IGN's Top 25 Xbox One Games (Spring 2017)

We've updated our list of the 25 Xbox One games you shouldn't miss if you pick up Microsoft's latest console.

Top 25 Nintendo 3DS Games - Spring 2017 Update:

Top 25 Wii U Games (Spring 2017):

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Автор Emily Ann ( назад)
Xbox one and the PlayStation 4 are basically the same thing. Why do people hate on the other console so much when they do the exact same thing?

Автор SegwayDweeb ( назад)
Though I own an Xbox One and not a PS4, I at least realise that the Xbox One is inferior despite my love for it. Sunset Overdrive is literally the only fantastic Xbox One exclusive (Of which there are only 6 decent ones). They have Bloodbourne, Uncharted 4, Nioh and Horizon Zero Dawn. Not to mention all the PS3 ports and general graphical or frame rate boost over multi-platform games. I would have chosen a PS4 if I had known what an Xbox One would become.

Автор esperCELL ( назад)
no.1 Inside

Автор Shewli Das ( назад)
shit ex-box

Автор John Collazo ( назад)
In watching this video as if i have money to spend, but in reality im broke as hell😂

Автор Adam Evoric ( назад)
Inside is good but not number one.

Автор sammie11905 ( назад)

Автор sammie11905 ( назад)
Look IGN I know you try to make good Top 25 lists but you always make people mad even on your game reviews

Автор Tommohawk05 ( назад)
Why wasn't roblox number one

Автор Corey Mitchell 2020 ( назад)
gta v baby

Автор highfived ( назад)
halo online problems fixed is this true ?

Автор Mauro Véliz Cedeño ( назад)
Forza Motorsport 6 guys!

Автор Harreh Bruh ( назад)
A reason I chose Xbox over PS4 is because my cousins have a PS4 and I HAAAAAAATE my cousins

Автор brian hajewski ( назад)
brother has Minecraft Xbox one edition

Автор brian hajewski ( назад)
I have deadrising 4 lv. 87

Автор jake sully1 ( назад)
Battlefield 1?, Arkham Knight?, Alien Isolation?

Автор Tucker Rockenbaugh ( назад)
Can someone just tell me so I don't have to watch this whole thing

Автор Borck Chicken ( назад)
am i the only one watching this even though i dont have xbox one? ofcourse im the only one... 🙁

Автор CEWIIH ( назад)
Overwatch and Dishonored 2 in the top 10?! Tomb Raider NOT #1?! lordy...I really gotta stop taking these top lists so seriously.. :)

Автор K ( назад)
where's battlefield 1?

Автор SquidParty ( назад)
gta 5 still up there. keep it up!

Автор The Digital Type ( назад)
tomb raider over the Witcher?l?! never in your life

Автор JohnieBeGood12 ( назад)
Not counting HD Remaster

Автор greywolf 18 ( назад)
no no man's sky?

Автор DerpyNubFTW ( назад)
I came into the comments section expecting salt. I found it

Автор Once I was Sony Only ( назад)
Is this a joke?IGN stop trolling Xbox fans because they have no games.

Автор Anubis Anger ( назад)
if you're too lazy to watch... here is the full list:
25. dead rising 4
24. wolfenstein the new order
23. oxenfree
22. minecraft
21. halo 5 guardians
20. diablo 3 ultimate evil edition
19. ori and the blind forest
18. fallout 4
17. dark souls 3
16. halo the master chief collection
15. sunset overdrive
14. doom
13. dragon age inquisition
12. firewatch
11. gears of wars
10. titanfall 2
9. dishonored 2
8. overwatch
7. forza horizon 3
6. the witness
5. metal gear solid 5 phantom pain
4. the witcher 3 wild hunt
3. rise of the tomb raider
2. grand theft auto 5
1. inside

Автор mlgbluishcookie ( назад)
weres mafia 3. it was AMAZING

Автор Gruxan ( назад)
Guys buy Titanfall 2 if you want a good game for xbox one, it is so under rated

Автор Jedi Dragons Productions ( назад)
I've had a better experience just with Halo 5, Gears 4, Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break than any of Sony's offerings in the past 2 years.

Автор Tracy Jones ( назад)
IGN you're not slick Ori and the blind forest Fallout 4 those games came out last year

Автор MidniteBlues ( назад)
I helped my nephew sell his xbox one, before I sold it I turned on the console to reset it. While I was doing this I realized how cheap the console feels and how bad the interface was. It looked like Alcatel designed it. Definitely reassured myself that I made the right decision when I bought a Ps4.

Автор Jackson Lewison ( назад)
Why is the witcher 3 number 1 on PS4 but has several multi platform games ahead of it on the Xbox one list it's not like it runs better on Xbox one

Автор CK Films ( назад)
No love for Skyrim?!

Автор davs2222 ( назад)
Witcher 3 is no.1 in PS4 and no.4 in Xbox One list.
Rise of the tomb raider is no 10 on PS4 and number 3 on Xbox 360 .
GTA V is no. 7 on PS4 and no. 2 on Xbox one list . Reviews of these​ games on both consoles are the same ( no performance dips or frame rate issues in any of the consoles )
Care to explain IGN ?

Автор Jack Moffat ( назад)
I'm not trying to hate, but when I look at it, I see no incentive to buy an Xbox. I mean, I've played halo, it's fun, but I don't think it's worth buying a console for. Other than that, it just has a couple other exclusives that are kind of "meh" for me and multi plats. If there is a multi plat game, than it just makes logical sense to get it on pc instead. If any Xbox owners see this, I just want to know what makes you love it. I've never been much of a gamer until now, and I'm trying to start looking around at all companies, because I've stuck with Nintendo for my consoles for a while.

Автор John Ding ( назад)
Surprised, battlefield 1 is not on the list

Автор Drake Rigdon ( назад)
shitstation has no exclusives.

Автор Pranksta1985 ( назад)
Lol I came here just for shits and giggles what do you Xbots even play???

Автор dave Taylor ( назад)
cmon its not like xbox has the pick of the litter when it comes to games...i was in GAME the other day and all i could think is "where are all the xbox games?" 😕

Автор Ja'Crispy Smoove ( назад)
Batman: Arkham Knight and Quantum Break should be here, the former should be top 10

Автор primobol ( назад)
1080p video???

this barley 480p

this is disgusting

Автор Lord Deer ( назад)
I despise this console

Автор Hamzah Khwaja ( назад)
Only 6 exlusives.

Автор Sergelgar ( назад)
"Sounds familiar Star Wars fans?"

Автор Saul Lavelle ( назад)

Автор Apple BIng ( назад)
Mass effect Andromeda

Автор skankhunt 42 ( назад)
Dead Rising 4 is so underrated I'm glad it's on the list

Автор skankhunt 42 ( назад)
Dead Rising 4 is so underrated I'm glad it's on the list

Автор Luis Callejo ( назад)
I dont even have Xbox one and im wtching this

Автор julius2199 ( назад)

Автор vagrantman100 ( назад)
in short: 25 best multiplatform games of 2017 list

Автор Bill Southey ( назад)
Where's Star Wars battlefront? should be on ur list u nimrods

Автор Paata qochorashvili ( назад)
Where is a ryse son of rome?

Автор Felix600 ( назад)
So glad to see that wolfenstein the new order has been on every top 25 list

Автор FireNinja671 ( назад)
for me its Autumn

Автор donald dixon ( назад)
Oh this is pitiful

Автор thedjrobot ( назад)
I mean Halo 5 and Gears of war 4

Автор thedjrobot ( назад)
Games I like is #21, #11.

Автор naknapastorn ( назад)
So how is inside, tomb raider, gta 5 better then the witcher 3 on xbox one but not on ps4? How does that make sence?

Автор minibeast21 ( назад)
this list looks like shit when you compare it to Ign equivalrnt list for PS4

Автор Josue Cervantes ( назад)
I'm pretty sure xbox has more indies than playstation. And playstation definitely has more triple A exclusives so can everyone shut up about which console has more exclusives. It's pointless to keep talking about that topic

Автор DigitalBerserk ( назад)
Sadly most of the games are on Ps4, i was expecting an exclusive list.

Автор i crigon 550 ( назад)
what about Ark survival evolved?

Автор ThatTexasGirl ( назад)
Xbox:I'm dying help!
PS4: I'll call the ambulance
Will u Will u Will u Will u

(Sorry had too couldn't hold it)

Автор Sakif Alam ( назад)
When are we going to get a top 25 for PS4?

Автор mario oliveira ( назад)
Thought they were going to make gow4 their number one game for a second , that game is straight trash

Автор Темирлан Тастанов ( назад)
Did you actually put Shit Raider before the Witcher 3? Jeez, what's wrong with you?

Автор Arclight Sama ( назад)
what is the Xbox ? a Console ?

Автор Im sexy and i know it ( назад)
Hahahaha so little line up, and most of it are on PC as well.


Автор Mert Koseoglu ( назад)
I wish forza horizon was on ps4.

Автор Ben K ( назад)
Do not believe this fraud said especially about halo

Автор Ben K ( назад)
Ryan mccaffrey should slit his own throat by calling halo 5 has the best MP since h2.

Автор Sludge-and-Death ( назад)
I'm just wondering why this is an Xbox list when most of the games are on pc and ps4 as well.

Автор The Last Mohican ( назад)

Автор mickael biohzard ( назад)
dark souls 3????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Автор Quite funny ( назад)
do the same for Android

Автор eddiespagheddie ( назад)
how did shitty games like halo mcc and sunset overdrive beat fallout 4 and darksouls let alone make it on the list.

Автор Nithus Siva ( назад)
Where are Persona 5? Nier? Horizon?

Автор Ajith KM ( назад)
what r the best ps4 games😂

Автор crashpal ( назад)
Top 25 "Microsoft" Games. Most of these are available for PC

Автор Basel Almadi ( назад)
I don't hate XBOX , but it's really sad to this list almost similar to its predecessor, while Sony filling ps4 library with incredible exceclusive everyday

Автор Ton Ton ( назад)
no quantum break?

Автор D Jann ( назад)
you should put resident evil 7 here.
same on you IGN

Автор Aidan M. ( назад)
I completely expected to find Inside at the number one spot and I was happy to be right. Gorgeous masterpiece

Автор Lucas ( назад)
You didn't even mention Rare Replay. Such shame, IGN.

Автор Anto Mazza ( назад)

Автор Eri Velasquez ( назад)
Dark souls 3 should be higher on the list IMO. It's a shame Xbox one lacks in exclusives... if I didn't have so much stuff on my account, I would have a PS4 by now.

Автор The Dark Knight Returns ( назад)
This list confirms xbox is dead!!! 75% of these games are also on ps4 lmao. xbox is the most useless console ever

Автор Butt-Dumpling Fart-Goblin ( назад)
@1:08 "what can we say..." i dunno maybe the same sentence you always say whenever you repeat a game that was on the previous list, perhaps?

Автор Ayush Pandey ( назад)
Multiplayer and XBOX Play Anywhere is the main reason I got an XBOX One S despite having a PC for gaming.

Автор Captan Obvious ( назад)
Great games to be honest. The problem is that xbox is useless as a gaming platform now when PC is offering you the exact same games, while xbox became a cheaper version for those who can't spend money on a powerfull PC.

Автор Night Time ( назад)
Mass Effect Andromeda is missing from this list :p

Автор Nick Doyle ( назад)
Yeah idk about this list...... All opinion I suppose
Rainbow six seige
Skyrim (if you count GTA than skyrim should qualify)

Автор Chill Blinton ( назад)
Top 25 and only 8 are actual "exclusives"? smh...

Автор peru7600 ( назад)
What, no Rock Band 4

Автор Swarlok ( назад)
name of the song on minute 8:10 plz

Автор Solid Snake ( назад)
Inside. Are you kidding?

Автор Fumtime Foxy ( назад)
awesome 😜

Автор Epic Gaming Moments ( назад)
Where is bf1?

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