I went to school with Olivia Jade... the real problem

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • Recently Lori Loughlin was charged with the crime of paying $500,000 to have her daughters admitted to USC by a scheme of pretending they were on the rowing team. This was crazy because I went to the same high school as Olivia Jade! I think the latest is that Lori is out on bail... I guess we'll see what happens. #collegecheatingscandal
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  • Harlow
    Harlow  Month ago +11351

    HEY EVERYONE! I've been getting a lot of hate from the girls at the school I was speaking about in this video. I want to make clear I only attended this school for a week at the beginning of the year and realized it was not a good fit for me, which is why I left. It is definitely a good education at these schools, and I am not saying it isn't. I want the best for all of these girls that work hard and I hope they get into the colleges that are the best fit for them. I won't be responding to bullying and accusations, everything in this video is true from my experience. Love y'all! Be nice to one another.

    • xxcharmedxx530
      xxcharmedxx530 9 hours ago

      I can see why these girls are annoyed if you only attended the school for a few days,you're not really in a position to say much but I guess it gets you views to say you were in the same building as Olivia for a few days.

    • nickiandrihannapeace
      nickiandrihannapeace 2 days ago

      I can't believe you spoiled brats even threatened to sue her...well what else would we expect from marymount girls ig

    • Denise Baugh
      Denise Baugh 2 days ago

      Mariam Kamel nn

    • nickiandrihannapeace
      nickiandrihannapeace 3 days ago

      +Alexis Westland Well maybe it's because you rich snobs don't know what it is like to be genuinely nice?

    • nickiandrihannapeace
      nickiandrihannapeace 3 days ago

      +Skylar go fuck yourself pls

  • Edward Short
    Edward Short 5 hours ago

    Great video, stop playing with your hair. Makes me think you have lice

  • C Dragon
    C Dragon 8 hours ago

    You look like Mexican actress and singer ANAHI

  • TheKpat2070
    TheKpat2070 8 hours ago

    You are a worthless excuse for a human being. American could do without your dumbass.

  • xxcharmedxx530
    xxcharmedxx530 8 hours ago

    Maybe Lori should have been more accepting of Olivia instead of forcing her into a college she didn't want to attend.

  • nimu procès
    nimu procès 16 hours ago

    i hope that the kids who are following olivia jade also see your video to keep their feet on earth... :) :p

  • Mendes Army
    Mendes Army 20 hours ago

    talk about views

  • mariahsmiles22
    mariahsmiles22 Day ago +2

    You have a beautiful soul. Keep sharing it, please. 💙

  • Noah Bolin
    Noah Bolin Day ago

    You are so dumb that you have made everyone more stupid just buy watching you you should be ashamed for the way you talk

  • Steven Bodnar
    Steven Bodnar Day ago

    you sound retarded. you are not a smart person and that is why you dropped out.

  • Michael G
    Michael G Day ago

    Umm.. kind of wondering how you could not immediately see or know that the snobby LA rich kids/celebrity school scene (the plot of every teen movie) would not be your thing? Especially as you are are a socially savvy you-tuber with millions of views, basically trying to be an influencer like OJ was, but now seem comfortable capitalizing on her newfound infamy.

  • Martha S
    Martha S Day ago

    I just don’t understand the logic here. If you’re willing to pay $500,000 to get your daughter into USC, why not just pay that much to get your daughter(s) tutoring and other resources that would legitimately allow them admission into USC?

  • Seriously Single Mom

    Thank you for your insightful video. I am grateful that a bright and intelligent young woman such as yourself is putting out content that other young people can see.
    As a parent, I recently had an ah-ha moment. I always wanted to send my son to a “better” school until I realized that it is not the building but the experience.
    Please keep on sharing your wisdom because you are a breath of fresh air! Thanks 🤓🤓🤓

  • MairinMairin
    MairinMairin Day ago

    I’m not so sure this was a smart video. Basically all you had to say is you knew the whole time that all of it was fake. You just wanted to brag that you knew her and you went to school with her. If you had real information you’d make a video. But u did t for the clout instead buddy

  • Samanduh
    Samanduh Day ago

    I chocked when she talked about how she had to get up super early and have many hours of homework like I wake up at 8 am and leave school at 3 pm I never have homework and if I do I do it in class and I feel SUFFOCATED, how did you do it🤣

  • Sam Ruhl
    Sam Ruhl Day ago

    hehe if she wont drop the name I will she went to Marymount and the only reason I know this is because I have lots of friends who go there/ graduated from there

  • Tia Jenner
    Tia Jenner Day ago

    Okay so I googled it and I think she’s referring to the Marymount high school. I live in Rome and there’s one of them here too and all my friends who went there (three people) told me kids were very judgmental since a tender age. I personally went to a private high school but less expensive and not so “exclusive” and I think these kind of high schools care about students more than a regular public school, so they’re not so bad after all.

  • damm comethru
    damm comethru Day ago

    Very annoying to watch just commented and left. Typical RUclipr hand gestures and The voice inflections .. stay in school and get yourself a real job

  • Cheyanne Schulte
    Cheyanne Schulte Day ago +1

    I absolutely love this video! You're absolutely amazing, and it's very rare to find someone so humble with the wealth and the beauty. ❤❤

  • Robert Mitchell
    Robert Mitchell Day ago

    Quite vapid, and empty is this world. You think USC is hard to get into? Look out in the world a little. Not exactly the world of the intellect.

  • ༒ riluhmꤕ ༒ ꪜ

    *no offense but you literally attended this school for ONE week and decided to make a "I went to school with x" video ?*
    edit: ok so I watched the video.. I heard so much relevant things from it thank you... like the fact that you actually went to school with Olivia jade.. and you sometimes saw her at school... wow I can't believe it.. so many new and relevant informations.. literally your vid is a gem thank you xx

  • My Wonderland
    My Wonderland Day ago

    What she did was wrong but using her problems to make views, throwing shit on her for more popolarity like you do, it is not better. Sorry not sorry

  • BreAnna Pannells


  • princess ASIYA
    princess ASIYA Day ago

    lmao when u said subaru lmaooo now ik how broke i am i thought i can relate but you still rich rich compared to me but with a good heart whcih is good

  • Erica McGhie
    Erica McGhie 2 days ago +4

    @4:00 I feel like your trying to say it was like living in the movie Mean Girls. “On Wednesday’s we wear Pink!!!”

  • Pearlvin
    Pearlvin 2 days ago +2

    everything in the background to your voice is so pleasing. i really want to see you doing asmr if thats alright ?

  • Trin
    Trin 2 days ago

    You guys got in a fist fight haha lol

    ABC ABC 2 days ago

    Lori the Mom will commit suicide soon

  • Nia Davis
    Nia Davis 2 days ago

    you look so much like polandbananasBOOKS (a booktuber).

  • Sheri
    Sheri 2 days ago +1

    this video was pointless!! u didnt say anything we dont already know! actually u knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about her!! u dont deserve almost the 5 mil. views and wasted 10 min. of my life! pls just go back to whatever little town u said u were from!

  • alex
    alex 2 days ago

    youre pretty

  • Sophia
    Sophia 3 days ago +1

    how jealous can you be

  • Sophia
    Sophia 3 days ago

    youre actually a fkn hater grow up

  • Blue bird
    Blue bird 3 days ago

    You are soo pretty
    Also love the vid just wanted to let you know k bye now

  • chip killa
    chip killa 3 days ago

    I can understand the hate this blondie is getting from these students she’s talking shit about. And also trying to slowly make this shit about herself for views and shit. Girl, you know what you’re doing.
    Lmfao, I do not care how polite.
    You got your own demons.

  • Jula Gomez
    Jula Gomez 3 days ago

    Why didn’t they put her on the tennis team because she actually plays tennis

  • nickiandrihannapeace

    Reading the comments from the "sailor sisters" thank GOD you left!!!

  • Kelly B
    Kelly B 3 days ago

    Why even gring her name up or her sisters..thats the proble,nwith this world..keep your comments to yourself. Olivia jade did nothing to you. What did you think you would get views from bringing this up..i guess it back fired on you cause your getting alot of hate. You went to the school for a damn week..get a grip girl..

  • Alie Smith
    Alie Smith 3 days ago

    Sis spilled that entire pot of SCALDING HOT TEA
    *loud applause*

  • Velkro Kitty
    Velkro Kitty 3 days ago

    you are adorable...be so very glad you didn't fit it there!

  • Aleksandra
    Aleksandra 3 days ago

    lmao, an usual polish school is like starting lessons at 8 or even 7, being at school until 4 or 5, HUGE amounts of homework EVERY SINGLE DAY and tests 384723894 times a week. Unexpected tests too, ones that your teachers didn't announce to check what you know without you studying. You Americans are sooo dramatic. Lol. Your schools sound like primary schools to us

  • JaieWall
    JaieWall 3 days ago

    It’s easy to overlook the obvious which is typically right in front of us.
    1. She does not video or edit her own videos
    2. She is provided with a rough outline so that very little thinking and work is required.
    3. If her mother paid 500k to get into USC one can only surmise that she paid someone to do her homework as well. I would be surprised if teachers have not been paid off.
    4. She does not feel the same pressure or have the same anxiety that most students experience. Regardless of how she performs the quality of her life will still remain as she has always known it to be.

  • Angie B
    Angie B 3 days ago

    School school school school mm school school school school school school school school 👎🏻

  • Julie Simmons
    Julie Simmons 4 days ago

    such a kind, intelligent take on the situation. i appreciate the thoughts directed towards minorities and families that aren't as wealthy relying on education for their future being undercut by people of wealth.

  • Ayelen Maldonado
    Ayelen Maldonado 4 days ago

    I hope her mom goes to jail

  • Keith Kelso
    Keith Kelso 4 days ago

    I think you’re a horrible person

  • Vannesa Bagambe
    Vannesa Bagambe 4 days ago +2

    used her name for clout!hope you got the subscribers you wanted!xx

  • bob barker
    bob barker 4 days ago

    Are you mentally inept or do you have ADHD? Or is sitting still and talking too difficult to do?

  • Christina Joy
    Christina Joy 4 days ago +3

    Like your videos. Amazing ! My videos are not too bad too.
    Hope you keep doing well....

  • El Jefe
    El Jefe 4 days ago

    Olivia Jade is a porn star name.

  • Grace Liddy
    Grace Liddy 4 days ago

    You’re alshit, just jealous lol leave her alone

  • Emilie Barnhart
    Emilie Barnhart 5 days ago

    The part where she says she didn’t understand how Olivia had time to travel because school consumed her own life. You can’t compare yourself to other people because everyone learns differently, everyone’s brains work and at different speeds. She basically says “I don’t know what her grades were at the time but there’s no way she could have good grades because I was a good student and I was consumed in homework, so there’s no way she had good grades.” Everyone is different.
    Obviously what Olivia’s P A R E N T S (notice I said parents because Olivia didn’t pay the college, her parents did) did was wrong, but this whole video is kind of pointless. You clearly stated you didn’t know Olivia and you only maybe had one class with her so you can’t really say anything bad because you only know what everyone else knows and that’s just what social media is telling you.
    And no, it’s not okay that she took an athletic scholarship away from someone. As an athlete myself I 100% disagree with that.

  • Erol Demirci
    Erol Demirci 5 days ago

    attended school for a week? yea, born into money... gotta be good, but i'm happy with what I've earned from scratch. Something you rich kids know zero about. super elite private school... don't front.

  • Hailey Hershey
    Hailey Hershey 5 days ago +25

    This video didn’t offer any pertinent information

  • malak nijmeh
    malak nijmeh 5 days ago +23

    yAAAAAsss we love how she's saving the turtles 😎 ( metal straw)

  • Chase Hatton
    Chase Hatton 5 days ago

    Harlow, stop with the constant open mouth showing your teeth nonsense. It just perpetuates the storyline of American girls being empty headed shallow plain looking and attractive only to fellow American male simpletons.

    GODZGANGSTA 5 days ago

    Jesus still coming

  • Greg Jay
    Greg Jay 5 days ago

    Dipp shit still good harddrive still good no drill holds

  • Meg 25
    Meg 25 5 days ago +64

    You sound so chill and humble. I feel bad that you felt out of place at that school. If I went there, I would for sure be your friend!

  • Sana Khaliq
    Sana Khaliq 5 days ago +31

    *iced chai tea*
    *If your Pakistani or Indian you'll get triggered by that*

    • ok
      ok Day ago

      Chai is a special sort of tea in other languages sooo

    • English Kpop Stans Are Lonely in England
      English Kpop Stans Are Lonely in England Day ago

      Genett Ciupak you just reinforced the fact she said iced tea tea, i-

    • Genett Ciupak
      Genett Ciupak 2 days ago

      Chai is also the name of a type of tea to Americans and Australians. As we all know across all countries there are some of the same words used that have different meaning, so getting “triggered” is childish not cultured. Smh

    • shOoBydOoByDoO
      shOoBydOoByDoO 3 days ago

      I literally started QuAkIinnng when she said that. (No hate🙌🏽😂)

    • English Kpop Stans Are Lonely in England
      English Kpop Stans Are Lonely in England 4 days ago +2

      Julianna H5782 okay but anyone cultured is obviously going to get triggered by a stupidly common misconception

  • Monchhichi
    Monchhichi 5 days ago +4

    they went to marymount highschool i was thinking of going there

    • Sheri
      Sheri 2 days ago +1

      kim k. & all her sisters went there too, but im sure u knew that

  • heccin hecc
    heccin hecc 5 days ago +2

    nothing to do with the drama but... your nails and outfit match so well to the background and it's really cute :)

  • Enivahs
    Enivahs 5 days ago +1

    Well, in France most of us in high school wake up around 6am to get to school before 8am, we then have classes until 5 or 6pm and still have our loads of homework, French people are still surprised to see how your school is scheduled

  • AmyZee
    AmyZee 5 days ago

    I live in Spain so we don't have those whole 'ivy league' things like in the USA but we do have a lot of competition when it comes to studying and grades. Last year I felt myself falling into a dark hole because I wasn't getting the grades I was supposed to and I was afraid of asking for help. That just resulted me having to study all summer and retake maths and physics in September. It was awful and I vowed myself to never do it again, to never hurt my parents the way I did and to stop believing in myself. This year I am studying my freaking socks off. I'm not so sure what my future is gonna be like but I know what things I like and it's really based in an artistic area: singing, dancing, drawing, designing, helping kids and assisting people. I absolutely love it. I'm working so so hard to get the grades I need and to prove not only myself but everyone how good I can be. I can't begin to imagine what those people must feel like after putting so many hours of study and not get into the college they want. And they we have miss Olivia Jade her sister and her mom who just magically get in. I'm sorry for literally writing out my life but I do really feel for those people. I'm sending them so many hugs, kisses and strength.

  • Rebekah Wiley
    Rebekah Wiley 6 days ago +2

    Can someone please tell me what the music is in the background

  • Andy Machala
    Andy Machala 6 days ago +3

    Thank you. Very interesting and brave. I think you touched on the important question - How do they get the grades - in high school and college? I mean at some point they do have to study and do the work to get the grades . Do they cheat their way through tests? Do the schools cheat for them?

  • Mr Crabs
    Mr Crabs 6 days ago +10

    I would be that one person who shows up in a messy bun and micky mouse slippers and my acne out😂😂💀 also THE AMOUNT OF SHADE has me dead😂😂💀

  • underthesun841
    underthesun841 6 days ago

    Why do you wear so much make up? So fake. Just like your LA personality.

  • sue h
    sue h 6 days ago

    If I have a daughter I wish she is just like you! Glad you don't care about material things. Good for you!

  • Iman Misha
    Iman Misha 6 days ago +3

    that 6-4 school routine, I have gone through that for 8 years ever since I was 7. singaporean schools do that to u.

  • Maren Finan
    Maren Finan 6 days ago

    You guys got in a fist fight? :o

  • Sally Brack
    Sally Brack 6 days ago +1

    the grey uniform skirt is so gosh darn cute where can I get one lololol

  • Karla Alvarado
    Karla Alvarado 7 days ago

    if you only went there for a week why are you making it seem like you went their whole junior year. you said you went their junior year. lmao people only do this stuff for attention i swear

    • D S
      D S 6 days ago

      and it was discovered that she only went there for 3 days. She wouldn't even have seen OJ

  • Karla Alvarado
    Karla Alvarado 7 days ago

    marymount high school

  • Claire Hanley
    Claire Hanley 7 days ago

    same culture where i’m from- a broke chick in a rich overpressured high school where every kid is in a constant fit of anxiety and has no time to live life, have hobbies, breathe. fucks people up

  • Time to leave
    Time to leave 7 days ago

    Wouldn’t the rowing team be wondering why they’re missing one? She didn’t take any sports seat away. I believe it’s just a - looking good on paper to get in “thing.” But if they need 14 rowers, they got them or let them in. It’s LaLa land remember that. Weird times.....

  • ailany mota
    ailany mota 7 days ago

    If you’re saying that you were poor or didn’t had that much money like them, how were you in a private school??

  • carrot12
    carrot12 7 days ago

    Private education is such a problem in the UK as well as the US. If you can pay your way into the private education system, it's very hard to break yourself out of the bubble of the private system. You believe you deserve to be there, because you're smart and your parents were smart so shouldn't that be rewarded? You deserve to be at Oxford or Cambridge - it's where you were meant to be. You spent this much money on your education, so you deserve to get the most out of it. It's not your fault other people are too stupid to afford it. This is a toxic mindset people so often get trapped in. I only know this system because I know a huge number of people who were privately educated and privately educated their kids at Eton, Harrow, Westminster, Fettes you name it. Hell, I nearly attended a prestigious boarding school with ponies and polo on the curriculum. And I often like these people, but their choices (or their parents choices) in education sickens me, and how it often dooms people to a classist, exclusionary mentality where the world revolves around wealth and the innate belief that they deserve it all.

  • Raquel Rodriguez
    Raquel Rodriguez 7 days ago

    This is highly upsetting. I've worked in the Education field for a few years now, domestically and internationally and there is a huge gap for minorities (not only POC) but those underprivileged in the U.S.
    I currently work with a well off student and the school he attends is mostly made up of caucasians (hummm) and I've also worked in a number of public schools with underprivileged students who just happen to be POC. It baffles me that people would place Affirmitive Action at the same level of this nonsense. If I were to compare the quality of education the urban students get to the wealthier ones it wouldn't even come close.
    This in-turn affects a student down the line. If you can provide a well off student with the "tools" they need to succeed then they are already a step ahead. Let's take all these tools away and see who really makes it to the top, and let's make sure they start from scratch(childhood). This will give room to judge equally. Not to add the fact that Urban students can still succeed without the added benfits says a lot for it self, they can STILL make it to the top without help (cheating if you ask me).
    So once everyone starts getting the same quality education don't say these oppurtunitues shouldn't be there for minorities, because it is clear money buys you a better one or your way in. Ridiculous.
    Oh and your GPA won't guarantee your way into a college. You have to be more then book smart, you have to be a well rounded student. People put too much emphasis on just been book smart, but not being or doing anything else -- that's not how it works.

  • Lan Truong
    Lan Truong 7 days ago

    str8 facts man society so twisted. find ur own happiness and dont let go simple as that

  • unknownknown
    unknownknown 7 days ago +85

    Where my IB diploma kids at? No one will ever understand 😂😭

  • WackiestShoe428
    WackiestShoe428 7 days ago

    Not only are you more articulate than her, but far smarter as well...better looking as well...great video.

    • M.B.
      M.B. 6 days ago

      If you want anyone worthwhile to care, leave out comments about looks.

  • JM
    JM 8 days ago +1

    "I think the latest is that Lori is out on bail"... so you couldn't be bothered to look it up? Or is that part of some lazy, ditzy online persona?

    • Caroline Stone
      Caroline Stone 7 days ago +1

      Well theres also a lot of false news out there so. i dont blame her for saying that. she probably didn’t want to put any extra rumors out there and get attacked for sayin anything incorrect

  • Rosie Saints
    Rosie Saints 8 days ago

    I feel for you sweetheart. I’m a mom and I know about some of these schools. My daughter was offered a scholarship based on merit to some of these high schools when she was younger. We toured them and decided to go somewhere else. Some of the staff and students were friendly but some were a bit crude. Beautiful girls but not so in the inside. SMH

  • Fai Re
    Fai Re 8 days ago

    this is not normal
    Rich people must die or at least we should take all their money and distribute it man i wish that there is an ideology for this

  • Lili Gold
    Lili Gold 8 days ago

    Girl you must be psychic because look whats in the news as of recent....law suit for paying their kids to college - jezebel.com/lori-loughlin-and-her-husband-mossimo-giannulli-plead-n-1834049400

  • Angela Luis
    Angela Luis 8 days ago

    How were you able to afford going to this private school?

  • Gee Jay
    Gee Jay 8 days ago +2

    Harlow, you are wise and insightful beyond your age.

  • Isolophillia
    Isolophillia 8 days ago

    There are of course dumb kids but Rich kids don't only get into these schools due to influence, as you went to the school and saw that the curriculum was harder than college, that was normal for people there, so yes they have a better quality of education, arguable if that is healthy, but they have a higher education, because they don't only go to school they have like home tutors and shit, they can get into those universities because they have the education to, we get education from underpaid teachers who mkst of the time hate their jobs and kids. Also, the schedules for them are different to be managed than us because they are used to it for a long time. However, I do think it's fucked that some idiots cannot get into school can just pay, its fucked. A schools own integrity is fucked in that way.

  • All To Love TV
    All To Love TV 8 days ago

    Lovely 💖💜💖

  • _- Lydia -_
    _- Lydia -_ 8 days ago +2

    Why did you circle the skirts in the thumbnail?

    • _- Lydia -_
      _- Lydia -_ 7 days ago

      +Alice Rose probs, just thought it looked like she was comparing the lengths of the skirts implying something else

    • Alice Rose
      Alice Rose 8 days ago

      _- Lydia -_ maybe to show that they went to the same school?

  • J C
    J C 9 days ago

    You guys got in a fist fight? :o

  • Ryan Bates
    Ryan Bates 9 days ago

    Super freaking annoying girl, your outlook on life really isn’t that deep chill. She literally is using Olivia’s name for views. She barely talks about Olivia because she has nothing valid to add.

  • ke s
    ke s 9 days ago

    Kinda upsetting how she didn’t give a shit about school and got into USC when I literally would kill for the opportunity she has :/

  • Ex Kitten
    Ex Kitten 9 days ago

    If you think the school is stupid... why did you go?

  • Tina
    Tina 9 days ago +5

    Wow, I can't imagine how many rich kids' parents bought their way into the Ivy League schools.

    • Tina
      Tina Day ago

      +Martha S No, but so many rich parents are heavy "donors" at Ivy League schools. Makes me suspicious.

    • Martha S
      Martha S 2 days ago

      Tina USC isn’t an ivy.

  • Shannon Blake
    Shannon Blake 9 days ago

    I wondered why her parents didn’t just let her apply to a school that she could get into on her own. It was gonna be obvious to all the students there during class when she was failing and struggling that she didn’t belong.

  • g a
    g a 9 days ago +17

    Who the HELL thought that these types of colleges for the MOST PART weren’t pay to play?

  • Fiona Kemper
    Fiona Kemper 9 days ago

    I'm a latina and here in my country all schools (private, public, etc) are from 6am to 4pm and we have a lot of homework so I felt like idk when you said that that was a lot hah, I enjoyed your video tho

  • Vanessa Rodriguez
    Vanessa Rodriguez 9 days ago

    I really appreciated this video. Money can buy materialistic things but at the end of the day it won't fulfill your happiness.