Gotta See It: Octopus finds its way onto the ice in Colorado

It would appear that some Detroit Red Wings fans may have made the trip to Colorado to see their team take on the Avalanche as a Red Wings tradition was thrown on the ice in the final seconds of their game.

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Автор Redwings Fan 0110 ( назад)
March 8th biggest hit

Автор Anna Roberts ( назад)
The amount of screening just to enter the Pepsi Center how did that get in??

Автор Raven ( назад)
Life uh uh un finds a way

Автор Jason ( назад)
That's disrespectful to the octopus to be thrown on Colorados ice

Автор Dancing Dalans ( назад)
I missed the octopus and compare getting dumped on with water when I was there😂

Автор Donald Trump ( назад)
He could of picked the little octo

Автор Hesham Rashid ( назад)
The cheerleaders face in the background at 0:37 😂priceless

Автор Dghvd hfhhb ( назад)
Lol feel bad for the Avs playing for no reason they already out

Автор Scaldwell46 ( назад)
that octopus is smaller than both these teams chances of making the playoffs

Автор Scaldwell46 ( назад)
nobody was there to see it because no one watches the avalanche and the red wings bandwagon is over

Автор Kbholla ( назад)
I can't stand the notion of tanking, but I would just be laughing every time the Avalanche won at this point if I was a fan of theirs.

Автор Baller Martial ( назад)
Paul the octupus is alive Germany to win world cup 2018 confirmed #ggmu

Автор Brett William Vinopal ( назад)
Go Wings...

Автор CircleTheWagons ( назад)

Автор Ripsyyy ( назад)
Can someone explain to me why did they throw a squid on the ice?

Автор Dynasty Gang ( назад)
666 views lol

Автор D. Dalb ( назад)
lol anyone notice the ice girls reactions when they bring it off the ice hahaha

Автор Fruity Tewtz ( назад)
thats racist to animals

Автор Commander Shepard ( назад)
Came here after watching The Mar. 26, 1997 vid

Автор Danny Dixon ( назад)
Wings first down season in almost 30 years and all of a sudden the haters come out of the woodworks.. but I'm sorry I can't hear you through our 11 Stanley cup banners. #Detroit.VS.Everybody

Автор Kyle Broflovski ( назад)
Little late night snack

Автор Cranges McBasketball ( назад)

Автор Victoria Dixon ( назад)
it's good to see a little old time still lurks in today's NHL.

Автор Gary Bettman ( назад)
Don't the Wings have to win for an octopus to be thrown?

Автор Jack Wall ( назад)
for reason i expected a full blown octopus

Автор IamFonix ( назад)
Red wings fans went to Colorado to see their team win a game for once and they still lost xD

Автор eli ( назад)
Colorado and red wings rivalry is one of the greatest

Автор Michael Allen ( назад)
False you don't have to see it

Автор matthew perez ( назад)

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