SABATON - Bismarck (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • The official Music Video for "Bismarck" by Sabaton.
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    Produced by Wargaming
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    ======== "Bismarck" LYRICS =======
    From the mist a shape, a ship is taking form
    And the silence of the sea is about to drift into a storm
    Sign of power, show of force
    Raise the anchor battleship plotting its course
    Pride of a nation a beast made of steel
    Bismarck in motion king of the ocean
    He was made to rule the waves across the seven seas
    To lead the warmachine
    To rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
    The terror of the seas
    The Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
    Two thousand men, and fifty thousand tonnes of steel
    Set the course for the Atlantic with the allies on their heel
    Firepower, firefight
    Battlestations, keep the targets steady in sight
    Into formation, the hunt has begun
    Death and damnation, the fleet is coming
    He was made to rule the waves across the seven seas
    To lead the warmachine
    To rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
    The terror of the seas
    The Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
    At the bottom of the ocean the depths of the abyss
    They are bound by iron and blood
    The flagship of the navy the terror of the seas
    His guns have gone silent at last
    Pride of a nation a beast made of steel
    Bismarck in motion king of the ocean
    He was made to rule the waves across the seven seas
    To lead the warmachine
    To rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
    The terror of the seas
    The Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
    To lead the warmachine
    Rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
    The terror of the seas
    Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
    To lead the warmachine
    Rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
    The terror of the seas
    Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
    Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.
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Comments • 24 307

  • Sabaton
    Sabaton  2 months ago +3627

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    • Aww So cute
      Aww So cute Day ago

      Sabaton this is awesome 👌

    • Al Lewis
      Al Lewis 6 days ago

      This is like the Titanic movie, but for men.

    • christos papas
      christos papas 6 days ago +1

      i am happy to see new bands with quallity now that the old dudes fade away.

    • Miguel Rego
      Miguel Rego 7 days ago

      Guys, i have a very nice story for you! The siege of Diu of 1538, in India. 20 thousands otomans tried to take Diu from the portuguese, wich had only 600 men.
      The portuguese won, remaining only 40 able men. They stood wave after wave. The otomans lost men in the thousands, declaring it was impossible to win...
      I bet you could make such a great song!!!

    • ChoiS
      ChoiS 7 days ago

      армейский рэп в рот ебал вас

  • Grzesik97
    Grzesik97 Hour ago

    I bet they have gesture choreographer in team

  • History Girl
    History Girl 2 hours ago

    f*** the Yamato, the Bismarck is better.

  • Morretti Games
    Morretti Games 5 hours ago

    I’m ready for Sabaton in Atlanta Georgia!! I’m proud that my city is one of the ones that sold out!! @Sabaton I hope you go to the Atlanta History museum and see the Battle Of Atlanta Cyclorama!

  • Michael Wittmann
    Michael Wittmann 5 hours ago +1

    The Bismarck was never sunk. She was scuttled by her crew.

  • Joel Nilsson Hedekäll

    Dra åt helvete.

  • angga karuna
    angga karuna 6 hours ago

    Listened to this song a few days ago... and now i'm a Sabaton fan

  • Ash J
    Ash J 6 hours ago

    I'm confused, why isn't this on the new album?

  • Comrade von Herpenderpf

    *This message has been brought to you by the Kriegsmarine*

  • Dols Dols
    Dols Dols 8 hours ago

    Heil Bismarck !!

  • Benis Heimelmann
    Benis Heimelmann 8 hours ago

    Did you find the boat?

  • Николай василий

    Captain: fire at those aircrafts!
    Anti-aircraft gunner: *fires anti-aircraft gun while watching sabaton's free concert on a fishing ship*

    Captain: Ah Scheiße

  • ю. катан
    ю. катан 9 hours ago +1

    🎸🎸🎸✌️Привет с России. Сабатон супер👍👍👍🎸✌️

  • Colonizer: Plant or animal that inhabits an area

    German pride worldwide

  • Люберецкий Панк

    From Russia with love❤

  • Ragnarök Gæzlr
    Ragnarök Gæzlr 11 hours ago

    The iron Chancellor was unsinkable. Ask the Danes, Austrians and French.

  • carlosomar ornelas
    carlosomar ornelas 11 hours ago

    The only ship that is able to kill the Kraken

  • Ядерный Пельмешек

    Кто после мертвецов?)

  • Emanuel Lagos
    Emanuel Lagos 13 hours ago

    lo mejor de lo mejor

  • Bob Ayotte
    Bob Ayotte 13 hours ago +2

    The Bismarck wasn't sunk by the British, it was scuttled.

  • Павел Миколуцкий

    With love from radio tapok

  • Gunther
    Gunther 14 hours ago


  • Peter Pandemonium
    Peter Pandemonium 15 hours ago +1

    When I was a kid there was a movie, "Sink the Bismark". I'm going to have to try and track it down.

  • Klathai
    Klathai 15 hours ago +3


  • Алекс Казаков


  • InFiNiTe WeEd
    InFiNiTe WeEd 15 hours ago +1

    Есть пробитие

  • Kuzeyli
    Kuzeyli 15 hours ago

    By saying seven seüs does it mean that the seven oceans?

  • Konstantin Nik
    Konstantin Nik 15 hours ago


  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 16 hours ago +2

    So much metal you could rebuild Bismarck fifty times bigger

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 17 hours ago

    Five thousand dislikes? They haven’t found the boat yet I guess.

  • cats cats cats
    cats cats cats 17 hours ago

    Who would win, the *BISMARCK* or the *YAMATO* ?

  • Pydarox
    Pydarox 17 hours ago

    H.M.S. Hood song maybe?

  • dragothica
    dragothica 18 hours ago +1

    Tomorrow will prove if the new album has anything to compete with this track.. I'm certainly hyped for the album after listening to the few old Sabaton albums I own, but honestly, this has to be one of the band's best tracks..!

  • BM
    BM 18 hours ago +1

    В 2019 Sabaton празднует юбилей - 20 лет...

  • Sora Pantsu
    Sora Pantsu 18 hours ago

    I shudder to see Bismarck transform into a song like this.

  • Nerri
    Nerri 18 hours ago +2

    oh boy nothing can go wrong here

    Azur Lane: New limited Bismarck-chan!

  • Ермак
    Ермак 19 hours ago +1

    raped the button again

  • ROSITA Jernberg
    ROSITA Jernberg 19 hours ago

    Min favvo låt

  • Sultan Ghazi
    Sultan Ghazi 20 hours ago


  • Roma Nechitaylo
    Roma Nechitaylo 21 hour ago +3

    Кто после тапка? This is a very cool song!!!

  • Bumbling Brit
    Bumbling Brit 22 hours ago +2

    Who would win:
    -A big scary battleship
    -One little sword-boi?

  • Kabuki Kitsune
    Kabuki Kitsune Day ago

    Though he Bismarck the ship was hated by the Brits, they do acknowledge the bravery of the men and her captain, as when surrounded He chose to fight to the bitter end; rather than surrendering. The fact that Bismarck went down swinging left an impression on all present. The torpedoing of Him, though it didn't really send Him to the bottom (he was already sinking), as more a honorable coup de grace to put the ship out of his misery.

  • Aman Jain
    Aman Jain Day ago +3

    Replay Button 1:45
    Cost = 1 Like

  • Yakuzawa Gaming
    Yakuzawa Gaming Day ago +3

    300 times of repeating this holy best sht song 😭

  • Yakuzawa Gaming
    Yakuzawa Gaming Day ago +2

    I push the subs button when bismarck come.
    Fall into abbys love .

  • Kellen M.
    Kellen M. Day ago +1

    Imagine being out on a fishing trip in the middle of ocean and end up seeing a bunch of dudes playing a rock song on another boat.

  • David Smith
    David Smith Day ago +1

    ..... Fuck the Bismark and fuck the kriegsmarine......
    Ss New Jersey and the United States Navy all day bitches _l_ _l_

    • David Smith
      David Smith 16 hours ago

      I respect England for destroying the Bismarck.

    • BrainPower
      BrainPower 18 hours ago

      have some respect

  • Piper Pruiksma
    Piper Pruiksma Day ago

    Swedish Rammstein

  • Aww So cute
    Aww So cute Day ago +1

    This song is so lit 1000% better than the original

  • Jamie McLain
    Jamie McLain Day ago

    Love this song !

  • Cup Noodles
    Cup Noodles Day ago

    Fucking Wargaming

  • Дядюшка Вальтер

    Кто сабы переводил, не вкурсе что "плавает" только говно, а Бисморк "in motion" - двигается

  • Nakamura-ninja
    Nakamura-ninja Day ago +1


  • Rosana Hernández Muñoz


  • Anthony Moise
    Anthony Moise Day ago

    Sabaton Bismarck Crismari 🤔

  • Scipio the Mushroomman

    In May of nineteen forty-one the war had just begun
    The Germans had the biggest ship, they had the biggest guns
    The Bismarck was the fastest ship that ever sailed the sea
    On her deck were guns as big as steers and shells as big as trees



  • Templar Knight
    Templar Knight Day ago

    HMS Hood: Hears Music
    First Officer: Captain, what is that music?
    Captain: Oh, nice a free Sabaton concert!
    Bismarck: *Appears*

  • David Baer
    David Baer Day ago +3

    Anyone notice that about three quarters through every sabaton song the tunes go down and you think the song ended?

  • Anthony Bushell
    Anthony Bushell Day ago +5

    Thank you Sabaton, wth all of the interest showen in this remarkable soundtrack and accompanying video, lets hope that James Cameron or Steven Spielberg work some magic and retell the tragic story of the loss of over 3,500 souls from the HMS Hood and Bismark. May they all rest in peace.

  • YouCLTube
    YouCLTube Day ago

    Top song, greetings.

  • Aas89
    Aas89 Day ago

    Can anyone explain the locket with the numbers scratched on it and was it a real life event?

    • Aas89
      Aas89 17 hours ago

      Kabuki Kitsune Thank you

    • Kabuki Kitsune
      Kabuki Kitsune Day ago +1

      Those are the actual co-ordinates for where Bismarck now rests. It's where he sank, and yes, this is all a true story.

  • vlr
    vlr Day ago +25

    First lesson you learn from history: No unsinkable ship is unsinkable.

    • Zeta Reticuli
      Zeta Reticuli 9 hours ago +2

      Especially not a ship that was build to go to war...

  • FalkeEins
    FalkeEins Day ago +1

    ..not a good career move to glorify a Nazi war machine. Better song than 'Red Baron' though - that was just laughable.

    • FalkeEins
      FalkeEins 18 hours ago

      Antônio Fernandes I guess we can agree that this is a good song! And video! And yes it’s more about the battle that led directly to Bismarck’s end!

    • Antônio Fernandes
      Antônio Fernandes 18 hours ago

      @FalkeEins I agree that the band Marduk combines more with the Nazis, but, seriously, Bismarck (despite being from the Third Reich) was an incredible war machine, literally a lord of the seas. He deserves this wonderful song!

    • FalkeEins
      FalkeEins 20 hours ago

      @Antônio Fernandes lets leave the Nazi 'history' to bands like Marduk. And lets see Sabaton celebrate the Spitfire or HMS Hood, y'know the good guys!!

    • Kabuki Kitsune
      Kabuki Kitsune Day ago +1

      Read the credits at the end. This is more about the fight than anything.

    • Antônio Fernandes
      Antônio Fernandes Day ago +2

      Do not be boring, bro. Sabaton makes music about history, what did you expect? Cotton candy? They've done some songs about the Soviet Union, which was just as bad as the Nazis.
      Do not be a fool, man.

  • Bim Bom
    Bim Bom Day ago +3

    Клип офигенный и тебе из России уважуха чувак

  • Demonaire Rai
    Demonaire Rai Day ago

    The nazis, at least, put its Navy to fight the Royal Navy. Instead, the biggest feature the German Fleet had in WWI was the scuttling on Scapa Flow.

  • XAnonAdviserX
    XAnonAdviserX Day ago +2

    Sabaton is running out of history to sing about...

    • orcun kr
      orcun kr Day ago

      there'll be new materials soon, sadly..

  • eSpillah
    eSpillah Day ago +2

    There is enough heavy metal in this song to rebuild that ship

  • Коля Лукоил

    текст песни повеселил))прям ахереть какой крутой корабль был, ржал громко и долго=))) привет недобитым нацистам)))

    • Летающий Шмель
      Летающий Шмель 19 hours ago

      @Коля Лукоил Ну не спорю

    • Коля Лукоил
      Коля Лукоил 19 hours ago

      @Летающий Шмель ну братиш, война, это не рыцарский турнир))

    • Летающий Шмель
      Летающий Шмель 23 hours ago

      @Коля Лукоил Один на один этот корабль действительно был непотопляемым, так-то.

    • Коля Лукоил
      Коля Лукоил Day ago

      @Летающий Шмель не спорю толстый был корабль, но грохнули его при первом же выходе в море ( и слава богу ) в песне же преподносится что этот мутант был крутым, непотопляемым и т . д.

    • Летающий Шмель
      Летающий Шмель Day ago

      Самый толстый линкор в антлантике, между прочим. Очередной гений немецкой мысли.

    IIIIIRepoIIIII Day ago +1

    Is it just me or, Does this song go together with "The Final Countdown" like butter and toast?