Japan or Korea: Did We Make the Right Choice?

  • Опубликовано: 15 дек 2016
  • It's been one year since we announced that we were moving to Japan. Now that we look back, did we make the right decision? Do we miss Korea? Where's better for us to live, Korea or Japan?
    We're talking about this a bit more, including our great fear in making this video, in our blog post. Read more if you're up for it.
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  • Simon and Martina
    Simon and Martina  Год назад +2212

    For those of you who have seen the anger of the comment section, please don't think of that as a representation of Korea. The angry people here shouldn't scare you away from Korea, shouldn't make you think less of Korean people. This reaction isn't commonplace, nor is it representative of what all Korean people think. A big part of it is because our video was shared on some dark and angry Korean websites, which brought out the worst in the visiting commenters. So don't worry! This is a special kind of anger :)

    • baggin bilbo
      baggin bilbo 6 дней назад

      You peoples have done too much, the Japanese have already gone, it might
      be already too late.

    • Swan Choi
      Swan Choi 7 дней назад

      역사도 모르면서 궁시렁

  • 再生naivesister
    再生naivesister 7 часов назад +1


  • Mash Kun!
    Mash Kun! 10 часов назад

    Japan of course! I love their food so much! It's beautiful! I don't really like Korea, it's not tht appealing to me.

  • Caroline Evans
    Caroline Evans День назад +1

    Only koreans believe North Korea and South Korea are the best countries in the world.

  • 織田信長
    織田信長 3 дня назад +4


  • 김정애
    김정애 3 дня назад

    What they say can not be all there is. It is just a different culture. It is sad that many people who watch this video may misunderstand Korea. I am Korean and have lived in Japan. What they are saying is obviously Japan's strong point. But there is a merit that Korea has that is different from that. And I love it so much. They seem to have left Korea too lightly. I don't see any understanding of Koreans.
    For example, a restaurant clerk says he laughs when he speaks, but it is not because he looks funny or hates it. Most Koreans are nervous because they are shy and cannot see foreigners as much as Japan. After the same period, the idea is expected to change.

  • Geistreich
    Geistreich 5 дней назад

    Being Korean who are trying to open up my mind and embrace all perspectives, I do understand what you guys are saying. Sometimes i even get embrassed too when i’m with my foreign friend. Of course as they mentioned, it’s their view, not all of Korea (or Korean) are the same as they described. But it seems quite obvious that for Korean, there’s still a space to move on.
    Don’t get too scared away from those anger comments, people! As all countries do have, there a online community which gather such losers and infect bad feelings to others. I can see many of bad comments are from there.

  • J J
    J J 6 дней назад

    응 우리도 너희 싫어

  • rickroll4321
    rickroll4321 8 дней назад +5

    i'm Korean and Koreans were taught and almost brainwashed since young to grow baseless hate against Japan. of course any video or article that compares both countries and conclude Japan as a better country would get a massive hate and craziness of all the idiots from Korea. but there is a hope, these days whenever a translated "threads" about this video is uploaded on Korean communities, more than half of Korean comments are actually agreeing with you and the opinions of this video. it's the other minority of Koreans who gets angry and comes here to attack you with their idiocy. i don't mean to defend idiot Koreans, but just letting you know that not all Koreans hate you.

  • 아아슈
    아아슈 8 дней назад

    한국에 대한 애정이 조금이라도 있으면 이런 영상 안올리지. 굳이 일본하고 비교하면서 무슨말을 하고싶은건가. 일본찬양? 하고싶으면 해도되는데 국가간 비교를 하다니 대단하다.
    구독자가 100만이나 되는데 이런 유투버는 또 첨보네 어그로 대박ㅋㅋㅋ

    • rickroll4321
      rickroll4321 7 дней назад +1

      국가간 비교하면 안된다는 법이라도 있냐? 니가 뭔 독재자라도 되는지 아냐? 니가 뭔데 이래라 저래라야 ㅋㅋ 괜히 열등감때문에 일본이 싫으니까 일본에 대한 칭찬 조금만 해도 일본찬양으로 보이는거겠지. 불쌍한 미개인새끼.

  • August Serenade
    August Serenade 8 дней назад +1

    일본이 좋으면 당신들 나라인 캐나다랑 비교하세요.. 왜 한국이랑 비교함? 이런건 그냥 유치한 뒷담화밖에 안되요 한국 이런식으로 그만 팔아먹으세요

  • geena kim
    geena kim 9 дней назад

    I regret raising fund for simon and martina. I thought they loved korea.

  • Sheila Theodora
    Sheila Theodora 9 дней назад +7

    I’ve been to both Japan and Korea. In terms of natural scenery, Japan is far superior. Japanese food is more delicious than in Korea. Frankly speaking as a foreigner mostly you could only eat korean BBQ and bulgogi. Side dishes will be thrown away cause most of foreigners includes me only try once. While in Japan there are plenty of options we could eat sushi, ramen, udon, kobe beef, cheesecake and many more. Taste wise, Japanese food wins foreigners’ heart.
    People is very polite in Japan. Even though they can not speak English, they are more than happy to help strangers. Whereas in Korea, I got evicted two times for staying after meal in empty restaurant. The way Koreans speak is very rude compared to Japanese’s friendliness.
    Riding a bus in Korea is very unpleasant, the drivers drive recklessly like he wants to kill passengers or some sort. I live in Singapore, that kind of driving will surely put you into serious trouble.
    Shopping in Japan is heaven! They have all these cute stuff that surely will entice any passerby. Not to mention UNIQLO that is the king of fashion, simple design high quality product at affordable price.
    Good thing about Korea is they are way cheaper than Japan. Accommodation is affordable. Rooms in Japan is very tight, small, packed and expensive. Street food is somewhat affordable but compares to Korea its more expensive. Overall if you have tight budget you should experience Korea.
    Same with them my experience in Korea is not impressive. Again this is personal experience that shapes my opinion. Everyone has their own sayings about Korea or Japan. Me as a tourist favors Japan than Korea. Not a slight thought of me going back to Korea cross my mind to be honest. If you have been to Japan before Korea, then visiting Korea will be just “hmmm okay..” feeling and in just 3 days you will get bored.

  • 히 히
    히 히 9 дней назад +1

    그냥 한국이랑 안맞는거같아요
    일본에서 잘 살길바랍니다 10년넘게~ 아니 영상을 보니깐 평~~생살수도 있겠네요
    비방하려는 목적이없었던 것은 압니다
    하지만 여기에 있는 댓글을 보니 화가 조금 나려고하네요
    당신들의 의견이 과연 객관적인가요?

  • FranFTW
    FranFTW 10 дней назад +3

    Simon and Martina's videos have gotten me to try so many Korean things, and learn so much fun stuff about the country and its people. I now have a goal to visit there! And I appreciate Simon and Martina's openness and honesty about the things that were difficult for them there. It helps give a realistic understanding that, just like any country, there are challenges as well as benefits.

  • clara
    clara 10 дней назад +5

    Guys I'm so happy that you're in a place you like better now and away from kpop fans and knetziens. A good portion of them are really toxic and unselfaware.

  • Fagfrid
    Fagfrid 10 дней назад +4

    They only said "our experience", or "for us", around 50 times so i can understand why people think they meant S. Korea is shitty for everybody... How dare they say they like Japan more. Yes, that was sarcasm.

  • Justina
    Justina 11 дней назад +1

    Hi Simon and Martina. I just saw your tweet and came to come watch your video. I haven't watched you guys in awhile but love you guys! I see and understand where you guys are coming from and everyone will have different experience when they go to another country. But glad you are enjoying Japan. And this doesn't change my mind about going to Korea. I'm also trying to learn korean but also want to learn Japanese after learning korean. But I still want to visit both places one day. You guys stay strong and always rember the good will always out way the bad! Love you guys keep it up you guys are amazing!

  • Gサス
    Gサス 11 дней назад +7


  • Jinyoung le
    Jinyoung le 12 дней назад +2

    I’m a koreaboo. But I love them. Get over it dumb idiots. If they like japan more they like japan more. If you love korea than live there instead of getting up at others who decided japan is better for them. - love from Australia ❤️

  • K T
    K T 12 дней назад +8


    • K T
      K T 3 дня назад +2


    • 織田信長
      織田信長 3 дня назад +2

      K T はい、荒い言葉を使ってしまって申し訳ございません

    • K T
      K T 3 дня назад +2


    • 織田信長
      織田信長 3 дня назад +2

      K T 貴方ではなく日本に居るゴミクズ共に言っています。

    • K T
      K T 3 дня назад +2

      私の事でしょうか? 先祖にも親族にも外国人の存在を聞いたこともない日本人なのですが。

  • Ryan Sanders
    Ryan Sanders 12 дней назад +3

    I am relatively new in South Korea, having moved here just 8 months ago and what's funny is the complaints about Korea here are definitely ones I have heard before from expats in Korea, but few of them have I personally experienced in any significant way. For example, it has been pretty rare that someone looked terrified to deal with me in a restaurant or cafe or shop. Also, no one has ever laughed at my Korean and I don't speak Korean really at all, just enough to order food. Also, I have met some extremely warm and friendly Koreans. Granted, I don't talk to my neighbors, but I never see them (I am in a small apartment building). So, I guess the truth is each person's reality and experience can vary greatly from person to person. The driving and parking is really crazy though.

  • go nanasi
    go nanasi 12 дней назад +4


  • Caroline Evans
    Caroline Evans 12 дней назад +9

    If the video uploader writes frank opinions or does not praise Korea, the Koreans here gets angry.

  • MegaFunkycat
    MegaFunkycat 12 дней назад

    TBH it sounds like most of the changes on why japan is better dont really have to do with country, but lifestyle change.
    Not living in an apartment, being under a network as a youtuber... i feel like those significant changes have made you happier and give you an overall happier outlook.

  • mika mika
    mika mika 12 дней назад +1

    Simon looks like Toby from Scorpion !!! Sounds like him too O.o

  • 이지은
    이지은 12 дней назад +6

    i prefer japan to korea, the people are more friendly and happy,

  • graceselliah
    graceselliah 13 дней назад +1

    You probably lived in a shitty area in Seoul. LOL

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  13 дней назад +5

      We lived in Sindorim for two years and Sangam-dong for two :)

  • Raychelle Tunstalle
    Raychelle Tunstalle 13 дней назад

    Maybe I missed it but did they mention which city they are living in now that they are in Japan? If they are comparing Tokyo and Seoul I can understand but it wouldn't be a fair comparison if they live in small Japanese prefecture and are comparing it to Korea's most populated city. Also I live in S. Korea now and love to visit Japan often, I think they're both great!

  • Alpha Plus
    Alpha Plus 13 дней назад +11

    My experiences were no better. My friend and I were sent to Seoul for a year by our company, as Southeast Asian we were treated pretty badly by people there. I was still lucky since my skin is lighter and and I do look like East Asian but my friend was dark-skinned and Muslim. People would stare at her blatantly and said rude things to her. The living environment was bad, the city was so noisy we could hardly sleep, often time I was forced to join their drinking party (my friend told them her religion didn't allow her to drink), the sexual harassment was real and yes Korean were really bad at driving. I went to Japan for 1 month trip, and Holy! I would love to go back!
    I've been to a lot of countries and South Korea ranked in Top 3 Countries I Won't Return Again Ever

  • locasorv
    locasorv 13 дней назад +7

    For me Japan is better

  • Chocolate Brownie
    Chocolate Brownie 13 дней назад

    영상속에서 하신 말씀들이 다 오해라거나 틀리다고, 일일이 " 그건 그렇지 않다" 라고 말하진 않을게요 한국에서 좋았던 기억보단 안좋은 기억만 가지고 가신것 같아 안타깝고 맘이 아픕니다 일본생활이 좋으시다니 다행이네요 일본도 좋은 점이 많습니다 일본의 장점을 말씀하실때 공감했구요 다만 한국의 단점만 의도적으로 부각시켜 영상을 만들었다고 느껴지는건 저만의 생각일까요 일본으로 가신다고해서 응원했습니다만 오해라기엔 편협한 말들에 실망감이 드네요 이 영상을 끝으로 두분의 영상을 찾진 않을것 같네요 그럼 잘지내세요

  • Joyce Stemmler
    Joyce Stemmler 13 дней назад +3

    I think that S&M are very democratic about this matter and they are talking about their own experience and as they say: Everybody makes his/her own experience. I have never been in Japan because ... idk ... it's very expensive and the über-polite japanese seems a little bit fake to me. I was 6 times in Korea for vacation and I just love Korea - BUT I never lived and worked there and I know from many friends who actaully live in Korea that the korean immigration system can be a total bi**h. I never had problems with sleeping (but I didn't had that in Midtown NYC neither^^) and I'm often in egypt, so when you want to see drivers worst than koreans go to egypt XD
    If Japan makes Martina & Simon happy then what the hell - let them be happy. Maybe in 2 years they'll move to Laos and love it there too. Everybody has to have a place you call home, a place you love to go to and everybody has to find his inner peace. Some people love Japan, some hate it - people are different and so are their experience. I just know I still love Martina & Simon!

  • Translator
    Translator 13 дней назад +2

    I currently live in Korea, in a city, but not one of the major cities. The funny thing is people from different regions in Korea are so different. People in my city are generally so kind here. I've had taxi drivers offer me their umbrella because it was raining ourside. I've experienced so many random acts of kindness here, than I had my whole life prior to this. I do notice people from my region are much nicer than cities like Seoul. I will really miss the place when I leave. I love my city/Korea so much. ;_; Anyways I definitely recommend the Jeolla region more than any other because of the wonderful people here. 🖒🖒

  • 다온
    다온 13 дней назад +2

    멍청한 백인 커플 같은데 일본에서 7~8년 살면서 일본 사람들이 겉과 속이 다르다는거 뼈저리 느끼고 배신감 된통 당해 봤으면 좋겠다.

    • rickroll4321
      rickroll4321 7 дней назад

      적어도 한국인들보단 겉과속이 다르지않고 훨씬 정직하지. 망상 오지는 멍청한놈아

  • 훈현
    훈현 13 дней назад

    일본인들글쓴거1ㅗ면 미친거같애 ㅋㅋ 역시;; 중국이랑손잡고 왜놈들조지로가야할때가된듯

    • rickroll4321
      rickroll4321 7 дней назад

      중국이랑 손잡아? 더러운 짱깨 꺼져라

  • 해병1208期
    해병1208期 13 дней назад

    한국에서의 장점은 얘기하는것은 없고 일본에서의 장점들만 있네.
    물론 사람들마다 자신에게 맞는 삶의 방식은 있으니 이해가 간다.
    하지만 나도 캐나다같이 일의 속도가 답답할정도로 느려터지고 인터넷 속도도 낮은곳에서 못산다.
    When in Rome, Do as Romansdo.
    This is one of our culture and life
    We were continue live rapidly for achieve live well

  • 여서연
    여서연 13 дней назад

    문화에 있어서 어느 나라든 우열을 가리는건 아니라고 봅니다.
    특히 사이가 민감한 국가 간에 말이죠..
    당신들이 한국에서 겪었던 안좋은 일들과 단점들 공감하기도 하고 부끄러운점도 있지만 당신들이 8년간 한국에서 살았다는건 분명 좋은점도 있었기 때문이라고 생각합니다. 어느니라든 장점이 있으면 단점도 있고 좋은사람이 있으면 나쁜 사람도 있습니다. 이 말은 당신들이 좋다, 행복하다고 찬양하는 일본에서도 상처받을 수도 있다는 말입니다. 나는 단지 당신들이 한국의 장점들은 무시하고 한국에서의 삶은 불행한 반면 일본에서는 너무 행복하다. 는 식으로 한국과 일본을 이간질시키는 것 같아서 매우 실망스럽고 속상합니다.
    어느 나라든 잘 맞는 곳이 있을 수 있습니다. 어디서 살든 당신들 자유지만 당신들에게 어느 나라가 우월하다고 평가내릴 자격은 없습니다.

  • Jasmine K
    Jasmine K 13 дней назад +2

    I think it depends on the person.
    I really like to study English and like foreign friends.
    When I went to Seoul by bus, I said the person next to me something like greeting, and just tried to talk a bit. But she said no thanks. I dont see foreigners like stranger because I really like foreigners.
    I think people who are native english speakers never learn korean because many korean can speak English and not uncomportable to live in Korea. Acutally, i cant agree with you guys. There are many foreigners who think no need to learn korean and speaking just English english english. I just want to ask you that they even saw u guys like stranges even thought you spoke in korean?
    I think it depends on the person. Its hard to judge.

    • Jasmine K
      Jasmine K 13 дней назад

      And as you know, Koreans are living life hard and so stressful. We need to study until 10PM over more. And work for a long time. You lived in Korean for 8years olds? Then you totally will understand it.
      We are also busy people. And there is no reason that you take good care from them because you are foreinger.

  • daneelee
    daneelee 14 дней назад +8

    Idk why some people are so triggered. Simon and Martina did say that their experience in both countries may be different from other people’s experiences 🤦‍♀️
    Anyway, I kinda see why they think of Korea that way. I have friends who live in Japan and once lived in Korea. They moved there at the same time and it was funny to see that the ones in Japan were enjoying their lives there, while the ones in Korea regretted moving to Korea. My friends are muslims and the girls wear hijabs, and they’re often looked at as if they’re some kind of aliens. They’re often cursed at especially by the older people and those people didn’t event know that my friends were actually fluent in Korean. They’re ostracised at the university and their work place just because of different religion and physical appearance. Hence we always have the thought that Japanese are actually more open to people of different background etc than Koreans

  • Big Chul
    Big Chul 14 дней назад

    이 영상의 의미가 뭔지를 모르겠네ㅋㅋ 두 나라 사이만 더 나빠지고 이득 되는게 뭐지? 진짜 한쪽만 깔꺼면 올리지를 말던가...ㅉ

  • Sonia Park
    Sonia Park 14 дней назад

    I don’t understand why you have been taken so many videos about Korea even though you do not like there? And you did not like there but lived for 8 years?! You should be shame and feel sorry to Korean who loved your videos and subscribe your page. Shame on you.
    어떤 나라던 어떤 사람들이건 본인들과 맞을수 있고 안맞을 수 있다 본인들이 무엇을 느꼈고 그걸 표현하는것도 본인들의 자유겠지 그렇지만 당신들이 말하는 그 8년을 한국에서 지내는 동안 한국에 좋은 면을 위주로 하는 영상을 제작해서 팔로워 수를 올리고 그렇게 많은 한국인들의 사랑을 받아놓고 이제와 한국에 대한 안좋은 면을 쏟아내는건 참 모순적인 것 같다 당신의 유투브채널을 응원하고 좋아하며 혹시 지나가다 당신을 알아보고 반가워한 한국인들과 당신들에게 친절을 베풀었던 모든 한국인들에게 모욕적인 일이다 당신들이 만약 한국에 대해 그렇게 부정적인 느낌들을 가지고있었다면 그렇게까지 한국에 오래 살 이유도 없었고 한국에 대한 유투브 영상들을 제작할 이유도 없었지않나? 적어도 그동안 당신들의 페이지를 구독하고 당신들의 리뷰를 사랑했던 한국인들에게 미안한 마음이라도 가졌으면 좋겠다

    • Caroline Evans
      Caroline Evans 12 дней назад +6

      Sonia Park is a typical Korean.
      She hate Japan very much and calls on foreigners to praise Korea.

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  14 дней назад +12

      I don't think you understood this video. Did you just come from a Korean site without watching the video? Watch it. Then you'll understand what we are talking about :D

  • Barking Dog
    Barking Dog 14 дней назад +5

    Koreans don't need to be butthurtted by these brainwashed junkies. Everybody is entitled to their opinion so if it makes you feel better bashing Korea, go ahead. If you would feel unwelcomed in Korea, express your anger on the net and you can choose not to come. Plain and simple. I am sure though most of you losers can even afford to travel and believe what's available on the internet.
    And for white people, I can guarantee japan will be way much better than Korea to live in. So why not choose japan for a teaching job? Good luck!

  • 칼날발톱
    칼날발톱 14 дней назад +2

    뭐 한국애들 똥꼬좀 빨다가 이제 일본갔으니 일본애들 똥꼬 빨아야지 이게 이분들 생계유지수단인데 이해함.

  • waterboy9
    waterboy9 14 дней назад +1

    Some of point you said it may be right but how can you assure japan is better than korea even you don't speak Japanese well. You don't speak japanese but you judge how japanese are like this like that. I don't think you experience Koreans well, all Your judge are from your small experience. To judge it you have to speak korean and japanese well and have quite many korean japnese friends. Language is most important, If you wanna talk about their culture, how can you assure even you can not have conversation with them? do you think that makes sense? don't assure many things easily

  • Yenny PP
    Yenny PP 14 дней назад

    Luckily I never experienced such terrible things in Korea. This one old Korean helped me when I got lost trying to find my Hotel. I was afraid at first because I wear hijab and this isn't common in Korea, but no one stare at me or anything. I got a lot of help from the local actually. But somehow you make me want to visit Japan too 😊

  • T.S.I
    T.S.I 14 дней назад +10


  • Hartini Tini
    Hartini Tini 14 дней назад +2

    I love japan and have been went there for several times. And willing to coming back again every year just to traveling. Their food is good but i still need my sambal on it ^^. I love their manner to foreigner so far, eventhough they cant speak english, they were willing to help you, even in a rural area. Some kids and elder started a convo with me, they were curious about my country and want to practice their english. And some of them share their aboard travel experiences too. There was lot of things to do when visit Japan. People really polite in there and they really dont care about our business. Meanwhile i never been went to Korea, maybe someday. I dont have an interest yet eventhough i listen to some kpops. So far i choose to attend my favorite Kpop boyband concert in Japan, coz i got more fan services and the artists seems more relax and didnt afraid to do silly things bcoz people wont judge them. It based on my observation when there was fan streaming from Seoul. I prefer calm and noise less environment too. I hate when people yelling on me or talking in high pitch, so a bit worry i will get stress easily when i travel to Korea. But i willing to try a visit to Korea too

    • Hartini Tini
      Hartini Tini 14 дней назад

      Nana Lim Hai Nana. Are you korean or foreigner in there? Maybe i will come to Seoul for Winner's concert. But still not on my top list for some reasons, especially Korea doesnt provide ewaiver visa like Japan did. So i have to submitted visa with lot of documents and the process took weeks. Maybe if S. Korea started giving visa waiver to Indonesian in the near future, i will consider it

  • 탱탱구
    탱탱구 14 дней назад +4

    You absolutely dont know about korea although you lived in korea for 8 years ;; If you know about history between korea and japan you couldn't make this kind of video. Look at comment your video make people to fight and discriminate each other. well done! :)

    • yu ma
      yu ma 7 дней назад

      탱탱구 Hwatbyeong

    • 탱탱구
      탱탱구 7 дней назад

      yu ma not as much as you... ;)

    • yu ma
      yu ma 8 дней назад

      탱탱구 how poor you Koreans...

    • 탱탱구
      탱탱구 8 дней назад

      yu ma yap loser. I think you guys don't change for decades :) Nation of inferiority complex!

    • yu ma
      yu ma 8 дней назад +1

      탱탱구 ok ok I’m sorry. You study history very harder. Korean mentality never change in the future. Continue angry energy country.

  • 용녹
    용녹 14 дней назад +1

    I'm sorry to tell you this, but if u're not going to be able to live in Korea, even if u go to Russia or Mexico, I think you'll be leaving soon there.

  • Frida Friday
    Frida Friday 14 дней назад

    Yes Queen I didn't know yall watched RuPaul's Drag Race :3

  • ven ra
    ven ra 14 дней назад

    Take good care of your health as a warning. You could die while eating Japanese radioactive food.

  • ven ra
    ven ra 14 дней назад +1

    You've only lived for one year in japan. And why should we welcome you guys?? The paranoia is so severe.
    And the Japanese are the ones who pretended to be white people, so they like you guys. If you were Hispanic, black, or just Asian, they wouldn't be interested.(The Japanese are also photoshop for old pictures to look like white people. IT’S TRUE)

    • Kadaj Ro
      Kadaj Ro 14 дней назад +1

      lmaoo thats true. the japanese are head over heels for foreigners. they have such an inferiority complex haha

  • JH K
    JH K 15 дней назад +5

    Even though I am Korean, I totally agree with you.

  • wngus12as
    wngus12as 15 дней назад +7

    인정할건 인정해라 버러지년놈들아 이런 객관적인 평가에도 부들거리기만 할뿐 겸허히 받아들이지 못하니 발전이 없지 ㅉ hellkorea sucks

    • ingrid
      ingrid 14 дней назад

      쟤들 말하는게 일부로 까고 싶어서 올리는거 뻔히 보이는데 ㅋㅋ 뭔 개솔 ㅋㅋㅋ

    • wngus12as
      wngus12as 14 дней назад

      ingrid 네다음대가리빈국뽕년 말꼬리쳐잡아서 시비터는게 니재주겠지 주관이고 객관이고 쟤들 말하는게 틀린건 아니잖니?

    • ingrid
      ingrid 14 дней назад

      객관적인 평가?? ㅋㅋ 뭐가 객관적인 평가인지?? 객관적인 지표 통계를 만들어서 제공해줌? ㅋㅋ 걍 뇌피셜 자기감정 느낀걸로 객관적인 평가라고 생각하는건가? ㅋㅋㅋ wngus12as 본인이 발전 못하는 이유중 하나 ㅋㅋ

    • 용녹
      용녹 14 дней назад +2

      wngus12as 근데 저 사람들이 너무 예민한 것도 팩트임ㅋㅋㅋ 사람들이 다들 환자같다니 교통질서가 이상하니 뭐니하는데 한국에서마저 못 살 정도면 저 사람들은 러시아 멕시코 중국 브라질 뭐 이런데만 가도 죠랄사하기 딱 좋은 사람들임

  • みみみあ
    みみみあ 15 дней назад


  • Kelly yi
    Kelly yi 15 дней назад

    One thing I realized about Korean people is that they have extreme anxiety. I did too until a friend of mine said "Why are you obsessing over a phone call to pizza hut? Just listen to what they have to say. Why do you always have to anticipate what they are going to say? That's why you keep stuttering and saying weird stuff" Yeah...i was a bit offended at first but realized that yeah I was the one who was being weird. I feel like Korean people are slowly realizing this as well so it isn't as bad, but yes...when you guys were in Korea, it probably was really bad. When you were telling the story about the old lady at the Korean restaurant who immediately said "No, uh, no no" I felt bad for the lady, because she was probably stressed out of her mind and that was probably her having a panic attack to be honest.

  • Ariel Hunt
    Ariel Hunt 15 дней назад

    As a chill homebody and old person at heart it sounds like Japan would be more my speed. Sounds like Korea is more for the young and adventurous and I'm old and boring.

  • pinkdomingoes78
    pinkdomingoes78 16 дней назад

    I want to know what happened to ur crew in Korea~ we didn't get to say goodbye 😂

  • JH LEE
    JH LEE 16 дней назад +2

    니네 하는 꼬라지가 일본하고 딱이다. 너네의 결정에 큰 박수와 칭찬을 아끼지 않을게. 너네 꼬라지나 그릇, 됨됨이가 일본하고 딱이네. 잘 찾아갔다. 결국은 너네 갈 길 제대로 찾아가는구나. 응원한다. 거기선 일본어라도 좀 배우길ㅋ 한국에있을때 한국말로 간단한 회화조차 안하던 사람들이 그 나라에 대한 심도깊은 이해를 할 수나 있었을까 싶다. 지금 내가 하는 말도 그냥 이방인이 떠드는걸로밖에 안보이겠지 ㅋ 그냥 돈벌이용으로 한국 잘 팔아먹었으니 이젠 일본가서 컨텐츠 많이많이 만들어서 부자되길바래! 한국인도 일본인도 아닌 다른나라 제 삼자가 평가를 하는건데 그러려니 하련다 ㅎ 내가알기론 너네 처음엔 잇유어킴치인지뭔지로 했던거같은데 이젠 내렸네? ㅋㅋ 이젠 잇유어스시~ 라는 컨셉 잡는게 어떨까싶은데 ㅎㅎ 스시국에서 잘 지내봐 ㅎㅎ 방사능은 알아서 잘 하던가말던가

  • AT Ish here
    AT Ish here 17 дней назад

    Japan hehe

  • 1126 ryu
    1126 ryu 17 дней назад

    스시 많이 먹고 방사능 ㅅㄱ

  • なじじ
    なじじ 17 дней назад +1

    I often hear that Japanese hate foreigners, but in fact Japanese love foreigners. But everyone in Japan is not good at English, so if you talk to a foreigner, I will get nervous about thinking about what to do. That's why some foreigners may think that Japanese people do not like foreigners, looking at the face of such Japanese people. But please be relieved. Everyone in Japan loves foreigners and foreign cultures.

    It was translated by Google translation.

    • Nfia Utopia
      Nfia Utopia 14 дней назад +1

      なじじ hahaha this comment is so cute😄👍

  • 洋子
    洋子 17 дней назад +1

    japanese anime

  • katu katu
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  • musica favorita
    musica favorita 17 дней назад +5

    (South)Koreans online trolling culture........🙄

    • get smart
      get smart 3 дня назад

      haha yes very true. many of us, we are real fighter on the internet for the stress out:)

  • 김현지
    김현지 18 дней назад +1

    Seoul better 😘

  • 저산넘어
    저산넘어 18 дней назад

    좆같은 년놈들~ 다시는 한국 오지마라. 남자새끼는 일본 가더니 일본 무사가 됐네?? 김연아 코치였던 브라이언 새끼나..이 년놈들이나 캐나다 새끼들은 다 그렇게 비열하냐?

    • get smart
      get smart 3 дня назад

      저산넘어 일본무사 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • 家に棲むネコ科のなにか
    家に棲むネコ科のなにか 19 дней назад +2

    韓国はソウルオリンピックの直前まで軍事独裁国だったからね。民主化して間もない国なんだよ。日本と比較すれば40年の差がある。40年前の日本と言えば電車の中でタバコが吸え、野犬がうろうろしていて道はゴミだらけ。積載量超過のダンプが泥をボトボト落としながら市街地を暴走し、暴走つながりで暴走族が大量発生。経済力だけがグングン伸びてはいるが、マナーや常識は世界の笑いもの。 40年後の韓国は何に気づき、どう変われるのか。

  • Makot Nishida
    Makot Nishida 19 дней назад +1

    I do not know where you currently live, but when you live in Osaka or Nagoya, the image to Japan will change.

  • 딱콩
    딱콩 19 дней назад +2

    그럼 더이상 한국 디스햐지 말고 그냥 일본에서 일본 영상만 찍으면서 너네들끼리 살아요 너네들이 살기 좋은 곳 가서 사는 거 아무도 신경 안쓰는데 한국에서 자기들이 돈벌기 힘드니까 관심종자처럼 대부분 컨텐츠에 한국 디스나 하고 있지 제발 우리 한국인이 너네들을 더이상 싫어하게 만들지 말아요 그냥 너네 갈 길을 가세요 언급도 하지 말고 부탁임 그리고 여자분 말투 바꿨으면 감정에만 휘둘려서 말을 날카롭게 하는 듯 알아서 잘 사세요 그럼

  • Whoo711
    Whoo711 20 дней назад +1

    Korean authorities require businesses to have LANDLINES??
    Landlines... in one of the most-wired, digitally-connected nations on Earth, where, like... 97 or 98% of the adults own smartphones (or at least cell phones in general).
    the fuck

  • Peggy
    Peggy 20 дней назад

    That RPDR reference made my day

  • Jamie Chae
    Jamie Chae 20 дней назад +5

    nobody cares which country you guys decided to live over the other one. 😂. Japan and Korea are not there for you to be judged like this.

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  18 дней назад +5

      Personal feelings? We said exactly that this was just our personal opinion. Did you even watch this video? Please watch it, and then you will understand.

    • Karen Lin
      Karen Lin 20 дней назад +5

      Yes I totally understand what you went through Simon and Martina, but at the same time I feel like was it really necessary making this video in this manner, are you 100% sure your personal feelings wasn't getting in your way?

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  20 дней назад +7

      People asked, so we answered.

  • No, 36
    No, 36 20 дней назад +9

    I’m in Korea right now for work.Honestly I want to get out of here quickly.l really wanted to go to Japan.

  • oreburg
    oreburg 21 день назад +1

    they'll ditch Japanese next when they find another country to live in.. good day!

    • Gabriella Zamora
      Gabriella Zamora 11 дней назад

      oreburg and why shouldn’t they? do they HAVE to stay in one country for the rest of their life? it’s their life and they can go anywhere they want.

  • Spider Kim
    Spider Kim 21 день назад +1

    딱 보니 뭐 비열한게 지들이랑 꼭 맞는곳을 잘 찾아갔네ㅎ

  • Mee_ki
    Mee_ki 22 дня назад +1

    I prefered Korea over Japan, when it comes to the politeness. I felt a lot more alienated in Japan.

  • Raider641
    Raider641 22 дня назад +4

    Way to go..excellent analysis guys :)

  • Justi lynn
    Justi lynn 23 дня назад

    How do you handle being away from family? I couldn’t imagine living away from my family but I want to live in Japan. I want to hear how others deal with being away from family?

  • Julio Amparo
    Julio Amparo 24 дня назад +8

    Now those salty Korean trolls are really fucking mean and racist I remember when I first commented in this video last year I was called every single name under the sun inbred, ugly bitch, wetback, illegal mexican, asshole, racist by them all because I stated that Japan objectively way better than Korea, those trolls really did pissed me off.

    • Julio Amparo
      Julio Amparo 17 дней назад +3

      slt x well the Koreans that trolled me did know this terms.

    • Julio Amparo
      Julio Amparo 19 дней назад +4

      slt x you weren't here when this video was uploaded in the first few days that's when Simon and Martina first started deleting negative comments and it's that way ever since.

    • slt x
      slt x 20 дней назад

      Really? Can you verify any of what you just said, because I was also following in this comment section and I never noticed any of what you just mentioned..

  • laklaklak
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  • ding dao
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  • ms. baexbae
    ms. baexbae 25 дней назад +1

    I spent a decent amount in Japan and in Korea now ... although I love a lot about Japan and I’d always like to go back there I feel a bit more at ease in Korea?! Because the people there are a bit more like ... my own ones? Germany! They are friendly but sometimes rude as well! Japan makes me dizzy with all the friendliness and that they never say no to you and you just ... I could’ve yell at them sometimes because they just wouldn’t give me a decent yes or no! Korea does that!
    I didn’t experienced any of the things you mentioned! All the people were super friendly, very welcoming, they could understand me well ... even the old Ahjummas (very famous for being rude) loved us! I highly respect your opinions, I just can’t say it was the same for me!

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  23 дня назад +1

      I like these kind of comments, because YES, people absolutely have different preferences! :) And things change as you get older too.
      I don't know why people think we're saying that people in Korea were not welcoming, we never once said that. We loved our Korean friends and the people we got to know at our favourite local shops. All we were saying, is that many places immediately assumed you didn't speak Korean and talked about you IN KOREAN while you're like, "dude, I speak Korean". I just haven't found this in Tokyo, they just assume you speak Japanese or switch to English if they see you're flustered.

  • Jo sen
    Jo sen 25 дней назад +8


  • Otoka gi
    Otoka gi 25 дней назад

    'I want to live in a city that sleeps' Weeeeeeeeeell Simon do I have some good ducking news for you. Cape Town is so quiet at night. Even when Justin Bieber was here DURING his concert I couldn't hear a damn thing. Like I live so close to the stadium it was in and it was DEAD quiet even peaceful. And Martina 'at reasonable sleeping hours' Everything is closed by 9 max 10. I mean malls and every damn thing. So that's good for yall😂😋 If you ever need a good holiday by the beach but also kind of tropical South Africa, Cape Town is good. Plus we have Mediterranean weather so nothing above like max 35°C or lower than 5°C. No snow, no heat waves. The nightlife is quiet but active if you want that😂 Let's not forget MAZE RUNNER 3 was filmed here. Cough cough just come to my city🙄 WE SPEAK ENGLISH AS A MAIN LANGUAGE. Plus our currency is weaker than the US dollar so it's cheap to come here. Yall have no excuse. You don't even need a freaking Visa😂

  • Lily Ma
    Lily Ma 25 дней назад +1

    i forgot how crazy you look in this video

  • crystalidx
    crystalidx 27 дней назад +2

    Korea and Japan are two separate cultures. There are good and bad in both countries. An apple and a banana are both fruits but you can’t describe an apple with a banana or a banana with an apple. It is clearly unfair to Korean people for being subjected to bias and stereotypes in your part. There are no such thing as a good or bad culture, as every culture is different. Don’t expect Japanese people to treat you any better, and you may find many challenges living in Japan as well. A wise traveller never despises their home.

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  27 дней назад +6

      I’m not sure if you actually watched this video or just read the title and commented. Please give it a watch and then you’ll understand what we’re talking about.

  • Sammi Kim
    Sammi Kim 27 дней назад

    The problem with this kind of comparison between two countries is it's always going to be a big generalization based on experiences of a few individuals. Talking about personal experience and preference is fine but making it sound like your opinion is based on the whole truth is not. Also if you have any kind of background knowledge on the history between the two countries you would realize you could have been slightly more sensible with your wording. Whether you like it or not, you are utilizing the culture, history and people from Korea and Japan to create your content, it would seem suitable that you showed a little bit more care towards them.

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  27 дней назад +6

      Great. Did you watch this video? I don’t think you understood what we said here...

  • 風魔凪
    風魔凪 27 дней назад +2

    I’m glad to hear that you feel welcome here.

  • MrCzyn
    MrCzyn 28 дней назад +10

    I lived in korea for around 6 yrs now. I graduated here and i work here now. I am fluent im the language and i agree in every point u said about korea.

  • あんとん
    あんとん 28 дней назад


  • alexander lobban
    alexander lobban 28 дней назад

    Loving the drag race references

  • Diana M.
    Diana M. 28 дней назад

    It’s a year and some months later and I still find it hard to believe y’all were terribly unhappy in S. Korea. Considering, in my absolute personal opinion, how much more fun your videos were back then. Anywho, I’m happy y’all are happy in Japan because that’s what truly matters the most. Love y’all!

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  23 дня назад +3

      Because we WERE NOT terribly unhappy in Korea! :) We have lots of awesome memories! Just because 8 years of life led us to experience some things that we were like, "huh, didn't like that, it could improve" doesn't mean we hated our time in Korea.
      This video was not supposed to be "we were secretly terribly upset and faking it for YEEARRSS" after 8 years + the difficulties of running a company + our friend almost dying in front of us.... we were like, "ok. time to go". We're loving Japan but I'm sure after a few more years we'll discover some things we don't love either. :)

  • brendan
    brendan 28 дней назад +2

    욕좀 하지 맙시다. 한국보다 일본에 있을때가 더 좋다는데 그냥 거기서 계속 사는 것이 더 낫죠. 사업하기 더 좋다잖아요.

  • Lhyr LightWarrior
    Lhyr LightWarrior 28 дней назад

    Hi I like your channel, I've just found it today thanks to Rachel and Jun channel! I would like to live in Japan too and visit South Korea:) To answer your question I am Polish but I live in the UK (7 years now) Wiltshire county - in the UFO hot spot, crop circles, near the Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury...(beautiful magical area!)and I work as a H&S tester with my hobby as a fantasy/sci-fi writer :) I love this part of England and feel very at home and welcome. Everyone here is polite and smiling, saying hello to me, driving is so easy and safe. Before that I lived in Paris (France) for 7 years and I finished my studies at Sorbonne University but I didn't like living there. Paris was for me very dangerous and violent, too expensive and I didn't feel welcome there just overstressed. Many times I've heard from les parisiens that I shoud go home, and they were treating me as a trash bag only because I wasn't french. If you want to visit England and have somewhere to stay for free just let me know!! :D

  • hallohellokonnichiwa
    hallohellokonnichiwa 29 дней назад +7

    I am so happy to hear you guys say this. I just finished my first trip to Japan and Korea (2.5 weeks in each). People in Japan were unbelievably nice and welcoming! However when I went to South Korea I had some really bad experiences which have pretty much put me off going back there. I met some lovely people in Korea and the culture, nature, history etc. is amazing but when you don't feel welcome it makes it hard to enjoy it. I feel pretty bad saying this because I thought it may have just been my experience. Really appreciate the honesty guys. 😊

  • JANa
    JANa 29 дней назад +1

    You seem to be unfamiliar with Japanese culture. Japan is originally a culture that has not invited to dinner, invited birthdays, etc. Is this a lie? Please ask the Japanese people. Perhaps it is a sponsor or official of a Japanese company sponsoring you, And People who tried to contact foreigners. And people who touched a lot of foreign tourists. The house of the Japanese people in general are almost small and narrow. You know it too. It was a culture to eat the former food alone, but it has changed with the influence of the West. Do you want to have family meals? It is recent.

    • Misaki Miyashita
      Misaki Miyashita 9 дней назад

      So you are saying that Simon and Martina are enjoying the recent Japanese culture? That's wonderful, IMHO!

  • 태공망
    태공망 29 дней назад +1

    그니까 양놈이라면 다 좋다고 빨지말라고 병신 헬조선새끼들아 지들 나라에허 ㅎㅌㅊ 병신들인데 니들이 빨아주니까 좋다고 ㅈㄹ병 털자나

  • njxrtntjxrn5ue
    njxrtntjxrn5ue 29 дней назад +4

    it doesn't make sense to compare japan and korea . japan is one of the best nation but korea is just small country . such comparision is humiliating to japan on the other hand glory to korea.

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  23 дня назад +3

      We weren't comparing the countries and all their rich and angry history. We're just a dorky married couple sharing our personal experiences with living in two totally foreign countries that don't speak our mother tongue. No history. No nations. Just Simon and Martina experiences.

    • Naomi Mazzi
      Naomi Mazzi 29 дней назад +1

      I think they just did it because a lot of people who think all asian countries are similar requested to do a that. Japan is an isolated country, for sure they have a different culture.