Everything Wrong With The Happening In 21 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
  • Oy.
    Thursday: sins of a "thriller"?
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Comments • 5 019

  • Matthew Hall
    Matthew Hall Day ago

    Sooo bird box now?

  • Original Songwriter
    Original Songwriter 3 days ago

    The Shawshank projection comparison is hysterical and profound

  • JD Smith
    JD Smith 5 days ago

    Truly one of the worst movies ever made, written, thought of.

  • Glitter
    Glitter 5 days ago

    1:50 He also blinded an Asian man once.

  • Jay Mel
    Jay Mel 5 days ago

    Someone, anyone, please tell me how the girl in the beginning sitting there reading a book, pauses, then asks her friend to tell her what part she is at, as she forgot. Why would her friend know where she was at? Are they reading to each other out loud? Either way, it's a baffling scene, at beast, and completely nonsensical at worst.
    Never mind, it is actually a great way to introduce this movie now that I actually read my sentence.

  • Mika Beck
    Mika Beck 6 days ago

    Anyone notice the wine glass full of wine not swishing when Elliot was talking to the kid at the dinner table?

  • Taylor Pittman
    Taylor Pittman 7 days ago

    I took my dog on a walk with auto play on and ToonTown ReWritten on, came back to this video on with toon background music and it makes this absolutely hilarious

  • Bruce T
    Bruce T 7 days ago

    No obvious sin for the fake wine @ 15:24 ?!?!

    He holds it at an angle and it appears fake lmao!

    This movie really sucks ha.

  • stormz media
    stormz media 7 days ago

    whats the best part of banging Zooey Deschanel? you get to bang Zooey Deschanel, and Katy Perry at the same time

  • stormz media
    stormz media 7 days ago

    15:23 sin for using a fake liquid wine glass, and tilting it constantly

  • Lynn V.
    Lynn V. 7 days ago

    Do everything wrong with the crazies

  • Frank Hodges
    Frank Hodges 7 days ago

    15:25 you're not gonna say anything about the fact that his "wine" in his glass doesn't move at all when being moved around like that?

  • John M
    John M 8 days ago +1

    I never got this film. Like, NATURE is killing people for being a dick towards it? (to use this guy's phrase). Seriously? That's some thin ass plot.

  • Lance Brown
    Lance Brown 8 days ago

    Lol shit!!!!!

  • Arlene OConnor
    Arlene OConnor 9 days ago

    CinemaSins missed the fact that the "wine" they were drinking at the table never moved around in the glass while he was animatedly talking :)

  • Spectrum of the Sky
    Spectrum of the Sky 9 days ago

    found another sin that wasnt pointed out, check out the solid wine in those glasses where the kid is sitting at the table asking "is this a joke?" - when Mark Walburg picks up the glass and explains whatever is going on the "liquid" in the glass is a solid.

  • Ryan Lesner
    Ryan Lesner 9 days ago

    This guy had a four wheel drive truck. Why not drive over the grass?

  • Ryan Lesner
    Ryan Lesner 9 days ago +3

    Why hasn't anyone realized that they should PUT ON A GAS MASK??!!

  • Flora St-Pierre
    Flora St-Pierre 10 days ago

    "Devrais amener mon vélo" said the French guy that means "should bring my bicycle" there's words missing in your sentence there buddy!

  • karlma lone
    karlma lone 10 days ago

    How did you miss at 15:34 he picks up a glass of wine and tips it side to side and it stays flat in the glass?

  • Nicholas Demond
    Nicholas Demond 11 days ago

    You can't sin someone for saying cheese and crackers when you say cheese and crackers.

  • Marcus Scribbles,Drawing cartoons and games!

    I need answers!
    Why did the air come back?

  • Gameknight 995
    Gameknight 995 12 days ago +2

    Friend: how would you describe this movie
    Me: I don’t know

  • JustADude WithAnIQ
    JustADude WithAnIQ 12 days ago

    15:09, where Marc Wahlberg entirely reveals the prop wine glasses to the world is just icing on the cake that is this bonkers movie.

  • MrCrazybadbastard
    MrCrazybadbastard 12 days ago +1

    Every second of this movie should count as a sin, it's fucking terrible

  • gagaplex LPs
    gagaplex LPs 12 days ago

    Yes, the great science teacher who teaches that the world is fundamentally incomprehensible and scientists put answers in the books just to comfort themselves.

  • Mason Williams
    Mason Williams 12 days ago

    This movie was kinda funny

  • jsdzx
    jsdzx 13 days ago

    Worse movie I ever saw in a theater

  • Eldar Lenk
    Eldar Lenk 14 days ago

    Why is everyone talking about wine glass? That house is a showing house, everything in there is fake including TVs, food, etc.

  • Mary joy Gelizon
    Mary joy Gelizon 14 days ago

    What i got
    The plants grass and tree are taking reveange by releasing toxins they hate us cause they keeo cutting us down

  • Brendan Rickey
    Brendan Rickey 14 days ago

    (15:24) I'm not sure if it was supposed to be this way but the wine in his glass isn't even real. WHY!

    SUGALiLY 15 days ago

    Why does no one note the fact that the wine glass is clearly fake ? He's moving it all around and the "wine" doesn't move at all. It really bothers me.

  • Wayne Jackson
    Wayne Jackson 15 days ago

    You notice the wine in the wine glasses state level no matter where the glass was moved

  • David Wells
    David Wells 15 days ago

    At 15:23 why was the solidified wine not a sin?

    • David Wells
      David Wells 15 days ago

      Unspillable wine is unspillable

  • Creeper Cat
    Creeper Cat 16 days ago

    Anyone else notice at 15:22 that the wine is just a solid mass lol.

  • ScissorMeTimbers
    ScissorMeTimbers 16 days ago +1

    Marky ain't even a bad actor. He just tries too hard and it's shite.

  • Nate Skaggs
    Nate Skaggs 16 days ago

    No sins for the fake glasses of wine?

  • Cory Anthony
    Cory Anthony 17 days ago

    Mark Wahlberg. Worst actor ever..ding

  • SUNY Rizson
    SUNY Rizson 18 days ago

    U missed 1 ! When the kid asks why is this happening? He’s drinking wine 🍷 but it never moves 😂

  • Mickey Williams-Turner

    Top 10 worst movie I've ever seen.

  • Kaleb Koch
    Kaleb Koch 18 days ago

    15:24 I like how the wine in his glass doesn’t move at all as he rotates the glass a ton. Why would they even put fake wine in the movie? Is there a rule that every single thing in movies or tv shows *has* to be fake?

  • chronic2501
    chronic2501 18 days ago +1

    M. Night Shyamalan watched the Twilight Zone episode "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" and was like how can I make a terrible movie about this great episode? lol

  • Thiefman 6719
    Thiefman 6719 19 days ago

    15:25 Elliot’s wine never moves in the glass when he clearly tilts it multiple times

  • Bravereel 150
    Bravereel 150 19 days ago

    Stacey's mom got the like

  • tobiasz torzeski
    tobiasz torzeski 20 days ago

    15:26 fossilized wine

  • Travis Rodrigue
    Travis Rodrigue 21 day ago

    Windows is the real enemy here. If that paranoia theory is correct, we at least have 2 people to blame for that; Bill Gates and Paul Allen!

  • Shade 340
    Shade 340 22 days ago

    It will look like, will happen happening happened

  • PugnaciouS
    PugnaciouS 22 days ago

    2:11 This is the greatest thing in the whole movie! Hahaha!

  • Outside with Kim
    Outside with Kim 23 days ago

    You bleep all the F words but leave in gd? If you are in any way concerned about offending people.. please just stop saying that.

  • Captain Deadpool
    Captain Deadpool 23 days ago

    15:23 i like how they couldn't even use food coloring and water for fake wine. that liquid is a solid.

  • Aaron Hawkins
    Aaron Hawkins 24 days ago

    As pointed out in the Rifftrax of The Happening, one of the greatest missed opportunities or sins of the movie is that during the final scene in Paris we don't get a shot of countless people jumping/plummeting off the Eiffel Tower. It wouldn't have saved the movie (not even close) but it at least could've gone out with a crazy, memorable, shocking, and fucked up image

  • DroneXFun
    DroneXFun 24 days ago

    Maybe wind does cause cancer. hehe

  • James Tangman
    James Tangman 24 days ago

    15:30 Also, obviously fake wine in the glass is obviously fake.

  • MikeRolls
    MikeRolls 24 days ago

    So what ended the plants taking over the world?

  • Theresa Stevens
    Theresa Stevens 24 days ago

    Hey it's Cameron from Ferris Buellers Day Off

  • Austin Zax
    Austin Zax 25 days ago

    Just go to ocean

  • Sean Sundby
    Sean Sundby 25 days ago

    "I bet this guy's stand up act kills in filbert" Lmfao!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 26 days ago

    Js, the High school i went to had light switches on both sides of the class, one on the entrance and one by the teachers desk for some reason. We like to think there was more money spent on useless things rather than actual teaching materials.

  • Olivia McDonagh
    Olivia McDonagh 26 days ago

    I'm pretty sure Mark Wahlberg started off being invested in this film, but as they got through the script, he just thought "ah, fuck it."

  • Random Person
    Random Person 27 days ago

    So.... Its bird box?