Japan or Korea: Did We Make the Right Choice?

It's been one year since we announced that we were moving to Japan. Now that we look back, did we make the right decision? Do we miss Korea? Where's better for us to live, Korea or Japan?

We're talking about this a bit more, including our great fear in making this video, in our blog post. Read more if you're up for it.
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Автор Simon and Martina ( назад)
For those of you who have seen the anger of the comment section, please don't think of that as a representation of Korea. The angry people here shouldn't scare you away from Korea, shouldn't make you think less of Korean people. This reaction isn't commonplace, nor is it representative of what all Korean people think. A big part of it is because our video was shared on some dark and angry Korean websites, which brought out the worst in the visiting commenters. So don't worry! This is a special kind of anger :)

Автор S Jackson ( назад)

Автор 최수인 ( назад)
please don't hate Korea so much.

Автор alright, then ( назад)
악플달지마라 국제망신 더 하고싶냐

Автор alright, then ( назад)
the salty korean comments are just unreasonable fucks who can't take criticism, move on

Автор 임지영 ( назад)
한국까대지마시구요 일본 친절속에 두얼굴있으신건 모르시나보네~
일본에 살인사건에 인육먹는 사건에 성폭행사건 엄청나던데 유튜브에서 보고엄청 놀랐었는데 그런일 깝치다가 격지마시구요 잘~~~~살아보세요ㅎ

Автор wktk2012wktk ( назад)
Japan is rising sun country.

Автор 구경모 ( назад)
its like saying living in canada sucks america is way better to live...I prefer america than canada... OKAY??? Do you think it is a proper comparison??? and it doenst get Canadian annoyed???

Автор xxxfairyyxxx ( назад)
to me, this video comes off as totally classless. Why did you need to make it about japan vs korea? Making generalisations, trashing a place which afforded you many opportunities etc. Why not make it about living in a house instead of an apartment in a busy area, or having less stress, or feeling reinvograted from change in location & job. Don't really understand why you guys still have so many fans. I had a scan of the comments, far more people trashing korea(n)s than 'angry koreans' lol.

Автор hyeon no ( назад)

Автор 오수하 ( назад)
한국에 오래계셨으면서 한국에 대한 최소한의 예의와 배려가 없어 보입니다.. 일본은 오로지 장점과 좋은 점만..한국은 오로지 단점과 안좋은 점만 부각시키는 것 같아 한국인으로써 불쾌합니다..한국도 좋은 점과 살던 추억이 있을텐데 왜 비하와 조롱만 하는 겁니까...

Автор ajrkwhdk ( назад)
So true.. and I'm Korean-American.

Автор Edward Kim ( назад)
One year honeymoon phase. Let's see what Simon & Martina think six years later.

Автор 조성민 ( назад)
I'm Korean. We call Korea "the Hell" ourselves. It is very hard job to live as Korean.ㅠ.ㅠ

Автор みったりん ( назад)

Автор Las2 Brill ( назад)

Автор De la Seoul ( назад)
simon and martina, im sorry you had to go through those negative things in korea. Im korean myself and i agree with everything you guys said. Out of all the asians, i think koreans are the most judgmental and racist. Sometimes im embarrassed to go somewhere with my foreign friends. Also koreans are afraid of foreigners cause they dont speak a word of english. They just dont want to learn other languages. When i was in highschool in the states, they only hang around with other koreans and never try to learn the language. Im korean so i dont experience alot of the things you guys did, but living here, im definitely getting used to the cultural differences.

Автор Probability June ( назад)
As Korean I couldn't agree with Simon and Martina more. Koreans are angry energy themselves. Being angry is our nature. And Japan is generally more advanced country than Korea. Koreans have serious problems in driving. Yes, we kill people by drunken driving and reckless driving instead of shooting and bombing. Koreans lie a lot. We have president problems. Among 11 presidents, two were sent to a prison, one killed himself, one killed by his intelligence guy, one impeached, one's three sons found guilty of taking bribe. A quater of elected representatives have criminal record. This is Korea! How we not get angry with everything? Japan is way better clean, calm, organized place than Korea. So, youtubers if you prefer Japanness to Koreanness, don't come to Korea or you will have mental breakdown!

Автор kill 9 ( назад)
한국인(50,000,000) 일본관광객=5,000,000
일본인(126,000,000) 한국 관광객=2,000,000
한국인에 일본여행가는거 보면 성지순례수준.. 1년에 전 인구의 10%가 감ㅋㅋ그리고 주로 일본여행 가능 청년들은 모국인한국은 Hell조선 이라고 한다.
한국인들조차 한국싫어하고 일본좋아하지만한국의 반일적인 민족주의 파시즘 쇼비니즘 교육때문인지 일본을 미워할것을 강요받는다. 그래서 가슴 깊은곳엔 일본을 좋아하지만 다른 한편으로는 일본을 미워해야하는 모순이생긴다. 이런 모순때문에 한국인들은 제정신이 아니다.

Автор katjuscha82 ( назад)
Japan is really save! I loved it. If you are from Europe you have to take care of your belongings every single second. In Japan it feels so comfortable and save to travel as solo female! Japan, i miss you! 🇯🇵😍

Автор Andrei in 日本 ( назад)
A little late, but I was born in the Philippines and moved to California when I was 7 years old. I grew up in San Francisco and graduated in San Jose. Now, I'm preparing for a life in Japan since I will be moving in 2 months to Tokyo for work. Watching your videos really educate me and ease my worries about living in another country by myself!

Автор Geraldine Swift ( назад)
LOL :)))))))))))))))))

Автор 앤리 ( назад)
헬로우 위선자들

Автор Arcia Ryan ( назад)
Oh. Someone said to me. If you dont like the country. Dont criticize it. Just leave and back to your OWN country. Well everyone assure that every country has it own disadvantages. I SOMETIMES HATE my country too😂😂😅😅😅

Автор Beethoven big mac ( назад)
Japan is better than Korea of course

Автор Dyyll ( назад)
I really learned alot, it was very informative, thank you very much!

Автор Linda Van ( назад)
Honestly I was upset with the decision, but then again I respect your decision. We all were so use to you guys in Korea so our reactions is oh no and angry commentary. Pretty sure now everyone is understanding and realize hey, change is good. No need to get upset.

Автор Alita Schratwieser ( назад)
Finally watched this. you guys rock for not being the "omg Japan!!!" crowd.

9 years living here and am now a Japanese citizen

Автор 손기석 ( назад)
반박할 수가 없당ㅠ

Автор sleeptalking444 ( назад)
대단하신 서양인 캐네디언께서 친히 똥양의 두 나라를 비교해주시니 졸라게 감사하네용ㅋㅋㅋ8년간 공부했다는데 한국어로 뭐 제대로된 문단 말한것 듣지도 못했던거같은데...발음이 8개월 공부한마냥 그랬으니 웃었겠죠^^일본어는 애초에 받침도 없어 발음하기 훨씬 쉽고요..ㅋㅋ글고 일본인 점원들이 뒤에가서 발음 이상하다고 존나게 씹었을텐데 그건 모르고..ㅋㅋ

Автор bear ( назад)
영상에 대놓고 이유없이 씩씩거리는사람들 생각좀해보시죠? 지적할것도 아닌데 그냥 한국을 비판했단이유로 화내는게 지금 얼마나 해외시청자들한테 안좋아보이는지 ㅋㅋ 지금 밑에 한국사람들 흉보는댓글들좀보세요.. 토론토에 오랫동안 거주한 한국사람으로써 말하지만 다른 문화서 어느정도살다보면 대한민국문화에대한 그리운점이 많아지는만큼 아쉬운점이 더많아져요. 제해외친구들이 말하는 한국사람들은 1. 차갑고 사람을불편해한다 2. 인종차별이심하다/끼리끼리논다 3. 술쳐마시고담배빡빡핀다 4. 화를쉽게잘낸다 5. 자만심이강하다 등등
솔까다맞죠? 한인으로써 처음 캐나다 왔을때 이런말들을듣고 속상해했는데 몇년이지나고나서 캐나다문화가 더익숙해지더니 한국의대한 편견들이 점점옳다는 생각이계속들어요. 외국인두명이 남자아이돌그룹 좀지적했다고 추방당할뻔한적 진짜한국말고 딴데선 절대이런일없어요ㅋ 물론 우리나라가 다전체적으로 이런게아니지만 편견이란게 정말쉽게쉽게 바뀌잖아요? 그만큼 쉽게쉽게자뻑하거나 한국을 조금이라도 비판했다고 온갖욕을 퍼부는것도 대한민국 시민들로써 정말안좋아보여요.. 하지만 우리나라 참좋은나라입니다 완벽하진않지만 정말살기좋은곳이죠. 이번기회를따라 이두명이솔직하게말해준점들을들고 부디 나쁜점들은 반성하고 좋은점들에 발전하는 대한민국이되길!
To all my fellow Koreans who are butthurt to the max - People don't seem to know that when you've lived in two or more different cultures, you learn what makes you tick and what works and overall you develop a much more objective outlook on how this culture is vs this other one. Many of the attributes s&m describes are true bc here in North America, Koreans do have a rep for certain qualities, some good but mostly bad. Rather than being butthurt because "omg! They insulted my country!! My great country how could they!! Rabble rabble!!" Why don't you take a step back and realize that many of these are true objective facts and as a nation we can all contribute to diminishing certain negative perceptions of Koreans by being constructive and self-reflective, rather than thinking through mindless anger.

Автор 이소연 ( назад)
오 존나 무례한데? 사이 안좋은 두 나라 비교질하면서 맹목적으로 한 나라만 비하하고 있는데 화를 안낼 자국민이 있을까. 애초에 그럼 그냥 일본 찬양 영상이나 올리든가ㅋㅋㅋ 한국에서 단물 다 빠지니까 옆 나라로 갈아타는 졸렬한 기회주의자 관종으로밖에 안보임. 뭐 비판도 정당한 비판같아야 수용을 하지. 죄다 한국은 이랬는데 일본은 이렇게 어마무시하게 위대하다! 이런 얘기밖에 없잖아. 나중에 일 커질거같으니까 수습하려고 칭찬하는 척 좀 하고ㅋㅋ 차라리 한국에서 힘들었던 점만 따로 얘기하는 비디오를 만들었으면 이 정도로 욕먹지 않았을거임. 그리고 eat ur kimchi 찍을 때도 보면서 기분안좋고 꽁기한 영상들 많았는데 그때까진 그래도 그렇게 생각할 수 있지 하면서 넘겼음. 근데 이 영상을 보고선 도저히 이해할 수도 없고 이해하고싶지도 않아졌어. 얘넨 얘네를 서포트 해주고 좋아해줬던 한국인들이랑 가만히 있는 케이팝 성급한 일반화로 후드리찹찹 줘패고 영상보는 다른 나라 사람들한테 말도 안되는 스테레오타입 심어주고 있잖아. 한국인들이 화나서 댓글을 달아도 자기들 잘못은 1도 없다는 식으로 여기서 욕하는 애들은 이상한 한국인들이야~ 이러는데 내가 이렇게 댓글을 달아봤자 무슨 말이 통하긴 할까. 일본에서 그냥 알아서 살고 한국 관련 컨텐츠는 그만 올려줬으면 좋겠음. 양심이 있으면 그러겠지ㅎ 나도 이 이후로는 다시는 이 채널 영상 안 볼테니까~!

Автор Alvin Lee ( назад)
I want to visit Japan so badly...

Автор 임번워치 ( назад)
이 분들이 틀린 말 한 것 같지 않아. 나도 여러나라를 가봤고 또 살아봤지만 그곳마다 장단점이 있고 때론 장점이 단점이 되기도 단점이 장점이 되기도 하거든 사람마다 기준이 다르 듯이 어쨌든 이 두사람이 하는 이야기는 경험에 의거한 의견이니까 편견이나 비난이 아니란 말이지.. 그들은 솔직했던거야 하지만 누군가가 그 솔직함에 실망하고 난처해한다면 그것은 정당한가 한번 생각도 해봤으면 좋겠어

Автор Tao Shen ( назад)
Japan is really good, is the best country in Asia, and now the people of the world come to Tokyo.

Автор Heike Rasch ( назад)
When we see the current role
Japanese≒United Kingdom
Korea≒West Germany
When we see the historic context
Japanese≒United Kingdom

Автор Hanyi Lee 이한이 ( назад)
난 솔직히 외국인들이 한말은 맞다고 생각함. 한국이 정말 좋긴한데 솔직히 외국사니까 한국도 살기 별로 좋은곳은 아니더라..
근데 더 짜증나는 건 읿온 원슝이 욲끾끽 새끼들아 작작 G랄 햌ㅋㅋ 좋냨ㅋㅋ 으휴 관.종 시키들

Автор pandabearninja ( назад)
i will say many jaoanese people are extra curious because you are foreign, and you can easily use that curiosity to form a friendship. just gotta put yourself out there.

Автор BashfulElectron ( назад)
because Korea sucks

Автор arashelyouri ( назад)
Ugh why koreans are really butthurt??

Автор ImALampPost TryMeB ( назад)
I live in a chill part of America and I've never left the country. : (

Автор 임동현 ( назад)
한국은 한국사람들끼리도 이웃이라도 말하지 않은 경우가 다수라.. 외국인입장에선 차갑게 느낄 수있겠네요.

Автор Chloe D ( назад)
Humans are a type of monkeys 🐒
Some monkeys be confused when they find different monkeys🐵
We love money and banana 🍌

Автор won h ( назад)
서울생활 근 10년차인데.. 말씀하신 내용들과 비슷한 생각들을 하고 있습니다. 복잡하며, 시끄럽고, 화를 품고있는 도로, 비싼물가.. 무표정한 사람들! 등등 두분이 느낀 한국생활은 아마도 서울과 같은 한국의 도시생활의 모습일거 같습니다. 많이 좋아졌다지만 서울 살이는 팍팍한게 현실이지요. 한국에서처럼 일본에서 7년쯤 사신후에 다시한번 두 나라에대해 비교해주세요~ 저도 기대됩니다. 일본은 한국보다 많은면에서 선진국입니다. 한국은 아직 선진국이라 말하기 힘든면이 여러있죠~ 앞으로 더 발전할 대한민국을 기대해봅니다. 두분의 한국에 대한 애정도 변치 않기를 희망해 볼게요~

Автор Koo Gyongtae ( назад)
Ok. so Korea is more like NYC and Japan LA in terms of vibes. Anyone agree?

Автор Kim Du Han and Persephone Kim Du Han and Persephone ( назад)
People reporting you to get you kicked out is so evil and cancerous! someone reported my husband for being an illegal immigrant and in Greece and the police came and we had to show them all the papers and have our house inspected. Beyond toxic and pathetic, i am sorry this happened to you.

Автор eve ruby ( назад)
This is the same issue as with Music Monday, people asked and voted for the video you used to review, but they expected you or anyone else to appreciate the video the way they did and that is impossible. I would say it is the same as to ask someone do these pants make me look fat? and getting angry over their opinion, if I want people to tell me what I want to hear I should tell them what to say, same thing with the stupid reaction videos, or these questions and opinions, if they want to hear that Korea is heaven on earth they should tell you what to say, it will be easier and painless, it wouldn't be honest, but at least everyone would be happier. Or they should grow up and accept that everyone has a different opinion and respect that.

Автор Sam S J ( назад)
@Simon and Martina, I see that you've restored my past comments on your top thread by 'Sam S', thank you. I am still blacklisted by you to leave a comment, so I am using my secondary account. I hope you understand.

Just to briefly state my position, I certainly have understood from you that you can only speak from the past experiences you've encountered while you were living in S. Korea - both good and bad. Please don't get me wrong, what I've meant was that from several of the videos I saw, I wanted to express an opinion that I wished you have shown at least a minimum respect to a culture that you didn't happen to be born into.

Perhaps, there were other videos that I didn't get to look into, you weren't in that way. I am sorry that I didn't mean to be malicious in anyway whatsoever if you took it that way.

You know after all, again, it takes a native person born into the culture to deeply understand all the nuances of that culture. I hope this saying does not offend you.

Автор えぬ えぬ ( назад)
優しくて 助けて下さった韓国人の方 沢山いました。
日本語で話しかけて下さったり、地下鉄の改札の通り方がよく分からなくて助けて頂きました。 でも、駅員さんに聞いたら無視されてその時は少し悲しくなりましたが 。
日本も韓国もそれぞれ魅力的な国だと思います。 私は日本人として、おもてなしの心を持ち続けたいとこの動画を見て思いましたね。

Автор wolfking1985 ( назад)
You have made the right decision!😁

Автор Choco lat ( назад)
No offense but Korean culture is superficial. People strive for good looks and perfection.

Автор k1nj3 ( назад)
Martina I approve of your look !!!

Автор indigopocky ( назад)
Portland, OR, USA driving is worse than Korea... I was shocked when I moved back to Portland from Korea

Автор Park Youngrang ( назад)
I think you guys relieved your stress by changing environments only. In korea, you ran your own business but now you work with patners. and decided to live in small town instead of big city.

As a korean, i do not want to criticize your opinion only because you said you like Japan more in public.

But as a responsible youtuber, i think you guys had to be more careful befor you compare two different 'situation'.

Anyway i feel sorry you had bad experiences in my country.

Автор Kiera Hohne ( назад)
I live in Japan in an apartment, and my neighbors don't even talk to me. And I live in a street with a fire/ ambulance station so I have fire trucks and ambulances zooming up and down the street at all hours........but I have made Japanese friends and my co workers go out of their way to help. So yeah, pros and cons😊

Автор High Carb Christian ( назад)
I never felt unwelcomed in Korea. Maybe it's because I'm German and we have a quite hierarchical, stratified society ourselves, but I don't think I ever felt like Koreans were particularly weird or cold towards me.
My Korean isn't that great (I'm working on it) and the only time someone didn't understand me was when I butchered the pronunciation of "다뜻한" at Starbucks but that's it to be honest. In all the restaurants that I went to, people were surprised and charmed rather than grossed out and usually complimented me on how well I spoke Korean (They were lying, LOL).
So please don't think that Korea is hell on Earth. It isn't :)

Автор Fercez ( назад)
I also prefer Japan over Korea because I am a quiet person so I love the silence and calm that it feel in Japan.

Автор 베이베어 ( назад)
나는 한국 17살 십대입니다. 미국나이로는 15살이겠네요./// 그래요, 제대로 제 이야기를 꺼낼께요. 다만 저는 이분들의 구독자나 애청자가 아님을 밝히고 그저 이 영상으로 인해 약간의 화가 난 학생임을 밝힘니다. 제가 생각하기에 일본이란 나라는 정말 좋은 나라인건 맞습니다. 예의,질서등등 모든것이 정갈하죠. 사람을 대할 때 조심스럽고 모든지 남의 생각을 물어보는 예의국가죠. 저도 이런 예절은 본받아야 한다고 생각하고 저도 이러한 예절들을 실천하고 다른사람들에게 전하고 있습니다. 즉, 저는 일본에게 반감을 가지고 있지 않습니다. 이것으로 일본에 대해 반감을 가지고 있지 않다는 것에 대한 증명을 했네요. 그럼 본론 들어가죠. 이분들의 문제를 생각해 봅시다. 과연 이분들의 문제는 무엇일까요. 그것은 한 나라를 내리 깐다라는 것에대한 문제일 것입니다. 그렇게 예의를 중시하는 나라가 좋다면서 한 나라에 대한 예의를 갖추지 못한것은 잘못된 행위라고 생각합니다.
한개를 더 집어보자면 이분들의 '무능함' 에 대해서 말하고자 합니다. 이런 영상을 찍는것에 대해 고민을 하셨다고 앞부분에 조심스럽게 말씀하셨습니다. 그런데 과연 제대로된 고민을 한 것일까요? 이분들의 직업은 영상을 만드는 직업입니다. 인기도 꽤 많고, 여러나라의 구독자를 소유하고 있습니다. 이러한 직업의 소유자가 만약 무능하다면? 이것은 범죄로 치우칠 가능성이 매우 높고 이것은 책임에 대한 문제로 번질 수 있습니다. 저의 좌우명은 '이기는 싸움' 입니다. 즉, 싸움을 하기 전 먼저 이겨놓고 싸운다는 것입니다. 이분들이 만약 유능하다면 이런 영상을 애초에 만들지도 않았을테죠. 감히 말씀드리지만 직업선택을 잘못하셔도 단단히 잘못하신것 같네요.
아 여기서 끝내려고 했는데 하나 더 짚고가겠습니다.

왜 영상을 내리지 않는거죠? 여기서 이분들의 성향을 감히 예상해보건데 이분들은 절대적으로 기회주의자입니다.
그것도 '무능한' "기회주의자" 죠.

이상입니다. 저의 글 중 단어 선택이 부적절하거나 잘못된 부분, 맞춤법이 잘못된 부분이 있다면 넘어가지말고 정정해주시고 저의 의견에 반박하는 분들은 자유롭게 덧글 달아주시기 바랍니다.

Автор Banana Feint ( назад)
im japanese
i love korea

Автор 로빈 ( назад)
Good decision guys!!!

PS: I wonder how some koreans are reacting, since I only know koreans who actually don't like their own country. haha #헬조선
I know plenty of koreans who don't wanna live in korea.

As for me, I'm german and I enjoyed my travel to korea. I didn't made any bad experiences actually. I never saw a car cross red light or something, so I probably had just luck.
But yea, if you go for a living, korea is most probably the worst choice you can make. Only good for travel~~

Автор 박성준 ( назад)
진짜 한국인으로써 아래 댓글들 정말 창피하다...나같아도 아래 너희같은놈들이 넘쳐나는 한국에서 살기 싫겠다..나야 한국서 태어나 쭉 자라왔으니 적응되는거지 외국에서 온 외국인들은 얼마나 견디기 힘들겠냐?그리고 일본이든 한국이든 미국이든 자기랑 더 잘맞고 안맞고 할수있는거지 왜 다른사람이 어디가좋다 싫다하는데 너희가 이래라 저래라 할 이유가 있냐? 자유민주주의 국가 사람이라면 어디서 살든 어디가 좋던 자기맘이지 자기와 다르다고 욕할필요가 있냐?

Автор nana yo ( назад)
영상을 끝까지 보고 또 남길게요. 니들이 한국을 버리지 않는다고? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ니들이 뭐라고 한국을 버리네 마네 하는거야 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ웃기고 자빠졌네 진짜 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Автор nana yo ( назад)
화내지 말라고?
왜 다른 나라인 한국과 일본을
"한국은 이런게 별로야. 근데!!! 일본은 이렇지 않아서 좋아(한국과 정말 다르다)" 이딴 말을 하는거야?
홍어 쳐먹고 난리 부르스를 떨더니, 이런식으로 뒷통수를 쳐?
다시는 니들이 말한 시끄럽고 차갑고 "케이팝 때문에" 쫒아내려고 했던 대한민국에 발 들이지 마라. 니네 입 밖으로도 꺼내지 말아줄래? 역겹다 진심으로. 단순하게 일본과 비교해서가 아닌, 한국을 다른 나라와 비교하면서 깍아내리는게 역겹다는 걸 알려준다.

Автор 이하은 ( назад)
7 years in Korea, 1 year in Japan. You can't compare them yet, right?

Автор jw j ( назад)
now japan is better.i agree. but korea is japan's mother country. high class japanese people think they ancester is korean. japanese king said his ancester is korean. ok? dont disregard korea. 5000year history country. do you know seokgulam? hahaha

Автор VictoryOne Kim ( назад)
굳이 이렇게 비교해서 얘기할 필요가 있었을까 싶다.....

Автор capssy77 ( назад)
개인의 취향이죠, 뭐라할꺼도 없네요. 나도 비교를하자면 못생기고 수준떨어지는 캐나나부부보다 멋지고 수준높은 영국남자가 괜찮네요^^ 어디까지나 내취향임 ㅎ ^^

Автор shido ( назад)

Автор hamid baroudi ( назад)
never put that lipstick again

Автор hamid baroudi ( назад)
I appreciate sharing your experience and your thoughts
but I really hated the color of your lipstick.

Автор 17171771 vv ( назад)
Hmm... especially problems with company things... Koreans call it 甲질, I can find these cruel and selfish 甲질 culture in recent impeachment.

Автор 유수연 ( назад)
그냥 일본에서 쳐박혀살아라....존ㅡ나오래살다보면 알거다 어느나랄가나 똑같을거라고....

Автор redford 이 ( назад)
i am Korean and i think everything is true. i agrees with this video

seriously i dont understand why other Koreans pissed-off

maybe just hate Japan not you guys
don't take it personally

Автор ドラえもん ( назад)

I am glad that I was born in Japan when I watched this video. Unlike Korea, Japan has compassion.

Автор Chloe Choe ( назад)
Wow this is totally fucked up lol didnt really have to talk shit about Korea. It was eat your kimchi and now sushi? Lmfao whats next? Eat your curry? Wonton?

Автор まり まり ( назад)
I subscribed your channel.
You are good at taking.

Автор Sai Lee ( назад)
could you maybe make a video about a comparison of japans economic future and stuff? more about the financial situation. if the expenses are much higher in % COMPARED to your salary and stuff? would be great since I can't find any youtubers who did that, since not many people lived in korea and moved to japan and made videos.

Автор Sai Lee ( назад)
3,301 people are still upset xD

Автор Sharlene C ( назад)
That RPDR reference gave me life and I'm only like 2 mins in xD

Автор Caroline Werner ( назад)
Aww! I felt the same way in Korea when I visited there. My mom lives in Seoul while my grandparents lived in the country. While it was quiet in the country I felt the same way by the people! It was so nutso. I do love Korea but it was stressful.

Автор Sawyer Shin ( назад)
im a canadian who lived in korea and i can say it is a little trafficy...

Автор 지하나 ( назад)
아니 ㅋ.... 내가 진짜 어이가없어서 댓글단다 영상도 영상이지만 댓글들이 더 가관이다 영상은 한국에 대해 안좋은점 줄줄 늘어놓고 댓글들은 너도나도 맞다, 나도 한국에서 그랬다고 일본>한국이라며 신나게 토론을 하네. 왜 화를 내는지 이해가 안간다고? 답답하잖아. 한국을 그렇게 싫어하면서 안 떠나는게. 다시 한번 말할게. 역겨우니까 꺼져

Автор ブッチギリ 82 ( назад)
*On March 8 according to American "us news and world report,"*
*The result that investigated "the best country" (best Countories) among each 21,000 36 countries was given.*
36各国21000人を対象に「最高の国(best Countories)」を調査した結果がでました。

1 Switzerland         2 Canada           3 uk            4 Germany        ⑤ Japan
6 Sweden          7 USA           8 Australia         9 France        10 Norway
11 Netherlands       12 Denmark            13 Finland          14 New Zealand      15 Singapore
16 Italy            17 Luxembourg      18 Austria          19 Spain           20 China
21 Ireland          22 UAE            23△ Korea         24 Portugal               25 India
26 Thailand       27 Russia          28 Brazil           29 Greece           30 Israel

1 スイス        2 カナダ        3 uk        4 ドイツ       5 日本
6 スウェーデン     7 米国         8 オーストラリア  9 フランス      10 ノルウェー
11 オランダ      12 デンマーク       13 フィンランド   14 ニュージーランド  15 シンガポール
16 イタリア      17 ルクセンブルグ  18 オーストリア      19 スペイン         20 中国
21 アイルランド    22 UAE           23 韓国       24 ポルトガル        25 インド
26 タイ        27 ロシア      28 ブラジル      29 ギリシャ        30 イスラエル

Автор sangyeol kim ( назад)
한국이 싫으면 오지마~!! ^_^*

Автор 김성현 ( назад)
그냥 저들 입장에선 팩트일 뿐인데 그놈의 한국인 특유의 오지랖 국뽕 때문에...

Автор akajays ( назад)
7년 살았으면서 한국어 제대로 못 하는것도 자랑이다ㅉㅉ 그 나라 문화 평가할라면 언어 공부나 좀 해라!

Автор 구본혁 ( назад)
한국에 있을때 동영상 컨텐츠는 한심해서 못봐주겠던데.. 일본에서는 좀더 잘 만들길 바랄께요.
뭐 스시나 먹으면서 스시는 일본이 최고야! 이런거말구요.

Автор j lee ( назад)
I am glad. All the weeaboos should flood Japan, thanks to S&M. Korea does not want sheeple who take cues from imitating their idols. It's obvious from the Japanese racist comments they have deep feelings of inferiority. Did you see Asian Boss "Are all Japanese women dumb"--it's about the inferiority complex the men have towards women being anything other than play dumb and deferential--says a lot about this very weird culture. As for the video, I'm sure there are valid things to hate about K. But, I still think it was a big screw you to K. and quite mean spirited and ungrateful, biased and pro Japan for the reason it will help their channel. Pretty sure if they were stuck in Korea, they would have bitten their tongue. Business, afterall. I think the funny thing is, J. does not want a stampede of foreigners, from what their media reports.

Автор dd dd ( назад)
댓글 쭉 봤는데 적어도 여기선 일본 이 더 좋다고 한 댓글이 많은게 트루네. 일본사람 제외 일뽕맞은놈 제외하고
이 인간 비판하는사람은 꽤 보이지만 한국 더 좋다고 한사람은 댓글 수백개 중에 1개봄.
어느정도는 받아들일게 있긴있나보다. 이방송보다 댓글보면서 느꼈다.
근데 k pop 이야기가 솔직히 오지게 많이 나옴. k pop 은 좋든 싫든 관심 엄청 많다 보다.여자애가 gd 스타일로 나왔다는둥 엑소가 좋다는둥. j pop 은 하나도 못봄.

오히려 해외 유투버 컨텐츠 보다 댓글 보는게 더 재밌다. 솔직히 개인적인 감상은 너무 주관적이라.

근데 시끄럽다고 하는 건 전혀 공감안됌 완전 도심지 중심에서 살았나 상가 근처나 서울 빌라단지에서 살았거나 그렇겠지..

솔찌 한국사람이 수도권내 리얼 절대 다수가 사는 서울 경기도 아파트 대단지 에서 살았으면 시끄럽다는 이야기 절대 안나온다. 개조용함.

7년살았다는데 그점은 전혀 모르는건지.. 혹시 알고도 일부러 그러는건지.

너네도 잘알잖아 그치? 쉬벌 영작이 짧아가 이부분 이야기 해주고 싶은데 못하겠다.

Автор Yoon DY ( назад)
I think you guys just need to think. Between Korea japan, have something special. Maybe Japan guys doesnt give a shit, But most of Korean guys think ' Hey. this guys said Japan is better than Korea! ' I know you guys dont think ' Korea sucks '. but if you want to talk about between this two country. You have to be veeeeerrrry careful.

Автор ブッチギリ 82 ( назад)
I lose a story for some reason when a Korean participates in the world.
Mysterious.Japan in the neighbor is always troubled. Do help me~~~? !!!
隣にある日本はいつも悩まされている。誰か助けて~~~ ? !!!

Автор jyc313 ( назад)
Hi guys, interesting comparison video. I've enjoyed your videos since you guys were in Korea, and now enjoy your Japan adventures! After watching this I have to ask, did you guys hate most of your experiences in Korea? In the Korea videos, you guys seemed to like your life, and was appreciative of much of their culture, food, and people, so it's a bit weird hearing all the negative afterthoughts. thanks!

Автор 김도훈 ( назад)
I cant really understand some koreans who against personal opinion. Some stupid kids dont even know ppl who watching video donot care about history things. Just ignore them, include some japanes who just want makes fighting.

Автор pol w ( назад)
저새끼들 둘이서 허구언날 한국까고 일본찬양ㅋㅋㅋ 응 그래 제발 한국오지마 .. 뻐드렁니들이랑 부둥켜앉고 살아 ㅋㅋ 이딴 컨텐츠는 첨보네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Автор Ellie young ( назад)
HI I'm new here what does networking mean?

Автор たなmちゃん ( назад)

Автор elvis10195 ( назад)
I personally choose "Taiwan" for much more comfortable and warm area and tons of reasonable price delicacies

Автор ブッチギリ 82 ( назад)
Hundreds of thousands of north and south Koreans still live in Japan by the relations that annexed the Korean Peninsula in old days.
A few people call people hating a Korean "a seggie" in that,
It is worked it.
Anyone thinks that you should return to the own country if I dislike such Japan and Japanese,
Japan seems to be more livable, and they do not return home to say Simon and Martina.
Because it is said, "the next does not want to be born as a Korean", half to live in Korea of Korean people is serious.
Simon and Martina も言うように日本の方が住みやすいらしく、彼らは帰国しない。

Автор ブッチギリ 82 ( назад)
The Korean is a race affected by neighboring China from old days. One is what's called ancient Chinese political thought.
When this changes the man of power of the country, it is to become the action to deny the ex-government, and to appear.
When the government changes by revolutions, it disturbs all the achievements of the ex-government in the negative.
Therefore there become extremely few old culture and buildings.

[from China, the evil that stayed of the ancient Chinese political thought]
Korea "has been able to become independent by defeat of Japan in Greater East Asia War (ww2)," but,
I catch it as ancient Chinese political thought.
Ancient Chinese political thought is that the new government denies all of ex-government.
Therefore, anyway, it is the policy of the country which is an anti-day to look at Japan negatively,
It becomes the race action that is an anti-day and appears.

Thus, I do not say and interfere only with an opposite action and opinion when I talk with Japan.
Merger (I do not determine it by the colonial policy that is exploitation and a plundering purpose such as Europe and America by Japan in particular
A school, a building, a road, a store, rearranging and the distribution of the agriculture place. As for the abolition of slavery and the class system, various)
I talk about all badly saying that I did colonization such as をまるで Europe and America.
This performs even school education of Korea well.
The child who received such an education believes all for some reason and does not doubt it.
Therefore I expose a funny figure not to be consistent with the history that I can share in Asia.
Because it transfers a race to the history to praise saying that it is excellent again from old days
It follows that do not get consistency, but the still story towards the world
Because I send it, it sometimes becomes the debate, and a Korean stands alone.

Автор Wendy Haryanto ( назад)
Japanese food or Korean food ?

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