirs in, it doesn't work. Also it's very dangerous to drive / basically just be near the roads. Koreans act like foreigners are very rare. Now I live in the country and If i was to see a foreigner I would be very shocked though, but In seoul??? That would be like everyday.

  • 박소영
    박소영 14 дней назад +2

    하하하핳 정말 이영상을 이해하려고 많이 노력했어요 영상끝에서 말했듯이 서로가 일본에서든 한국에서든 경험이 다르겠죠
    하지만 모든 사람들이 다 그런거 아니예요 소음공해도 그렇고 서울은 대한민국의 대도시예요 그런데 그걸 소음공해라고 핑계아닌 핑계를 대네요 도대체 서울 어디에 사셨길래 밤마다 경적소리에 깨시고 소음에 깨시는거죠..;;
    물론 집 시스템에 따라 다른거 알아요 가끔씩 너무 심하면 민원이 들어오고는 해요.하지만 일본도 그렇고 일본이 조용하다고 하는 이미지이고 저마다 조용한지 시끄러운 분위기인진 개인적 경험에 따라 다른데 이건 너무 심하네요 분명 객관적으로 하실려고 하는것 같은데 한국사람이라 그런지 객관적으로 하는 척하는거 같은데 제가 이 영상에 댓글다려고 오해를 남기지않으려고 3번은 돌려봤거든요 하지만 전혀 생각이 바뀌진 않았어요..제가 이 글 을써도 이분들은 못보시겠죠..그리고 한국에서 사람들은 정으로도 유명해요 한국에서 소수의 무개념들은 있겠죠? 그건 일본도 마찬가지고 세계각국 어디든 안그런 나라가 있을까요? 한국 카페같은 데 가도 사람들 다 아이돈트 언더스탠드 뭐 이러는거 아닌데 도대체 카페를 어딜가신거죠? 또 택시도 그렇고 한국택시가 뭐 폭주하는 택시도 아니고 무슨 앵그리 정신;;
    뭐 갑자기 바로 코너를 미친듯이 돌거나 그러는줄 알겠네요..한국택시도 영국남자 채널에서도 보시다 시피 한국 명소도 잘 가르쳐 주시고 외국인 존중 합니다 괜히 좌석에 한국 명소표 걸은줄 알아요.? 이것 말고도 정말 할말이 많지만 결론적으로 이분들 실망했어요..

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson 14 дней назад +1

    I love the Korean friends I made. However, they are very judgmental. And, they're not afraid to be judgmental of you in front of you. The relationships never felt warm as a result.

  • 곽수현
    곽수현 14 дней назад

    Car accident can happen everywhere. don't you think this video is not universal phenomenon?(sorry guys I'm not good at English but I'm not understand. Do you think country comparative behavior is right?)

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  14 дней назад

      +곽수현 we didn't say this is universal phenomenon. We said this is just our experience.

  • Lulu
    Lulu 14 дней назад +10

    I'm an American. I lived in Japan for half a year and loved it. The people are very kind and welcoming. Even if you don't know Japanese, most will genuinely try to work with you and figure out how to communicate. At the time I didn't know much about the language or customs but because of the people and general atmosphere, to me, Japan felt like home. I miss it so much. Moving to Japan permanently 2019. Can't wait!

  • Shibatan Tokyo
    Shibatan Tokyo 15 дней назад +4

    My Korean friends always tell me this ;
    Life in Japan 🇯🇵 is way better than Our life .
    Unfortunately, this's a fact.

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    • wktk2012wktk
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  • 클로에마 tv
    클로에마 tv 15 дней назад

    ..................................들을때마다 어이가 없네요..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Kotomi
    Kotomi 15 дней назад

    I love opening 😂😂 and I love purple lipstick 💄

  • Jenny Jang
    Jenny Jang 15 дней назад

    오랫동안 구독하고 이커플을 좋아했던 구독자로서, 섭섭하고 서운한건 어쩔수 없네요. 말한 내용 한국인으로서도 느끼는 것이기에 .. 고쳐나가야할 부분이 아닌가 생각이 듭니다. 그래도 저렇게 까지 좋지않게 한국을 생각했나.. 하니 마음이 안좋네요ㅠ

  • P S
    P S 15 дней назад


  • nihanayk
    nihanayk 15 дней назад +5

    Yes I can relate to a lot of things you said in your video. I lived in Korea for about 10 months on a working holiday visa and I really liked it but at the same time I was really happy to go home. Koreans can also be very kind, welcoming and warm hearted but unfortunately I didn't see a lot of them. I felt quite lonely and I only had foreign friends and not a lot of korean friends. I was in Japan for just 2 weeks and felt more welcomed there than the 10 months in korea. If I looked lost people would come and ask me if I need help. (in japan) I would not like to live in Korea again, but vacation is good. I will try out living in Japan as well, hopefully soon.

  • starrain12
    starrain12 15 дней назад +2

    Lol. I think you're totally right to move. Koreans are bad at accepting different people hands down. And the haters are the worst, so just ignore them :)

  • SooperBeez
    SooperBeez 16 дней назад

    old people cant hang anymore, no juice in the tank anymore.

  • 쀼삐
    쀼삐 16 дней назад


  • Beauty's Knockout
    Beauty's Knockout 16 дней назад +2

    I had the opportunity to visit both Japan & Korea last summer & I throughly enjoyed both countries equally. But like you mentioned, the atmosphere in each place is very different from one another. I personally found myself enjoying the hustle and bustle of Seoul a lot more and I seemed to have an easier time communicating with people in Korea in English & with the little bit of Korean that I know, compared to Japan. But regardless of where you are in the world, there will be highs & lows to each place and they shouldn't be generalized based on one person's experience. The most important part is to just gain more knowledge about the world and experience everything with an open mind. 👍

    ASHELY JO 16 дней назад

    사이먼과 마티나가 일본에서의 생활을 만족하고 잘 살고 있어서 다행이라 생각하지만 많은 사람들이 이 영상만을 보고 선입견을 가지지 않았으면 좋겠어요 저는 일본과 한국을 다 좋아하는 한국인 이지만 영상에서의 한국은 너무 냉정하고 차갑고 시끄러운 나라처럼 묘사된것 같아서 너무 안타깝네요 분명 서울은 작고 인구밀도가 높아서 시끄럽지만 다른 도시도 시끄러운것만은 아니에요 또한 학생들은 요즘 학교에서 영어를 배우지만 기성세대 어른분들은 영어를 못하시는 분들이 많아요 그렇다보니 상점에서 외국인들이 말을 걸어도 제대로 대응을 하지못하고 횡설수설하고 외국인들을 피하려고하죠 그런것에 외국인들이 기분이 나쁠수는 있지만 절대로 나쁘게 생각하고 그런행동을 하는것은 아니니까 오해는 말아주셨으면 해요 긴글 읽어주셔서 감사합니다

  • Yellow Melon
    Yellow Melon 16 дней назад +1

    Does anyone understand what the Koreans are saying????

  • Danny C.
    Danny C. 16 дней назад +2

    Japan is a developed country, and S Korea is not there yet. There are trade offs in a developed Japan vs a developing S. Korea. For example, taxis. In Japan, it's super expensive and exclusive. In Korea, everyone can take it because it's cheap. Cheap means volume and less quality. Alcohol intake is huge in Korea, that again can be a plus and a minus. Fun lively bars and clubs dominate in Korea, but alcohol abuse and driving also follows suit. I can go on and on. I think if you check back in about 20 years, Korea will pass more laws and raise more penalties for bad behavior. Japan has very expensive fines and rules for the smallest things to keep order. Some people will like them, some people will hate them.

  • Angelwriter Creations
    Angelwriter Creations 17 дней назад

    Actually angry energy is a good way to describe Korea and sometimes going through a bad experience does change ones view about living in a country.  With me teaching English to Korean students via my home in the USA...its so different than teaching in Korea...because I felt like in Korea everything was in such a hurry and that it was so hard to keep up with how fast things were changing.  But overall, when I lived there for a couple years I learned a lot and I made great friends I still keep in touch with periodically.

  • Kazaan Lee
    Kazaan Lee 17 дней назад

    ok so you in about a few years you guys are gonna be in singapore while whining things about stuffs that happened in Japan?

  • kira kuma
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  • Nigel Wang
    Nigel Wang 17 дней назад

    Hi Martina.

    I got your back on New York, New York. That's a really great song 👍👍👍

  • h s
    h s 17 дней назад +1

    <Korea Japan>이라고 검색하면 이 동영상이 가장 먼저 뜨는거 알고계신지요? 많은 사람들이 보는 영상이라 마음이 아프네요.. 사실 한국, 일본에 와본적이 없는 외국인 입장에서는 이 동영상이 각 나라의 첫인상이 될 수도 있어요.
    순식간에 한국을 '모자란 나라'로 만들어놓으셨네요. 참 씁쓸합니다..

    • get smart
      get smart 14 дней назад

      h s 그래서 우리가 좀 더 나은 모습으로 변할 수 있다면 이 것이 이 영상 게시자들이 원하는 바일 것이며 우리가 변화해야 할 부분입니다, 이 것이 이루어지면 지금보다 더 사랑받고 더 경쟁력 있는 대한민국으로 거듭날 겁니다^^

  • kuutatuointi
    kuutatuointi 17 дней назад +2

    This is the first video I've seen of you in at least two years, you seem so much more chill and relaxed. Good for you! Great video!

  • 아빠요리
    아빠요리 18 дней назад +3

    어그로 하나 드립니다.
    함께해서 더러웠고, 다시는 만나지 맙시다.

  • Sean Choi
    Sean Choi 18 дней назад +1

    Its better not ot choose this kind of topic..when considering the relationship between korea and japan..l

  • ふくろう
    ふくろう 18 дней назад

    I am Japanese but I am interested in Korea.
    I also like kpop.

  • 머펫ᄋᄉᄋ
    머펫ᄋᄉᄋ 18 дней назад

    전체적으로 동영상에서 언급하는 대부분의 것들이 조금씩 다르다고 생각이 드네요. 이 영상을 늦게서야 보고 두 분이 일본을 가셨다는것을 알게 되었는데 소위 말하는 국뽕을 여기서 느낀것 같네요. 한국인이 외국인을 피한다니?최소한 저는 그런 것 본적이 없고 저또한 최대한 설명을 해주려 노력합니다. 유튜버로써의 삶도 그렇네요. 한국에서도 유명 유튜버가 된다면 말씀하신대로 하는것이 옳겠죠. 왜냐하면 영상을 편집해줄 사람 스튜디오 등등 여러가지가 많이 필요하고 그만큼 유튜브로 벌어들이는 수익이 크기 때문이죠. 하지만 그렇지 않은 사람들도 충분히 있어요. 오히려 그렇지 않은 사람들이 대부분이에요. 일본에서도 이것은 마찬가지라고 생각하네요. 물론 일본이 더 나은 점들 (소음이나 주차문제)도 있지만 한국에 있을때는 한국을 그렇게 찬양하듯이 굴다가 일본에 가자마자 그렇게 태도를 바꾸는게 좋게 보이지는 않네요.

  • akane
    akane 18 дней назад +1

    I'd KINDA prefer Korea because I don't really like to be very social with neighbors.i would just distant myself but not be cold

  • Tuscani J
    Tuscani J 18 дней назад +4

    Koreans want to be Japanese. Why go with the imitators? Go with the original!

  • Flavia Antoinette
    Flavia Antoinette 18 дней назад +2

    i really feel you guys,im from Chile but living in japan since 2009 and been in korea just as trip many times, i like go there for a trip but living NOPE, i feel dissapoint in many things lol so im glad take decision live here, im not saying korea is bad or something, i have great and amazing koreans friends (few) but good friends and i like travel to korea when i have chance but for live im very glad living in japan,is also not a perfect country you will find some hmm"bad?" things also here because you are living here just 1 year, after 2 or 3 years you will see many weirds or strange things you will dont like , but in general i feel confortable here ^-^(sorry my bad english)
    welcome to japan !!!!

  • 123
    123 19 дней назад +2

    i read the comments. im japanese and im just so tired of all of these bullshit between korea and japan

  • Dave Kim
    Dave Kim 19 дней назад +1

    My fellow Koreans have a legitimate aversion to Japan - history bears this out. Framing the decision to move as the "right one" as opposed to the "next one" is what's causing all the kerfuffle. But what are you going to do? It's done - let's move along and enjoy the sites and tastes of Japan.
    Thank you in advance, Simon & Martina, for the adventures to come... and if you're ever in Portland, Oregon - happy to take you two out for a night on the town 😉

  • 고추털훈
    고추털훈 20 дней назад

    니깝치지마 진짜알지도못하는사람이과장해서한국안보이게하는거봐 진짜골목길로가져다가아무도모르게뺨따구후리고싶네 니그러다가훅가 진짜모르면깝치지마 화장도 내여동생보다못하네

  • 【オレンジの民】ようつべにむ


  • Trum Donald
    Trum Donald 21 день назад +6

    Fuck Korea lol (from Japan )

  • 데노미스 :D
    데노미스 :D 21 день назад +2

    남한에서 이놈들 유승준처럼 한국 못들어오게 만들었음 좋겠음ㅋㅋ

  • 데노미스 :D
    데노미스 :D 21 день назад +1

    한글자막 단 얘도 이거 보고 참느라 존나힘들었겠다ㅋㅋ

  • Jill Simon
    Jill Simon 21 день назад +16

    I had terrible discrimination in Korea.

    Never go there.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 21 день назад +1

    개인적인 의견이시니 거기에 대해선 뭐라고하지않습니다만 그렇지만 여기있는 대부분의 미국분들은 한국인들이 일본을 라이벌로 봐서 일본이 나은것에 화가나있다라고 하시는데 이분들은 한일의 역사랑 관계를 아실 필요가있습니다. 역사적으로나 만행으로서나 한국은 일본의 대한 라이벌의식이 아닌, 엮이고 싶지않은 나라입니다

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 20 дней назад

      koji M I'd like to make a clear point that Koreans here are NOT mad because SM chosed Japan it's because of historic issues, stealing island, discrimination going on. Comparing Japan and Korea means fight to both countires. SM doesn't seem to reliaze that this is a rly sensitive issue. Koreans KNOW Japan is a better place to live in but their governments are shit. They say Korea is harder to live but honestly its just a culture & Preference difference

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 20 дней назад

      If you actually read my comment i wasnt shittalking about them or japan so I would appreciate you stay out of it if you can't understand at all. To summarize, I was telling Koreans how important and what we should tell USA and spread their history. most of the Korean comments with likes have their correct point from their views too I recommend u read them 2. Please don't assume it's going to be a bad comment and say " your not eligible to comment" that's disrespectful. And btw I'm Korean American.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 20 дней назад

      이분은 그냥 여기있는 모든 한국코멘트=나쁘다 라는걸 생각해서 말씀하시네요

  • Ariez Othus
    Ariez Othus 21 день назад

    What? WHY?!?!?!?!

  • ᄒᄒ
    ᄒᄒ 22 дня назад +2

    어떤 이야기라도 당신들의 개인적인 경험과 의견을 존중합니다. 한국에서 좋지 않은 경험을 한 것은 안타깝게 생각해요.
    그리고 어린아이들이 댓글을 많이 달기 때문에 공격적인 댓글이 존재하는 것에도 사과하고 싶습니다.
    하지만 이걸 한 쪽만 추켜세우고 다른 한 쪽은 바보로 만드는 국가 간의 비교 영상으로 만들었을 때 당신들의 의도가 좋지 않게 느껴진다는 것을 알아줬으면 좋겠어요.

  • セット半ラーメン
    セット半ラーメン 22 дня назад +1


  • 펜리르
    펜리르 22 дня назад

    뒤늦게나마 와서 한마디 얘기하고 갑니다.(주관적인 의견이니 댓 달지마세요.)

    저도 옛날에 이 채널의 한국영상을 보고 영국남자덕에 구독을 해서 좋게 보았지만 일본으로 옮긴 후 태도가 돌변한 것 처럼 일본을 좋게 보고 한국을 깎아내리는 것처럼 보입니다.

    이 채널에 있는 한국 구독자를 배려하여 영상을 만드는게 좋은 방법이기다만,그런걸 신경쓰지 않고 하다보니 한국 구독자들은 하나둘씩 떠나가기 시작합니다.
    아무리 한국에서 7년을 살아서 마음의 상처를 받고 비판하다는건 맞다고 보지만 그렇다고 주제를 벗어나서 한국과 일본을 비교해가면서 까지 깎아 내리는건 좀 안좋다고 봅니다.

    여기서의 댓글은 싸움이 일어나고 전쟁이 마치 일어난것처럼 화나있는 상태이기도 합니다.
    조회수가 정체되는것도 당연한것처럼 생각합니다.

    저는 중립적인 의견으로 말하고 주관적이기 때문에 이글을 씁니다.

    대부분의 한국구독자들의 멘트를 본 결과 "응 이 사디스트 같은 커플들 한국이나 쳐잊고 일본에서 잘 살아가셔!!!"라는 그런 글을 봅니다.
    어떤분은 극단적으로 구독취소하고 이채널에 대한것 잊고 살아가겠다고 협박을 합니다.

    이런건 더 상처를 내는것이기에 낙인찍히는건 피할수있다면 피하는 행동을 합시다.
    안그러면 화를 잘낸다라는 고정관념이 찍혀버립니다.

    (예로부터 한국인은 선비정신이라는 그런게 있어서인지 화를 참는행동을 합니다. 폭팔할때는 쌓여있는 모든것에 폭발해버리기 때문에 태클을 거는것도 돌발적인 것이라도 생각됩니다.

    언젠가는 화를 참는건 힘들어질지도 모를뻔더러 싸움도 걸지도 모릅니다. 참는건 그만하고 푼다음에 진정해두세요.)